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Soldier TOJ 35 Advice

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    Soldier TOJ 35 Advice

    Like everyone else, this floor is giving me a headache.

    I've tried well over a hundred times and still haven't succeeded.

    The best strats I've found to work are EE, Counter Strike, Savage Sting (break enchanter), Rage Slash, and Shackle.

    Monsters: Tsukiyomi, Alexander, Kohzuchi (no pots), Noel (stat pots), Grenier (elemental adv.), and Tyr (2 pots). Could equip Armo, but replaced him with Kohzuchi because of Piercer.

    Have about 10 dark elemental advantage and 5 or so water advantage. Armors are find and have no issue with surviving, just not timing out (or clerics randomly dieing).

    ID: 2047938289 (GS 420k)

    Any advice or strats are greatly appreciated!

    Imo drop either the sting or rage slash for area refresh. When wave 1 hits you with despair the charisma/etc from your allies will drop your uni gauge.

    That was the biggest gain I saw in performance from a single change in my build. All of the rest was feeling out pacing and fine tuning my stats/elements.

    Imo definitely go full ATK, as even though my stats were "better" balanced, I think I recall seeing better results with dual impact. Either way, more UR soldier weapons in your set will boost your damage and your teammates' damage.
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      I tried for about 50 or so runs yesterday and I've found that the main issues I'm having are:
      - Clerics inconsistently getting one shot by Time Owl in round 1 (more annoying than anything)
      - Finishing Haste Athena around 1/4 HP takes a long time (probably because of Guard of Aegis)
      - Fire Athena not dying quickly

      The farthest I've gotten is about half health of the final boss. (if not for time, I'm confident I could for sure beat this floor).

      So far, I've observed that my average times are:
      - 3:00 Killed Haste Athena
      - 1:20 Killed Fire Athena
      - Fail to kill Star boss in time.

      The closest I got was when RNGesus stunned Fire Athena using Tyr and we just shredded her because she had all of her moves stuffed lol.

      With that being said, do you think my gearscore and elementals are just simply too low?

      If not, can you give me a rough outline of what you did. E.g. uni asap on haste athena (or what till a certain move like Olives of Grace). What to do on Fire Athena?

      Thanks a lot for your advice, I'll try area refresh tonight!

    • HotMessExpress
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      It's been a while, but I think I had antag, dual impact, area refresh (or mass, can't remember), and EE.

      I saved refresh for when first wave casts her despair move, and other than that it was just the attack combo and EE on cooldown. I don't think I used refresh second wave, but the last wave has a nasty status move iirc.

      Rushing to the first uni was my main goal. Do fast enough dps at the start and you can skip her first struggle of the wise (mirror skill). Clearing her despair asap with refresh will let you buff uni sooner, and from there the goal is to just steamroll the rest of the quest.

      If I had to do it again I'd consider counter instead of antag, but my reasoning was the combo on impact gets extra 10% ATK buff. Since I was heavy ATK spec, counter would have done pretty nice damage.

      Balancing would also have been a nice utility. I did lose some matches to buffed enemies, but full aggression + uni was really the key and refresh helped me uni sooner.

      Gear-wise I think I was around 420-430k, with elemental advantage aimed primarily toward the first wave, then the third. That was partly because I had some decent dark swords and partly because the first wave is the most likely to end your run.

      Most of my armor was neutral color to spread out ele defense, cause iirc soldier's second wave doesn't allow synergy in build. I don't think I was very DEF-heavy even though I had antag. Mostly I just tried to bring lots of low cost pieces to fit in more defensive procs and ele defense.

      For monsters I focused on op buffs and cost recovery. Haste is good. Frenzy is amazing, but I only had one to bring so I saved mine for wave 3. I think on my winning run a soldier ally used frenzy on wave 2 as well.

      I don't remember many other details because I knocked it out soon after release. Soldier was hard though. The only tougher tower to beat is rook; I think I was ~460-480 before I won there. Even my trash archer could slip through at 390k. Good luck, and try not to stress over it too much. There's a lot of luck involved in clearing at lower gs.

    Your lucky you don't have to deal with reflect lol.
    I'd use Dual Impact, EE, Mass Refresh, Rage slash/Antagonize
    Your stats and elementals are kinda low for this, especially since you don't have more monsters that give hero or piercer, or ones that give elemental attack.
    You could always wait till your stats and elementals are better and save yourself lots of frustration.


      Counter, Dual Impact, EE, Balancing


        I used Heroic Drive, Rage Slash, Soul Breaker, Mass Refresh and Balance. Not quite sure what I had used for monsters, but I do know I only had 6 mon equiped with different elements (only two were the same element). Although not my stats, Lefiya was a big help for me.
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          Personally I ran EE/Rage Slash/Mass Refresh/Inspired Sword/Swift Smash
          At the start of Time Athena, use Inspired before EE'ing and then continue to alternate Rage Slash and Inspired for the Uni Up + Barrier ignore. Precast Mass Refresh on Holy Ray or Kairos Time Bell to make sure you don't get locked.
          Stack some Light and Dark elemental atk and def to down her, she's the real annoying one imo.
          Fire Athena is the same as Time, just not as tanky if you have one or two water unis to help your elemental attack.
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            I ran EE, Mass Refresh, Heroic Drive (replace with Dual impact if you don't have), and Rage Slash. During Time Athena, if she has more than 3 barrier, only use rage slash. If you see the words (Holy Light) pop up, hit mass refresh ASAP as that is contaminate and despair, if she contaminates you it can really slow you down, and despair is a killer on the soldier ToJ due to inspired sword spamming, it will slow you down. Use Tsukiyomi if you can when Time Athena is at about 1/4 HP. That may wipe her out. The goal here is to finish her in under 2 minutes if possible. Tsukiyomi will help you get unison up for Fire Athena. Do you have Tsuyukusa? I would replace grenier with Tsuyukusa, and use her ASAP on Fire Athena to try and burst through her fast using element advantage. If you get to the final round with 1:30, it should be cake.


            • HotMessExpress
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              Yeah turning inspired sword and charisma against you is super nasty

            I beat it with Mass refresh (lots of pesky ailments), Dual swords (enchanted down to 12 cost), Antagonize, and Dual impact. I was having trouble killing them in time with other move selections and found that if I use my cost giving monsters as stat sticks the CPU would always throw them. It's not exactly a fool proof plan because the CPUs are pretty stupid with the heals, but as long as you get the timing down on Haste Athena's reflect and are prepared for the mass confusion/dissonance on the next 2 waves you'll be frustrated but you should prevail. Oh and I had the standard basic attack to capitalize on my seal of attack and cost recovery swords/axe's
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