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Enchantment paths?

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  • Enchantment paths?

    I can't decide which paths are the best and I can't find any guides on them. What would you guys recommend for these Ability builds:


    Deadly Clash
    Fateful Smash
    Holy Guard
    Knight's Loyalty


    Dragon Thrust
    Savage Sting
    Ogre Spirit
    Bestial Shout


    Charged Rain
    Lethal Strikes
    Soul Guardian
    World Tree's Blessing


    Photon Crush
    Ether Flare
    Mystic Mastery
    Weaken Resolve


    Area Cure
    Mass Refresh

    (Or should I just wait for the job advancement quests to use my crystals?)
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    Mass refresh is beholden to other classes than cleric. Imo cooldown reduction is the better path, because it is the most important utility on average. Faster cooldown = more reliability.

    Area cure is meh. If you're going to use it I'd recommend the cost reduction path, but I've never used it.

    Barrier is better with the duration buff imo. Cleric already gets 10% from a passive, so going from 40% to 50% reduction isn't as impactful as going from 30s duration to 40s duration. It's less to manage this way and more cost efficient. That last bit applies to use by other classes as well, though if you strictly use it on non-cleric (and are squishy) it may be just as good to up the strength.

    For judgment it's a choice between cutting almost a third off of the base cost vs adding a quarter of the base damage. In dps terms the damage boost is only better if you never run out of cost. Cutting cost is the more efficient route. I took the ap boost as far as free upgrades would go, but when I'm ready to spend stones I'll be resetting for the cost reduction. Not sure I'll ever be ready to spend stones on it though.
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      Ogre Spirit: Buff %

      Knight's Loyalty: Duration

      Charged Snipe: Buff %

      Charged Rain: Accuracy %

      World Tree's Blessing: Regen %

      Photon Crush: Debuff %

      Barrier: Duration

      Mass Refresh: Cooldown

      Don't waste your crystals on crap you won't use. They'll eventually roll out more for future rings, possibly.
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        Fifth ring yes please. I need me some blessing enchantment.

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      Mend to 25% heal, win game


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        Mend OP


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          Swapped Charged Snipe for Lethal Strikes.


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            Lethal accuracy, unless you plan on spamming monsters that boost accuracy by 30%.
            Nemurerumori / Sword / Fujin
            Guild: COLOSSUS
            Game ID: 2017106838
            ----- ID: Slypheed
            Password: 123456