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Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

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    Lancer 103 - The Art of Basic Breaking

    (Credit: Match-i for this drawing of my character)

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    II. Build Suggestion (Pre-7th Slot)

    III. Build Suggestion (Post-7th Slot)

    IV. Monsters, Example Monster Sets, and Comparisons

    V. Lancer Skills (Pre-5th Ring)

    VI. Lancer Skills (Post-5th Ring)

    VII. Basic Abilities

    VIII. Lancer Procs

    IX. Gameplay (PvE) - aka "How to Break the Basic Attack's Potential Open"

    X. Weapon Proc and Skill Build Suggestion (PvE)

    XI. Weapon Proc and Skill Build Suggestion (PvP)

    XII. Apollo Set Blessing - yes or no?

    XIII. Event Quests Walkthrough

    XIV. "This is how you DON'T play Lancers"

    XVI. Credits

    XVII. DPS Scaling Data for Lancer Attacks

    Previous Guide Archives

    Lancer Guide 2.0 (by Vostera)

    Lancer 101 (by Cobalt)

    I. Introduction

    Lancers were once extremely overpowered during the pre-4th Ring days.

    Forget about


    Forget about


    That's right.

    Believe it or not, even as a 190 AP (200 with passives) attack, Knight's Blitz once landed swift 2HKOs against the majority of the opposition, while Archers and Mages often got OHKOed. Nearly everyone built Lancers for pure offense, getting as high of an ATK stat as possible with maxed Weapon and Monster slots. The guild crystal didn't give any multipliers to a member's HP, thus KB had barely any counterplay. You could try using Guard, but Lancers can use Savage Sting to bait it, wait it out, and then slam you with KB. With the sheer firepower Lancers had, and how easy and brainless their playstyle seemed, it’s no wonder they were given the moniker, “Cancer Lancer.”

    When 4th Ring was announced, it was hyped that Lancers would be overpowered, all thanks to Dragon Crush, which has 190 AP and hits 3 targets. Furthermore, KB got its AP increased from 190 to 210 (220 with passives), and people were panicking that Lancers would be God Tier again (they actually were, but everyone switched to Soldier/Mage/Archer due to FoTM status). But as time passed on, Dragon Crush was actually a bad AoE skill, as its animation speed was slow, and Mage's Meteor Rain, a similar AoE but deals multihits like Meteor Strike, was much faster, on the same speed tier as KB and Basic Attack.

    As a result, Glass Lancer builds started falling out of favor with higher level caps and crystal caps, the latter finally increasing the HP of guild members in combat. Thus, KB no longer landed 2HKOs, and while this was going on, the original Lancer guide author, Cobalt, ranted about stuff like Amaterasu coming out before Apollo, and "Why Lancers are the weakest class in the game,” on what was arguably the "Lancer Hate Era" (or the "Dark Age of Lancers," kinda like the "Dark Age of Sonic"). Threads suggesting to buff Lancers, and all kinds of random crap, with Lancers being underpowered and everything, were also being thrown about all over the forums. This was the time when Lancers were surrounded with crappy publicity, being kicked out of Event Quest parties for being "useless," and even kicked out of guilds to make room for Soldiers, Mages, or even Archers.

    But the dark days of 4th Ring have long passed. There were a few uncharted techniques and merits about Lancers which other players, like , were discovering even in 4th Ring, like the sheer single-blow damage of Knight's Blitz being able to pulverize the raw defenses of Soldiers and Clerics, and Break Thrust's proc-bypassing capabilities doing extremely well against defensive walls in PvP. Plus, Reo also shared the "Attack Stance Basic Attack Strategy," which greatly improved the efficiency of Lancers in PvE; use Stings to Break, then Basic Attack to DPS. This was a fighting style Reo never got a chance to use since he used a Cleric/Soldier cost distribution with a few weapons; this actually started my love for the Basic Attack as a timed and true attack skill.

    In hindsight, Lancers were probably the best class during the pre-5th Ring meta, but not for reasons you'd expect.
    They can bore through Soldier Frontlines with Break Thrust and Knight's Blitz, with the former ignoring procs (can decimate Clerics), and the latter having sheer firepower that DEF scaling cannot overcome (Mage and Archer attacks were easily tankable with enough raw defenses). Against Meteor Rain Mage Frontlines, if the Lancers used Guard, and a more tanky build, they can withstand their attacks while also being able to instantly burst down each target one at a time. Their Anti-Class, Archers, were non-existent in the Frontline because Soldiers can instantly cleave them with Dual Sword, and Archers can't do much to them back.

