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    Soldier 101

    Did some quick edits and updates due to levelcap and (stealth)buffs/nerfs. anything updated will be bright red like this

    Normal formula=.39*Attack/M.attack*(ap/100)-.19*EnemyDefense
    Divine Smash/Dual Sword formula=(
    .̶1̶6̶*Attack+.̶2̶3̶*YourDefense)*(ap/100)-.19*EnemyDefense THE VALUES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO .195 TO BOTH ATTACK AND DEFENSE
    (I've gotten a lot of questions in regards to how Divine Smash and Dual Swords calculates damage, so I'll put what I found out at the top of this guide.)

    Class Overview

    The soldier class was made so you can hide behind a huge health pool in Colosseum as an archer or a mage. Just kidding. The soldier is a very beefy class. Unlike other classes, the Soldier benefits most from focusing on armor, and has the role of absorbing/mitigating most of the incoming damage. The soldier does not specialize in DPS (although it is very possible with some of the tier 4 abilities) and should leave this to the other classes, in exchange for keeping them alive. Defensive stats are a big thing for a soldier, but there are also some fill in abilities in case you lack that bulk, which introduces different skill sets depending on your stats. how fun!

    Pros of Soldier

    + Highest health pool in the game. very difficult to kill.
    + Extreme defense numbers provide huge resistance to common low AP moves such as lethal strikes.
    + Allows DPS classes to focus more on damage, instead of worrying if they will get focused and die to RNG.
    + Starts with more cost than other classes.
    + Has skills that scale off of defense, the tankier they get, the more powerful they get.
    + Can auto mode proficiency farm without fear of dying (fufufu)
    + Many different builds to fit in your play style.

    Cons of Soldier

    - D̶e̶p̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶d̶a̶m̶a̶g̶e
    - Constant aggro focus will cause your adjacent allies to suffer a lot of splash damage.
    - your formation matters, and random quests will give random placement.
    - pesky mages and their hot rocks.
    - Most Expensive class to gear (whalecall)

    Class Abilities

    Smashes (Smash, Hard Smash, Fateful Smash, and Divine smash)

    These abilities are good for maintaining single-target aggro (keeping a single enemy focused on attacking you). The threat generated increases the stronger the smash is, and is further boosted by Heart of the Sword/Soldier procs. It is also worth noting that Divine Smash has a pretty decent chance to blind non bosses.

    Clashes (Sword Clash, Brave Clash, Deadly Clash, and Vanquish)

    A very special, very underrated, very weapon dependent skill of the soldier. Clashes do low damage for an average amount of cost, and reduce the opponents attack by 10%. However, procs from Heart of the Blade/Soldier will also further increase the attack reduction to the opponent. XL procs will reduce the targets attack by an extra 40% each activation! A double proc would instantly reduce the targets attack to -80%. How does that sound lancers? And of course, vanquish follows clash in its use with procs, but also affects M. atk.

    Body-guarding (Knight's Devotion, Knight's Loyalty)

    Amazing tank abilities, as they allow you to intercept damage dealt to your party members. The formula for intercepting damage, however, is very wonky, and doesn't even account the soldiers defense into the equation (A-Team buff pl0x). If not careful or just plain unlucky, it might just be your undoing when you intercept a double procced lethal strike that would of otherwise only scratched you.

    Heaven's Breath

    What's better than having the highest health pool in the game? Further increasing it of course. being able to break 100k in quests, 200k in GvG, and 400k in Colosseum is just great. It makes you absolutely impossible to oneshot, and makes you a giant health tank for Body-guarding. (note that the bonus hp caps at 100%, so sorry to those thinking of using both Heaven's Breath and Life Up). keep in mind, although the cap is 100%, any overflow will overwrite missing health, acting as if it were a heal.


    A very interesting alternative (or partner) to Cheer. at the expense of 5 extra cost and a 15 second longer cooldown, Charisma gives all your allies a chance to completely nullify damage dealt to them. All of you that are drooling over the nullify magic damage armor, well, that's what Charisma is also accomplishing.

    Devoted Strike

    This ability is perfect for maintaining aggro of multiple enemies. Although the AP is so low that you will usually see it hit for 1, the aggro on this move is boosted way beyond any of the smash attacks BECAUSE AoE ATTACKS GENERATE MORE AGGRO AS OF UPDATE 5/28. The added blind chance is ignorable, as almost all enemies have enough resistance to make the chances of blind 0.

    Mirror Guard

    Do you feel like your defenses aren't quite high enough to tank? well that is what mirror guard is for. A constant 30% damage mitigation versus any attack with a little added damage dealt to your attackers makes this a perfect fill in ability for those of you not quite carrying enough bulk. Also noted, that a Heart of the Soldier proc raises the 30% reflect to a whopping 70%.

    Sacred Hand

    Maybe in the future, but as of now it is not very needed. The stat cleanse will probably be very helpful in raid, but since healing scales on the paladins 2 worst stats, it barely heals anything at all and should be reworked to heal depending on the paladins defenses (A-Team pl0x*2) The only real way to kill a super tanky soldier is to reduce his defenses, and this skill purges stat reductions so it has been found to be useful

    Recommended Move-set

    For AFK proficiency farming, Devoted Strike, Sacred Hand, Heaven's Breath, and Mirror Guard will both make you invincible and be generous to those who join in, since you will be generating aggro from all the mobs and be providing healing to adjacent allies who don't enjoy the splash damage.

