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Guide: Unison Monsters and How to Use Them

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    Guide: Unison Monsters and How to Use Them

    Hello UL Community,

    I'm SciSensei, coming back with another lesson on the basics on how to use monsters. I created this guide since I have spent quite a lot of time trying to explain to new players how and when to use monsters at the right time for the right purpose. I hope that this guide will help newer or uninformed players on how to use monsters efficiently throughout all the different forms of questing. For the more seasoned players, I hope that this guide could be a useful tool that you use to help guide new members, new friends, and new players in the game that is Unison League. As per usual, I put in a tl;dr at the end who are lazy. Please feel free to comment, add suggestions, or pm me with questions/corrections that I need to make.

    Hope this could be useful to some, hope you learned something, and good luck spawning people.
    Good Luck out there people!
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    I get extra triggered when people uni during augs and reforges...especially when I'm auto-ing and my CPU matches and disgraces me ;______;


    • Chaz
      Chaz commented
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      Create party and begin quest. Don't let anyone join. Then you can auto safely. I honestly don't know why people are still just starting these quests and risking the chance of joining a quest in progress missing out on any drops from waves missed. I do all mine creating party and starting. Maximizes time and drops.

    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      True Chaz , but doesn't give you an AP discount for more runs (greedy, but true). Making a party with a full group does maximize time and drops though, 100%.

    • WhimsicalMemory
      WhimsicalMemory commented
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      Chaz Well I never really care about the small passa at the start of reforge quests so joining and missing them has never bothered me xD Plus yea, AP discount meaning I can usually get more runs in cause I'm not charged the entire 10-20 ap

    That’s a pretty nice guide you got there I guess that does make it easier to explain to friends that choose to play the game instead of explaining for a long time since I’m busy


    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      The amount of time I've spent explaining before each event is probably equivalent to the amount of time used waiting for 1 more ap before barely being able to run a quest.

    thanks for another helpful guide! all very useful info ^^

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101


    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      Thanks for taking your time to read it.

    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      SciSensei -

      While making new accounts I've noticed a few things. Some were already common knowledge but anyways...

      On 'Auto' less proficiency is received, unless you kill the boss. The first quests are something like: 7 Auto/147 Boss Kill proficiency.
      So for (normal/easy) quests, to be sure that you get the proficiency from the boss, throwing a Unison will get you the proficiency.

      I haven't yet tested it in stronger areas but I've done things like auto 4 guys, use 1 to kill all the enemies and the boss, and then quickly Unison on one of the guys that was on Auto.

      The result has been that my active player receives minimal proficiency, often as low as the Auto players(assuming I stopped them from joining Unison), and the player(s) that Auto'd but threw Unison got full proficiency.

      So while the proficiency gained from things like augments and reforge is meaner, if someone throws Unison, best to join in, I guess.

      For harder normal quests where it takes multiple people quite a few hits I'll have to check how proficiency gets distributed, but I believe throwing 5x unisons immediately before/after boss death will equalize proficiency(to the maximum) for the whole party.

    Thanks for the guide! We appreciate the time and effort you put into making these )b^-^)b
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    ~Thank you beautiful artists~


    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      Thanks for reading, This guide was actually made to prep for and as a reference point to a grander scale project that I will probably start working on soon >_>

    I suggest you use the word "Mass Refresh" instead of "cleanse," as cleansing is more appropriate for stat debuff removal like Purifying Light.

    Also, using more of the same element increases the reduction percentage. Using 2 is not always the best option for Fire/Water/Wind. 2 30UR Fires will still lose to a single Oberon due to raw score, for example. You will need a third here to reduce it enough to win the Unison Battle.
    (And yes, I'm referring to the spawn 30UR here which have significantly higher scores than farmable 30URs like Apollo and similar scores to 34UR farmables)

    The way it works is there is a base 14% reduction for a 2-match (30% base for L/D)... and then an additional 10% reduction for every extra.

    For Fire/Water/Wind:
    2 match: 14% reduction
    3 match: 24% reduction
    4 match: 34% reduction
    5 match: 44% reduction

    For Light/Dark:
    2 match: 30% reduction
    3 match: 40% reduction
    4 match: 50% reduction
    5 match: 60% reduction

    Also, you can reduce the damage of incoming unisons through:
    •Barrier effects (Mag/Phys Armor Up Constant & DMG Reduction Constant are 10% Barriers and work on incoming unison damage)
    •Element DEF (Monster Awakening potentials + head/body gear grant ele DEF. 20 Ele DEF = 20,000 DEF & MDEF and immune to debuffs)
    •AbP Down Armors (Granvia Shield exchange from Ranked Guild Raids)
    •Damage Redirects such as Loyalty, Devotion, and Counterstrike will successfully sponge damage off allies.
    •Damage Null effects (Aizen, Benkei, Light Athena, etc.)

    Important note that Reflect does not work against unison damage. I have no clue if incoming AP buffs/debuffs work on receiving unison damage (like DEF Stance).
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    • Savatar
      Savatar commented
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      I tested it from what I saw atk stance does work but def stance does not I will retest this a few times to make sure

    • Exifea
      Exifea commented
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      Sorry to necro, had to dig this up after a confusing uni battle loss. Are weakening values for Time/Star the same as Light/Dark?

    • Nemurerumori
      Nemurerumori commented
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      Not sure, but 2 star is 40% reduction. 2 dark/light is 30%.

    This is a really useful guide. I had no idea matching colors was so bad in Guild Battles. I felt some of the wording can be a little confusing in the guide regarding this area, however, as opposed to when Nemurerumori just explained it here. When you say "Here are the delicious numeric values on how a Unison Attack works and how much damage it goes down by," it is not as clear to me this is to just win the battle for who goes first. I would actually like to know how the damage that the monsters inflict is calculated (including the Great Spirits), but I don't know how feasible that is to figure out just yet.
    Monster I wish I had:


    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      HotMessExpress HomuRun
      Exactly, you use the Duel Rooms with smurfs and see how the numbers work out. Friends also help as well ;D

    • HomuRun
      HomuRun commented
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      SciSensei Wow, 5 accounts in total xD

      Do you run your own guild battles, too? ;D

    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      HomuRun nah, though I do have a guild for all the smurfs....which just autoplay to victory/losses (for the daily gem). But yeah, they WU together to slowly level each other up, it's not too shabby ^__^

    Nice guide, mostly all common sense for (many but not all) longtime players.

    Very useful for newer/intermediate players.

    One thing I might mention is particularly when/what to uni in GvG. Sometimes you want to uni before cb, othertimes you don't. Sometimes you want a high damage uni to get to cb others a buff will be better. Especially knowing to debuff after the enemy wins uni if you manage to survive.


    • Cthulhu
      Cthulhu commented
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      Or balance/karma if u can somehow survive for the revenge kekeke

    • SciSensei
      SciSensei commented
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      Like Cthulhu said..
      Something like a Tyr or Elizabeth, or an inertial Force/Balance would be pretty nice to ruin a guild's day. Bonus points if you Loki (Hit all confuse) and they have no removal.