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    Crystal break kings

    As of this post:

    - rook and archer have over 300m top scores
    - cleric and berserker are approaching 200m
    - all other classes spread between 100-150m

    Just curious what, mechanically, separates these tiers. Granted there's variance between individuals' gear sets and individual class strengths, these are still quite stark gaps in between.

    I get why berserker and archer score high, especially archer which has historically seen the most development in crystal breaking theory.

    Cleric and rook surprise me, though.
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    Rooks can use any weapon for Time Advantage without worrying about stats, alongside having the benefit of 18 slots of stat-boosted gear. Stellar procs would be pretty godly for the CDR as well.

    Cleric is definitely an interesting one. Plague of Light obviously has a very high damage potential, and I've had pretty good runs using Ether Rebuild, 2 Photons, Meteor Strike and Plague of Light with some weak Time ATK, low MATK and only a Secret of the Book and mainslotted Fatal Hat/Armour for procs. I've seen some crazy high MATK Clerics, who could probably deal a ton of damage with the right monsters and procs (I only have Gluttony and Fiine for time).


      I ran in a group with 2 rooms who used the time warlord and both had around 20ish time attack. They both were hitting for well over 2mil with every single attack (aka BoL was hitting for a total of 4mil) and when they got fatal procs they were hitting for over 3mil every hit.


        Okay, I think I figured it out. Clerics and Rooks are abusing the stat scaling of Sacred Altar.

        Clerics seem simple. They receive +500% stats from their weapons rather than the +300% of other classes. Players have had time to accumulate offensive proc relics, and the Art of Attack relic is fortunately time element. And ability enchantment is a boon since they rely on 1st-4th ring skills for damage.

        Rooks.... REALLY abuse the system by getting a multiplier on both their primary damage slots.

        Archers: +300% to bows / guns
        Rooks: +300% to hats / helms / clothing / armor

        Consider a whale archer and a whale rook.

        The archer gets 200k offensive stats from weapons, and 200k offensive stats from infused monsters. He has 400k offense total. After the 300% boost to bows, he's a (600k + 200k) = 800k offense archer.
        The rook gets 200k offensive stats from headgear and 200k offensive stats from body gear. He has 400k offense total. After the 300% boost to def gear, he's a (600k + 600k) = 1200k offense rook.

        Then consider how defense gear is one cost higher than weapons currently, and how easy it is for whales to infuse Azure gear... and I can see how Rook's overwhelming stats compensate for its low DPS moves. This also explains why Rooks can't break crystal in GB.


        • Exifea
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          Ahh, didn't notice Cleric weapons got changed to 500%. That explains it.

        • Kek
          Kek commented
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          Clerics always had 500% boost of ATK/MATK on books/relics

        Rooks also take advantage of TimeLord, which is the only element field to boost both DEF and MDEF, and TimeLord by himself reduces cooldowns by 30%. Clerics get 500% boost to MATK from relics/books as opposed to 300%.


        • Miss Bliss
          Miss Bliss commented
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          Hey grim, now rooks get a boost from armor and clothing, but how does the elemental advantage work for them? Is it still based off of elemental atk?

        • GrimTony
          GrimTony commented
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          The elemental advantage info menu is outdated. It states that it affects ATK and MATK, but then 4th Soldier Ring, Undermine and Rook happened. And the elemental attack change happened too, where weapons give 3, monsters stay at 1, and the % boost is dropped from 10% to 5%. The boost isn't in your ATK and MATK stats, it's your damage dealt overall.

        • HotMessExpress
          HotMessExpress commented
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          I don't think those numbers were ever accurate, which is a shame because element sets would be easier to manage if I didn't have to build sets by constantly doing math while swapping pieces.

          It helps that elements usually win though. Since an element on one piece impacts overall damage by a percentage it's kind of like each piece buffs every other piece. It takes a lot of stats to outshine ele advantage (though easier in crystal quests because of stat multipliers)
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