    Eventually, 5th Ring is another time where Lancers are at a strong point. They gain skills which take advantage of Break and turn it into an AP boost, which drastically improves the damage they can dish out. While the AS+Basic strategy is still viable, the new 5th Ring skills yielded a new playstyle for Lancers that is more accessible. This ring also brought about buffs for Double Sting, turn it from a useless cost dump, Heart-proc reliant skill to a Swiss Army Knife with good all-around utility and DPS, while greatly improving Lancer's PvP game with stronger skills like Severe Sting and Cross Assault. Even Break Thrust got some love, with a lower cooldown and added Break bonus to make it usable with Cross Assault to some extent.

    The 5th Ring release also expressed a "What Could Have Been" dichotomy: Dragon Crush got not only its cooldown timer halved, but also a buffed animation speed too. If that AoE HAD its Basic Attack/KB/Meteor Rain-tier animation speed, we would've had a completely different meta entirely in 4th Ring. Lancers would've been able to decimate Mage Frontlines with coordinated Dragon Crushes, and it would've still been Lancer meta like it was during 3rd Ring. Unlike Meteor Rain, the high base AP of Dragon Crush would've been able to pulverize Soldiers and Clerics; no amount of DEF can reliably reduce the damage Dragon Crush could do.

    While I may not be the highest GS Lancer, only about 210k as of the time this guide was published, but now 350k and counting, or the highest ATK Lancer, sitting around 75k - 80k (again, when the guide was published); now lingering around 120-135k, at least I understand the game mechanics quite well, and can carry PvE runs with reliable Break uptime, so for those of you out there... I hope you’ll at least learn something new about Lancers after reading this guide.

    Why SHOULD You Be A Lancer? (Pros)

    + Fastest attacks in the game

    + Second highest HP in the game, and the gap between a Lancer's HP and Soldier's HP is shorter than between an Archer's HP and a Cleric's/Mage's HP

    + High damage in each and every hit of their attacks, which makes raw DEF investment less effective, and deals great damage even while procless

    + Adding to the above point, even Soldiers and Clerics take a sizable chunk of damage from Lancer attacks like Cross Assault. Since the latter has the same Max HP as a Mage, and Lancers can flat-out ignore their procs with Break Thrust, they can be considered the "Unofficial Anti-Cleric Class"

    + Absolutely dangerous after a Unison; since everyone freezes while a Unison clash completes, Lancers have the speed advantage. They can outright choose who to kill, since their attacks come out so quickly, if the enemy Clerics use Aid on the wrong player, they may as well kiss one of their teammates goodbye.

    + Anti-Class to Mages, a (former) common frontliner with their AoEs, and the AP damage mitigation further makes Lancers the best class to use against them; any Mage trying to drop rocks on your head will have to be extremely lucky with procs to even lay as much as a scratch on you; even Star Burst, which can potentially one-shot other classes, has a hard time killing you too

    + 5th Ring and ToJ skills are a massive boost to DPS, and allows Lancers to finally take advantage of Break for higher damage

    + Negative Pressure can catch people off guard when least expected, can even win Colo games too; a metagame-defining skill that can turn Unison Battles in your favor, or even deny uni by erasing 2 Cheers' worth of meter

    + Can ignore shields and defense procs with Break Thrust (with a few exceptions)

    + Best class to inflict Break with

    + Flexible combo potential with skills, even if said skills don't explicitly have a combo effect with one another (like using Break Thrust with Cross Assault)

    + Break carries teams in quests with Unison upkeep and Defense Penetration, allows for earlier buff Unis, and carries United Offense and other boss content; can even allow people who died in Colo Round 2 without full Uni to have a chance to Uni in Round 3

    + The offensive class who is least likely to die from random monster reflect skills thanks to how Basic Attack doesn’t deal enough damage for a 50% reflect to bounce off lethal damage through Wards (and their animation speeds let them hitconfirm BEFORE reflects apply)

    + Best user of the Basic Attack, which scales extremely well with just about every buff in the game due to its low cost and cooldown (you could even use it to humiliate others just by showing off how powerful the default attack is)

    + Thus, Basic Ability replacements are optional, and are more suited for PvP because the Basic Attack is just THAT good by default (although Deadly Blow admittedly comes VERY close to beating Basic Attack)

