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Field effect ( PVE - player's side )

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    Field effect ( PVE - player's side )

    Yop, main point of this post is to help people realize that throwing fire warlord in a wind monster quest isn't always the best answer to get the biggest damage boost

    ( WIP, didn't planned to do a big guide but I had some time, so I will first throw my info then see if I can make it look better overall, sry for english mistake in advance too btw )

    big edit : added point 4, for a better understanding at how elements work

    2nd big edit : added point 5 in the next post, with Unison lock and Collapse info (still only for PVE)

    extra edit : thanks for the sticky btw

    0 - Introduction

    This post will only focus on positive field effect that you can set on your side during pve quest EXCEPT 40c quest, and the stats that are directly boosted by them ( so no talk about uni lock or idk wut other stuff, and no focus on stats boost and cost recovered while matching, and it's pve only so no talk about reducing other element unison attack and great spirit damage too ).

    The other main reason I am doing this post is because there is way too many people who don't seem to understand how elements and stats buff from warlord work, and who just brainlessly throw fire (4ap quest) or water (xmas event) warlord right after my time warlord (over 1-2 sec after my uni showed up, so they had time to see it), and that's seriously sad for a lot of reasons.

    During hemera quest (light 33c mobs) someone even told me that time is weak vs light right after I throwed my time warlord (there were no current field effect), I asked if this person was joking but I had no answer (and seemed serious sadly).

    Nyway, this is for those who want to level up by getting some random knowledge to help them choose the right uni to throw.

    1 - Field effect and tiers

    ( this is only my opinion, not an official tiers list, clean field icon taken from unison league wikia )

    Tier 1 : Ariel Seraphic Element field effect

    anyone should agree here, Ariel Field effect is the current best one in the game, increasing all stats by 40%, all elemental atk (all elements) by 4 (compared to warlord who only boost their respective elemental atk), and max HP of all allies by 40%, this is just the best and you should focus on keeping that one up if someone got it in your party.

    Tier 2 : Ranmaru Wind Element, Ieyasu Star Element and Mitsunari Time Element
    Extra : Simon Wind Element (JPUL only atm), Laevateinn Star Element (JPUL only atm)
    New extra : Seiran Wind Element (JPUL only atm)

    Ranmaru Ieyasu, Simon, Laevateinn and Seiran boost ATK and MATK by 40%, wich is best for archer, lancer, TH, physical ,magic , balanced berzerk, and good for mage, ok for soldier. Those five warlord buff the main damage stats of damage class. Mitsunari is 30% on all stats, wich would be 10% less ATK and MATK than those five other warlord, but for a 30% DEF and MDEF boost, wich can help survive and is overall balanced for most quest, best for rook and cleric, good for all other class.

    Tier 3 : Yukimura Fire Element, Shingen Water Element, Kenshin Light Element, Mitsuhide Dark Element
    Extra : Chopin Light Element, Mani Water Element, Charlotte Dark Element, Prometheus Fire Element

    Yukimura, Mitsuhide, Charlotte and Prometheus boost ATK and DEF by 40%, wich is best for soldier, lancer and physical berzerk, while Shingen, Mani, Kenshin and Chopin boost MATK and MDEF by 40%, wich is best for mage, magic berzerk and good for cleric. imo those are mostly last resort field effect if no one got better thing to throw, depending on your party setup.

    2 - Testing

    Yeah, it's finally testing time here, the point of this testing will be to show (or check) why using fire warlord in wind quest isn't alway the best to get higher damage.

    For that, I will be using a testing setup, and testing it in the 8th wave of the lab (labyrinth of tartarus)
    This isn't ofc enought data to add some % or stuff like this, it's just to check easily noticeable difference between no warlord, fire warlord and time warlord in a wind quest (with a common fire elemental atk setup equiped)

    here is a big mashup in Paint of all important data before the testing :

    - I will be using circle snipe in combo mode (100ap physic 1 time and 100ap magic 1 time) and linkage arrow (100ap using both ATK and MATK 4 times)
    - close to 100k on ATK and MATK for accurate testing
    - 20 fire elements atk, wich should seriously be the minimum if you try to do the last difficulty of any pve quest
    - fire relic from Bolvelgr event, 36c weapon and opening elevation weapon, all of those to not have any damage proc equiped
    - maxed ee, to not have the ap boost of the archer only ee
    - cleric cpu friend so I can get uni faster, to only use my warlord (time or fire) and to not have them damage monster

    result of 5 clean runs with no warlord / fire warlord / time warlord on: ( - any runs with a natural crit, or with buff from limin (dam u limin, making testing hard) or any other random fail )

    used my nubs level of Paint to do this ^, should be easy to guess what is what ( no warlord / fire warlord / time warlord with combo circle snipe and linkage arrow, 5 tests each time on wave 8 wind monster )

    circle snipe is used to show pure MATK dependent and pure ATK dependent hit, while linkage show the hybrid ATK + MATK dependent hit, both have the same ability power (ap)

