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Archer ToJ Floor 35 Help/Tips?

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  • Archer ToJ Floor 35 Help/Tips?

    Does anyone have any tips for Archer ToJ 35F? The furthest I've ever gotten was almost knocking out the wind Athena, but then she pulls a one-shot attack out of nowhere even when she was severely debuffed.

    My current setup: Jinx+10, Qwaser Waltz, Etude Snipe, EE+10
    My monsters: Nitocris, Ranmaru (4 pot), Wushi (5 pot), light King (3 pot), Lefiya (4 pot), Ares (4 pot), Ais (4 pot)
    GS: 568k
    ATK: 158k
    MATK: 151k
    DEF: 127k
    MDEF: 130k
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    Been a while since I beat it but I recommend bringing balancing instead of Jinx


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      A friend of mine recommended Jinx as that was what they used when they beat it.

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    With tips from my guild mates I was able to beat it recently. I ran EE, Etude Snipe, Qwaser Waltz, and Diminishing Shot. You need RNG to be on your side. Essentially you just cycle through your abilities and status lock every wave. Hope this helps and good luck.
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      I tried this setup twice and succeeded on the second try. Got lucky RNG status lock on time Athena, used Ranmaru on wind Athena and then got a lucky status lock, and the leftover buffs and wind buff just shred through that Star mon (Polaris?) like a piece of paper in a paper shredder. Many thanks, and now I have the Archer EE unlocked!

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      Congratz JtheDuelist

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    I'd recommend omen, diminish, EE, and either qwaser or jinx. I think I took qwaser, but either one should work. Dress glassy if you want; if the strat works you should almost never take a hit. If you have good seal procs you could drop EE and take both attacks, since it's only energy intensive when you need to quickly stack up debuffs.

    Basically you open with omen, then diminish, then try to paralyze. Usually at least one of your CPUs will have cast etude by then as well. Continue with omen and another paralyze. I'd save EE until you're either low on cost or feel pretty good about the number of para stacks. At the beginning you should focus on locking down the boss.

    The durations on those debuffs are pretty long, which is why I don't recommend etude. If your para doesn't stick a couple of times you can focus on reapplying instead of being forced to keep rotating in etude to debuff. Once you have a solid debuff stack going you can save cost for dealing damage. At that point focus on keeping up para until you see the debuffs starting to drop off.

    If the boss clears status you should have at least one debuff off cooldown. Your losses will happen when RNGesus sides with the enemy on this. Ideally you should see the boss's status clearing ability pop up but get paralyzed away. Same for barriers, mirrors, counter heal, etc. If everything goes right you just coast through the battle.

    Useful uni monsters will buff your damage, fill cost (if you dropped EE), give uni gain, reduce cooldowns, debuff enemy ailment resistance, or inflict more ailments. Lilith is pretty amazing here, as getting one or two CPUs to throw her lets you get right back to para spam after uni, without stopping to debuff again.

    That's basically how I cleared with my garbage 380k archer. I don't think I had a single UR bow above 30 cost at the time, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have all of my weapons max augmented. I certainly had no weapon or monster infusions. My losses were mainly spent tweaking my build. Once I settled on the setup I described above, it only took a couple of attempts to get the para train rolling. (As opposed to some other classes where even my best build took many tries and lots of luck to win)
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      so weird how i beat when I was 340k gs lol. before op monster step ups. used ee,diminish,etude snipe, qwaser