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Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

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  • LaconicLeaf
    started a topic Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

    Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

    (Credit: Match-i for this drawing of my character)

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    II. Build Suggestion (Pre-7th Slot)

    III. Build Suggestion (Post-7th Slot)

    IV. Monsters, Example Monster Sets, and Comparisons

    V. Lancer Skills (Pre-5th Ring)

    VI. Lancer Skills (Post-5th Ring)

    VII. Basic Abilities

    VIII. Lancer Procs

    IX. Gameplay (PvE) - aka "How to Break the Basic Attack's Potential Open"

    X. Weapon Proc and Skill Build Suggestion (PvE)

    XI. Weapon Proc and Skill Build Suggestion (PvP)

    XII. Apollo Set Blessing - yes or no?

    XIII. Event Quests Walkthrough

    XIV. "This is how you DON'T play Lancers"

    XVI. Credits

    XVII. DPS Scaling Data for Lancer Attacks

    Previous Guide Archives

    Lancer Guide 2.0 (by Vostera)

    Lancer 101 (by Cobalt)

    I. Introduction

    Lancers were once extremely overpowered during the pre-4th Ring days.

    Forget about


    Forget about


    That's right.

    Believe it or not, even as a 190 AP (200 with passives) attack, Knight's Blitz once landed swift 2HKOs against the majority of the opposition, while Archers and Mages often got OHKOed. Nearly everyone built Lancers for pure offense, getting as high of an ATK stat as possible with maxed Weapon and Monster slots. The guild crystal didn't give any multipliers to a member's HP, thus KB had barely any counterplay. You could try using Guard, but Lancers can use Savage Sting to bait it, wait it out, and then slam you with KB. With the sheer firepower Lancers had, and how easy and brainless their playstyle seemed, it’s no wonder they were given the moniker, “Cancer Lancer.”

    When 4th Ring was announced, it was hyped that Lancers would be overpowered, all thanks to Dragon Crush, which has 190 AP and hits 3 targets. Furthermore, KB got its AP increased from 190 to 210 (220 with passives), and people were panicking that Lancers would be God Tier again (they actually were, but everyone switched to Soldier/Mage/Archer due to FoTM status). But as time passed on, Dragon Crush was actually a bad AoE skill, as its animation speed was slow, and Mage's Meteor Rain, a similar AoE but deals multihits like Meteor Strike, was much faster, on the same speed tier as KB and Basic Attack.

    As a result, Glass Lancer builds started falling out of favor with higher level caps and crystal caps, the latter finally increasing the HP of guild members in combat. Thus, KB no longer landed 2HKOs, and while this was going on, the original Lancer guide author, Cobalt, ranted about stuff like Amaterasu coming out before Apollo, and "Why Lancers are the weakest class in the game,” on what was arguably the "Lancer Hate Era" (or the "Dark Age of Lancers," kinda like the "Dark Age of Sonic"). Threads suggesting to buff Lancers, and all kinds of random crap, with Lancers being underpowered and everything, were also being thrown about all over the forums. This was the time when Lancers were surrounded with crappy publicity, being kicked out of Event Quest parties for being "useless," and even kicked out of guilds to make room for Soldiers, Mages, or even Archers.

    But the dark days of 4th Ring have long passed. There were a few uncharted techniques and merits about Lancers which other players, like , were discovering even in 4th Ring, like the sheer single-blow damage of Knight's Blitz being able to pulverize the raw defenses of Soldiers and Clerics, and Break Thrust's proc-bypassing capabilities doing extremely well against defensive walls in PvP. Plus, Reo also shared the "Attack Stance Basic Attack Strategy," which greatly improved the efficiency of Lancers in PvE; use Stings to Break, then Basic Attack to DPS. This was a fighting style Reo never got a chance to use since he used a Cleric/Soldier cost distribution with a few weapons; this actually started my love for the Basic Attack as a timed and true attack skill.