    A - no warlord testing

    100ap physic or magic and 100 ap both damage does close to the same amount of damage, it's mostly just a base to notice any difference on the other testing, so nothing more to say here

    B - fire warlord testing

    higher damage on magic hit, because of the 4 elements added by the Field effect, and way higher pure physical damage, because of the 40% ATK buff
    linkage damage is overall close or higher than the magic damage of circle snipe, but lower than it's physical damage, wich mean that the 40% ATK buff is indeed taken into account on the damage here, but not as much as a pure physical ATK dependend hit

    C - time warlord testing

    I probably need more testing to have the magic damage of circle snipe show an overall higher damage than without warlord, but at least the physical damage does show more damage than without warlord but less than with the fire warlord. Linkage arrow does show a big step up on the damage, with hit possible of reaching 90-100k+, fully taking the 30% ATK and 30% MATK buff from time warlord instead of 40% ATK + 4 fire element from fire warlord.

    the strange points here (that I already did notice before testing) is that ATK+MATK skill happen to have a high jump in damage with ATK+MATK field effect, higher than a pure physical or pure magic hit, and keep in mind that here we see the difference between 40% ATK + 4 fire elements and 30% ATK + 30% MATK, wich mean that it would be even higher with a 40% both field effect.

    It kinda show that skill that are dependend on two stats seem to get a bigger boost from field effect compared to skill that only depend on one stats, it would need a bigger sample size to be sure tho..

    D - testing conclusion

    Those data does show that fire warlord would be the best for physical class, but time warlord give a big boost to archer ATK+MATK skill, while still nicely buffing other class.

    keep in mind that I did this testing with 0 buff on myself, and with < only > 20 elements, because < end game > people would most likely have around 30 elements, and there could be elemental atk buff from other unison, the difference between 4 more elements vs 20-40% more stats on someone who already have like 40 elements with gear + in game buff would be way higher than that (in favor of the extra stats buffs).

    3 - Warlord fight

    By < Warlord fight > I mean replacing a current field effect with another one, wich might be kinda stupid most of the time

    Ariel field effect reign supreme, so replacing the current one with it is ok imo, but except that, try to think again before fighting over wich field effect will stay :
    - can I use a better, more useful buff that will benefit the whole party instead of just making my damage higher for the lolz?
    -> mostly about tier 3 field effect here, there should be an higher importance for common buff instead of having 3 peoples throw warlord in a row ( stats buff, elemental atk buff, crit and crit rate buff, karma on boss/hard monster, barrier, rez, uni gain, cost,... ), there is just so many options to have everyone and you included do more damage, how could you only think about throwing your warlord over someone else?

    there are ofc some other exception, like if the boss is buffed with no one else having uni ready, and having the healer on cooldown (or no healer) or no cost, then you can focus on surviving and throw mitsuhide for the karma + life drain + cost, just check that there isn't any LaconicLeaf around or you will get deathglared

    Hope that it will help some people make the right decision or close enought, and make them realize that there is more than just throwing the counter element field effect to have the best damage on everyone, it can mostly depend on your party so if you have 4 op soldier and 1 ok archer in a wind quest then yeah fire warlord would be better than time or wind/star warlord.

    4 - extra PSA on elemental attack

    (moved to 3rd post because of new forum character limit)

    TL ; DR : check both picture for my setup and the damage I deal with no warlord, with fire warlord and with time warlord field effect on, Fire warlord on wind quest isn't alway the best for the damage ( without taking Ariel into account as she is just top 1 so ofc better in any of those common quest )
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    600k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
    ID: 2042972836 in case u wanna ask me stuff in game or stalk me idk

    > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

    First Fire Mobius (4/14/2016 - 4/20/2016) : Rank 1 ( Total Points ; Group A )

    edit : added [Aviator] Siegfried, will add Arlesia and the new pain collapse light Frigga (?) later or when they show up on global

    edit 2 : added Moriarty ( Dazzle Collapse, JPUL only atm ), will fully add later if I have time or when she appear in global

    edit 3 : adding slime collab mobs with collapse
    forum keep lagging and doing some error so I will check all the stuff later

    edit 3.2 : we got Friga today, will try to edit some stuff

    edit 3.3 : way too busy with recruiting, tho you can check this post for the slime collab stuff :

    edit 4 : added the Wind Element mobs Seiran in the field effect and quickly added the new fire pain collapse? from Ibaraki Douji
    will most likely add slime stuff later this week or next, so the link to the collab is best for now

    5 - extra : Unison Lock and Collapse in PVE

    As requested, I will add a part about the field effect on the enemy's side. [ WIP ]

    Like warlord and Ariel field, there can only be one in the enemy's side, so you most likely will have to watch out not to remove something useful with something that won't help much.

