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Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

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    Hey Leaf got a question, do helms give more stats then armors? Or other way around? Or is it equal, cause I noticed ur build suggestions and stuff say like 8/6/5/7 or somfin and just curious ._.
    ~F2P Noob~​ A Lancer Wanna-Be /)*^*/) (6/18/16) IGN: LucyWhite ID: 2142597804 GS: 310k LvL 160
    #F2PNub Feel Free To Add Me And Chat (/^3^)/


    • LaconicLeaf
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      Helms give the same amount of stats as Armors as of 5th Ring passives. I simply listed off more Helms because I felt it looked more organized to see ''8/8/7/6'' instead of something like ''8/7/8/6.''

      I could list it off as ''8/15/6'' instead, which I'll do right now in parentheses next to the build organization to show the total number of defensive procs each build has.

    • LucyWhite
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      Oh ok thanks cause I was curious about that order =P

    Alright, I'd like some help with my cost allocations and gear skills. I might have the cost of some gears incorrect since this is off the top of my head.

    So im only lvl 89, and after lvl 90 a drink of enlightenment is required to freely allocate cost.
    I only have enough cost to accomodate 5 UR weapons, but as a Lancer Im wondering if i should switch some cost from my helms so i could equip another weapon at lvl 90. My main reason for doing so i that i have 25 cost in hats for a helm with an opening skill (Physical cut L i think?). Or should i take out this hat with a Constant magic armor up XL?

    UR Lvl 5 Heart of spears lance 24c
    UR Lvl 5physical testament xl lance 25c
    UR Lvl 4 Eva collab lance 29c
    UR Lvl 4 Eva collab bow 29c
    UR Lvl 3 Heart of puncture 26c (Yes i know its trash, but its Max lvl from a 75gem UR weapon spawn, and i got no other lances...i guess i could replace it for a Lvl 4 phys test sword)

    UR lvl 5 phys dmg down helm 27c
    SSR Lvl 1 magical dmg down helm 18c (Haloween helm)
    SSR Lvl 4 phys dmg down helm 18c
    UR Lvl 4 magic def up constant hat 28c
    SSR Lvl 1 Phys but L helm 25c
    Extra Helm
    SSR Lvl 1 Magical cut L hat 23c

    UR Lvl 5 M-Reflection 27c
    UR Lvl 5 phys dmg down 27c
    UR Lvl 4 M-Reflection 27c
    UR Lvl 4 phys dmg down 27c

    UR Nezha
    UR MLeek Hachune Miku
    UR Grenier
    SSR RQ Rei
    SSR Peliasa


    • LaconicLeaf
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      For now, it's still rather early in terms of resetting your cost or not. You can easily stick it out for a few levels until you have enough cost to use a 6th Weapon.

      It's perfectly fine to equip a Physical Testament XL Sword if you have no other options, although I'd still recommend farming both the Apollo Lance or the Alice Lance (but please, DON'T. USE. DRAGON. ASSAULT. x_x), as they still get you somewhere, being able to replace the Heart of the Spear, Collab Bow, and Heart of Puncture. You can buy more than one Apollo Lance or Alice Lance, but be warned that they cost more medals than the first one you buy.

      (The Collab Eva Lance is great, but unfortunately, its skill does not activate outside its collab quests. You have to wait until April 6th, which is when they change the skill to Physical Testament XL.)

      Defense Gear
      It's more preferable to equip procs over constants or openings, especially since early on, you'll benefit more from an extra proc compared to a constant. Constants aren't bad, but they're more effective if you're already stacking 8-10 defense procs of that particular type (for example, Magic Armor Up with 8-10 Anti-Magic procs).

      For now, I'd suggest keeping that Magic Armor Up XL. Replace it with a Magic Damage Down or Magic Reflection once you get either proc.

      Nezha and Hachune Miku both don't increase your ATK, so you'll experience a noticeable damage drop. I'd still recommend keeping Nezha for your main utility monster, but replace Miku with Tenth Angel, reforge the RQ Rei with the Champagne Limimins you get from the Login Bonuses, and then farm an Apollo to replace the Peliasa.

      Again, it depends on what build you're looking for if you want to go beyond 5 monsters.
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    Yo, Leaf, I'm a level 96 4th ring lance, at 136k ;-;
    I was thinking you could help suggest what I should equip, as well as help with cost?
    Off the top of my head I have equipped:

    29 c Celestial Lance
    27 c Nezha's Lance
    24 c Scythe of Tenebrae
    24 c Lance of Ignis
    24 c Lance of Aequor
    19 c Photon? lance?

