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    Gentlemen, it was 2 weeks ago that a great idea struck me. An idea that has allowed me to conquer PvP's against rooks with 100k more GS. I always found the idea of a status ailment amazing. I decided to see if an ailment build was possible. I decided to scour all abilities and see if I could come up with a good build. And lo and behold fruits of my labor. I was able to come up with a good build for archers, a unique one that most people wouldn't see coming. After all archers shouldn't be anything more than DPS towers right? Wrong. I found a set of abilities that could feasibly allow an archer to win PvP's disregarding (not completely) his/her own atk and matk. I'm referring to the idea of a status ailment build. I tried my best to find literally any compiled article that had something to say on this, but alas I couldn't.

    It's simple, status ailments are a fun way of going about things. Here, I will list out a few build combinations that, in theory and probably practically, allow an archer to be a status ailment orientated character while also helping cost efficiency.


    1.Knowing your poison

    First and foremost, we shall talk about abilities.
    I have come across a few abilities that in essence, allow one to relentlessly spam people with status ailments.

    Etude Snipe: ES
    Ability Power-160
    Uses matk once and atk once.
    Reduces status ailment resistance by 20 for 15 seconds.

    Great move. Does good damage and also serves as the crux of our build. You see, not only does it do good damage, it also reduces the status ailment resistance. By experimenting and constantly egging people to take me on in duels, I have found that using this ability will undoubtedly result in the next one causing an ailment.

    Qwaser Waltz: QW
    Cost: 12
    Ability Power-140
    Hits three times randomly using matk or atk.
    Blinds, confuses, and paralyses the target for 10 seconds, at a success of 50 points.

    If Etude Snipe is a metaphorical Oni, Qwaser Waltz would be it's club. You see, this attack hits thrice, and has a chance of doing more than just one status ailment. What's more, the ability can use either matk or atk so even if you have **** atk or matk, there's a 25% chance you'll hit and do great damage, and a 50% chance overall that you'll do good to decent damage.

    Diminishing Shot: DS
    Ability Power: 90
    Attacks an enemy four times for magic damage that uses both atk and matk.
    Added effect: Ability Power scales with the number of debuffs applied to the target. Max -140
    CURSES, inflicts despair and also psychologically contaminates target for 10 seconds at a success value of 60.

    I'm well aware of the kinda **** you'll have to go through to get this ability but it's worth it. Curse in itself would've made this ability worthwhile, cause with no heals, the character is as good as dead. You see, in this game clerics are the most important, cause without them, everyone
    is scared of dying. And curse makes them useless. When a target is affected by curse, no healing ability affects them and health doesn't recover.
    Despair may not be particularly great but it's still good nonetheless. Especially when we're talking about GB's. When despair is active, unison gauge boosting abilities (cheer) will instead lower the gauge.
    Psychological contamination, is like curse, a great ailment. If lucky, it'll allow you to effortlessly turn a player into nothing but a vegetable. Player's can't use certain moves when this status ailment affects them.

    Cost Exchange: CE
    Cost: 0
    Ability Power:0
    Recovers 20 cost for 30% of your hp.

    Ik this has nothing to do with ailments but I felt that informing you of it's importance is a good idea nonetheless. You see, this move to you, should be as important as a Bible to a Catholic.
    It allows for you to use extra cost and keep up the barrage when needed. I'll discuss the correct use of cost along with a few other things after I'm done with giving to you the list of abilities.

    Ability Power:90
    Damages an enemy two times with physical dmg and two times with magical damage with a success value of 75.
    Added effect: Curses and paralyses target for 15 seconds with a success value of 60

    Another good ability, but falls a bit short of the others. Curse and paralysis are great ailments but QW beats it in both power and cost. However one may argue it's a good replacement for DS. I personally don't use it cause it doesn't do much damage for me but I suppose it may not be the case for some other archer out there reading this masterpiece.

    Deadly Poison:
    Cost: 12
    Damages one enemy with physical damage that uses both atk and matk.
    Added effect: Applies poison to the target for 20 seconds at a success of 70 points and decreases targets matk by 20% for 40 seconds.

    At first look it looks like a must have ability. Unfortunately, poison happens to be a more or less useless ailment as it does not substantial damage. Hence, the feasibility of this ability in our build will be just as low as it's damage. That being said, I do urge you guys to try it out atleast once.

    Ability Power: Infinite (jk, 0)
    Reduces the status ailment resistance by 30 for 60 seconds.

    Guys, I cannot tell you how much this move will appeal to you as a low handed archer who can't do damage but will annoy the **** outta his enemies (a status ailment archer). That being said, it's a wonderful move to have. However, you'll be sacrificing a part of your offense if you're planning on keeping this ability. Yet, it seems only fair as we are able to substantially decrease the resistance for a massive 60 seconds allowing us to stack more and more.