    Even if you can click on the icon, all enemy's side field effect might not be known by everyone :

    A - current enemy's side fields effect

    ( clean icon taken from unison league wikia, same for the effect description, blurry green icon taken in game, blurry dark blue icon taken in game too, thanks to DevilS†@r for having the time to use queen Dorje in lab with me )
    Edit : added clean icon from unison league wikia for both the green and dark blue icon.

    Edit 2 : collapse icon from JPUL spawn banner atm.
    Edit 3 : added clean icon from unison league wikia for the purple icon

    Edit 4 : quickly added red broken shield icon from JPUL notice

    note : Unison lock last for 120 seconds while Collapse last for 60 seconds, Boss field is only canceled while replaced by Unison lock or by a Collapse.

    Fire Unison lock : prevents fire unison attacks and fire great spirit unison attacks from activating
    From : Nitocris

    Water Unison lock : prevents water unison attacks and water great spirit unison attacks from activating
    From : Summer Venus

    Wind Unison lock : prevents wind unison attacks and wind great spirit unison attacks from activating
    From : Teach

    The red icon with a kinda monster face on it is the Boss field, this effect will depend on the quest, Octo event (Magmamollusc) had it, and JPUL had it on Hemera x 6th Angel from EVA collab too (still was a red icon btw)

    Emaciated Collapse (red icon) : reduces recovery effects on the target by 70%
    From : Roy Mustang (FMA collab), Archangel Raffiel, Benimaru (Slime collab, JPUL only atm)

    Pain Collapse (yellow icon) : increases the ability power of damage taken by the target by 30
    From : Pollux and Castor (star 36c mobs with 2 girls), Sol, Friga

    Deconstructive Collapse (flashy blue icon) : nullifies buffs on the target
    From : Scar (FMA collab), Shefia

    Fictional Collapse (green icon) : reduces the critical hit chance of the target to 0
    From : Nihal (moon rabbit), Vermis, Shion (Slime collab, JPUL only atm)

    Deceleration Collapse (dark blue icon) : reduces the cost recovery speed of the target by 10 and reduces the action speed of NPCs by 30
    From : Queen Dorje, Atra, [Aviator] Siegfried, Shuna (Slime collab, JPUL only atm)

    Dazzle Collapse (purple icon) : reduces attack ability accuracy of the target by 20%
    From : Hansel & Gretel, Yumemi , Arlesia (JPUL only atm), Moriarty (JPUL only atm), Souei (Slime collab, JPUL only atm)

    Fire Pain Collapse? (red broken shield icon) : ???
    From : Ibaraki Douji (JPUL only)

    B - enemy's side fields utility

    ( this is still only my opinion btw )

    Any field effect seem to cancel the boss field effect, but lock last for 120 seconds compared to 60 seconds for a collapse so they are safer.

    I will focus on two points : how much it contribute to the clear speed and survivability, those seem to be the two most important thing to take into account in pve quest, some hard quest might need to be done safer while some easy quest allow you to go full damage without caring much about your defense, some quest do have a clear time reward (like some collab quest or common quest like Kohzuchi, or even mobius for higher points).

    I will only focus on the field effect in this part (without taking the other skills effect of the monster used to cast the field effect into account).

    - Fire, Water and Wind Unison lock :

    clear speed : unchanged in common quest, very high in a quest with the Boss Field effect present
    survivability : unchanged in common quest, very high in a quest with the Boss Field effect present

    - Emaciated Collapse :

    clear speed : low to high, it depend how high the enemy can heal, and sometime it might be better to just remove the healing with another monster (if it's a regen), but at least this one field help if the enemy use some instant healing skill or just won't stop using regen
    survivability : low

    - Pain Collapse :

    clear speed : very high (it's almost an extra sure common proc on all your hits)
    survivability : low

    - Deconstructive Collapse :

    clear speed : medium to high depending on the quest
    survivability : medium to high depending on the quest
    important note : this field only nullifies direct status buffs casted by the enemy (would need to double check if player's monster can still buff, like with star Arthur crit buff or Repti def and mdef buff ; edit : Repti buff didn't happened so it cancel those too), other sources of buffing aren't nullified, so the enemy can still have buff on itself while this field effect is present ( example : King Bradley using kismet on himself while having debuffs during FMA collab )

    - Fictional Collapse :

    clear speed : low
    survivability : medium to very high depending on the use of % hp skill and proportional to your elementals defense
    note : why very high survivability? because if you have an high elemental defense, you will mostly only get poked by common hit, while one or more unlucky crit in a row on you might do 5 or more time the damage of a common hit after getting reduced by your defense stats and elemental defense, wich mean that reducing this chance to 0 will allow safer runs

    - Deceleration Collapse :

    clear speed : low
    survivability : high
    note : I am not sure how this collapse stack with the common action speed reduction ( with a max stack of 6 ), but while the common action speed reduction can get switched to action speed increase by kismet, this collapse won't have this problem

    - Dazzle Collapse :

    clear speed : very low
    survivability : medium

    Main point would be to avoid replacing a collapse with an unison lock.