    In hindsight, Lancers were probably the best class during the pre-5th Ring meta, but not for reasons you'd expect.
    They can bore through Soldier Frontlines with Break Thrust and Knight's Blitz, with the former ignoring procs (can decimate Clerics), and the latter having sheer firepower that DEF scaling cannot overcome (Mage and Archer attacks were easily tankable with enough raw defenses). Against Meteor Rain Mage Frontlines, if the Lancers used Guard, and a more tanky build, they can withstand their attacks while also being able to instantly burst down each target one at a time. Their Anti-Class, Archers, were non-existent in the Frontline because Soldiers can instantly cleave them with Dual Sword, and Archers can't do much to them back.

    Eventually, 5th Ring is another time where Lancers are at a strong point. They gain skills which take advantage of Break and turn it into an AP boost, which drastically improves the damage they can dish out. While the AS+Basic strategy is still viable, the new 5th Ring skills yielded a new playstyle for Lancers that is more accessible. This ring also brought about buffs for Double Sting, turn it from a useless cost dump, Heart-proc reliant skill to a Swiss Army Knife with good all-around utility and DPS, while greatly improving Lancer's PvP game with stronger skills like Severe Sting and Cross Assault. Even Break Thrust got some love, with a lower cooldown and added Break bonus to make it usable with Cross Assault to some extent.

    The 5th Ring release also expressed a "What Could Have Been" dichotomy: Dragon Crush got not only its cooldown timer halved, but also a buffed animation speed too. If that AoE HAD its Basic Attack/KB/Meteor Rain-tier animation speed, we would've had a completely different meta entirely in 4th Ring. Lancers would've been able to decimate Mage Frontlines with coordinated Dragon Crushes, and it would've still been Lancer meta like it was during 3rd Ring. Unlike Meteor Rain, the high base AP of Dragon Crush would've been able to pulverize Soldiers and Clerics; no amount of DEF can reliably reduce the damage Dragon Crush could do.

    While I may not be the highest GS Lancer, only about 210k as of the time this guide was published, but now 350k and counting, or the highest ATK Lancer, sitting around 75k - 80k (again, when the guide was published); now lingering around 120-135k, at least I understand the game mechanics quite well, and can carry PvE runs with reliable Break uptime, so for those of you out there... I hope you’ll at least learn something new about Lancers after reading this guide.

    Why SHOULD You Be A Lancer? (Pros)

    + Fastest attacks in the game

    + Second highest HP in the game, and the gap between a Lancer's HP and Soldier's HP is shorter than between an Archer's HP and a Cleric's/Mage's HP

    + High damage in each and every hit of their attacks, which makes raw DEF investment less effective, and deals great damage even while procless

    + Adding to the above point, even Soldiers and Clerics take a sizable chunk of damage from Lancer attacks like Cross Assault. Since the latter has the same Max HP as a Mage, and Lancers can flat-out ignore their procs with Break Thrust, they can be considered the "Unofficial Anti-Cleric Class"

    + Absolutely dangerous after a Unison; since everyone freezes while a Unison clash completes, Lancers have the speed advantage. They can outright choose who to kill, since their attacks come out so quickly, if the enemy Clerics use Aid on the wrong player, they may as well kiss one of their teammates goodbye.

    + Anti-Class to Mages, a (former) common frontliner with their AoEs, and the AP damage mitigation further makes Lancers the best class to use against them; any Mage trying to drop rocks on your head will have to be extremely lucky with procs to even lay as much as a scratch on you; even Star Burst, which can potentially one-shot other classes, has a hard time killing you too

    + 5th Ring and ToJ skills are a massive boost to DPS, and allows Lancers to finally take advantage of Break for higher damage

    + Negative Pressure can catch people off guard when least expected, can even win Colo games too; a metagame-defining skill that can turn Unison Battles in your favor, or even deny uni by erasing 2 Cheers' worth of meter

    + Can ignore shields and defense procs with Break Thrust (with a few exceptions)

    + Best class to inflict Break with

    + Flexible combo potential with skills, even if said skills don't explicitly have a combo effect with one another (like using Break Thrust with Cross Assault)

    + Break carries teams in quests with Unison upkeep and Defense Penetration, allows for earlier buff Unis, and carries United Offense and other boss content; can even allow people who died in Colo Round 2 without full Uni to have a chance to Uni in Round 3

    + The offensive class who is least likely to die from random monster reflect skills thanks to how Basic Attack doesn’t deal enough damage for a 50% reflect to bounce off lethal damage through Wards (and their animation speeds let them hitconfirm BEFORE reflects apply)