    27 c Lu Bu's Helm
    I cannot remember the rest to save my life, but I have Apollo's helm, I'm planning to reforge it and augment it, though I have no cost atm for helms

    30 c Phoenix Robes
    28 c Armor of Ajero
    26 c Mobile Heavy Suit
    I believe I have an SSR equips, along with an SR, as place holders.
    I recently spawned a SSR Victor's Suit, should I reforge and equip the UR?
    Cost: 126

    28 c +198 Ifrit
    25 c +76 Battle Valk
    24c Limi Snowman (SSR ver.)
    I have a SSR Fireball as a place holder
    23 c SSR Grenier
    24 c Culthianwhat'shisface
    Cost: 136

    I have an Apollo, I'm working on augmenting him.
    I also have 4th Angel.
    Free UR Rei is a WIP.

    I have the most cost for my lances and monsters, then my armor, and lastly, my helms.
    I'm so sorry I can't remember the procs ;-;
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    • yourfavoritehug
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      ye, augmenting her rn, I'm still new to le forum xD Exifea

    • LaconicLeaf
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      Let's see, what do we have here...

      Seems like you don't really have much in terms of Physical Testament Lance gear. I'd recommend doing Apollo and Alice events whenever you can to get farmable Physical Testament proc gear, since as I mentioned in the guide, Severe Sting's base Break bonus is reliable enough to outclass Heart proc 1st-3rd Ring Sting skills. Unfortunately, most of the SR -> UR weapons are obsolete once you hit 5th Ring, which makes Physical Testament procs more viable. (Don't be afraid of spending 5 gems for the Fire and/or Wind orbs, because it's a better deal to buy them outright compared to getting them from card flips or drops due to the low drop rates)

      Nezha's Lance is still usable because it boosts the Break bonus of Double Sting, one of the few 4th Ring skills that isn't outclassed thanks to its utility compared to Cross Assault. Though despite the high cost of the Celestial Lance, procs > stats, and Death Pierce isn't that good of a skill compared to others (worse utility than Severe Sting, less damage than Cross Assault and Double Sting).

      Victor's Suit is alright because it's a 26c Physical Reflection gear, which is rather cheap for what the proc does (single damage type Reflection skills are usually 27+ cost). But your defense gear could really use some work, as actual defense procs (damage down or reflection types) are more important than Health Regen openings or constants.

      If you have SR -> SSR gear with defense procs, they can be placeholders, but if you get defense gear from SSR Tickets, and they're procs, use them.

      Ifrit, Valk, and Apollo are okay, with Valk being your main utility monster, but you can easily replace the other SSRs, since their stats are worse than URs. 4th Angel is a Mage monster, so he's of no use. You're better off using either Tenth Angel and the SSR [RQ] Rei for the last two slots; the former is from the Box Spawn, and the latter is from the Daily Log-in (reforge with the Champagne Limimins from the log-in as well).

      Eventually, however, I'd recommend replacing Tenth Angel/[RQ] Rei for Soul Destroyers when his event, The Three Castles, returns.

      Overall, I wouldn't exactly stress out over Monsters that much because Valk is still the most reliable and standard buff you can get even despite the new Monster releases. But I'd recommend saving up for Class Spawns, the ones that allow you to spend 50 gems to draw 10 weapons for your class, one of them being guaranteed SSR rarity.

    • yourfavoritehug
      yourfavoritehug commented
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      LaconicLeaf Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely start farming Ordeal a lot more now xD
      I haven't managed to spawn Tenth Angel yet, what's a good replacement for him?

    woop rip me


      About the new Lancer Testament ability from the 2nd Hatsune Miku collab JPUL currently has:

      With the new Lancer weapon, each proc can deal 70 damage, so you can have potentially a 140 AP double proc boost. It's quite an increase from the 50 AP an XXL proc yields. You still have to inflict Break to make the most out of the skill, but when it does proc...

      Double Sting, Basic Attack, and Cross Assault benefit the most from this.

      With Double Sting's special Break properties (both hits deal post-Break damage if the first hit Breaks), if the Testament does happen to proc, you can immediately hurt a target for 170 AP per hit, which is comparable to 2 procless Severe Stings. The new proc is essentially a buff to Double Sting for PvP, and it's also acceptable in PvE too if you have an Elevate buff monster. Since Double Sting can break just as easily as Severe Sting in PvP, the Miku Testament allows Double Sting to be used over Severe Sting or Break Thrust.

