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Seeking Advice for Inferno Ruby (40c Mon Quest)

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    Seeking Advice for Inferno Ruby (40c Mon Quest)

    Havent seen any guides of sorts for this quest and was hoping someone can give some pointers.

    Can anyone please provide some pointers on what to expect in the quest? Mechanics? Is a cheer soldier worth kitting? I'm as green as grass for the 40c quests, all I know is to stack elemental atk (20+) and def (150+) ;-;

    What difficulty are you aiming for? and do you have line? what are your five monsters?

    some folks with 200 element def are still having trouble surviving here

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      Hijacking this thread with my own question - anyone know how much MATK + MDEF to shoot for if I'm trying to heal peeps without the buff from the new monster?


      • RagnaroKz
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        Without the new monster i think this quest is impossibile. I mean u only heal for 30% of ur normal healing power, so if u want to heal the same amount u need more then triple the stats, good luck with that.

      • greenspiny
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        It's possible to clear without her 135k MAtk / 185k MDef was enough, but it's most about the party having strong mons and uni up at the right times.

      Don't bring any sort of EE
      For carnage you'll need at least 240 ele def, unless your rook, in which case you can probably survive with 200 or so.
      I don't know about ele atk, I'd say 25+
      Bring cheer and at least one utility (Balance or Area refresh/mass refresh)
      If you have Suthiara, it's better to only equip that monster
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        Speaking from a cleric's perspective, Suthiara is not really necessary until the final boss gets to 50% HP. At that point, Lana's uni drops / ailments make it difficult to coordinate having unison up... and unless multiple people or a Suthiara user have it up right then, the run ends there.

        My ideal utility set would be 1 Inertial Force / Balancing, 1 Mass Refresh, and 2 Area Refreshes. Everyone but the cleric should take Cheer. I suggest at least 200 element defense unless you're a high HP tank like Rook.

        This is a crude guide, apologies if it sucks or I got names wrong. This is experience from questing with randoms. EDIT: Actually had a successful run without Suthi!!!!

        A brief guide to Inferno Ruby: Carnage

        Wave 1: Verdandi
        Danger: x x - - -
        (!) When slightly damaged, begins using more ailment-inducing attacks
        (!) At ~70% HP, she buffs and can overwhelm a party
        (!) Her (%) attack can prohibit unison

        Verdandi is only difficult if you rush in. Build unison before she becomes enraged; and balance her if it's not up in time. Her ailments can be annoying, but she has few tools to shut you down once the uni train gets rolling.
        Wave 2: Salamander
        Danger: x x x - -
        (!) "Magic Release" debuffs and removes unison gain buffs
        (!) Inflicts miasma, including with her (%) attack
        (!) Capable of massive damage when buffed

        Salamander begins meek, but becomes dangerous after Magic Release at ~60% HP. She also debuffs the party at intervals, preventing you from finishing her off. Save a unison gain monster for after "Magic Release" is used. Be mindful of her buffs and your debuffs, and use Resurrect or Null Shields (Aizen-style) to buffer a party at 1HP from Miasma.
        Wave 3: Sutyr
        Danger: x - - - -
        (!) "God Killer" removes unison gain buffs
        (!) "Return to Ashes" drains a significant amount of unison
        (!) His (%) attack can curse

        Poor Sutyr. He doesn't really buff and hits fairly weak... but has a few tricks up his sleeve as mentioned above. Dont' blow all your unigain before "God Killer". Also have a plan for his (%) attack, such as a Mass Refresh + Dignity combo, preemptive ailment resist buff, or Suthiara.
        Wave 4: Simone
        Danger: x x x x -
        (!) Attacks exclusively with red (%) and blue (%) attacks
        (!) Some attacks inflict prohibit unison and despair
        (!) Red (%) attack at low health drains unison

        Oh boy. There are two separate challenges here: surviving and entering the boss wave with unison. Without healing buffs, she will put your heal management to the test. Stagger unison if needed and ration cures. She can also debuff the party when you are close to KO'ing her and unwilling to unison - leading to wipes avoidable if someone was willing to uni alone.

        Horus's automatic ailment removal can clutch remove Prohibit Unison after the wave ends.
        Wave 5: Lana
        Danger: x x x x x

        Phase 1: 100% HP - 50% HP
        Initial (%) attack drains all unison, removes unison gain buffs, slows cost recovery, and debuffs
        (!) ~75% HP (%) attack deals about half a player's health and blinds x4
        (!) Primary moves are "Freezing" (inflicts 1x paralysis) and "Cursed" (inflicts curse)
        (!) Also periodically buffs, inflicts despair, and inflicts short-lived unison gauge slow

        Phase 2: 50% HP - 0% HP
        Initial (%) attack "Ruby" drains all unison and removes unison gain buffs
        (!) Two new attacks are added: "Ruby" (inflicts 3x paralysis, drains cost) and "Spinel" (inflicts 3x confusion)
        (!) Activates short-lived 100% barriers and buffs

        This is where Suthiara shines. The ability to ignore all status ailments, and not have to rush to dodge her two unison-draining (%) attacks. Like most 40c quests, it's a steady fight where you'll want to keep unison gain and cost recovery going. Do your best to precast cures (especially if you're not immune), and be wary of despair when cheering.

        If multiple people or a Suthiara user don't have unison when the boss hits half health, you are probably dead. Unison dodge Lana's full HP and half HP (%) attacks. Lana's buffs are short-lived, but they can really sting in Phase 2.

        Children's Day Tyr is nice if you have a Suthiara user and event armors - especially in Phase 2 when the big (%) attacks are over. Shingen is invaluable for granting cost with each water match, 'cause there are going to be a lot of those.

        Final notes:
        - If your runs are going slowly, be mindful of when the party is debuffed.
        - A well-placed Stun can shut down predictable moves like Salamander's Magic Release.
        - If you have Suthiara you should consider equipping only her.
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