    + Extremely effective against Soldier Frontlines, as Cross Assault hits harder than Mage's Blood Oath despite Anti-Class, doesn't risk getting Reflect proc-killed, and has high HP to withstand multiple Rage Slashes; Negative Pressure can be a pain to them too, especially when coupled with Dissonance

    + 4th Ring skills (Break Thrust, Double Sting) are still viable in the current meta for their unique properties, unlike the other classes

    + Strong damage floor (All Rings)

    Why Should You NOT Be A Lancer? (Cons)

    - Low damage ceiling (Pre-5th Ring) when using non-Basic Attack skills

    - Useful monsters by stats are generally limited to Fire, Water, and Haste elements; only two of these elements are useful for GvG unis. Farmable utility monster choices are poor (has to use Amaterasu or other off-element monsters for utilities).

    - Even with high damage in single blows, Mages and Archers will still outdamage you (though 5th Ring made Lancers actually out-DPS Mages to some extent, or become rather equal to them)

    - Apollo Set actually "nerfs" your Break rate due to the Proc Priority System mechanics, makes you more squishy due to sacrificing Main Slots

    - Break Thrust has low base power, reliant on procs to deal real damage in PvP

    - Null Damage effects (Unisons, Charisma, Null Physical Damage) and Guard still stuff Break Thrust

    - Long cooldown times for certain skills; Smash moves from Soldiers out-DPS the Sting moves (until 5th Ring/ToJ)

    - While I used to list "Secret XXLs being relevant today" as a "Pro," I'm gonna move them to the Cons because the new ToJ skills have high Break Bonus to the point where it's not really necessary to carry Savage Sting and Double Sting anymore. (Although Secret XXL does work out great if Double Sting is your only attack in PvP for your guild strategy, because Mastery-tier AP and proc rate is amazing)

    - “Four Moveslot Syndrome” - Want Attack Stance? Take off EE or Mass Refresh/Balancing. Want Cross Assault? Take off Attack Stance. Want Negative Pressure? Cheer, Guard, or a second attack must go. (and so on)

    - Basic Attack replacement weapons take off a high-DPS skill. As mentioned before, they're more suited for PvP, where burst damage is favored with Cleric heals being common. (Only Deadly Blow comes extremely close as a true upgrade)

    - Due to having high raw ATK, a “Confused Attack” can potentially OHKO a Lancer or another player if they try using a buff/support skill while Confused (so please, think twice before deciding to EE out of boredom after you finish a quest while confused, or trying to Yolo Refresh)

    - The buffs to Cleric's Aid skills for faster casting times actually make them the fastest skills in the game. They go so fast that they will land before a Lancer attack connects.

    - Certain Event Quests (Wind Mobius, Eva Collab 1.0) have "Low HP, Low DEF, High Break Tolerance" mobs, which make Break builds less practical

    - Death Pierce is useless, and a waste of a 5th Ring attack skill space.

    - Anti-Class disadvantage to the current “OP Class” in the game -- Archers. Better hope you’re stacked with Magic Reflection or Magic Damage Down procs, so their Deadly Arabesque won’t OHKO...

    Miscellaneous Issues

    (4th Ring Issues)

    - At one point, Lancers had a history of being stigmatized by others, being the bearer of several misconceptions, such as being called the "worst class," "why be a Lancer when you can play a Mage or Archer and do tons more damage," "if you're building tanky, be a Soldier instead," and what have you. (Thankfully, the vitriol has worn off, although Soldiers are arguably currently at the position where 4th Ring Lancers used to be)

    - Many people think Lancers are THE "Damage Dealer class" given the class description, and complained about it on the forums due the description given by the game, using it as a crutch to prove their points (which was true... on like the Lv. 80 cap!)

    - Even then, there's still some people who insist in Lancers being intended to be built Glass Cannon as an optimal build; this ill-advised build leaves Lancers with sub-30k MDEF, making them die to even procless Meteor Rains.