      As usual, the Basic Attack's low cooldown gives more room for proccing. Miku Testament is just as strong as a double proc Apollo's Glory + Physical Testament XL, so if it procs, you'll effectively have a double-procced Basic Attack in one skill. Throw in Elevate, and the Basic Attack has never gotten any more powerful than this.

      Cross Assault doesn't have a Break bonus high enough to the point where it would Break enemies on its own, unless it procced Enforcer Testament. The first hit causes Break, while the second hit gets the Break bonus (second hit gets +100 AP rather than +50 due to an oversight apparently), so Cross Assault will deal 360/380 damage if it procs Enforcer, making it comparable to a Double Sting that procs the Miku Testament. But if CA is used if the target was already broken, and it procs the new Miku Testament, expect a 470-490 total AP attack (from 410-430 AP).

      Just remember, since this Lance proc comes from the Miku Treasure Spawn, and the Miku exclusive to that spawn gives Elevate, there's a chance that it'll have just as low of a proc rate as the Mithra weapons, given how the other classes' Miku Testaments have the same skills as the Mithra procs verbatium (albeit swapped around for different classes).

      Edit: Actually, on a more serious note (not an April Fools joke btw), the Miku Lancer Testament actually not bad, but not great for Cross Assault. You're better off using a Converge Mastery instead, which has a 45% Main Slot proc rate and a 20% Sub Slot proc rate, along with a 60 AP damage boost. You may lose 10 AP, but you get a much higher proc rate and it's unconditional to boot.

      As mentioned above, the Miku Testament is best for Double Sting, making it more favorable than Severe Sting or Break Thrust as a skill to complement Dragon Assault, and it's also the strongest proc (AP-wise) for the Basic Attack.
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      IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

      This Is How You DO Play Lancers


        Oh you weren't kidding when you said "novel"
        It's more like the lancer encyclopedia. I mean that in a good way because a lot of work obviously went into making this. Good job *thumbs up*


          Question Leaf.

          In rankings which monsters are most cost efficient haste

          Here what I see for F2P monsters is this right for cost efficiency? For Lancers atleast ;-;

          1. Soul Destroyer
          2. Tenth Angel
          3. Jabber
          4. Parasol Rei

          I also noticed Tenth Angel or whatever the haste one is just a TINYY bit higher stats than Soul Destroyer. If I don't have Soul Destroyer should I use Tenth Angel?

          I'm currently using Peliasa, Parasol Rei, Jabber, Grenier, Apollo, Vol-Rena

          Should I switch out Parasol Rei for Tenth Angel TEMP until Soul Destroyer?
          Should I switch out Jabber for Tenth Angel TEMP until Soul Destroyer?
          Should i switch out Apollo for one of em or Vol Rena?

          Also is Hallo Jack worth replacing Apollo or Vol Rena?

          And also is it a good idea to switch my build to x/2/6/x since I have loads of of armors but not many helms.

          Ye thanks =3 <3

          ~F2P Noob~​ A Lancer Wanna-Be /)*^*/) (6/18/16) IGN: LucyWhite ID: 2142597804 GS: 310k LvL 160
          #F2PNub Feel Free To Add Me And Chat (/^3^)/


          • LaconicLeaf
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            LucyWhite I think you should feed Parasol Rei to a monster you actually use in GvG for Unison Clashes. If you already have all your Unison Clash monsters at +198, then yeah, you can feed her to Tenth Angel if you wish.

            At +198, Halloween Jack/Jabberwock is 265 stat/cost, while Apollo is 260.666. Meanwhile, a Grenier (or any 28 cost Rare Spawn monster) is 276.429 stat/cost.

            But if you want to just maximize ATK, Ifrit is the best farmable monster to do so, if you don't mind burning 3 Fire Orbs for reforging. Despite being a farmable 28 cost monster with worse stat totals than Grenier, Ifrit gives 144 ATK/cost. While Soul Destroyer is an extremely cost-efficient monster, he gives 139.565 ATK/cost, which, while it beats Grenier (138.214 ATK/cost), STILL doesn't have anything against Ifrit. Meanwhile, Apollo is 130.333 ATK/cost, while Vol&Rena is 123.143 ATK/cost.