    There isn't a < best overall > collapse, it mostly depend on the quest and stuff, but Pain Collapse will help you a lot on the clear speed in most common quest while Deconstructive Collapse, Fictional Collapse and Deceleration Collapse will help you survive in harder quest.

    - Fire Pain Collapse? :

    clear speed : ???
    survivability : ???

    C - utility of monsters who can cast those fields

    (moved to comments because of new forum character limit)

    Fast TL ; DR would kinda just be < star monster with a Collapse are op > x) but now we have more monster with collapse so more choice on the element, Pollux and Castor are nice for damage with Pain Collapse (same for Sol as a fire monster), Nihal is good on damage with her kit and will give a nice survivability boost with her Fictional Collapse and Scar is good on survivability with his Deconstructive Collapse, Deceleration Collapse from Queen Dorje and Fictional Collapse from Vermis will help too on the survivability in very hard quest and Shefia is more than welcome with her Deconstructive Collapse as a wind monster.
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    600k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
    ID: 2042972836 in case u wanna ask me stuff in game or stalk me idk

    > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

    First Fire Mobius (4/14/2016 - 4/20/2016) : Rank 1 ( Total Points ; Group A )


    • niconutela
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      Editing a comment
      C - utility of monsters who can cast those fields

      ( alway just my opinion tho )

      Keeping those enemy's side field effect is nice, but there might be time when focusing on the other skills of the monster itself might be better, so here I will just check those monster utility fast, and if it's mostly worth using at the price of replacing the current enemy's side field ( it alway depend on a lot of stuff so I will just check useful pve effect overall).

      - Fire Unison lock :

      Teach : with 10% life drain on all allies (60sec), karma on enemies, 80% stuns, 20 cost on all allies and self frenzy (60sec)
      He got enought stuff to help finish a quest and mainly survive, if your party is in a dangerous position (boss buffed, someone low on hp or low cost) or if you want to try to stun a dangerous threshold then he should be good to throw, but if there are no problem then try not to replace the current collapse

      - Water Unison lock :

      Summer Venus : she got some 2 stack regen (10% hp every 5sec for 40sec), the 80% stuns and rez (and self iron wall)
      She is kinda underwhelming in pve, once you have rez on everyone then try to hold using her except if someone loose rez and no one else have a better rez monster to throw

      - Wind Unison lock :

      Nitocris : with her 50% reflex barrier (40sec), karma on enemies, 80% stuns, 3 uni gain (50sec) and self awakening
      She is op in pve and got a very nice kit to survive, with barrier + karma + uni gains, if no one else have uni gain or barrier (if enemies aren't in piercer or frenzy mode) then she should be worth throwing over a collapse
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    • niconutela
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      Editing a comment
      - Emaciated Collapse :

      Roy Mustang (FMA) : lot of damage, increase cost speed (60sec), self 25 cost, 2 infusions : 60% atk and matk for all allies (60sec), 4 infusions : increase uni by 30
      Plz no, this isn't colo or gb, if you don't have at least 2 infusions on him then you shouldn't even think about throwing him except to finish the quest by bursting the boss down (or to cancel the Boss Field)

      Archangel Raffiel : based on TaikunZ JPUL post, she is full of healing stuff, with 10% life drain (90sec), 2 stack regen (10% hp every 5sec for 120sec), increase healing received for all allies by 50% (90sec), increase uni by 5 every 10 sec for 60sec and self frenzy (60sec), 4 infusions add 50% all stats debuffs to all enemies (120sec)
      The increase healing received buff can help people in hero mode, but overall she is just full of heal so if you plan to spawn for her then avoid replacing other collapse, except if there are a lot of healing on the enemy side in the quest
      edit : she is now in global too, there don't seem to be any change on her skill compared to JPUL

      Benimaru : (Slime collab, JPUL only atm, WIP later prob)

      - Pain Collapse :

      Pollux and Castor : they cast piercer on all allies (50sec), increase all elemental attack of all allies by 4 (60sec), increase the ap (ability power) of all allies star unison damage by 40 (60sec) and star great spirit by 40 if the caster is one of the members who summoned the great spirit (used star to match too), and increase the def and mdef of all enemies by 20% (60sec demerit) (+ some pvp only stuff),
      Pain Collapse is already nice, giving everyone piercer and a 4 all elemental attack buff is even better, 20% def and mdef buff on enemies isn't too much of a drawback, if you got her (or them) and surviving isn't a problem, then you should be able to spam her (or them) without any problem