    Otherwise... Some player-related cons (it's the PLAYER'S problem, not the class):

    - Class Passives encourage equipping Armor and Helm type gear to maximize your GS. However, this leaves you with low MDEF, and a small amount of Anti-Magic procs. (Unless they were all Reflection/Damage Down XLs, but that’s a different story)

    - Players bringing the wrong abilities, like Thrusts, Dragon Assault, Dragon Crush, Death Pierce, or CURE (4-digit heals FTL), into Event Quests or Mobius

    - In addition to the above point, Lancers who don't bring Attack Stance and just spam Sting, Savage Sting, and Knight's Blitz whenever they're off cooldown (the past equivalent of Severe Sting, Cross Assault, and Death Pierce) are guaranteed to keep asking for Haste at the beginning of a quest; these Lancers also tend to Break the wrong target too, and never use the Basic Attack

    - Basic Attack is extremely underappreciated, and some players asked for more replacements for it (like replacing it for Cheer or Guard) when it's already OP as is

    - Some players still tend to use Cross Assault incorrectly, oblivious to the fact that it has an AP Bonus damage effect while hitting Broken targets

    - Lancers who don't take advantage of Break for their 5th Ring skills, or abuse AP Modifiers with the Basic Attack, will end up being out-DPSed by Soldiers

    - While Lancers are least vulnerable to Reflect attacks, there’s still some players who Cross Assault or Knight’s Blitz head-first into a 50% Reflect target, and dying like a Mage or Archer that way

    - Noobs thinking it's a great idea to use DRAGON ASSAULT, the absolute WORST move in the game *death glare*

    - Complaints about Lancers being useless because they can’t SELF-HEAL unlike the others (by far the absolute MOST common complaint about Lancers)

    - 5th Ring Sub Quest is SOLO Only! It’s difficult to beat this quest as a Lancer alone without dying. Thus, I highly recommend building a Cleric as a secondary class to make this Sub Quest a lot easier. Trust me, it pays off in cutting the amount of gems you would spend on reviving if you tried bruteforcing your way through otherwise.
    (Though thankfully, stacking Water defense will help tank these mobs; this Sub Quest came before Elemental Defense was a thing)
    Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 10-15-2017, 05:02 PM. Reason: Refined some of the Pros and Cons to account for the current GvG meta, added in Match-i's artwork of my character

    IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

    This Is How You DO Play Lancers


    II. Build Suggestion (Pre-7th Slot)

    Note: Before I begin, I may have used the term “Armor/Helm” instead of Headgear/Bodygear multiple times over. It just sticked better than the latter term for me, so yeah. I’m not exactly referring to the specific Armor and Helm type gear; feel free to replace that with Hat or Clothing were appropriate.

    - 6/4/4/6 Lancer (6/8/6)

    The infamous “Cancer Lancer” (or Glass Lancer if you prefer) build, working well with the lower level caps and guild crystal caps.

    (Also considered the "mainstream" Lancer build, as most guilds try to recruit Lancers that have 100k+ ATK.)

    5th Ring now allows you to hit about as hard as a Glass Mage build. This makes it tempting to build glass, since your 5th Ring skills are pretty powerful, and you still have one of, if not the, strongest Basic Abilities in the game (Basic Attack). With the right conditions, your skill combination can allow you to become the second strongest DPS class in the game. (Only behind Archers, but that's because their 5th Ring is too broken)

    Keep in mind, this is due to DPS, not Burst. In terms of Burst damage, in PvE, Mages have the upper hand because their Meteor Strike can deal something like 100k x6 or higher with proper buffs. They can even run 3 attacks since Burst damage (and AoE, in some cases) is their main utility. Also, they can easily cheat skill cooldowns with staggering Unis, so they can Meteor Strike, use their Unison, and then Meteor Strike again. Lancers work well with 2 Stings (from 1st - 4th Ring), Attack Stance/Cross Assault, and then Basic Attack; trying to use Attack Stance with Severe Sting + Cross Assault won't work as optimally without Break compared to a Mage running Meteor Strike, Blood Oath, and Calamity.

    Unlike Mages, however, your Basic Attack >>>>>>>>>> their Wizard Strike/Halloween Lantern/Xmas Candle.

    This attack lets you still pull off impressive DPS while still having your Stings as utilities.

    Speaking of which, the other good thing about a high ATK Lancer build is it maximizes the damage output of your Basic Attack, which has low base AP to begin with. It’s also one of the highest DPS skills you have in PvE. In PvP, Clerics have been using Great Blessing as a way to increase the HP of their allies, so higher ATK can help keep up with the health increase to some extent. At its current state, a Glass Lancer build is quite strong due to the level cap being just 130 as of this guide; keep in mind that they will fall off eventually with more level caps, or higher Max HP...

