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Berserker tower floor 33

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  • Berserker tower floor 33

    My Zerk has 100k physical and 140k magical attack and I've been trying to go through Ushi for a month now. Every time I made it to second stage I died and I'm getting fed up, so please, give me a tip or two on how to make it through my monsters are: Turbillon, Aldebaran, Lefiya, Ais and Gremory can also use Romeo, Tsukiyomi, Hades and Enomis.

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    Bring balancing, two attacks, and EE. Finished floor 33 after two runs, you really want to balance as soon as you see monsters buff themselves. If you live through that the rest is pretty easy, completed it with 190/190 archer stats. You may also want to bring elemental advantage gear (really helped me out).


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      Wear wind gear and be sure you're only wearing axes, scythes, guns, staves, or relics.

      If you can work out enough class appropriate wind weapons you will melt that floor. Wearing more wind monsters will help too, even if it's just limimins. Elemental advantage is very strong.

      In general imo zerk tower is best played with staves and kill dance spam. This lets you carry more balancing/PL/refresh, which will also help a lot.
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        Looks like you're in the same thing as me XD! Listen to all these amazing people's tips! They'll really help!