      Sole : she removes buffs from all enemies, then debuffs all stats of all enemies by 50% (60sec), casts piercer on all allies (60sec), recover 25 cost for all allies, fills unison gauge by 20 excluding yourself, and increases unison gauge gains for your character by 3 (60sec)
      she got a balanced amount of utility, but without making her op, still she got the Pain Collapse and piercer on all allies just like Pollux and Castor (but 10 more sec on piercer), so you can spam here if surviving isn't a problem too

      Frigga : she confuses all enemies with 100 success chance (60sec), reduces all enemies unison gauge by 20, reduces all enemies healing effects by 40% (60sec), increase all allies max HP by 100% (90sec), recovers 25 costs for all allies, then give self frenzy (60sec)
      Pain collapse is nice, but her utility in pve compared to the other pain collapse mobs (Sole, Pollux and Castor) is low, increasing max HP can help but don't work on people who have hero on (except if a rook use white charm ofc), making her mainly have the reduce healing on enemies by 40% for 60sec and the recovers 25 cost as party utility (other than the collapse itself), and at least frenzy on yourself, her single damage as an unison is random target but fairly high (190 light physical x10 with 100 success, and +10ap each increase in level), so she is a good finisher for boss or crystal assault event, collapse and field seem to take effect after the monster is used so she shouldn't be doing extra 30ap if pain collapse isn't set before her btw, overall I would only concider using her in quest where other elements are locked, and even then, a lot of monster already in the game have better utility than her overall

      - Deconstructive Collapse :

      Scar (FMA) : he removes awakening standby mode, removes debuffs on all enemies (demerit), removes damage reduction and reflexion on all enemies, then cast karma on enemies and do some good damage + self frenzy, 2 infusions add a 40% all stats debuffs (60sec) and 4 infusions add kismet on all allies
      He is op, even if his field effect wasn't as op as what people thought ( prevent enemies from having buff on themself vs prevent them from buffing ), wich make his 2 infusions effect < weak > to kismet, but make him be the 2nd mobs with both kismet and karma with 4 infusions after Lady Diritas, he is ofc still worth throwing almost everywhere, just try to keep the Pain Collapse if the quest isn't hard

      Shefia : she heals all allies, removes buffs from all enemies, removes damage reflection, continuous healing and damage reduction effects from all enemies, reduces ability cooldown times by 30% (50sec) for all allies, increases the unison gauge gains of all allies by 3 (50sec), recovers 20 cost for all allies and applies awakening standby mode on yourself
      She is good in pve, heal, balance (wich can be better than karma in some case, because of boss using self kismet), give 20 cost, 3 uni gains and 30% less cd on abilities, wich mean that she is packed with most common but necessary buffs (wich aren't stats buffs) in the game (kinda just missing cost speed up), she even remove reflex, barrier and continuous healing as a bonus, and that self awakening standby mode can alway be useful (but an higher self buff like frenzy or blessing would have been better imo) ; all of this make her more than worth throwing in pve, if no one have cd reduction yet, then she is even worth throwing while the pain collapse is still here

      - Fictional Collapse :

      Nihal : she decreases the critical hit chance of all allies by 40% (60sec, demerit), increases the ATK and MATK ability power (ap) of all allies by 40 (60sec), increases the ATK ap buff limit of all allies by 20 (60sec), increases the MATK ap buff limit of all allies by 20 (60sec), increases the ATK and MATK ap taken by all enemies by 40 (60sec), fills the unison gauge of all allies exluding yourself by 20 and casts frenzy on yourself (60sec)
      She is nice in pve, as she got some ap buff with buff limit up, the self frenzy and the ap damage taken increased on enemies, her skill have an higher ap damage boost than the pain collapse, so if you are at the boss wave, it can be worth to throw here even if it mean replacing the pain collapse, giving a little 10ap damage boost, and the safety of the fictional collapse, but ofc if someone throw another pain collapse after Nihal, it will give an even higher ap damage boost, so that work too

      Vermis : he casts kismet on all allies, removes status ailments from all allies, applies 10% life drain to all allies (60sec), decreases the stats of all enemies by 50% (60sec), casts prohibit unison on all enemies with a success value of 70 (60sec), fills the unison gauge of all allies excluding yourself by 20 and applies awakening standby mode on yourself
      He seems to be more of a pvp monster than a pve monster (and his unison damage is quite high too), kismet can help if other people are debuffed and don't have frenzy/hero and those kind of buff on themself, life drain will help survive (but can be balanced and so won't work on hero people without white charm), decreasing the stats can be useful but monster now can kismet themself or just buff so high that anything that isn't balance or karma won't do much, but his uni fill and remove status ailments can alway help in a pinch (+ fictional collapse is on safe collapse in pve,so he is still worth using ofc)