    But, that's where the fun ends here. Aside from the diminishing returns of ATK (Lancers don't deal more than 2 hits in most of their attacks), there are two main problems with a Glass Lancer build.

    The first problem is, in order to barely survive most attacks reliably with this build, you gotta have max Reflection XL procs. Since they are usually in the "trap" spawns for whales (low SSR rates, but high quality SSRs), you gotta whale hard to fill in all your slots with Reflections, or else you'll die quick.

    8 procs are pretty much the cutoff point before diminishing returns start kicking in for proc rates. Having more than 8 procs helps for double proccing, but a single proc is more reliable, but I'll get into that later.

    Some people stick with this build and don't complain about being glass. They can even multi-class as an Archer or Mage as well, although personally, I wouldn't spread myself out too thin and just focus on those two classes instead if you plan to be Glass Cannon. Multi-classing is more appropriate for whales who could afford to spend to maximize multiple classes. For those who main 1 or 2 classes, it's better to use the weapons of off-classes for Transmutation materials so you have a chance to get more weapons that can be Infused to your build, or even the elusive Azure Heaven gear.

    Bottom line, do this build path at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any deaths caused from Arrows, Dark Lightning Bolts, Energy, or even Meteors if you choose to go Glass. Got that?

    Build also compatible with:
    - Archers (for obvious reasons)
    - Mages (maximizes Meteor damage)

    However, it’s better suited for those two classes, so please, use this build at your own risk... For example, you don't want to have the dilemma of farming 7 Vol&Renas to use up all that cost because you have 7 Zephyrus as an Archer, don't you?

    While you technically don't have to use 7 34 cost monsters for a 7 UR monster build, it wouldn't necessarily be as optimal for Archers or Mages.

    Admittedly, however, CB Lancers are actually a thing now, thanks to Negative Pressure being a useful tool for helping Backline Unis gain an advantage in a Uni battle. Against a Rage Slash Soldier Frontline, Glass Lancers work exceptionally well, as your non-Null procs are useless against them anyways, so you can sacrifice some procs and then use the extra ATK investment to crumble these types of Frontlines. But it's more safe to be an Offtank Lancer for most GvG fights, since you won't really expect to fight these types of Frontlines all the time.

    Typical ATK for a
    Glass Lancer (Lv. 119 and under): 85k - 90k+

    - 6/5/5/4 Lancer (6/10/4)

    The Offtank Lancer build, and the one I personally recommend whole-heartedly.

    Note: For any Lancer who is under Lv. 120, but built too much into Monster Cost, cost resetting to a 6/5/4/5 build should suffice. While you won't exactly see the difference in tankiness too much, you'll have more chances to add more defensive gear as you level up beyond 120.

    4 Monsters lets you fit a 34 cost monster, then 2 30 cost monsters of different elements (can be adjusted based on your Guild's unison strategy). This also allows enough cost to devote to a single off-color utility monster for quests. Technically, you can use 3 monsters, but that's a huge drop in power.

    Sure, you may lose 2 Apollos’ worth of ATK, but you have Attack Stance and the defenses to justify using it in PvE. In PvP, your moves should already hit really hard, as a procced Break Thrust and Cross Assault deal damage which even Soldiers fear.

    Originally posted by Ace View Post
    You do NOT need 6 monsters, contrary to what people will tell you. Lancers are single, high AP attacks. According to the damage formula, stats do NOT help you very much. By stacking one more Apollo and not one more armor, you become a lot more squishy with one less proc and gain like 1,800 damage to your attacks....that's not worth it.

    ~ A famous F2Per’s statement which is still relevant today, even with 5th Ring into account

    Defensive builds take advantage of Lancers having the second-highest Max HP parameter out of any class in the entire game. The gap between Lancer and Soldier Max HP is smaller than the gap between an Archer's Max HP and a Mage's/Cleric's Max HP. Clerics may have tanky Cost Distributions and no Anti-Classes against them, along with heals, but remember, they have the lowest Max HP, tied with Mages. Technically, they had higher Max HP than Mages, but when 5th Ring hit, all classes got HP boosts; it just happened that Mage's HP boost was high enough to put them on par with Clerics. A Break Thrust easily bores through their fortress of procs, assuming they lack Null Physical Damage; it's one of the most reliable ways to dispatch a Cleric, as dealing with 1 or 2 Null Physical Damage procs is better than dealing with Null Physical Damage AND (possibly) 12 Reflection XLs. Lancers are great with playing mindgames with enemy Clerics; by the time a Cleric is busy healing another teammate, a Lancer can immediately swap targets nearly instantly and then burst down the Cleric or someone else.