          • LucyWhite
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            What would you consider an average cost efficient monster out of all the ones we listed then? We always talk bout how cost efficient they are, but what's the borderline of bad to average to good?

          • LaconicLeaf
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            25 cost monsters, like Behemoth and Peliasa, are considered the ''standard'' for determining if a monster is cost efficient or not (they have 272.8 stat/cost once +198).

            At least, at the time, most monsters over 25 cost were considered ''cost-inefficient,'' especially 30 cost monsters. But now, the devs have been giving more incentives to using more expensive cost monsters, as some, like Fiine, Athena, United Offense, Manannan (35 cost) and any 28, 29, and 30 cost monster from the Rare Spawn, have much better stat/cost ratios than 25 cost.

            As a range, I'd place it as:

            ATK efficiency
            23/24 cost (Collab Ranking) < 34 cost < 30 cost (farmable) < 28 cost (Jabberwock/Jack) < 27 cost (farmable) < Tenth Angel < 26 cost < 25 cost < 27 cost (RS) < 28 cost (RS/United Offense) < Soul Destroyer < Ifrit* < 29 cost (RS/Collab Ranking) < 30 cost (RS/Collab Ranking) < 35 cost

            *This range is the same for cost efficiency, except Ifrit is on the same tier as Jabberwock/Jack for total stats/cost

          Neutro: Fervor (29 cost Secret of the Lance XL)
          Well, got the idea of making a rough tier list of Lancer procs and weapons, so...

          5/10: Updated for Pursuit Testament (official name for Miku Lancer Testament), moved it up into a new tier, changed the Tier Rankings a bit, and added in World's End Spear to the Stat Tier List

          Procs (In terms of PvP usage)

          (these are in no particular order within each tier)

          S Tier
          Fatal Testament XXL
          Seal of Attack XL
          Cross Spear XL
          • Fatal XXL has the highest Main Slot proc rate for a proc that works with all attacks (approximately 35%), so you'll deal consistent crits. A critical hit for Lancers deals +55 AP damage, making them stronger than Physical Testament XXLs. One should suffice; Azure Heaven Lance is arguably BIS for Main Slot.
          • Seal of Attack XL also has a good proc rate too (30% Main, 20% Sub), just like Cost Recovery, so it's excellent regardless of where it's placed. Considering how Physical XLs or XXLs are a 20% Main, 10% Sub Slot proc rate, this is an extremely noticeable increase if you're able to afford them. The Cost Recovery effect is invaluable during Colo; you can do many tricks like Break chain while using little to no cost, chip down a Mage with Basic Attack before going for a surprise kill, making your 2-skill combo cheaper to perform, and more.
          • Cross Spear XL is just astounding. For procs it doesn't boost, they get the regular Physical Testament boost (40 AP), but for procs they do boost, especially Break Thrust and Cross Assault, the damage is a whopping 80 AP! Factoring in proc rates, they beat out Seal of Attack in the Main Slot, but tie in the Sub Slots in terms of expected damage output. Definitely worth getting if possible.
          S- Tier
          Pursuit Testament XL [Class Testament]
          Physical Testament XXL
          Converge Mastery XL
          Fatal Testament XL
          • Pursuit Testament is alright, but for use with Cross Assault, it's overrated, as Converge Mastery is just as good with a higher proc rate. It does, however, serve as a HUGE buff to Double Sting (it Breaks players in one cast, and when it Breaks, it deals post-Break damage, hence why it instantly starts chains at 2 instead of "Chain Start!," so Double Sting becomes a 170 x2 AP attack, giving it more use compared to Break Thrust or Severe Sting), and Basic Attack (70 AP is equal to Apollo's Glory + Physical Testament XL in power). It's also a pretty good boost for Break Thrust, as it becomes an "unblockable" 210 AP attack (before double procs). Being a Treasure Spawn weapon, its proc rate might be like Enforcer Testament -- quite low.
          (I'm placing it at S- Tier just for now, because Pursuit Testament is actually close to a double proc in just one skill. The reason why it isn't quite S Tier is not just because of its low proc rate; it's also because too many people use Severe Sting in PvP, unaware of the proc-ignoring properties of Break Thrust, or unaware of Double Sting inflicting Break before both hits land, making it an "Ace-In-The-Hole" with this proc.)
          • Physical Testament XXL may have a lower proc rate compared to Fatals, but it's still viable alongside a Fatal proc, and not to mention, 8% Base Crit Rate for Lancers can be pretty hax when it decides to work. Plus, Physical Testament XXL is also available in much more Lances, one notable one being the World's End Spear, which is pretty strong for a 31 cost weapon.
          • If you are willing to make Cross Assault your main attacking skill, Converge Mastery XL is your best bet. 45% Main, 20% Sub Slot proc rate is nothing to laugh about, and it boosts CA by an astonishing 60 AP, which isn't too far behind Pursuit Testament in terms of damage (60 AP with a high proc rate vs 70 AP on Break with a low proc rate). (It's also worth considering, with the high proc rates of Mastery skills, they are theoretically the strongest procs in the game.)
          • Fatal Testament XL follows the same reasoning as XXL, albeit it's a 30% Main, 15% Sub Slot proc rate. Having just one Fatal proc in your Main Slot should be enough so you won't double proc Fatals and lose out on potential damage. But if you're using a Fatal, make sure you're using the Legendary Trumpet; using a Fatal Bow Main Slot may work if you have more Monsters, but the ATK loss is extremely noticeable.
          A+ Tier
          Enforcer Testament XL [Class Testament]
          Lancer's Conviction XL
          Physical Testament XL
          Cost Recovery
          Fatal Psalm XL
          • Physical Testament XL is literally the proc you should default to if you have no other options, but for a Main Slot, there's much better options.
          • Enforcer Testament is okay, but the low proc rates (15% Main, 5% Sub) hurts its reliability for GvGs when it comes to offense. It's like the Null Damage procs, which have a comparable proc rate, and desperately require a Main Slot to be used to their full potential. In terms of its use, you can use the Basic Attack to fish for procs, allowing you to save cost when using just Severe Sting as your only Sting skill.
          • Lancer's Conviction does boost both Cross Assault and Severe Sting, but the AP boost is nowhere as close to a Mastery proc, and the proc rate is similar to Fatal without the benefit of working with every other skill.
          • Cost Recovery has a great proc rate, and it allows you to attack more cost-efficiently. Unlike Seal of Attack though, it doesn't increase your damage.
          • While Fatals are strong, unlike vanilla Fatal Testaments, a Fatal Psalm has the same proc rate as a Physical Testament XL (20% Main, 10% Sub).
          B Tier
          Assault Mastery XL
          • Severe Sting is okay, but you're better off going for Converge Mastery instead.
          C Tier
          Bore Mastery XL
          • Death Pierce is just a terrible move, despite all the number crunching I did for it. Just use these Lances for Infusions on 28-29 cost Lances.

