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The Art of Re-rolling

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    The Art of Re-rolling

    What is re-rolling?

    Re-rolling an account is scraping a previous account for a brand new account.

    WHAT! Why the hell would I wanna do that 808Rootz?!?!

    Re-rolling accounts is a method used by Free2Play players (also known as F2P) in gacha style games like UL to start with good gear from spawns on your account. This will give you a solid foundation of new spawn items to build on. There are however other reasons to re-roll accounts. One of those reasons is to learn from mistakes you likely made when playing the game for the first time and learning as you go, often too late. You may also have opened an account, stopped playing the game for whatever reason and then at some point decided to play the game again. Depending how long of a hiatus you had away from the game, the spawn pulls you have on the account could be outdated with the current meta and/or severely outclassed by newer items in current spawns.

    When I originally started playing UL in 2016, I personally made many mistakes with gear and cost allocation, among other things when I was a lowly noob. I also took a hiatus of several months away from the game and experienced all of the reasons given above minus the first one because RNGesus smiled on me in the spawns on my original account.

    You’ve sold me on re-rolling my account. What do I do now?

    In preparation to re-roll your account there are a few things that you will want to do.

    I. If you are in a guild and still want to be in that guild after re-rolling your account, then you need to talk to your guild leadership before hand so your old account can be kicked to make room for your re-rolled account after you complete the game tutorial so you can either put in an application or be sent an invite back to the guild.

    II. To make the re-rolling process as efficient as possible, you will need to get your guild mates and friends UL ID’s to add to your re-rolled account. This will make the grind of re-rolling progress as quick as possible as these people will be used to carry you for a long stretch in the beginning portion or your re-roll.

    As pointed out by Astarael you should copy your guild mates and friends ID’s into a note on your device or do it old school like me and write it down.

    III. The timing of when you decide to re-roll your account is an important thing to consider. Right now you might be asking yourself Self. Why in the hell would this matter? Here’s why it’s important. You want to re-roll your account when there is a spawn in rotation or upcoming spawns that has items that are desirable. That will be the spawn that you are initially dumping your gems into.(i.e. a collab, Athena/Valk shared spawn, Divine Grace, new weapons/gear/monsters, etc.)

    Now onto the re-roll…

    I. The first step of the process depends on what method or operating system you are using to play Unison League.

    On iPhone you delete the app and re-install the app. When you receive the notification that there is previous game data and if you want to reload it, YOU DO NOT WANT TO RELOAD IT. It will reload your old account.

    On Android/Nox, if you go to Applications>Unison League>Clear Data

    Thanks to Exifea for the more efficient way to complete this step on Android/Nox.

    II. Once you get into the game, you will be taken through the tutorial again like all good little noobs.

    III. When you finish the tutorial, this is where the fun starts. Now is when you would leave the tutorial guild to go back to your actual guild. This is also when you will want to add guild mates and friends from your previous account to your Friends List.

    Spending AP efficiently

    When you re-roll an account, you want to power level and progress as fast as possible. In order to do this, you are going to want to concentrate your AP spending on Main Story quests. The reason for this is simple, it is most efficient way to spend your AP in the beginning phase of the re-roll process. It is the most efficient because for the small amount of AP you are spending to run the quest you are accomplishing the following things
    • Leveling with XP gained
    • Banking gold for Augmenting and Reforging
    • Earning gems to spawn for every completed quest as well as from missions
    • Banking proficiency
    • You will also be progressing Rank to reach Rank 35 and Rank 40 for the Advanced Trials and Advanced Trials 2 Sub-Quests
    Once you unlock Quest With Friends, run your Main Story quests in that mode and bring your damage dealer friends. These friends will carry you through power leveling.

    Until you complete the 3rd growth ring of your main class, you should be re-running each quest until you receive the gem for completing it. Once your main class 3rd growth ring is complete move on to the next quest whether you receive the gem or not. The reason for this is to hit rank 35 as quick as possible so you can unlock your 4th growth ring. Once you complete the Advanced Trial for your class, go back to Main Story questing from the first quest where you did not receive the gem. Rerun those story quests until you receive the gem and continue until you have completed your 4th growth ring.

    Once you complete the 4th growth ring, go back to continuing to the next quest regardless of whether you receive the gem or not so you can reach Rank 40 as quickly as possible to unlock your 5th growth ring.

    But 808Rootz, what about running Augment, Reforge and Gold quests for what I received in spawn?

    For a long stretch in the beginning of the game, you are gonna receive a lot of Augment materials(mats) from completing missions. This and the Limimin Expedition. Limimin Expedition will also negate the need to run reforge quests for the most part. Run them if you need keymin, but for the most part you want to concentrate your AP usage on Main Story quests. As far as gold, you should bank more than enough just spamming Main Story quests. If you find yourself lower on gold than you’re comfortable with, you can send the Limimin Expedition out for gold until you’re satisfied and then go back to sending it out for Augment and Reforge mats.

