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Why don't people play mages with Soldier Class HP?

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  • Why don't people play mages with Soldier Class HP?

    I was thinking that since Mages have the lowest HP and all, why not just take Mage abilities while being in the Soldier Class? You get tons more HP simply equipping the class right?

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    Yes, but you'd lose class traits that would amplify the power of those mage abilities.


    • Rotgbunny
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      Also, doing that would mean you wouldn't be able to equip mage abilities from the 4th and 5th rings. Not worth it at all

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    Rotgbunny pretty much covered it, though I will say it's beyond hilarious to watch a soldier obliterate an archer with meteor strike
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      None of the better Mage abilities and passives available as soldier, so nah. You would just meteor for 4 digits and wait 18s to attack again. You wouldn't even do much thanks to MS being only 50ap per hit as non-Mage.
      It was a good idea to do this, around one year and eight months ago though.

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        This used to be a pretty good idea over a year ago when Meteor Strike was still relevant. Now the amount of defense procs poops all over Meteor Strike.
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          Yeah what the previous two said is also correct. I use to do that during colo to try and fool the other team into not targeting me first lololol


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            You'd probably see Soldiers still do this in Colo. Despite this, it's a poor choice, considering how non-advantage Meteor Strike doesn't deal a lot of damage, and Soldiers already have Rage Slash, one of the best moves in the game.

            No, seriously. A well-built Soldier is literally a full-on Raid Boss under Awakening and Rage Slash.

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            • PX holy
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              HotMessExpress no lol it's because their dps is garbage. Only reason people still like lancers is because they also break. Soldiers don't break but the attract aggro which isn't very useful most of the time

            • HotMessExpress
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              PX holy specifically talking about pvp here

            • Ace
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              That's largely because of two reasons:

              1) They are garbage in PvE due to low DPS, so a lot of that bashing transfers to PvP realm.
              2) Hype of archers.
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            You still see them every once in a while in colo, but they're not nearly as common as they used to be for the reasons stated above; they're often called fake soldiers.

            There are easier ways for mages to bulk up - HB, barrier