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Any tips on how I could increase my gear score?

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    Any tips on how I could increase my gear score?

    I have five Scrolls of Enlightenment to work with, so I can reallocate some cost. I just feel like I shouldn’t still be at 424k at level 179, especially when I’m cheating with fully unlocked farmable mons. Something is so not right, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m also one of the weakest members of my guild, and I’d rather be higher up. XD Could anyone give me any pointers? (I believe that a lot of the issue is with my monster slot, but I’d like someone else’s opinion.)

    I’m not writing down the names of all of my gear, (too much typing, and I doubt anyone would wanna read all that) so here’s a key: Any number is the cost count, and * is infusion.

    Weapons: 31, 33***, 32****, 32***, 32, 30*, 29***, 30 (Total: 249)

    Helmets: 30, 35*, 35, 31, 31, 30*, 29* (Total: 221)

    Armor: 30, 35, 35, 34, 33, 31 (Total: 198)

    Monsters: 28, 30, 33, 35, 25, 30*****, 30****, 28*** (Total: 239)

    Infusions are ur best friend.


      Here's what I do.
      In terms of what gear you equip, you want to find out what stat(s) you want to prioritise and max out that as much as possible. For instance, if I'm a mage who wants to maximise Matk, I will first equip all my highest cost staves and Matk monsters (or if you have other really OP offstat monsters you can put those in, because in the end of the day, skills beat raw gs). After that, throw in as much as you can in the other slots and use up your remaining cost. So, for the previous mage example, I would then put in as many helms and armours as I can.

      After that, the only thing you can do to raise your gs is simply bettering your gear. That could be replacing gear with higher cost ones as you get them, infusions (while small, they really can add up), monster potentials (a great way to do so), and plus values. Also, don't forget about feeding your limi and equipping better furniture - that can also give you a nice bump.
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        What they said (afaik), but I'll add one to pay attention to after you have all the basics and are trying to decide between sidegrades when all else is equal: Use high-MDEF clothing instead of helm/armor/hat as a mage, use high-DEF armor instead of helm/clothing/hat as soldier, etc. If my conditions do not apply then nvm eg if your best df gears as a mage are all helms, use them. (Class bonuses can really add up though. Afaik, there are none that apply to monsters, so if you're using them as stat sticks for eg def stats as a ATK and/or MATK class, make sure the gear cost can't be put to better use in head/body slots.)

        Also, sure, use high cost gear of every type if you want to inflate gs, but all else being equal, it's better to equip eg 9 armor that's 25c than 6 armor that's 34c for survivability (elemental df and skills) despite the lower stats. (Obviously, if you have some super OP skill on a high cost gear that makes it twice as good as a lower cost alternative, use the OP thing. If you're up against full-time piercer, don't bother about cramming in more reflect/DD/barrier skills. If you're a rook and want to maximize df stats, then use 18 df gear--as soon as you can--that's high cost, and prioritize that for gear cost. I was just using the example of someone who wants to maximize ATK and/or MATK and uses leftover cost in df slots, like Night-Hawk's mage example.)

        And there's no "should" for gs:level. Lower level just limits your gear slots and cost relative to higher level; regardless of your level, just equip what's best for what you want to do.

        If you're trying to minmax and need to move more than 10 gear cost points away from one item type, then you'll want a Drink for 15 gems at some point. If you haven't finished ToJ, you might want to get a Drink for that anyway. (I hope Avia convinces the monkeys to not make us have to buy those any more, but not holding my breath on that one.)

        ...I think. If anyone who knows better corrects me, listen to them instead. I'm a noob.

        j/w, if you're trying to maximize gs with stat stick monsters, why aren't you using a bunch of 34c Ordeals?


          34c are extremely inefficient for gearscore. I don't recommend this build unless you're a desperately glass archer. if your goal is to get as much stats as possible into your ATK stat or something with farmables, it'll be a viable filler option, but if it's total gearscore, then stay away.

          If you want to bias towards an offensive stat without making huge compromises, the 28 cost farmables Ifrit (ATK) & Succubus (MATK) may be a better option, since their base stats are special because they're leaning towards ATK or MATK (55:45 ratio, not a 50:50 ratio like all other monsters) without destroying your cost allocation and the awakens are +4000 in the offense stat.

          Try to work on 31+ cost gear, as they have an insane stat boost as cost increases to the point where the next cost up is like two infusions worth.

          30c and lower give significantly less score and the efficiency actually LOWERS as the cost increases.
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            Infusions and Potencial (Monster) are good for it, Especially if you got monster of your class (I still hate you Ateam for giving me two napoleons with Archer stat! I wanted a AQUARIUS WITH ARCHER STATS, REEEEEEEEEEEEE)


              If you want to improve your GS, theres really only 1 thing to do: get higher cost equipment.

              The GS difference between costs is too significant to overlook. A zero infusion 32c will likely have more GS to contribute than a 3 infusion 30c. Yes 5 infusion is max but who really has that many ether to spare? Unless you've been buying the limited ether bundles, I doubt it.

              Your second priority would be what I've hinted earlier: infusions/potentials. They're hard to come by but they also decide how much GS your gear can provide. Monsters explode with GS gains as you unlock bonus stats, as long as you can afford it.

              Another major thing that can add GS will be your equipment types. Class bonuses often favor only cloth/armor, so switching to the appropriate item types will give you some GE boosts too.

              Theres also developing your pet limis and furniture. Other than that, just +198 your gear and you'll be on your way to fancier numbers Sorry if I missed anything important, only these things stood out to me on the topic. Good luck!


                Get 180 to unlock 9th slot. That should boost your GS a lot. Typically a DPS (not rooks) should max Weapon and Mons slot. Something like a 9/x/x/9 build.
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