    + Best user of the Basic Attack, which scales extremely well with just about every buff in the game due to its low cost and cooldown (you could even use it to humiliate others just by showing off how powerful the default attack is)

    + Thus, Basic Ability replacements are optional, and are more suited for PvP because the Basic Attack is just THAT good by default (although Deadly Blow admittedly comes VERY close to beating Basic Attack)

    + Extremely effective against Soldier Frontlines, as Cross Assault hits harder than Mage's Blood Oath despite Anti-Class, doesn't risk getting Reflect proc-killed, and has high HP to withstand multiple Rage Slashes; Negative Pressure can be a pain to them too, especially when coupled with Dissonance

    + 4th Ring skills (Break Thrust, Double Sting) are still viable in the current meta for their unique properties, unlike the other classes

    + Strong damage floor (All Rings)

    Why Should You NOT Be A Lancer? (Cons)

    - Low damage ceiling (Pre-5th Ring) when using non-Basic Attack skills

    - Useful monsters by stats are generally limited to Fire, Water, and Haste elements; only two of these elements are useful for GvG unis. Farmable utility monster choices are poor (has to use Amaterasu or other off-element monsters for utilities).

    - Even with high damage in single blows, Mages and Archers will still outdamage you (though 5th Ring made Lancers actually out-DPS Mages to some extent, or become rather equal to them)

    - Apollo Set actually "nerfs" your Break rate due to the Proc Priority System mechanics, makes you more squishy due to sacrificing Main Slots

    - Break Thrust has low base power, reliant on procs to deal real damage in PvP

    - Null Damage effects (Unisons, Charisma, Null Physical Damage) and Guard still stuff Break Thrust

    - Long cooldown times for certain skills; Smash moves from Soldiers out-DPS the Sting moves (until 5th Ring/ToJ)

    - While I used to list "Secret XXLs being relevant today" as a "Pro," I'm gonna move them to the Cons because the new ToJ skills have high Break Bonus to the point where it's not really necessary to carry Savage Sting and Double Sting anymore. (Although Secret XXL does work out great if Double Sting is your only attack in PvP for your guild strategy, because Mastery-tier AP and proc rate is amazing)

    - “Four Moveslot Syndrome” - Want Attack Stance? Take off EE or Mass Refresh/Balancing. Want Cross Assault? Take off Attack Stance. Want Negative Pressure? Cheer, Guard, or a second attack must go. (and so on)

    - Basic Attack replacement weapons take off a high-DPS skill. As mentioned before, they're more suited for PvP, where burst damage is favored with Cleric heals being common. (Only Deadly Blow comes extremely close as a true upgrade)

    - Due to having high raw ATK, a “Confused Attack” can potentially OHKO a Lancer or another player if they try using a buff/support skill while Confused (so please, think twice before deciding to EE out of boredom after you finish a quest while confused, or trying to Yolo Refresh)

    - The buffs to Cleric's Aid skills for faster casting times actually make them the fastest skills in the game. They go so fast that they will land before a Lancer attack connects.

    - Certain Event Quests (Wind Mobius, Eva Collab 1.0) have "Low HP, Low DEF, High Break Tolerance" mobs, which make Break builds less practical

    - Death Pierce is useless, and a waste of a 5th Ring attack skill space.

    - Anti-Class disadvantage to the current “OP Class” in the game -- Archers. Better hope you’re stacked with Magic Reflection or Magic Damage Down procs, so their Deadly Arabesque won’t OHKO...

    Miscellaneous Issues

    (4th Ring Issues)

    - At one point, Lancers had a history of being stigmatized by others, being the bearer of several misconceptions, such as being called the "worst class," "why be a Lancer when you can play a Mage or Archer and do tons more damage," "if you're building tanky, be a Soldier instead," and what have you. (Thankfully, the vitriol has worn off, although Soldiers are arguably currently at the position where 4th Ring Lancers used to be)

    - Many people think Lancers are THE "Damage Dealer class" given the class description, and complained about it on the forums due the description given by the game, using it as a crutch to prove their points (which was true... on like the Lv. 80 cap!)