          Stats After Infusions and +198

          S+ Tier (13000+ ATK)
          Berdedel: Augury Lance (Lancer's Conviction XL)

          S Tier (11001 - 12999 ATK)
          World's End Spear (31 cost Physical Testament XXL)
          Hercules: Ignis Spear (30 cost Physical Testament XXL)
          Granvia Lance (35 Cost Awakening Weapon)

          S- Tier (11000+ ATK)
          Athena's Salvation Lance (30 cost Seal of Attack XL)
          Chess Spear (29 cost Physical Damage Up)
          Void Dragon Lance (Crystal Breaker XL)
          Twilight Spear (29 cost Physical Testament XL)
          Legendary Trumpet (29 cost Fatal Testament XL)
          Paradise Spear (30 cost Fatal Psalm XL)
          Ember Lance (30 cost Enforcer Testament)
          Lance of Shinsen (29 cost Secret of the Spear XXL)
          Sapphire Breaker (30 cost Cross Spear XL)
          Sistrum Spear (30 cost Power Spear XL)
          Lance of Aurora (30 cost Power Spear XL)

          A+ Tier (10500 - 10999 ATK)
          Azure Heaven Lance (29 cost Fatal Testament XXL)
          Sakura Spear of Purity (27 cost Physical Damage Up XL)
          Lance of Demise (28 cost Bore Mastery XL)
          Celestial Lance (29 cost Bore Mastery XL)
          Grimm Scythe (28 cost Secret of the Spear XL)
          All other 29 cost weapons not already mentioned (usually with Physical Testament XLs/Masteries)

          A Tier (9000 - 10499 ATK)
          Anima: Spirit Brush (United Offense, 28 cost Physical Testament XL)
          Neutro: Fervor (29 cost Secret of the Lance XL
          Most 28 cost weapons (without Mastery procs)
          All 26 cost Lances
          All 27 cost Lances not mentioned

          B Tier (< 9000 ATK)
          All farmable Lances (except United Offense)
          All 24 cost Lances
          All 25 cost Lances

          Red - If Infusions were available for 1 Ether or no Ethers

          Keep in mind, this was kinda thrown together, so if I missed anything, feel free to point it out in the comments.
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          IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

          This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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            Woah yes thank you !

