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Should I use a lance?

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  • Should I use a lance?

    I'm only able to use my Solider right now and I did the 30 gem guaranteed spawn for a collab weapon and got all the weapons but the sword I don't have a lot of good swords so I replaced a 27 cost nehza sword with a useless sword skill to me (increases physical dmg of the ability "vanquish") so when the event ends I'll have physical testament XXL but I also know that Its attack doesn't get boosted since I am a solider but also I know if I max the lancer rings ill get the trait boost and if I do that I will get more gs of atk and it will also support the lance so should I use It until I get a better sword or should I just focus on supporting my main class and forget the lance even if the lance increases my gs atk alot more?

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    When the event ends, equip the XXL Lance in place of your useless skill proc weapons.

    Not sure if you know but the passives (such as atk boosting Lance passives) are only active while playing as that class. It's the bottom-of-ring Shared Traits that boost your stats regardless of class.
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      i know all of that I just wanted to know if I should use the lance

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    Soldiers and lancers have an advantage early on. Ya can freely swap weapons, and still do decent damage.

    I do recommend using it. Not only for the prestige bonus during collab, but also cause it might have better GS then ya sword. Of course. It also depends on how much GS ya have, and what procs ya already have. No use swapping a physical testament XXL lance, with a Physical testament XL sword if ya are a soldier. Like Blitz said. Remove some useless skill proc weapons. That way ya get ya money's worth. At least temporary it might help ya. Especially if ya are lacking in the gear department.


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    Yeah, my sister uses a Athena Lance when she is playing soldier. She's 300k