    Cost: 15
    Ability Power: 0
    Inflicts despair on all enemies for 40 seconds at a success rate of 60.

    This ability isn't very feasible. Not only is it a massive 15 cost, it does not damage whatsoever and only inflicts despair, which as we all know is only useful in GB's. I can't see it having any use outside of GB and Colosseum and hence wouldn't recommend it.

    Ability Power:0
    Casts a 10 seconds effect that has a 10% chance to negate damage.

    A fairly attractive ability. I'm unaware of whether or not the chance can stack up allowing a maximum of 30% chance to negate damage, but it also happens to allow a combo move with Deadly Poison so we'll allow it for now. Again, I wouldn't recommend it since it literally serves no purpose other than to maybe negate damage and boost up a **** ability.


    2.Picking your Poison

    Now that we're aware of what abilities one may use to make a status ailment build. I shall now demonstrate how one should choose from these abilities while also disclosing my own ability set.

    Gentlemen, I believe in feasability and efficiency. Not only are we here to create a cost efficient archer, we're also here to make you a status ailment beast.

    As such there's only one way to find out which move set suits you best, that is to try them all out. However, I can understand the hesitation that one may have, trying out roughly 40 combinations. So I have picked out the most viable and apt set and listed it below. Ofc, it may not suit your stats so I'll also be listing out the other abilities that one must try before settling on a set.

    In essence, all I ask of you is to try out all the offensive abilities I have mentioned above. Note their damage. And accordingly equip them along with a Cost Exchange or Hunt (Bad idea bro).

    After trying it out myself,
    I ended up with:
    CE, ES, QW and DS

    This set has taken me to great heights and I hope it does take you where you want to be too.

    Other than this, for the normal fags (archers who don't intend to have a status ailment build) reading this, I would suggest:
    CE, DA, ES and QW


    3 Using your poison

    Here, I will only be giving you tips to keep in mind. Tips that shall undoubtedly benefit the **** outta you.

    Cost Exchange: (ONLY IN GBS AND COLOSSEUM)
    I cannot stress how important it is for you to use this one properly. Apart from spamming it relentlessly at the start of the GB, I urge you honorable archers to make optimum use of it. If you're low on health and know that you're gonna be taken down with the next attack, use CE. Not only will you get some meaning out of your death, you'll also get some extra cost.

    Etude Snipe/Diminish:
    If you decide to use this AFTER any of the attacks we've listed above, you sir, are an idiot. Only after decreasing the status ailment resistance will you try and inflict status ailments. Under no circumstances will you compromise your chance to inflict them. Unless ofc, you can take the enemy down with an ES


    4.Knowing the circumstancial poison

    You see, most people tend to ignore the name of the ability that pops up entirely. However, these ignorant beings are unaware of the fact that own can use this or the casting speed to quickly realise a good counter or choose his future moves. There are two colours the ability name will appear in, the distinction of which, has been done below.

    For example, if you see an ability name in red, used by a strong monster or monster that may do significant damage, under no circumstances should you decide to CE, as the red colour indicates that it's a damage oriented ability
    The green colour indicates that it's a buff or debuff ability, in which case spam CE all you want.

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    5.Behaving when poisoned

    If you see the other person having a reflect or a Mon initiating reflect, or other such ailments and buffs, the first thing you must do is look at its stack.

    If a reflect is a stack 1, you can hit.
    And also for a stack 2
    Be a bit careful if it's a stack 3
    And if it's a stack 4 and above, hit only if you're willing to commit suicide

    Ailments except blindness and confusion:
    If it's a status ailment, it'll disappear soon and I'd suggest waiting for it to disappear.
    For stack x3 and below, I'd suggest either waiting for it to disappear or using attacks.
    For stack x4 and up, your only choice should waiting for it to disappear.

    If in a state of confusion or blindness, try your best not to use an attack or ability and waste cost.
    Cry out for an area recovery with all your strength

    Buffs on target:
    Spam attacks unless buffs are too high, in which case your damage will be way too low.
    Bonus idea: Balancing

    Debuffs on you:
    Nothing much you can do, except beg for an arc heal or cleanse healing.

    6.Drawbacks of Poison

    I was hoping to not have to speak on this but alas, a true man like myself cannot help but do so. While this set has great pluses it also has a few negatives.

    Less Attack: As you may have realised while reading this, the whole build is contingent upon you realising that attack isn't the only thing archers can be used for.
    Counter: The net damage is decreased but instead, a chance to pulverise players is given. And in some cases, status ailments are more important than raw damage

    Not suited for PvE: This build isn't a great idea if we're going about PvE as most monsters have good status ailment resistance.
    Counter: The set does dominate PvP so it's a fair trade. Plus, the set I personally chose can be used for PvE effectively too since the ability powers of each one of the abilities is fairly high. The only one that should be replaced being DS, with a DA (Deadly Arabesque)

    Stack quality: Like I mentioned it somewhere before, status ailments with stack x1, disappear soon. In essence, the ailments you cause will disappear given time
    Counter: Through multiple duels I have found that, though the ailments disappear given time, more ailments can simply be caused as the recast time is low. Ofc, one must time then well.