    A more defensive build takes advantage of the high HP stat of a Lancer, and this makes them really tough to take down. Despite this, they have a glaring Anti-Class weakness to Archers, who can and WILL one-shot a Lancer if they don’t get procced against.

    Unlike Soldiers, a Lancer has to worry about only one stat to deal good damage. That means they don’t necessarily have to wear Armors and Helms specifically to maximize DEF; Lancers are free to build MDEF since their attacks don’t scale from ATK and DEF. Thus, Haste monsters are the best monsters for Lancers, since it separates them from Soldiers by giving them MDEF, although Fire is great too since in GvGs, you NEED Fire as a solid frontline element option to win Unison clashes.

    Another question you may have is, "Couldn't I just trade in 2 Apollos for 2 Avsaris?" While it does improve your defense stats by 9148 points each, raw stats don't do much alone. Survivability comes more from skill procs and constants instead, because enemy procs will overcome raw stats. You’ll have more procs to tank those hits, which will come in handy in case Mages double proc their attacks (even double proc Meteor Rains can still hurt), or hit you with their stronger 5th Ring skills like Calamity or Blood Oath.

    It can also thwart Archer’s Deadly Arabesque to some extent, since it’s a pure Magic attack, whether you outright tank the hit with Magic Damage Down, or bounce it right back with Magic Reflection XL, which can be lethal to them. This is like the issue Mages have when attacking Soldiers with Meteor attacks; they can one-shot a Soldier, or end up being one-shotted back by Reflect damage instead. Believe me, I've had a few moments in GvG and Colo alike where even 80k/80k Archers try to decimate a Lancer with Deadly Arabesque, but end up dying to Reflection XLs! (Friend and foe alike)
    Qwaser Waltz is just as dangerous because it can be Physical damage too; 6/5/5/4 Lancers have an advantage with 2 more Armor procs because they can use it for either Anti-Physical or Anti-Magic, thus having more flexibility depending on matchups. Heck, they can even stack Magic Armor Up constants to further improve the effectiveness of their Damage Down procs, especially considering how Damage Down and Constant mitigation stack additively.

    When factoring a 6 monster set to a 4 monster set, the 4 monster set deals roughly 10% less damage than the 6 monster set. But this tradeoff is worth it. Hypothetically, you can have it where the 6 monster set can deal like 75% HP to a Mage, and then a second attack would kill them off, but the first hit doesn't matter if you're trying to OHKO (which you won't due to higher HP caps, unless you exit Crystal Phase with an 80% ATK buff or something). This is an example of diminishing returns with ATK; a 4 monster Lancer can still potentially 2HKO a Mage and also benefit from defensive procs in return. Raw stats certainly help to some extent, but procs are a much bigger factor in class performance. Also, having more procs for Reflections (specific or both) makes up for the 10% damage difference you'd lose; for example, you can hit an Archer to 30% HP from a Break Thrust -> Cross Assault combo, and then have your Reflection procs kill them off.

    You can still use +99 Top Stat Firemins for a 642 boost into your ATK stat. 2 Firemins are roughly 1/4ths of an Apollo in terms of attack yield.

    Thus, the main difference between 6/4/4/6 and 6/5/5/4 is the ATK stat. When Apollos are used in both sets, and the 6/5/5/4 build has Firemins in the last two slots, the 6/4/4/6 build will always have 8100 more ATK than the latter. One Apollo has 4692 ATK after factoring in the +20% ATK (shared trait + 3% ATK) passives and +99 to the ATK stat. This matters more for damaging neutral element targets, like players.

    So if there's a 6/4/4/6 Lancer with 80000 ATK, the 6/5/5/4 Lancer will have 71900 ATK. This is a difference of about 11.27% damage, so a Knight's Blitz that would hit for 73920 damage will hit for 66435 damage with the other build, before defenses and procs are applied where appropriate (difference of 7484 damage; this gap varies by skill AP and number of hits).