    - Even then, there's still some people who insist in Lancers being intended to be built Glass Cannon as an optimal build; this ill-advised build leaves Lancers with sub-30k MDEF, making them die to even procless Meteor Rains.

    Otherwise... Some player-related cons (it's the PLAYER'S problem, not the class):

    - Class Passives encourage equipping Armor and Helm type gear to maximize your GS. However, this leaves you with low MDEF, and a small amount of Anti-Magic procs. (Unless they were all Reflection/Damage Down XLs, but that’s a different story)

    - Players bringing the wrong abilities, like Thrusts, Dragon Assault, Dragon Crush, Death Pierce, or CURE (4-digit heals FTL), into Event Quests or Mobius

    - In addition to the above point, Lancers who don't bring Attack Stance and just spam Sting, Savage Sting, and Knight's Blitz whenever they're off cooldown (the past equivalent of Severe Sting, Cross Assault, and Death Pierce) are guaranteed to keep asking for Haste at the beginning of a quest; these Lancers also tend to Break the wrong target too, and never use the Basic Attack

    - Basic Attack is extremely underappreciated, and some players asked for more replacements for it (like replacing it for Cheer or Guard) when it's already OP as is

    - Some players still tend to use Cross Assault incorrectly, oblivious to the fact that it has an AP Bonus damage effect while hitting Broken targets

    - Lancers who don't take advantage of Break for their 5th Ring skills, or abuse AP Modifiers with the Basic Attack, will end up being out-DPSed by Soldiers

    - While Lancers are least vulnerable to Reflect attacks, there’s still some players who Cross Assault or Knight’s Blitz head-first into a 50% Reflect target, and dying like a Mage or Archer that way

    - Noobs thinking it's a great idea to use DRAGON ASSAULT, the absolute WORST move in the game *death glare*

    - Complaints about Lancers being useless because they can’t SELF-HEAL unlike the others (by far the absolute MOST common complaint about Lancers)

    - 5th Ring Sub Quest is SOLO Only! It’s difficult to beat this quest as a Lancer alone without dying. Thus, I highly recommend building a Cleric as a secondary class to make this Sub Quest a lot easier. Trust me, it pays off in cutting the amount of gems you would spend on reviving if you tried bruteforcing your way through otherwise.
    (Though thankfully, stacking Water defense will help tank these mobs; this Sub Quest came before Elemental Defense was a thing)
    Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 10-15-2017, 05:02 PM. Reason: Refined some of the Pros and Cons to account for the current GvG meta, added in Match-i's artwork of my character

  • Shiki
    This article puts a tear on my eye. Became longer than the Chinese Great Wall.
    ps dragon assault best skill

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  • LaconicLeaf
    commented on 's reply
    HereLiesDeath They should be able to stack, which allows for a 45% CDR right off the bat. This also allows you to have a 50% CDR for a more reliable amount of time, meaning you can just quickly spam Quick Raid and Volcanic Nova at 4 seconds each. Urgency's synergy with Quick Raid boosts its viability, making it a justifiable replacement. It will eat up your cost very quick though, so make sure you have EE/Dragon Knight's Cry.

    And another thing about Quick Raid, in Guild Raids, if you die and use Quick Raid the moment you revive, the self-CDR effect doesn't apply. This is because when you revive in a Guild Raid, you're given 5 seconds of invulnerability. However, it also makes you immune to status buffs and debuffs, so the CDR won't take effect.

  • HereLiesDeath
    commented on 's reply
    So from what I can assume, Urgency and Quick Raid's CDR dont stack?

  • LaconicLeaf
    With the new 40c event having enemies that are completely immune to Break, I looked closer at the new 6th Ring skills to see if Lancer has any viable moves for DPSing without Break active.

    Before I get into the coverage, here's the new ranking of Lancer DPS skills:

    1.) Volcanic Nova (comboed, 20 Break Chain)
    2.) Fatal Testament Dragon Ripper
    3.) Volcanic Nova (comboed, 10 Break Chain)
    4.) Dragon Tail
    5.) Nonfatal proc Dragon Ripper
    6.) Dragon Crush (Break)

    First of all, Volcanic Nova is Lancer's strongest attack if you use it during a 20 Break Chain. Its power goes from 80 (100 comboed) per hit to 280 (300 comboed with Quick Raid), though its fairly long 7 sec cooldown holds it back. Furthermore, to use it to its max power, you need to have Gluttony Spear somewhere in your skill set, but then you need Quick Raid so Volcanic Nova can inflict Break. Since you have 4 moveslot syndrome, it kinda holds you back. However, even with just a max 10 Break Chain, Volcanic Nova comfortably out-DPSes the majority of Lancer skills in the game.