    Stack quantity: Currently, it is not possible to try and inflict a huge stack of status ailments (like x10) through a build.
    Counter: Pension beats Lump Sum provident funds. Even if higher stacks can't be produced, repetitively causing ailments is more than enough to keep the enemy occupied and take him down.


    Ladies, I have nothing more to tell you. You are now full fledged archers ready to annoy the **** outta people. I request whichever archer reading this to give it a try and gimme some stats or a review in general. Ofc, you can also message me if you have any doubts as to the feasability. I'll be updating this guide in the subsequent weeks with more data. And far more tips and simulations on how to handle each situation.

    Until then,
    El Psy Congroo



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      Zephyri -- I love this post. It is well thought out and well written, and finally somebody acknowledges the force that is status ailments.

      Let me begin by saying that I've been there. I've tried running ES and QW and diminish and poison all sorts of status combos. And of course ES into DS is a very strong combo meritable by itself simply for the damage.

      But there are still a few reasons why status ailment archers are weaker than straight up dps archers.

      1. Status ailments are unreliable. I don't mean its difficult to stack them onto your victim, but when the guy you're targeting manages to act in spite of the ailments you put on him (which happens frequently), then you've essentially sacraficed damage for, well, nothing... and since the enemy lives longer he'll gain more uni and inflict more damage onto your team.

      2. By the time level 185 is reached, peoples inherent status ailment resistance is fairly high. I personally have had trouble, especially with clerics, knights, and THs, keeping status ailments on them. Maybe I'll get them paralyzed and confused with my first QW but the second one doesn't do anything. The combo has been broken, and nothing can really be done about poor rng.

      3. Arc heal - If the enemy cleric knows what they're doing and has brought arc heal, any status ailments you can get on someone will be lost when the cleric heals them.

      4. It takes setup. Because I have to take time to ES and then QW, Susie the mage has enough time to starburst someone; Lonny the lancer has enough time to break and cross. You'll get the ailments on them AFTER they move, as opposed to using DA, (hopefully) one shotting them and preventing them from moving in the first place.

      5. No room in your set for barrier, guard. You'll be a squish.

      I loved my status ailment set but it never got me to the "great heights" you mentioned. In the end, the status ailment way results in slower death time, and above all, is based on chance. Killing the other player is the ultimate goal here, and straight up dps is simply the fastest way to do that.

      OFC ES, QW, and DS arent bad abilities by any means, but if I understand you correctly you are recommending I lower my atk/matk and raise my def/mdef on order to let the ailments shine through. IMO the damage is still the most important attribute of those attacks and the status ailments are simply a small benefit, akin to the 10% life drain on the mages blood oath attack.

      1v1 duels are of course any exception; ailments are extremely strong in a 1v1.

      I'll definitely try dusting off my ailment set next Colo. Itll be even better now that I have more seals. Based on my experience, though, DA and linkage are generally the way to go.
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        oh hey i dueled you yesterday! good status ailment build lol, i think i managed to stand up against you bc i had extra status ailment resistance for the two subtraits i chose

        but yeah arc heal would put all of this work away, so this build is probably best for trolling people in a 1v1. definitely really annoying, i approve


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          Can increase poison stacks through some oldschool weapon procs
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            I 1v1'ed one of my Archer friends who had this set. He's now on my blocked list.
            just kidding lul i never had friends
            But honestly this is a really cool guide. I don't see too many Clerics in guild battles anymore, and if there is no Cleric, then this build would work well. Also, there's that Resistance Down crystal ability, just saying :P
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              Don't forget that archergets an added 10% chance to land status ailments!

              I play like this in colosseum sometimes. I tank up and harass people. I like to bring omen, mind trick, and mind hack.

              I also beat my archer tower with a similar set. I think it was diminish, omen, qwaser, jinx. I couldn't go tanky because the other archers depend on the player's stats, but the build was all about statuses. Bryan was the one who gave me the idea.

              The class bonus counts for monsters too. Monsters that cast ailments are more potent as an archer, and monsters that reduce ailment resistance synergize with this play style. Lilith is easy to get and still very useful for ailment spamming.
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                I personally love the Idea of an off meta archer build that focuses more on debuffing the enemies.

                Since the most status res people have might be from the rooms or one item in this section since they focus on dmg down gear, making this a small effective way to diminish their health bars while holding onto your cost.

                Amazing well thought out guide, so props.