      Shion : (Slime collab, JPUL only atm, WIP later prob)
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    • niconutela
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      Editing a comment
      - Deceleration Collapse :

      Queen Dorje : she increases the cost recovery speed of all allies by 10 (60sec), increases the accuracy of attack abilities for all allies by 30% (90sec) and increases unison gauge gains for your character by 2 (50sec)
      Her accuracy boost is nice and will mostly help mage with starbust, but the cost recovery speed isn't a very rare boost while still useful if not already present, and sadly her uni gain boost is only for your character, wich mean that there will still be a need for more full party buff ; other than the extra accuracy and the collapse, she won't bring much, she will most likely shine in very hard quest where boss have a very fast action speed, but try not to replace any collapse other than the Emaciated one in easy quest

      Atra : she stuns all enemies with a success value of 70, casts resurection on all allies, increases healing effect by 50% (90sec) on all allies, recovers 20% max hp of all allies each 5sec (40sec), recovers 25 cost for all allies and casts frenzy on yourself (60sec)
      She is good in pve, and feel like she was made to complete suthiara during fire 40c quest, stuns can alway help to disable one dangerous skill (like a % that cast frenzy), resurection help staying safe as long as it's not constantly removed, increase healing effect help a lot if there are people using hero buff around, extra regen is a good addition, cost alway help and frenzy is a decent self buff, preventing most annoying thing to happen to you while allowing you to pass barrier and reflex, wich make her quite nice in pve but not worth of spamming 24/7 if no one else is using uni gains (should be full of Cat Sith tho), and ofc won't replace sulthiara in 40c fire (but complete her well). Still, she is focused on surviving and have no offensive buff other than self frenzy, so during easy quest she won't do much (other than throwing a safe resurection and give some costs), as throwing damage buffs like elemental buff and hero is prefered, so avoid replacing a good Pain Collapse with her if possible

      [Aviator] Siegfried : he reduces all stats of all enemies by 50% (60sec), increases the max HP of all allies by 100% (60sec), applies 40% reflex barrier on all allies (60sec), removes status ailments of all allies, fills unison gauge by 20 for all allies (most likely except yourself too), give self kijin (60sec) and 2 infusions (hidden potential) will makes him recover 25 cost for all allies
      He is ok at best, and isn't even comparable to the red Siegfried at this point, and his level of utility is around the same as Yumemi (wich mean kinda low), increasing max HP won't work on people using hero, the 40% reflex for 60 seconds can be useful/fun, but most hard quest might have the boss using frenzy (wich could be removed) or piercer (wich can't be removed), or even piercer move, and reducing all stats by 50% might not help as much as balance, since boss can just overbuff (wich mean that it could stay at max stats buff even if you throw debuff), or even kismet themself, fill uni gauge can help, but for the next 40c (time) this won't do anything, kijin is ok because it prevent your uni gauge from getting reduced and allow you to ignore barrier, reflex and null, but you can still get ailment like curse, blind, confuse, paralyze... His collapse can help during hard quest to slow the boss a little but overall he don't seem worth it, except for his stats particularity (he got like 25% of his total stats on the first stats and 75% on the 2nd, compared to usual spawn monster wich are 50/50), but that's only worth it for whale who can get the 3rd pots, and are willing to try the spawn again and again to get a right random stats combination

      edit : 05/27 : his stats became the usual stats 50/50 now, rip his only unique stuff (he got released on 05/23 so they took their time at <fixing> him), and yeah it's <excluding yourself> on the uni fill, like all other uni

      Shuna : (Slime collab, JPUL only atm, WIP later prob)

      - Dazzle Collapse :

      Hansel & Gretel : they remove damage reflection, continuous healing and damage reduction effects from all enemies, do some good damage, reduce HP recovery effect for all enemies by 40% (60 sec), decrease all stats of all enemies by 50% (60sec), recover 25 cost for all allies, increase the cost recovery speed of all allies (by 10 for 60sec) and do self frenzy (60sec)
      They are good, but not particulary special for pve (other than having the Dazzle Collapse), removing barrier and reflex can help teammate without any kind of piercer (but still isn't on piercer level as the enemies could cast barrier and reflex again), giving 25 cost and having cost recovery speed is nice, but monster like Gremory already does that, -50% all stats can be useful for some seconds as most boss now will remove those quickly or even reverse debuffs into buffs. Overall they are ok but seem more focused on pvp with those burst damage (but that collapse may cancel an uni block or something), still, you should watch out not to remove a better collapse if you plan to use this mobs in pve