    Dragon Ripper is a special case. It's pretty much Berserker's Deadly Roulette, but a LOT better for PvE. Normally, it deals 3 hits of 100 AP, but if you land critical hits, the hits will scale up, so if you proc a Fatal Testament, Dragon Ripper does 3 hits of 150, then 200, then 250 AP before Crit AP is factored in. Not only does it have better total AP damage than Roulette, but it also has a slightly lower cooldown too. Furthermore, Berserker's Dark Illumination only starts to out-DPS Dragon Ripper if both moves have 157 bonus AP added in.
    In terms of a bursting skill, Dragon Ripper is very formidable with Fatal procs, rivalling the burst power of Berserker's Deadly Roulette, but doesn't have the debilitating Cost Speed Reduction debuff. It's certainly a major step above Cross Assault and Dragon Crush as a bursting skill, although Berserker has the starting cost to fire off Deadly Roulette at the start of a Guild Battle.

    Dragon Tail is a more consistent case, as long as there is only 1 target. Much like Berserker's Kill Dance, it deals 5 hits and changes targets every hit, but it doesn't cause a Bleed effect to the user. For PvE events with multiple single enemies, Dragon Tail is a solid non-Break reliant move.

    Even without Fatal procs, Dragon Ripper is still a solid skill. The low 5 sec cd is what carries it, along with the decent base AP for 3 hits. The base AP for Dragon Ripper is lower than Blood Impact, but after 100 AP or during Fatal procs, it pulls ahead of Blood Impact and even Shower of Carnage.

    Dragon Crush, the former king of Lancer DPS, gets outclassed hard by 6th Ring Lancer skills. Even with AP enhancements, Dragon Crush gets powercrept by the other skills.

    So with the new 6th Ring, Lancers can now finally compete with Physical Berserker in terms of Physical DPS.

    Dragon Ripper out-DPSes anything Berserker can do, and doesn't have the Cost Speed debuff that holds Berserker back. Without Fatals, however, it's weaker than Shower of Carnage, assuming SoC deals an average of 3.5 hits overall.

    Dragon Tail, on the other hand, crushes Blood Impact, and while SoC still out-DPSes Dragon Tail, the difference is still fairly close. With these two moves, Lancers are more well-suited for a Physical DPS spot compared to Berserkers.

    Volcanic Nova is an odd case, requiring Quick Raid to Break, as mentioned before. But even with a 10 Break Chain, it out-DPSes SoC handily. If you can use Volcanic Nova in a 20 Break Chain, however, it has the highest DPS out of all skills in the game. It is ahead of Archer's new Astrolabe skill, which is the strongest unconditional skill in the game, but is the second highest DPS compared to full-powered Volcanic Nova.

    For PvE quests, using Quick Raid, Volcanic Nova, and Dragon Ripper is a fairly solid 6th Ring skill setup, as you have two powerful Break moves, and Dragon Ripper as a solid non-Break reliant skill. However, Volcanic Nova, being 18 cost, eats up cost really quick, so replacing it for Execution Spear may help. The 25% Cooldown Reduction from Quick Raid also aids in improving DPS as well. Unlike Urgency, 25% CDR is enough to shave a second down other moves with a 4 sec cd time.

    As for PvP, Riot Break is your new Piercer skill. You can use it alongside Break Thrust to have a double Piercer setup. The animation speed for Riot Break is similar to Inspired Sword, and it deals 1-3 hits with 80% accuracy and 150 AP. On average, Riot Break will hit twice, and factoring in accuracy, expect it to be 240 AP total. Make no mistake; an ideal roll for Riot Break is devastating; imagine using Break Thrust 2-3 times. However, Star Burst is still more dangerous than Riot Break, dealing more damage on average, but Star Burst is Mage's only Piercer move, and it can be foiled easily by Rook's Devoted Sacrifice. Lancer can still land Break Thrust before a Rook could Devoted Sacrifice, or even bait it out to land a proper Riot Break. On another note, Dragon Ripper is still a scary PvP skill, although since more people are stacking Null Magic Damage procs, Lancer can get by with Riot Break to bypass the Damage Down procs.