    The 6/5/5/4 build has the defenses to justify using Attack Stance, unlike the 6/4/4/6 build. Hostile monsters don’t have Testament of Heart procs, after all! (Random critical hits aside) In addition, you can even put Apollo Helms and Apollo Armors into your sub slots, and still have enough defensive skills/constants and raw stats to survive in PvE content. Apollo’s Glory makes up for the Weapon slots you devote to Sub Slot Heart of the Spears to increase your Break bonus. (Though in PvP, I would replace the Apollo Helm and Apollo Armor for "real" defensive equips)

    Also, with the 2 extra monster slots, you can equip 2 1 cost N Rarity Elementalmins depending on the quest.

    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before the Elemental Damage Rework
    Two of them with elemental advantage where appropriate is an additive 10% damage boost (albeit crits no amplifying elemental damage), which, when paired with Attack Stance, will make up for the loss of 2 Apollos' worth of ATK, and will also deal extremely similar damage to a 6/4/4/6 Lancer with similar funding. Assuming you have elemental advantage, the difference is about <2% damage in the Glass Lancer's favor. Against targets that aren't weak to the Elementalmins, the Glass Lancer takes the lead.

    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf when he thought Elemental Damage was buffed
    After the Elemental Damage Rework:

    For every stack of elemental damage you have, your raw ATK stat increases by 10%. Thus, if you have 80000 ATK, and 1 Water stack, you'll have 88000 ATK against Fire Monsters.

    So 2 Elementalmins give you +20% more ATK against the element they're strong against.
    Edit: After some recent testing, it seems like Elemental Damage is NOT a +10% ATK/MATK boost. It's still a +5% ATK/MATK boost, just like before. Here's my testing on how Elemental Damage REALLY works. (In a nutshell, don't trust the game, as it appears to be a display error)

    Let's say the 6 UR Monster Lancer has 6 Fire Stacks. The 4 UR Monster Lancer has 4 Fire Stacks, but can interchange the last 2 Monster slots with whatever element they want.

    Obviously, the 6 UR Monster Lancer will hit harder against Wind Element Monsters because even though the 4 UR Monster Lancer can have 6 Fire Stacks, the lower raw ATK of the Firemins makes the build slightly weaker than the Glass build.

    But what if you're facing, say, monsters which aren't Haste element or Wind Element?

    Now say we're fighting Dark element monsters. To simplify things, disregard certain Rare Spawn monsters with different stats from a typical Light element Monster. The 4 UR Monster Lancer has 70616 ATK when not using +198 Firemins. The 6 UR Monster Lancer has 80000 ATK, as mentioned before.

    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf when he thought Elemental Damage was now +10% ATK/MATK
    With the Elemental Advantage Boosts, the 4 UR Monster Lancer will have 84739 ATK against Dark Element Monsters if he has 2 Lightmins at the end of his build.
    Edit: Actually, the damage of the 4 UR Monster Lancer should scale off 77678 ATK with the 2 Elementalmins being used for favorable element matchups. Despite still being outdamaged by the 6 UR Lancer, the ATK difference is still really close by a degree of about 3%.

    You can even +198 the Firemins to get 642 ATK and 632 DEF from each of them with the Lancer and Soldier Shared Traits maxed out, though for PvP… you might want to remove them just in case you're lagging before a Unison Chance and have to press Auto Play to Uni. Auto can still randomly pick the Firemin by mistake, and you don’t want to risk this 20% chance. I mean, you can still equip them for an ATK boost, but I won’t be responsible for any rage from your guild members if you lag, and your CPU throws out the Firemin. At the same time, however, if you lag, and your CPU chooses Jabberwock or Soul Destroyer, you still lose anyways, so pick your poison. (The Elementalmin tip comes from here)

    On an optimal level, even if you have 8 Reflection XL procs, you can still use the extra slots for Opening Skills or even Armor Constants, though if you use the latter, it would be better to stack Damage Down XL procs instead. Stack 2 Magic Armor Ups, and then Magic Barrier Openings, and you should be able to comfortably tank certain attacks. If you wanted to, you can even use the extra slots for Apollo's Glory procs, helping with the proc rate of your attacks and giving some room to use Damage Constants, even in PvP. Using more than 8 Reflection XLs (or more than 8 procs of a single damage type) doesn't really help the single-proc rate much, but it certainly helps the double-proc rate.

    2 Firemins are roughly equivalent to 1/4ths of an Apollo’s ATK yield, when both are +198.

    6/5/5/4 is not a Soldier V.2, unlike what a certain someone calls it.