      Yumemi : she casts karma on all enemies, increases physic and magic ap received by all enemies by 40 (60sec), stuns all enemies with a success value of 70, increase critical hit chance of all allies by 50% (60sec) and critical hit ap of all allies by 50 (60sec) then casts Kijin on yourself (60sec) and 2 infusions allow her to increases the cost recovery speed of all allies by 10 (60sec)
      She is good, but not mind blowing and her first appearance in global had her guaranteed in the last step (with random stats), for a total of 110 gems, so there will be a lot around, still, she have karma, stun as utility wich are both good vs most pve monster, with a cost recovery speed buff at 2 infusions, and extra 40ap damage received on enemies, wich make her ok to use even if a Pain Collapse would get replaced + max (5 stack) crit hit chance and crit damage buffs on all allies. Last thing is Kijin, wich you shouldn't overestimate too much in pve, as compared to hero, you will still need common stats buffs and compared to both hero and frenzy, Kijin don't protect against status ailments (confuse, paralyze, curse and stuff like this), so you will still be weak to those and have to watchout ; all that make her an ok pve monster, having the same element as Ariel (wind) and having an affordable price of 110 gems for a guaranteed one might result in a lot of possible wind matching in pve, if you got her and plan on using her a lot in pve, be sure to check if there isn't any other monster you have that could have more needed use (cost, rez, awakening, uni gain, CD reduction, barrier/reflex) before throwing her, she feel like a monster that will mostly shine when other elements are locked and when matching isn't a big problem (like water 40c or xstal event)

      *if anyone smh check here for tips just to know if she is worth the 110 gems of the current stepup, I would say 50/50, that's a sure 37c wind mobs with 60sec kijin (so one that isn't a 40sec or have 0.0001% chance to appear every 3h) but in utility she don't have that much and got a collapse that isn't worth replacing like almost any previous collapse that could have been throwed before this uni, that's still all pve wise, stun and karma can alway be nice too and more ap damage + all that crit give a good damage boost, but she don't have cost or uni gain, so you will need other people to throw those kind of uni in hard quest

      Arlesia : (JPUL only atm : removes status ailments from all allies, restore HP of all allies 80ap +10/lv, remove frenzy on all enemies, give piercer on all allies for 60sec, increase all allies uni gain by 2 for 60sec, 5 stack barrier on all allies (50%, 50sec), decrease all allies ATK and MATK by 20% for 50 sec [demerit], give self blessing for 60sec) = op

      Moriarty : (JPUL only atm : heal all allies HP by 80ap, +10/lv, balance all enemies, decline/decay new debuffs over time wich do -20% all stats each 10sec for 60sec to all enemies, removes all enemies accuracy buffs, +30% accuracy on all allies for 90sec, fill 20 uni gauge on all allies except self, +2 uni gain for all allies for 50sec, give blessing on self)

      Souei : (Slime collab, JPUL only atm, WIP later prob)

      - Fire Pain Collapse? :

      Ibaraki Douji : (quick sum up atm : JPUL only, decrease activation priority of this uni by 1, 260ap (+10/lv) x4 at 100 success, cast confusion on all enemies with 100 success, cast karma on all enemies, removes attack speed and cost recovery boost from all enemies, recover 30 cost to all allies, decrease cost of all enemies by 20, cast a 50% damage reflex barrier on all allies for 40sec, give self kijin)

      That should be enought info on those Unison lock and Collapse field stuff for now, will most likely update if some new stuff happen.
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    4 - extra PSA on elemental attack

    I feel like this need it's own point too, for some visibility

    the game still LIE to you by showing an increase of 10% base stats for each elemental attack you have equiped, while the true is that it boost by only 5% (except in mobius event where it seem to really be 10%), there were already a lot of post about it in the past ( kinda recent one here ) , but no change done in game (by either fixing the damage boost we get or fixing the in game element details info, wich still affect new and old players), wich would make the true elemental stats be :

    (stat) x ( 1 + [ 0.05 x total of elementals attack wich boost damage on the right element ] ) ; instead of having 0.10 in place of 0.05 here (except for mobius)

    to make it easier to understand, to have your stats doubled by elemental attack, you need 20 elements while the game tell you that 10 will do it (but it only give you a 50% boost), so keep this in mind while doing your pve elemental set

    keeping a good balance between stats and element is the best, having high damage stats but no element is a waste of potential, as you could easily have a big 50% damage boost by having 3-4 weapons with elements equiped, going full elements and low stats is worst, as buffing your elemental damage in quest will have less impact on you, an archer with 200k both and no element will do more damage after an elemental buff than an archer with 100k both and 20 elements.