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  • LaconicLeaf
    commented on 's reply
    Null procs are the most important procs in the game. They are future-proof, and work for even attacks that normally ignore procs, such as Break Thrust, Rage Slash, or Starburst.

    Since Starburst is the most dangerous attack in the game due to its sheer power and ability to ignore defense procs, buy Null Magic Damage. Also make sure you do your Video Spawns so you could buy an Azure Equipment to infuse that Null proc to 5/5.

  • Birdistheman
    I have enough legend medals to get something (268)
    But idk what i should get?
    I have the Azure Dual Blade Armor main armor slot (R XL)
    And the Holy Imperial Headdress main helmet slot (R XXL)
    I have 7 32+ cost Lances/Scythes already
    The only thing im really lacking on is 31+ cost helms
    Have a total of 4 with procs that matter and 3 without (hp up x2, and increase heal ability) Have plenty of useful 31+ armor to choose from.

    So just wondering what i should spend on, jf anything at all currently?

    (Relatively new, 70 days playing as if this message)

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  • HotMessExpress
    commented on 's reply
    My opening elevate is a relic, and I'm not shameless enough to take it as lancer ._.

  • LaconicLeaf
    commented on 's reply
    The Opening Elevate gear is becoming more important lately, as it will increase your Enforcer Testament proc rate enough to be reliable. However, Opening Concentrate is still far more useful overall given the PvP meta.

    Since the break tolerance is higher for newer quests, it may be helpful to just main slot Enforcer Testament in PvE nowadays.

    btw I hate seeing Mitsuhide in the new time event >_>

  • HotMessExpress
    I'm playing execute, double, severe in the current event. The enemies are hard to break, but being careful about targeting and timing makes sure I can break enemies well enough to keep uni gauges building reasonably.

    If there's another lancer or TH in the party a target will often break before severe goes off, so I get the bonus ap for broken targets.

    I should upgrade break thrust and play around in pvp, but my lancer isn't great in pvp. I'm mostly playing it in the event because RNGesus has blessed me with a pile of dark spears.

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  • LaconicLeaf
    So a quick update on what abilities you should enchant as a Lancer as I work on the next version of the guide:

