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Is Ra’s Blessing worth it for Mages?

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    Is Ra’s Blessing worth it for Mages?

    So a while ago I got all the Ra gear so I could take advantage of the blessing that grants the 20% increase in MATK. However, I barely see anyone my same level/gear score (I’m lv.200 and 785k gs) wearing these in their main slots anymore. Do they actually work? Are they somehow obsolete? Or are the benefits of this particular gear set simply not common knowledge?

    No matter how I calculate it, equipping different gear would only make it appear that I was increasing in power according to my gear score, but the statistics say without the 20%, I’d be losing out on 48k stats, after combining the DEF, MDEF and MATK from equipping gear that appears better than the Ra set.

    Anyone got info on this? I am very confused.
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    The problem is that main slot gear has boosted activation rates and priority over sub-slot gear. And Ra effectively gives Magic Testament XL in all three.

    That means you're less likely to activate better skills like Seal of Magic (cost+), Art of Attack (uni+), or Prophet Testament (damage+). And you are much squishier since you have no mainslot defensive skills. Even in PvE, you could instead main unigain armor to pump out buffs more quickly.

    Is Ra's Blessing bad? Not necessarily... it offers some power and consistency. But you lose out on better skills and die almost instantly if attacked in PvP.


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      This is a good take on the matter, I'm glad you brought it up. Currently, I don't have an amazing collection of good skills, so I suppose it'd be more beneficial to remain with the Ra equipment for now, but when I start getting better gear abilities, I'll definitely keep it in mind.