    In case math isn't your strong point, I will explain it here, 200k no element will be <archer 1> while the 100k with 20 elements will be <archer 2>, while having a balanced archer with 150k both and 10 elements wich will be <archer 3> :

    no buff :

    archer 1 : ( 200k + 200k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 0] ) = 400k x 1 = 400k
    archer 2 : ( 100k + 100k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 20] ) = 200k x ( 1 + 1 ) = 200k x 2 = 400k
    archer 3 : ( 150k + 150k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 10] ) = 300k x ( 1 + 0.5 ) = 300k x 1.5 = 450k

    same final total stats for archer 1 and 2 here, higher stats on the balanced archer

    unison with + 40% all stats :

    archer 1 : ( 200k x 1.4 + 200k x 1.4 ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 0] ) = ( 280k + 280k ) x 1 = 560k x 1 = 560k
    archer 2 : ( 100k x 1.4 + 100k x 1.4 ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 20] ) = ( 140k + 140k ) x ( 1 + 1 ) = 280k x 2 = 560k
    archer 3 : ( 150k x 1.4 + 150k x 1.4 ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 10] ) = ( 210k + 210k ) x ( 1 + 0.5 ) = 420k x 1.5 = 630k

    same for archer 1 and 2 if we only buff the base stats, still higher stats for the balanced archer

    unison with +4 elemental attack buff :

    archer 1 : ( 200k + 200k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 4] ) = 400k x ( 1 + 0.2 ) = 400k x 1.2 = 480k
    archer 2 : ( 100k + 100k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 24] ) = 200k x ( 1 + 1.2 ) = 200k x 2.2 = 440k
    archer 3 : ( 150k + 150k ) x ( 1 + [0.05 x 14] ) = 300k x ( 1 + 0.7 ) = 300k x 1.7 = 510k

    extra elemental attack will have more impact on people who have less ( 20% boost for archer 1, 10% for archer 2, 13.33% for archer 3 ) , so someone with very high stats and no element will do very high damage after an elemental buff, but the best is ofc to be balanced, as you won't alway have buff on you

    that's it for the math part, just so you understand how stats and elemental buff will affect you here, and that the extra elements you get from a field effect will first be added to all your current element, wich mean less impact the higher your current elemental attack is, so working on balancing your setup is the best.
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    600k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
    ID: 2042972836 in case u wanna ask me stuff in game or stalk me idk

    > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

    First Fire Mobius (4/14/2016 - 4/20/2016) : Rank 1 ( Total Points ; Group A )


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      Comment placeholder without any number just for futur use too

      edit : will add the info of this post here, and replace it with the 4th point, on elemental attack


      new edit : JPUL got some ultra hard new quest, from what it look like

      the farmable mobs (39c) got wind element in his kit, while the spawn mobs (38c) got a new collapse?, called Fire pain (or something)


      JPUL got a collab with that one isekai slime anime (Tensei sh!tara Slime Datta Ken, or That time I got reincarnated as a Slime), will add the collab mobs with collapse quickly, + I hope we get that one collab one day x)

      past edit :

      Edit : look like the new forum stuff changed the limit of character in a post from idk how many to 10000 only, my first post got like 12000 and my 2nd one got 22000+ so not sure how I will adjust to that (probably in comment since only that one 3rd post won't be enought)

      will add it later when I find out what I will do but JP got the new wind element fied mobs, Simon, so they finaly start to get tiers 2 field now that the whole tier 1 was done already

      Edit 2 : new Dazzle Collapse mobs Moriarty
      (heal all allies HP by 80ap, +10/lv, balance all enemies, decline/decay new debuffs over time wich do -20% all stats each 10sec for 60sec to all enemies, removes all enemies accuracy? (or crit rate?) buffs, +30% accuracy on all allies for 90sec ?, fill 20 uni gauge on all allies except self, +2 uni gain for all allies for 50sec, give blessing on self)

      will probably just do comment for those, that should make the two main post look a little less like wall of text too, will do that this next weekend if I got time
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    Very nice Niconutela! I see now why you said elemental warlords don't make that much of a difference. You would think the elemental warlords would increase the dmg output greatly of the corresponding elements but I guess not.
    So maybe using certain warlords ( not for the elemental boost, but for the buffs ), and using a Lefiya or Patty with them might be better for dmg output. I.E. Running Fire quests, with a water elemental set, using time warlord let's say and throwing in a lefiya or Patty.


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      thanks and yup, that would result in more damage

      even more when the monster in the quest are light/dark/time element, because they have two weakness so you possibly can get +20 elementals attack vs them with unison that boost all elementals attack like Lefiya and Patty like you said

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      Oooh good point! Now I'm curious as to what kind of dmg I would do on a time element quest, using both dark and light weapons, an Ariel, and some lefiyas. OP

    Why is this not sticked? GIVE IT A STICK! NAW!

    Also if someone say that Ariel's Warlord buff is trash compared to others... All i can say is this

    And yes, I did a test on Crystal event when that was on, Calculated the points i got with Ariel and Warlord Wind

    Ariel > 910k
    Warlord Wind > 850k


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      (just passing by to say that a stick would be nice as it would probably make more people aware of those info, just not sure if it's enought stuff for a stick)