    1st Ring
    • Attack Stance - AP Boost
      • ​Increasing the AP yield of Attack Stance makes it more valuable, and if you plan on using Physical Berserker, it helps them too, though Hybrid Berserker is still typically better. Edit: In 5th Ring, Lancers get some rather nasty multihit skills like Volcanic Nova, Dragon Ripper, and especially Dragon Tail, so Attack Stance is the most futureproof option for ability enhancements.
    2nd Ring
    • None
      • Not many useful abilities in this ring, honestly... I mean, you COULD upgrade Sting's Break value from 10 to 30 base, in case you really, really, really wanted to play Physical TH, but you're better off spending the Crystals elsewhere.
    3rd Ring
    • Savage Sting - Break Value
      • ​Much like 2nd Ring, you can increase its Break Value to 30. Not only can this be used for Physical TH, or gives TH another Break skill other than Lunatic Dagger, but it can combo into Double Sting and boost it's Break Value, which I'll cover later.
    • Knight's Blitz - Cost Reduction* (See Dragon Crush on why this isn't worth upgrading post-6th Ring)
      • Knight's Blitz has the same role as Dragon Crush. Both moves come out fast and have a short cooldown (but remember when Knight's Blitz had 15 seconds of cooldown?). Since it has better cost efficiency than Dragon Crush, the Cost Reduction upgrade is really great.
      • The AP Boost upgrades aren't that great, as at max upgrades, KB is 270 AP (320 on Break), and Dragon Crush can get lower than 18 cost with only slightly less AP. For a Treasure Hunter, however, increasing KB's damage from 100 to 150 base can allow for Physical TH to be feasible, as Break is still 200 AP damage with upgraded non-Class Boost KB.
    4th Ring​ (The Good Stuff!)
    • Break Thrust - AP Boost
      • Hands down, THE ability you should boost FIRST on Lancer, period. Break Thrust after the AP upgrades goes from a measly 140 AP to a monstrous 170. That is already 10 more AP than Rage Slash, and while it has 20 less AP than Raging Pain (50 less when counting Berserker's global anti-class passive), it still has a faster animation.
        • Edit: While 6th Ring is giving Lancers another Break skill called Riot Break, its animation isn't as fast as Break Thrust, and it randomly does 1-3 hits with an 80% accuracy rate. Even though Riot Break is stronger on average, Break Thrust is still a solid Piercer skill even then. You can use both moves, making Lancers nasty PvP classes that can force people to run Null Physical Damage JUST to be able to tank their two attacks.
      • The Cooldown Upgrades are tempting for more Uni Gain during CB phase, but that advantage becomes less meaningful the more Art procs you have. Besides, the AP boosts to Break Thrust are what make it not as outclassed as it was in the meta.
    • Dragon Crush - Cost Reduction*
      • Now this is a hard one. Dragon Crush gets INSANELY powerful with the AP Boost upgrades. A 300 base AP attack that becomes 350 on Break is absolutely no joke, being able to oneshot someone cleanly with enough procs and ATK. However, it still has the gargantuan 20 cost, which means you'll be nearly out of cost after trying to use Dragon Crush 5 times. Therefore, Cost Reduction is optimal for Dragon Crush. You still have the equally insane 4 second cooldown, which makes this the highest DPS skill Lancers have in their arsenal (before 6th Ring).
      • Don't feel bad if you can't get the last Cost Reduction upgrade for Dragon Crush. 20% success rate is tough no matter what. If you don't want to take risks, keep Dragon Crush at 16 cost; it's still enough to make it usable over Cross Assault.
      • Edit: While Dragon Crush was amazing before 6th Ring, all 6th Ring attacks not named Quick Raid or Riot Break out-DPS Dragon Crush. Unfortunately, while its enhancements made Dragon Crush relevant for a while for its insane speed and high burst, Riot Break gives it huge competition as a PvP Lancer skill. Furthermore, Dragon Ripper and Volcanic Nova have higher overall burst power, so Dragon Crush has become outclassed in that regard. If you have spare enhancement jewels, you can upgrade Dragon Crush if you want, but after 6th Ring, don't.
    • Double Sting - Break Value
      • Double Sting, after the Break Value upgrades, gets the highest Break Bonus out of ANY skill in the game currently. Without Savage Sting, it has a Break Value of 50, but with Savage Sting, it has a massive Break Value of 60. This provides an alternate take on PvE Break Lancers, using the classic Savage Sting + Double Sting combo to Break enemies with for a total of 90 Break Value.
      • The other upgrade is Cooldown Reduction, which isn't that great considering other low cooldown Break skills already exist, like Execution Spear. Double Sting is a viable option, but I'd use the resources on upgrading Break Thrust first since it got the most benefits from being upgradeable.
    Some of these upgrades are so good they make ToJ or 5th Ring skills outclassed.

    For example, Death Pierce had 10 more AP than Break Thrust, and ignores DEF, and theoretically, it was supposed to be the "upgrade successor" to it (Death Pierce even had an 11 second cooldown, while Break Thrust was 10 back then). Technically, Death Pierce still is, with a cooldown of 9 seconds over Break Thrust's 8.

    But be wary when upgrading Abilities; they might update it so ToJ and 5th Ring skills can be upgraded in the future. Who knows if Death Pierce will get Break Thrust's Piercer effect when fully-upgraded to 180 AP?

    tl ; dr
    1.) Upgrade Break Thrust for AP Boost. NOW. >_>
    2.) Upgrade Attack Stance to 30 AP, requiring all 10 levels.
    3.) Upgrade whatever else you want. (Dragon Crush used to be a good upgrade for Cost Reduction, but after 6th Ring, it's not viable anymore due to being outclassed by other skills)

    Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 01-21-2019, 11:35 PM. Reason: Edited to account for 6th Ring skills

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  • LaconicLeaf
    commented on 's reply
    1.) Max infuse your Pursuit Testament, since the proc rate is too low for it to be used as a sub. Pursuit is also amazing with Gluttony Spear since that attack breaks before it hits, so it gets the 70 AP boost on both hits. Do note, max infusing it not only increases the AP by 10, but also the Break Bonus AP by 10 as well, so it becomes a 90 AP proc on Break.

