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Switching to mage...any tips?

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  • Switching to mage...any tips?

    I've been a lancer most of my time in UL but I'm dedicating myself to mage right before 150 since I've better luck w mons & new weapons are coming.
    Just a few questions to make sure I'm heading in the right direction: Is 8/6/6/7 a good place to be? Prophesy Testament, Magic testament xxl, or Agony Mastery in the front slot? Any tips for floor 30 of the tower? Any tips in general?
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    Imo if you're using multi-hit attacks and are likely to have elevate at some point, there's no better main slot than prophet
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      I've actually got an elevate mons, so good to know.

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    Don't use Guard against a Lancer's Basic Attack.

    (Credits - UL Avi: Rakqu, GExUL Avi: Match-I)

    This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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      Lol. I've killed enough mages to know better.

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    Currently I run an 8/5/6/8 build, with only two 34 cost monsters equipped. Maximize your MATK with the extra monster. Get Ama and Nyx fully infused for stats. I'd say go with Prophet in main slot.

    What monsters do you have?

    Floor 30, I run internal force, EE, Blood Oath, and Starburst. EE is a must because you have to be both DPS and suppport, without it I ran out of time. Architect Valk is a pain when she casts barriers on herself so I used Ra there. Wind Valk can crit hit and one shot, slow, and regen. I don't have plague mist, but it could help if you can get it to land. Lucifier can get rid of wards and regen too so on the last wave use your buff monsters and take him out as fast as you can.

    If you have HP up and a couple of Armor up's they can help you to survive a one shot.

    I haven't passed it yet, but I hope his helps!
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      Thanks! I'll give that a try. My luck w mage mons is slightly ridiculous. I've got Midsummer Battle Valk, Enomis, [Wille] Misato Katsuragi, [Mage] Rin Tohsaka, & all the normal stat basic spawn light & dark mons. I'm actually little confused as to which to use when. Meanwhile, I still have yet to spawn a Joan...
      I'm a little hesitant about going 8/x/x/8 if only because I feel like I already die questing more than I used to. What's a good range for matk?

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      Equip all of them!!!! Oh my goodnesss!! You should have no problem on floor 30 with those waifus!!

      It's true that you do have a higher chance of dying, but elemental gear will help your runs a lot. Plus you have Enomis! Great self buff and helps you stay alive! If you need stats sticks, just go with Ama and Nyx. I have a little over 70K/70K and I do get one shot in Arcadia sometimes, depends on the event.

      The range is actually hard to tell considering the gap between f2p and p2w. I have 125K MATK as f2p so maybe 140K for p2w, highest is 168K so that's a good middle to settle on if you're a dolphin.

      Don't worry too much about Joan, you got beautiful mons! I run Light Valk and KFC for utility lol