    For GvG I recommend the following;

    Tank: Cheer, Charisma, Knights Loyalty/Guard, Vanquish. / Ether Exchange, Knights Loyalty, Charisma, Guard/Heaven's
    Burst: Dont play this in GvG is my real recommendation Divine Smash, Dual Sword, Charisma, Cheer / Dual Sword, Divine Smash, Ether Exchange, Charisma

    For Tank, you want to focus on keeping allies alive while severely cutting the opponents damage potential with your clashes.
    For Burst, you want to ("not be a paladin") be able to severely damage or kill archers with Divine Smash/Dual Sword, while also supplying more than usual unison gauge with the ability to use both Cheer and Charisma.

    For Colosseum I recommend the following;

    Tank: Heaven's Breath, Sword Clash, Vanquish, Divine Smash / Knight's Loyalty/Devotion, Heaven's Breath, Charisma, Vanquish
    Burst: Dual sword, Divine Smash, Guard, Charisma / Dual sword, Divine Smash, Heaven's Breath, Knight's Devotion.

    For tank, you want to focus on keeping allies alive while severely cutting the opponents damage potential with your clashes, as well as having an opportunity to be a massive threat when buffed after unison, so even if your allies lose the unison and die, you can be the solo killing machine getting your revenge (I have been the last man standing after a 5 apollo unison and buffed myself with water valk and solo killed all 5 of the enemies on my own like a raid boss. GG 3k BP)
    For Burst, you want to focus on constantly sending out Divine Smashes with chance to blind opponents and use Dual Sword for the kill, while also bringing survival utility like Charisma and Knight's Devotion.

    Recommended Build

    The gear cost distribution for soldier is more similar to cleric or lancer, but ALL OF YOUR DPS SPECS WILL SUFFER. There is mainly two different builds you can follow; the Tank, or the Burst. To be an efficient Tank, you want to max armor and helm, and put the rest of the points in monster, ignoring weapons (although not useless). To be a Burst, you want to focus on weapon for procs and pet for fire monsters, and dump the rest of your cost into armor to maximize defense. Examples for each.

    Tank (as of lv 105 cost)
    Weapon: 2/4
    Helmet: 6
    Armor: 6
    Monster: 4/6

    Weapon: 6
    Armor: 4/5
    Monster: 4/5/6

    One huge benefit to tanks is their amount of procs. If you've played archer with 6 weapons and you think the ability procs, well tanks have double the amount of procs! Do you hate it when you're going for a kill and a DPS with 4 to 6 armor procs gets saved by a reflect XL? well you're in for a nightmare versus 12. If you managed to grab some sci-fi gear, they are absolutely un-replaceable. you want a lot of magic defense procs for those pesky mages who think you're just another easy snack, so if you are going full physical focused armor, you may want some of your helms to be magic focused (I say helm because they get a smaller bonus to defense than armor does.) As for weapons, for a tank you want defensive weapon procs that go with your current skills, such as the boost to Heaven's Breath, Mirror Guard, and Sword Clash (explained in the skill section why clash is useful). For Burst builds, you want to focus on getting as much physical testament and fatal swords as you can (while we don't have access to the procs for dual sword). Cost recovery is also beneficial to dual sword, since its used at a 10 second cooldown with 18 energy cost, you can run out of cost very fast.

    For some more technical things to look into, here are some other threads with points to keep note on;

    (You thought you could click on those URL because they were blue like links, but it was me, Dio!)

    That's about it. A thank you to Cobalt for letting me use his guide formatting because I'm too lazy to not have a pre-structure.
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  • DracoPisces
    Someone at this point has gotta be qualified enough to write a newer guide at this point right? People don't trust me in game for using the formulas from this and its starting to bother me.

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    Not updating it, find a new writer

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    Fair point.

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    If the owner isn't gonna update this thread then it should be unstickie, the 5th ring came out and it won't help players with this limited knowledge.

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    DracoPisces basically

  • DracoPisces
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    Maybe it also has to do with how Dual Impact has a lower cooldown? I'm pretty sure the main difference between the older aggro skills and Antagonize and Battleshout is that the 2 latter skills is that they draw aggro from everything and the old attacks only draw from the things they hit. Could be wrong on that though.

  • Mirabelle
    Anyone know exactly how the Taunt buff from Antagonize and Battleshout work? Are they normal aggro generation like Dual Sword/Divine Smash, or are they an aggro multiplier like Intrepid?

    I ask because I've been running Ra 55 AP with two different Soldiers. One soldier uses Antagonize + Dual Impact and the other uses Antagonize + Dual Sword. Rarely the one with Dual Impact will lose aggro even though it looks like the Taunt status never dropped. (Though it may have been between refreshes of it, so I can't be certain.)

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    Reo isn't my senpai

  • Kuroi
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    ****** first of all that just means he isnt soldier anymore lol. if you would keep track on what your "senpais" --- how you call them --- do, you would know he is cleric.

    not saying he won't retire though, that's a info I cant give

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    does that mean you are also quitting ?????

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    gg new age

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    Originally posted by vzReo View Post
    Stuff happened, papers missing, no longer paladin, fused away all my pally gear. Someone else can do royal guard guide. Sorries

    Is this for real ?

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  • Gang
    Nooooooo was looking forward to your new guide :/. Thanks for the old guide anyway!

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    One of my idols shifting classes..*sadface*