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  • Plateau

    Hi, long time player, new to the forum. I need some advice.

    I have been playing this game from the start and I think I should be able to at least do some of the higher levels (like paragon), but I keep losing. I can’t even unlock the berserker class, I’m a weak guild leader, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m stuck and I don’t know if I will ever improve. Is there a way to get better at this?

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    Spend money to get better stuff


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      I don't want to sound rude or anything, but if you've been playing from the first few months of UL coming out [which is what I'm taking "from the start" means], then this may not be the game for you.

      However, if you've got drive to continue, here's a few pointers.
      1) Save up gems for class spawns and/or buy gems to do multiple class spawns. - These are great to get your stats up quickly and getting some real nice gear.
      2) Save up gems for step up monster spawns and/or the potted monster spawns - Preferably, look towards the potted ones. The monsters have great utility, typically, and you get extra stats out of it.
      3) Look towards the farmable event monsters and gear. - Event gear isn't as bad as it seems. Elemental gear from certain events give 5 elemental instead of the standard 3 (ex. Yeti event weapons give 5 water elemental attack), and some event gears, such as the blessing gears, can provide to be beneficial in the long run. The monsters can have decent utility as well, such as the Black Swordsman monster that was out some time back (giving awakening and doing a fairly decent amount of damage is fairly standard, but standard doesn't mean not beneficial).
      4) Stock up on orbs, ethers, gems, legend medals, colo medals, and mobius medals - This one is a bit more interesting than the previous because the whole point of it is to have an extreme burst of growth in a month's time. Think about it like this, let's say you save up 1000+ gems and possibly have some extra money to add more gems to it. You can spawn a bunch right? Eventually, better class spawns with higher cost gears will come, so it is possible for you to spam class spawn eventually to have a full set of viable gear. This also means you can get better monsters because there would be more variety, and seeing the Yumemi step up spawn come out, it would be extremely beneficial for Ateam to release more of those types of spawns. The ethers, orbs, legend medals, colo medals, and mobius medals should all be saved to infuse and pot such gear, and max out granvia gear.

      These are my recommendations on how to go about growth. It may take quite a while to get through any one of the points, but I assure you that everything will become far easier.


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        How much time do you play per day?

        How often do you attend guild battles?

        What are you doing with your gems?

        Have you built any elemental sets?
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          Fine questions. I'll add another: are you doing video spawns religiously?

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        Phantom, thanks for the advice. I did actually quit for almost a year but came back in spring of last year. I believed then that UL was a game for rich people to play and I didn’t have the time or thousands of dollars to spend on every spawn or collabs. When I came back, I fumbled but progressed. Other players even helped me on quests. I maxed out all of my classes except for the Berserker and the new ones. I did all of that within 6 or 7 months. I was proud of myself then so I'm going to invest in farming events and saving gems.

        Nemurerumori, I play 2 and a half hours a day, before and after work. I attend 1 guild battle (2 if I’m not on call) a day. As for gems, I spend them getting quest bonus items so those get used up pretty quick. I really haven’t thought about elemental sets. I’ve concentrated on building class sets. Are elemental sets better?


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          I think what you should do is focus on ONE class first. Your fav/best class should be your main priority. If all your classes are meh you can't expect to run higher difficulty quests. With that out of the way, you'll have an easier time with decisions on where to spend the gems.
          If you're a F2P, I don't recommend spending gems on card flips because the gear from events are mostly "okay" in my opinion. And if the gear was good (ex. current Yeti event weapons) I think it's farmable without any need to gem (except maybe AP).

          Collect all the gems you can get from the main quests for spawns that guarantee gear. Some spawns I recommend are: special spawns (featured gear one only), some monster step up spawns, class spawns with infusions, monster spawns with 2 potentials unlocked. Always ask for a second opinion on spawns. Honestly, if you think a lot of what you have now is outdated you can make a new account. You get the benefits of having all the free gems of past main quests and hella exp boost so you'll level back up in no time.

          The thing with elemental sets is it's more important now for events than before. The lower the cost for gear with an element the more elemental def you have. For example, you can have 5 25C gear that has 20 fire def each(100 total) instead of 3 33C gear with 20 fire def each(60 total).

          Mmmm that's just some of my suggestions lol
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            I agree with Sting, I'd just make a new account if I were you and start from there. Then ask for advice. Because as it seems to me, you're using an old account with old gear and no gems because you've been using them improperly or have severely bad luck.
            It will be easy to get a nice gs quickly on a new account with the proper advice