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    So how the hell do you build this coming from lancer? I really want to get through the Toj but I can't even beat Nobunaga. I tried using magic equips but I can't get matk higher than 111k so what am I doing wrong?

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    IMO, the TH tower is one of the harder ones, unless you're a mage main with decently high MATK and decent monsters. I had a hard time with 250k MATK, but it could have just been bad RNG for me. I kept timing out because of lack of DPS.

    Try using more elemental equips (if you aren't already). Those help to get through most of the tower.


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      Well looks like I have no hope oh well

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    Lol now i even dont remember how i past 35 th floor of th. Im main archer


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      I remember going as an archer based treasure hunter with some staves thrown in here and there and stacked a ton of dark element to get past the first boss. I don’t think it is easy at all for lancers, especially if they are newer and haven’t been saving up staves since they started playing.


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        I've been playing since the beginning and at one point it wasn't really necessary to save.


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          Ateam loves to reward people for being packrats. Remember when the first gem spawn monster to use orbs for reforging was released?

          Ateam also loves to punish hoarding by limiting inv/locker space...

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        I did mine equipped as a glassy mage. Take as much MATK and elemental advantage as you can.

        Spam circular shadow on cooldown, and help break with lunatic dagger when break falls. Adding up the slow effect from you and your allies will make monsters much less threatening. The last floor is still a jerk, but slower enemies is a nice benefit of the class
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