    If you utilize the strategy I described above for spending AP efficiently, you will be leveling so fast that you will reach a point where your AP bar is staying at 1,000 AP.

    How fast can I progress through the re-roll process?

    Personally using this strategy on my re-rolled main account, I power leveled to 116 and 200k+ Gear Score(GS) in 22 days. These are my numbers and some people will hit those landmarks faster or slower, it truly depends on how much you put into the grind.

    Can’t I just use EXP Keys to speed up the process?

    You can use EXP Keys to speed up the leveling process, but for the XP you gain, you will be losing out on
    • Gems
    • Proficiency
    • Growth ring progression
    • Gold
    • Rank progression
    Besides, I would recommend stashing those EXP Keys until you hit higher levels where it requires much more XP to reach the next level.

    What about using my Proficiency Keys?

    I would recommend saving your Proficiency Keys until after you finally reach the point where you deplete your AP bar and have to wait for your AP to refill at a minimum. The reason for this is because you should be gaining adequate amounts of Proficiency from simply running Main Story quests. Plus that takes AP away from Main Story questing.

    Gem Usage

    If you chose to re-roll your account and are F2P, you should be using as many gems in spawns that have a guaranteed SSR item/ XX cost monster to maximize your spawn returns. You should also be looking at the spawn rates, if there are rate ups, etc. If you’re not doing enough damage, spawn class spawns or guaranteed SSR weapon for weapons. If you’re having issues with survivability, spawn guaranteed SSR body/head equipment. If your lacking in Unison choices or monsters that meet whatever the current meta is, spawn guaranteed SSR XX cost monster. Being F2P requires planning and strategy.

    As pointed out by AwesomeStar you should re-roll until you spawn a 32+ cost monster in one of your early game spawns so you have a solid foundation to start with.

    If you chose to re-roll your account and are going to spend money or whale, then it doesn’t matter. Do what your wallet can afford.

    I don’t claim to know everything, so if I made any mistakes or you have a contribution to this guide that will make the re-roll process more efficient than let me know so it can be added. I hope this contribution to the UL community helps someone and if you have any questions about re-rolling send me a PM or message me in-game and I’d be more than happy to help, ID is in my signature.
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    IGN's are not unique so you don't have to bother changing it every time. You don't have to reinstall the game either, as clearing data works just fine.


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      Exifea SubZero So does Clear Cache start the game fresh or do I need to revert the guide back to the uninstall method?

    • Exifea
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      SubZer0 @808Rootz

      I specifically said clearing data. On Android/Nox, if you go to Applications -> Unison League, you get an option to 'Clear Data'. It's worked perfectly fine for my 300+ rerolls in the past.
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      I misunderstood then. On iPhone I delete the app and reinstall. Not sure if there is a way to do what you're talking about on iPhone.

    I would suggest copying down the ID numbers of your friends and guildmates into a note or something BEFORE clearing cache because there is *no way* you can search for them again otherwise and they won’t be able to find you, either.
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      After reading your comment again, I have decided to reword the way it is stated in the guide. Thanks for your contribution to the guide.
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    Nice guide! One thing think you should mention for new players is that it’s most important to re roll for an op monster, usually 32+ cost so gearing can come later, from events and the like.
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      Thanks for the contribution. I will add it to the guide.

    I'd just like to add something real quick, the time when you do reroll can really affect your rolls. I decided to make a new account around the end of the Fairy Tail, the event gave an extra 15 gems for completing the one event quest. A good bonus to spawns. I did the 46 total gem step up spawn one and a half times and got extremely lucky with Gigantes, Cleopatra, Nesha, and a 32 cost upgradeable staff. Planning them out with events and certain spawns really helps.


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      The timing of your re-roll is important and can be very advantageous with the right spawns. The 46 gem step up spawn that just passed was really kind to my alt account.

    Mind giving me advice?

    I've tried completely deleting the game altogether (forget just clearing the cache, deleted everything I could find tied to UL on my phone)

    Whenever I reinstall, it says there is existing account data on my phone and I can choose to download or not. If I tap yes, it reinstalls my old account, if I tap no, it closes the app
    What A Pain


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      Hmmm... I’ve never ran into that. Try deleting the app>restart phone>download UL again from AppStore. What OS? Also, when it does work you want to select no so you can install new. Hope this helps your situation.
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    I have a tip that could be added to the guide. It minimizes time spend in tutorial (reduced it by around 10 or more seconds, which is big for heavy rerolling).

    When you enter the Guild Battle tutorial, you can skip the crystal assault by exiting the game and reloading whenever you begin the unison. You can exit earlier, but the point where you use the unison has always worked whereas leaving earlier could force you to redo the entire segment.

    Also, I think it would be a good idea to mention the quick gems you can get my augmenting for the first time and collecting the 60 Bronze medals from the daily missions.

    To be really minmaxy, the best time to reroll (excluding unpredictable events) is at the end of the week because there is a chance you will be placed in a guild that has completed most of its missions, which can net you 5+ gems for free.