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    Infusing Help

    Hey guys

    Planning on infusing gear pieces and I wonder:

    How much infusion crystals would you need to infuse a gear piece 5x without copies or same cost gear?

    Trying to infuse a cost 37 hat but getting cost 37s are not common

    So I’m planning on spamming my unused cost 30’s to get it to level 5 infusion

    Bonus question: Other than infusing a gear piece with uncommon gear, how much for same cost gear and same gear?

    I’ve only infused a gear to 3x, where it costed 9 infusion crystals as I have used uncommon gear for it

    Thanks as always

    If you have a cost 37 that you want to infuse using cost 30 gear, the first 3 times infusing will take 3 ethers each, so 9 for the first 3. I believe on the 4th one, it's like 10 or 15, and the last infuse takes like 25? For common gear for the first 3 infuses, I believe its only 1 ether.
    One way you can check how many ether you need is by selecting the gear you want to infuse and the gear you're using to infuse, it'll tell you how many ether you need. So just don't click infuse and that is a way to check

    Edit: NVM I was wrong, look at the person below vvvvv
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      Identical: 0, 0, 0, 1, 2
      Nearly Identical: 1, 1, 1, 5, 10
      Similar: 3, 3, 3, 15, 25

      It would cost you 49 Ethers to infuse a 37 cost hat using 30 cost gear. On the other hand, if you use 4 30 cost gear and a 37 cost hat/helm, it would take you 27 Ethers.


      • akabanebae
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        Ohhhh I was wrong, thanks for clearing things up! And this was helpful to me too

      The best thing you can do is:
      1. Get 3 infusions into your main gear.
      2. Put 1 infusion into a duplicate gear.
      3. Perfect Infuse them together to skip it to 5 infusion.

      3infuse + 1infuse = 5infuse

      This is optimal, because it treats the duplicate gear as if it was two duplicates, significantly reducing the ether costs for the final two infusions.

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        Awesome! I shall do that! Thanks!