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    So during the collab i got 4 34 cost guns and it turns out that equipping all 4 guns gives me 8k atk/matk increase however by doing this my procs will be one seal of attack xl, one assault blessing xl, one xeno bow and fatal xxl for 6/9 of my bows. My friend once told me that stacking fatals isnt a good thing but im not sure if that justifies an 8k atk/matk drop and most of my bows have fatal procs anyway (and the ones that dont are really old, looking at you ember biw and paradise gun).

    Should i diversify my procs and if so what should the spread be? Thanks for answering.
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    Procs > GS

    Fatals don’t stack which is why you don’t wanna equip too many

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      Like Bevgebra said, Procs > GS

      Fatal Testaments doesn't stack because they are crit guaranted, So even if you get two of they, Just one will work and this is why Archers got Attack Testament later on, So that can stack with Fatal. Atleast you want to have around 2 or 3 Fatal testaments while the rest be Attack Testament or anything that isn't Fatal.