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Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

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    It's so sticky can't get my eyes off this!

    Thank you for letting us peek into our future!


      Wow, really a interesting and very useful topic, ty for your work!
      Just a question about the Defensive proc: what about the opening defensive proc like Magic/Physical Damage Cut? They are good for PVE and for a first liner lancer in PVP?


      • LaconicLeaf
        LaconicLeaf commented
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        Whoa, forgot to mention those (mainly since I don't really have them lol)!

        They are a trade-off. They can stack with Barriers and provide a great degree of mitigation at the start of PvP.

        But once their duration is depleted, they become a dead proc slot. As Blitz mentioned, they're much more valuable for Colo matches, if you can live with having less procs in the later rounds.

        Reflect openings look great on paper, but they're one of the reasons why the infamous ''Suicide Strategy'' works in GvG. With Colo, the Suicide Strategy doesn't really work since there's no Guild Bond to cheese with a buff uni.

      • BlitzJager
        BlitzJager commented
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        Yeah there's quite a lot of 29 and 30 cost armours now.
        Reforge for encyclopedia. Decide whether to use as/save for infusion material OR... Transmutation.
        I've been saving mine for infusion but the problem is I think I have a 29 armour/clothing/hat/helm but not many have lined up as infuseable and those that are don't really have the right skill for me yet.

        (Continuing high cost gear)
        I picked up Veluda's Helmet yesterday and was tempted to leave it as 30 Cost..... Wondering if that would've been an option.

        Went from dropping my 6th helm 23c to a 20c SSR so I could change my 27c helm to Veluda.
        Quickly dropped the 20c SSR for a 14c R with skill so I could reforge.
        Yay magic Nullification!

      • Lynnette
        Lynnette commented
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        Yeah, i will surely reforge for Enciclopedia, and then use it for infusion....i spawned the Monochrome Hat, that have a Costant effect, so i will try to infuse the athena's hat in this one.....
        Another question about defensive proc: while Null magic/physical damage gears are very interesting, the Chronos outfit (colosseum medals i think) is as useful as those previous?

      This is such a great guide. Nice job,Leaf

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        When can I get it in hardback? :0


        • LaconicLeaf
          LaconicLeaf commented
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          Unfortunately, this guide comes in a PDF File only. Although that does give me an idea on what the title should be renamed...

          Ateam Admin One more thing; could you rename the guide to ''Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking?'' And thank you again.

        Whaku Disclaimer: Severe Sting + Cross Assault only really works in PvE if you see a Lancer like me floating around. Problem is, they rarely seem to show up. I'll go over KB with this information as I apply the newer coat of paint slowly but surely over my posts.

        Sometimes, if I Basic Attack a Soldier/Lancer/Archer before hitting them with Break Thrust, they get inflicted with Break. You can even spam Basic Attack until Break, which can even scare people into Guarding (part of the many mindgames Basic Attack can pull off). Procs tend to be more reliable for Breaking with, well, Break Thrust.

        Haven't really noticed the Break Counters staying the same, but pausing when one monster gets broken. I'll keep a closer eye at this eventually. I always thought once a Max Chain ends, the Break Counters of all mobs in a wave reset, but that may be due to how I simply focus on breaking the same target, one at a time.

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          LaconicLeaf first of thank you for taking your time to do this...
          after reading it I have few questiond... btw Im one of those lancers about to hit 120 (119 currently)
          PVP ::: front lancer. using severe,cross,dragon assault barrier, ee... should i remove apollo set adding mreflect and magic down gear to main slots and gb3.0 to main???
          Also, using clothing gear... u may try to set ur subtraits to clothingup both from archer and priest, it gives 6% combined... i dont remember u mentioned when u talked about going clothing gear...
          Thanks in advance


          • LaconicLeaf
            LaconicLeaf commented
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            6% MDEF from shared traits may be a small boost, but it's better to pick Anti-Archer (reduces their Defiance mitigation from 30 to 23), then Anti-Soldier/Lancer (change it based on what guild you're fighting). In PvE, traits don't really matter, although Status Resist would be great to have.