    2.)The 27c ticket randomly gives you one of three Lances. The Seal of Attack is the most useful one, getting the > 30c raw ATK boost unlike Athena weapons. Attack Testament (Puncture) is decent because Execution Spear and Dragon Claw are both extremely fast attacks, really good for CB Lancer, but for attacking enemies, you're best off using Pursuit. Then, Enforcer Testament is still strictly a PvE spear, you can do well with it with no infusions. However, much like how Pursuit Testament has increased AP during Break when Lv. 7, there might be a Break Bonus increase from 40 to 50 with Enforcer Testament, but I wouldn't worry about infusing it, your Ethers are best used somewhere else first such as one of each Null Damage proc.

    3.) Usually, you'd want to Main Slot Pursuit for PvP, and Enforcer for PvE. Then, use the Xenospear if you have it at UR or higher, then split the remaining procs between Art of Attack and Seals.

    Also, Mitsuhide is the worst waifu due to her wearing socks >_>

  • Cyntus
    hi leaf

    i need some advice/thoughts regarding my procs after reading a little more in-depth into your guide :0

    1) I have two Pursuit Testaments in my lancer set, one in mainslot. I want some confirmation if it'd be wise to max infuse one by infusing the other into it before I actually do it. I read that overlimit infusions boosts AP dmg to 80 (I'm just kinda confused how that added up)

    2) With the addition of the 27c ticket through recycle medals, between which would be better to have overall, the lance with Enforcer Testament or Attack Testament (Puncture)? I already have my Mizuten Lance infused once, thinking it would work better than the Sung lance due to myself not using Dragon Claw or Execution Spear in Colo and that it'd be a mini-break to Whirlspear. Both have Physical testament, so which ones the more useful one overall. (For reference, I run ES/CA for GB, ES/DC or CA for PvE, and BT/CA for Colo.)

    3) Ideally, how many Seal of Attack is efficient? Costs has always been a huge problem for me. I have about 4 seals on my mage which I think at that point, it might be a bit overboard. I only have one so far but it feels like it never procs for me (probably bad luck on my part lol)

    --- tl;dr
    1. keep 2 pursuit test. or max infuse one?
    2. enforcer or attack test. puncture in terms of versatility (pve/pvp/etc)?
    3. how many seal of attacks should i be running in general?

    sorry if the questions seem obvious to answer, I want someone else's take before I make a decision I'll regret later on in the future :')

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  • LaconicLeaf
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    Still waiting for the new Tower skill to wrap up my thoughts on it, but for now, Extended Break looks like it can become a feature for Lancer moves, where if you attack a target whose Break chain is extended (pink numbers), the AP of the move used will be higher (much higher than the typical 50 AP boost on Break), or additional effects may occur (such as ignoring procs). The upcoming update where you use Proficiency to power up your skills might do just that.

    At the moment, Extended Break is at its infancy, as the only thing it works with is Archer's Linkage Arrow (which scales with Break chains). Gluttony Spear does have comparable DPS to comboed Dragon Claw, but higher base AP means DEF doesn't cut off its damage as much. Think of Gluttony Spear as Double Sting 2.0; while the animation speed is slightly slower, the base AP is as if Double Sting had 1 XL proc. Furthermore, Pursuit Testament is downright devastating for this skill; since it Breaks before both hits land, Gluttony Spear can out-burst Cross Assault without having to Break beforehand.

  • SpazPro
    Hey, what’s your opinion on Gluttony Spear? While I don’t play lancer, I’m still curious about its specs, as I’ve seen that you’ve been keeping it on your set. And you haven’t mentioned it yet in your guide. Is it worth a moveslot?

    (Also with the new buffs, smash now acctualy outdamages some of the lategame lancer moves when the target isn’t under break. Though it dosn’t matter at all bc it’s still outclassed by multiple moves. It’s just funny to me so i thought i’d mention it.)

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