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How are BP in Guild RAID calculated?

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    How are BP in Guild RAID calculated?

    Screenshot of recent Guild Raid Scores:

    This is what the screenshot shows after our 1st Guild Raid today:
    Note: These are results after a "Ranked Guild Raid"
    1st place) 8 enemies defeated - 21,947 BP
    2nd place) 6 enemies defeated - 19,554 BP
    3rd place) 0 enemies defeated - 17,627 BP
    4th place) 2 enemies defeated - 14,925 BP
    5th place) 5 enemies defeated - 11,693 BP

    If you cant see the obvious discrepancy, it's the fact that 3rd place killed ZERO enemies and yet has a score of 17,627 and 5th place killed FIVE enemies yet has the lowest score?? This begs some questiosn:

    - What is the rating system for Guild Raids??
    - How are BP calculated??
    - Why is it that killing more enemies doesn't place you on a higher rank than those that have killed less?

    Someone please help me understand what in the hell is going on here. What is the strategy to place well in guild raids?
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    For the most part, BP is calculated in several determining factors:
    - Number of bosses you eliminate in set amount of time
    - Number of people online to contribute actively
    - How strong each player is to inflict damage on the boss (so elemental advantage is pretty important, including overall GS)
    - Difficulty of the raid you start on (killing 1 boss on 3 star difficulty will earn more BP than say 3 1-star bosses)
    - Whether or not it is Bonus Raid (twice the amount of BP earned and time)

    Just a guess, maybe Guild #3 started on 3 star difficulty and did not actually get to eliminate the boss, while Guild #5 started on 1-star, both guilds with probably 3-5 people on.
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      Thanks for the reply that's definitely helpful!

      Follow-up questions:

      - I wasn't aware we could change the "Ranked Guild Raid" Difficulties? I thought that was only possible for the practice ones? I should have clarified that the original screenshot is results of a "Ranked Guild Raid"

      - Also what is a "Bonus Raid" and how does one get this?
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      • Cyntus
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        You can change RGR difficulties if you're a sub-leader or the guild leader through Strategy Settings (between 1, 2, or 3 stars, each ascending number is harder.) Do note that if you start on 1-star difficulty and clear that set, you will then move onto 2-star difficulty which will earn more BP and so on.

        Bonus raid can be selected on the same tab. You pick either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd raid to be your bonus. During this time, BP earned and time will be doubled (15 minutes).

        Hope this helps

      Is funny because im precisely the leader of the #3 guild, so i can confirm something:

      Just like you, i wanted to find how BP Is calculated, so we tested playing in all difficulties, that day we used the 3 star setting and didnt kill a single boss, in overall it doesnt make a big difference because with 2 stars we did 18k and with 1 star we did 19k, so almost the same, (honestly i dont like the system, Is weird and confusing)


        It seems unfair for me.. To mix guilds of different rank and difficulty choosen


        • HotMessExpress
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          I think the matchups shift each day based on previous performance. If a very strong guild has been underperforming they may end up marched with weaker guilds, or if a weak guild has really active players they may end up matched with guilds against whom they really can't compete