          • Exifea
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            Anima: Spirit Brush is 28 Cost.

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Exifea Whoops, accidentally made a typo. I'll fix that by Basic Attacking it 10 more times...

          What about these fatal testament armors (30 cost each) in place of Paradise phys dam down XXL?


          • LaconicLeaf
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            Maybe for PvE, as even that one vid of JPUL for the highest difficulty of Manannan had people Main Slotting both Fatal gear due to how Piercer ignores procs, and Elemental Defense is far more reliable (they had over 120 stacks in Wind element).

            Physical/Magic Damage Down XXLs are one of the best procs in the game though, viable options over even Reflection XLs or Damage Down XLs. Though their proc rates do need some testing, as it is unknown if they are higher than XLs, or if they're the same, but reduce more damage taken.

            If you mean infusing a Fatal defense gear to your XXLs, that's viable, but make sure you have enough Ethers for your weapons first.

          • MelancholyUL
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            Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

          high leaf, so i read your bible on lacners and it made me rethink my setup a bit. would love a personal opinion on it.
          currently level 111 sitting at 174K (ik terrible but dont have the money to whale like alot of other people....yet) and this is what i run

          Cross Assault
          Severe sting
          Double sting
          (no good abilites sadly (lets be honest dragon assult isnt very good), spawn luck is not on RNGsus side lol)

          all will be in exact order

          weapon slot
          Divine Sunlance cost 26
          paradise spear cost 30
          leviathan dark point cost 26
          Anima spirit brush cost 28
          Divine tempest spear cost 25
          Gae Bulg cost 25

          Helmet slot
          divine sunlight helmet cost 26
          divine hairpin cost 27
          supreme hitoku tiara cost 30
          ears of the first demon cost 25
          crimson wolf mane cost 28

          armour slot
          divine sunlight mail cost 26
          amaterasu garb cost 26
          tech armor v2.0 cost 26
          supreme himal gown cost 30
          unit 08 body cost 30

          monster slot
          Grenier cost 28
          ilfrit cost 28
          apollo cost 30
          jabberwock cost 28
          RQ parisol rei cost 25
          green passa cost 3 (had extra points i guess lol)

          any feedback is greatly appreciated


          • BouncierRaptor
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            i see, i have noticed that i end up using EE more often than i should and tbh it has made some clerics angry, ill have to change some things lol thank you

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Weapons are good so far, but eventually you'll want to replace the 25c Lances and farmables (like Leviathan: Dark Point) with 27c weapons from the Rare Spawns, as those have higher stats and are worth infusing. Worry about that when you get better monsters.

            You might benefit more with just two attacks; Severe Sting's a must-have for PvE since it has great DPS and utility, and then you can pick between Double Sting (for an extra Sting skill or more Break) or Cross Assault (for more burst power). Third slot can then be a utility, Attack Stance, or Cheer, depending on the quest and your preferences. (Don't forget the Basic Attack is also a lethal weapon for Lancers; think of it as your trusty handgun)

            For armors, I'd recommend taking the Apollo Set Blessing pieces off because you'll benefit more from the extra tankiness the increased proc rates the Main Slots grant over the Sub Slots. If you don't have any more equippable defense gear, then simply shove the Apollo set pieces to the Sub Slots for PvP content.
            Null Status Ailments can help you in ''rainy days,'' but once you learn how to pre-cast Mass Refresh in some content, then you won't really need that proc that much.

            Monsters are definitely what you should work on. I'd highly recommend getting Amaterasu, as despite her stats being unsuitable for Lancers, her MR + 30% mitigation utility is too hard to pass up for a farmable monster. Fiery Taurus is also decent for a buff option, though I'd recommend looking at Monster Spawns as your next priority of where to spend gems at (wait for ones that give Guaranteed SSR Monster deals around 50 gems).

          • BouncierRaptor
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            i see, i am currently working on saving up so i can actually spawn (last time i got a damn UR Bow so goodjob RNG lol) i am also trying to get better monsters as well so i will definitely swap some stuff around and see how that plays out. btw does PvP refer to guild battles while PvE refers to quest?