            If you have 6 Testament Lances, you can go ahead and replace the Apollo Set Blessing for better Main Slot procs and your Conviction in the Main Slot.

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf View Post
          Maybe it could work for CB Lancers running Smash builds (hey Spaz)

          Maybe a CB Lancer team can use Smashes, along with Bestial Shout + Soul of the Berserker? Idk…

          Smash Brother Lancer builds, using a Sword with Crystal Breaker XL Main Slot to have it proc often against the Crystal with Smash attacks.

          SpazPro - based off one of the questions on that little section off his love for Smash

          Well I never! I thought you considered Smash to be useless! Oh how times change...

          In total honesty though, Seeing these (particularly one and four), totally made my day. It is truly an honor to be mentioned in this guide. Thanks so much for giving me a good laugh.

          (As for your Smash CB Idea... Well, Mirabelle and I have already thought up some ideas about this build. Ill mention them in another post soon enough.)
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          • LaconicLeaf
            LaconicLeaf commented
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            It's stronger in the cases where you can't reliably inflict Break, like the ''Low HP, High Break Tolerance, Low DEF'' mobs I mentioned. I'm still going over the guide and giving it more layers of paint.

            BTW, that paint is wet. Don't touch it!

          I was wondering what took you so long, then when I look at this guide my jaw kinda drops lol. Finally I can roll in my grave knowing our class will have a brighter future :>


            Wait why is negative pressure not recommended? For my guild battles I want to have pop negative pressure right away and right as my guild mates ready unison they unison right away so that the other teams don't expect it. Then... sometimes they just wait for me to unison... rip
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            • LaconicLeaf
              LaconicLeaf commented
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              It still works great as a surprise attack (thus I left it as an option in the ability setups, and said ''CLOSE'' in the recommendation), although the effect is slow enough to the point when the text flashes up, the enemies have enough time to throw out their uni.

              It does leave you at an advantage, allowing you to scout what Uni your enemy uses (if you're unsure whether to Apollo or Vol&Rena or another element to win), and if an enemy Mage tries to Meteor Rain, or an Archer tries using DA, you can still tag them while trading (even if you die, NP still lands if anyone unis).

              Despite these benefits, Negative Pressure takes up a slot which could've been Guard or Barrier, two skills which foil ''all in'' rushing attempts. Some guilds which know how NP works immediately uni before you can tag anyone.

            this is a beautiful novel
            i'll sacrifice a goat for u


              As always, you did not disappoint. Excellent work.
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                Umm... I think I'm experiencing a bug when it comes to editing. It's this post over here:

                It's the part where I talk about which Farmable and Rare Spawn Monsters are great for Lancers.

                What I did in my edit was add in an image of Soul Destroyer, Apollo, and Ares above the parts where I mention them to add some variety into it, and elaborated a bit more on why Soul Destroyer is a great stat stick for Lancers. But when I tried to edit the post, the edits won't go through. Instead, I still get the "failed" edit attempt where when I edit, it seems like it goes through at first, but then it goes back to the old version without showing any error message.

                Is there anything I'm missing, like is there an unknown amount of times you could edit a post before you can't edit it anymore, or something? I don't want the post to be deleted because I had the URL for the direct link for an image displayed because the [img] tags didn't work properly...

                Edit: Tried hosting and embedding the images through Imgur, but the edits still aren't going through.
                Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 11-24-2016, 10:21 PM. Reason: Is the editing feature broken for that post? o_O

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                  Ok, while editing I found a major error I didn't realize was there - the "This is how you DON'T play Lancers" section!

                  I realized it got copied incorrectly, so I went ahead and patched it right up. Apologies for that mistake - did anyone catch that? (Here, have a Limimin Cookie, or 100 of them if you did)

                  Edit: I can now edit the monster section! I'll go back to it and mention the on-color Utility monsters later on.
                  Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 11-26-2016, 04:57 PM. Reason: Reason: the bug with Section IV. is now fixed

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                  This Is How You DO Play Lancers


                    OMG biggest guide I read in UL

                    I give this 5 /5


                      I don't come here nearly often enough if I have missed this. Excellent guide leaf. Thank you for your contribution. This answer several questions I had about lancers.