          Sorry, but another question. I now have that death pierce Lance (bore mastery). I never use death pierce. I was thinking to infuse it into my Crystal Breaker Lance (I know, CB Lancers aren't a thing) but anyway, do you think it's a waste to do so? I don't have another same cost Lance that needs infusion. I could infuse it into my Lance of Grace (28 cost) losing a point of cost..? Or just wait for a better Lance to infuse?


          • MelancholyUL
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            Btw, I did a transmutation and got a lance for infusing. XD

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Kings are the way to go if you want Lances for Infusing. Who knows, you might even get an Azure Lance, or even Azure defensive gear too.

            (I managed to get an Azure Armor from one of my King Transmutations; while the appearance rate is low, it's still worth doing King because you don't want to do Big Transmutations and then get like an Azure Relic or something, right?)

          • MelancholyUL
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            I transmutated a Quezacotl, an extra Aizen and some other random fodder a short while back and got that Azure Armor! Over 10k defense, I cried (really), when I pulled that.

          Updated the posts to discuss Opening Skills, the new Basic Ability (Swaying Sakura), and also for the Miku Lancer Testament (which I would edit later on once I get the official name of it in Global). Even added a disclaimer for the build templates if you're using multiple pieces of 35 cost defensive gear (or more expensive defensive gear anyways), because they can have you with one less armor slot due to their price. Also stated it's actually viable to buy the SSR ATK Furniture if you don't feel like doing 3 RGBs to grab either Null Damage proc gear, due to how an SSR Furniture from an SR is like having 2-3 Lance infusions.

          The new changes to Pierce, Sting, and Savage Sting aren't really too game-changing. They serve just to make Lancers have an easier time with earlygame, because their moves actually have less DPS than the Smash or Photon series which Soldiers and Mages have early on, respectively. The change to Cross Assault is simply to make its DPS gap from Severe Sting more significant, since after Severe Sting got its cooldown buff alongside its Break bonus buff, it actually started to barely match Cross Assault in DPS. Sure, Lancers didn't exactly NEED that buff, but hey, I'll take it! A buff is a buff!

          Due to that cooldown change, the DPS chart of the highest DPS Lancer skills got a bit outdated. So I'm reposting it here with the changes, and adding a link to the original post to transport the reader here as well. But I'll ask a new question:

          "Given the new cooldown time, how does Cross Assault now compare to Severe Sting in DPS?"

          Severe Sting
          (170 AP, 6 sec CD, 12 cost)

          Severe Sting
          (170 AP, 6 sec CD, 12 cost)

          Cross Assault
          (130/140 AP x2, 9 sec CD, 16 cost)

          Cross Assault
          (130/140 AP x2, 9 sec CD, 16 cost)

          Double Sting (100/110 AP x2, 9 sec CD,16 cost)
          Double Sting (100/110 AP x2, 9 sec CD,16 cost)

          Basic Attack ( 60 AP, 4 sec CD, 5 cost)

          Basic Attack ( 60 AP, 4 sec CD, 5 cost)

          No Break 28.333 14.167 28.889 / 31.111 16.250 / 17.5 22.222 / 24.444 12.5 / 13.75 15 12
          w/ Break 36.667 18.333 40 / 42.222 22.5 / 23.75 X X X X
          +20 AP, no Break 31.667 15.833 33.333 / 35.556 18.75 / 20 26.667 / 28.889 15 / 16.25 20 16
          +20 AP, w/ Break 40 20 44.444 / 46.667 25 / 26.25 X X X X
          +40 AP, no Break 35 17.5 37.778 / 40 21.5 / 22.5 31.111 / 33.333 17.5 / 18.75 25 20
          +40 AP, w/ Break 43.333 21.667 48.888 / 51.111 27.5 / 28.75 X X X X
          +60 AP, no Break 38.333 19.167 40.222 / 44.444 23.75 / 25 35.556 / 37.778 20 / 21.25 30 24
          +60 AP, w/ Break 46.667 23.333 53.333 / 55.556 30 / 31.25 X X X X
          +80 AP, no Break 41.667 20.834 46.667 / 48.889 26.25 / 27.5 40 / 42.222 22.5 / 23.75 35 28
          +80 AP, w/ Break 50 25 57.778 / 60 32.5 / 33.75 X X X X
          +140 AP, no Break 51.667 25.834 60 / 62.222 33.75 / 35 53.333 / 55.556 30 / 31.25 50 40
          +140 AP, w/ Break 60 30 71.111 / 73.333 40 / 41.25 X X X X
          Red - Constant buffs territory
          Blue - Proc-reliant territory

          After the cooldown buff to Cross Assault, it now out-DPSes Severe Sting even without the combo with a noticeable increase. With the combo, the DPS gap becomes much larger, which seems intended for the attack in the first place. Prior to the buff, a comboless Cross Assault only started to out-DPS Severe Sting when you had a +40 Physical AP buff active.

          Since it has the same cooldown as Double Sting, Cross Assault now scales the same way. It does have higher base power; think of a non-Break CA as an Apollo's Glory Double Sting, and a Break CA as a Physical XL x2 Double Sting. It's that good of a DPS skill.

          IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

          This Is How You DO Play Lancers


          • BlitzJager
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            Hey Leaf, I've picked up several KFCs in my playtime, was my first dupe monster that I reforged and then remembered.... monsters don't infuse. So I've UR'd 2 and transmuted several and a few weeks ago I decided to reclaim my ~+40 off of KFC.

            It may be different for Mary but if you're using KFC he only has an attack and ward. I finally realized I was wasting 5 Cost on UR KFC. Maybe it will be worth Reforging him for stats (basic 26c stats anyways) one day but for now I'm treating him like a cleric's CostRecovery weapon.

          Hi Leaf, thank you for your input in my thread yesterday! I Had some progress and questions regarding armor.

          Here's current equipment at 29/4/17

          Lv 109. Build 6/5/3/4
          GS 157k, atk 61k, m.atk 12k, def 52k, m.def 32k

          Weapon - main 1 Sword UR World End (Physical testament XXL)
          Sub 5 UR Miku guitar ver.b (Physical testament XL)

          Helmet - main 1 UR Eclipse Artefact [I] (Damage up XL)
          Sub 1 UR Eclipse Artefact [E] (Damage up XL) still have 1 dupe
          3 UR Sakura Miku Headphones (Physical Damage down XL)

          Armor - main 1 UR Eclipse Artifact [F] (Damage up XL) have 2 dupe
          Sub 1 UR Sakura Miku Clothing (Physical Damage Down XL)
          1 UR Mistral, Solemn Ode (Magic Damage Cut XL)

          Monster - main 1 UR [V4X] Kagamine rin
          Sub 2 UR Apollo, 1 UR Ifrit

          My plan is to make another UR helmet Eclipse Artefact [E] and to make 2 UR armor Eclipse Artefact [F]. This will give me 6 Damage up XL, but do they stack? Am thinking of going glass cannon later by resetting.

          My 5th monster would be Nobunaga, and should I farm for more Apollo, vol&ren, or Ifrit?

          With current build, should I still farm helm armor and weapon for Apollo blessing? Or is it better to focus on getting more monster first?

          Thank you very much in advance


          • Vyrusilv
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            Thanks for the suggestion Leaf! Really appreciate that. So the new 31 cost armor can only stacks 2 pieces? So going 6 pieces will make 4 of the pieces constant be worthless? If yes then I'll use only 2 for now, keep the rest for infusion later on and try to get other armors then.

            Will look out for those spawns you mentioned!

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Constants are divided into three types:

            Offense: Physical Damage Up, Magic Damage Up, Damage Up
            Defense: Physical Armor Up, Magic Armor Up
            Other: Exp Up, HP Up

            You can only equip up to 2 max per type. For example, if you had 4 Damage Ups equipped, you'd only benefit from 2 of them; you can see for yourself by clicking ''Boost'' on the Quest Menu at the top left.

          • Vyrusilv
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            Hi Leaf,

            have checked it myself. it's true on skill ATK constant effect skills, I only have 2 Damage UP XL even though I am wearing 3 at the moment.
            I will infuse the dupe and just wears 2 for now.

            Thank you very much for your help!

          Make a mage one plz


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            Don't let a Lancer Basic Attack you to death, Null Physical Damage stops Break Thrust, Undermine has good DPS, Calamity can catch people off-guard in PvP with Unison Reduction...

            Idk, I got nothing. o_O

          Reflection reduction is also a constant.


          • BlitzJager
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            Defensive or Other(HP/EXP)?

          • MelancholyUL
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            Defense Constant Effect Skill