    And no, Vostera, the proper term for this build is an Offtank, not a "Hybrid" build. In terms of characteristics, an Offtank deals higher damage than a Tank character, and takes hits better than Glass Cannons. Also known as a "secondary tank," an Offtank's role is to basically prevent the main tanks from being too overwhelmed by the opposition, peeling the attackers by outright killing them, or drawing their attention so the main tanks can recover. For example, you can have a Cleric on your frontline being hard-focused by the enemy guild. While the Cleric is being attacked, you can still fight back, hit hard enough to force the attackers to Guard or do other things, distracting them long enough to back off from "all-inning" that Cleric.

    I apologize if I was being more elaborate with this build over the Glass Lancer one, but this is the build I recommend. It says a lot that even higher leveled Lancers use a more defensively-orientated build with 5 or less UR monsters at most. I spent 92 gems on cost resets from a Glass Lancer, and it’s paying off when I can tank Mage Meteor attacks like nothing, and have a higher chance to endure Deadly Arabesque a few times (seeing 4-digit crit damage with a double proc Magic Damage Down XL is just priceless).

    (Here’s a rather… complicated formula for calculating damage, credit @VzReo)

    Build also compatible with:
    - Clerics (proc-heavy 5th Ring healing setups w/ multiple Cost Recovery procs)
    - Soldiers (for the 5th Ring attacks which use primarily ATK, for those wanting to use Rage Slash or Dual Impact)
    - Mages (lifesteal makes tanky builds look feasible, Undermine and Calamity have high AP, and their Max HP is now on par with Clerics since 5th Ring HP boosts)

    Typical ATK for an Offtank Lancer (Lv. 119 and under): 70k - 80k
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    This Is How You DO Play Lancers



      III. Build Suggestion (Post-7th Slot and 8th Slot)

      With other classes, Post-7th Slot builds are straightforward. Soldiers and Clerics simply have full Armors and Helms, and then the rest of their cost goes to their weapons until the 8th Slot, where they get another Armor and Helm. Mages and Archers typically have full Weapon and Monster slots, and then the rest goes to Armors and Helms.

      Where does that leave Lancers?

      Thanks to their raw stats, Lancers have flexibility with their builds. They can build themselves multiple ways since they tend to be all-arounders. With their massive HP, a defensive build is viable for them. But, with their attacks being extremely fast, they can build glass cannon.

      Much like how there’s 6/4/4/6 and 6/5/5/4 builds...

      NOTE: The writeups were done during the time when Soul Destroyer was the best stat stick for building ATK in a cost-efficient manner, before Monster Awakening was introduced. Since the introduction of Monster Awakening, Soul Destroyer is now obsolete (at least until he gets Awakening), so use Ifrits or Greniers instead when using Monster Stat Sticks.

      Glass Lancer (7/10/7)

      Typical ATK for a Glass Lancer (Lv. 120 - 149): 95k - 120k

      The evolved version of the 6/4/4/6 build with the 7th gear slot taken into account, and also shared with Mages and Archers. This build is just about as tanky as 6/5/5/4. 7/5/5/7 maximizes the ATK stat of a Lancer, which helps out for getting the most out of Cross Assault’s damage potential. This build can potentially 2HKO even 100k DEF Soldiers with Severe Sting + Cross Assault, assuming no procs happen in the Soldier’s favor. Also, TaikunZ in his witness reports claims,

      Originally posted by TaikunZ
      All I know about JPUL meta is that they say 7/X/X/7 actually works for Lancers there now.
      ~ Our new JPUL content translator.

      Take that report as you will. Glass Lancers may be viable again with their attacks ripping through even Soldiers and Clerics. But, there’s a chance they might fall off again like when 4th Ring was released. It shares the same problem as the 6/4/4/6 builds, as in 10 defense procs aren’t enough to deal with the 7th gear slot. Still, use this build at your own risk.

      For the sake of comparison, let’s say that a typical 7/5/5/7 Lancer has 95000 ATK. This is with +198 Weapons and Monsters, and maybe a few Infusions here and there.

      Tank Lancer (7/13/4)

      Typical ATK for a Tank Lancer (Lv. 120 - 149): 80k - 95k

      An even more tanky version of the 6/5/5/4 build. Still takes advantage of Lancers having the second highest HP, so the defensive skills help quite a lot. With Anti-Class Defiance, you will be able to tank Mage Meteors easily, unless you get caught in an unlucky scenario where they double proc and don’t trigger your defense procs. That still hurts. It also gives you better odds of tanking Deadly Arabesque or even bouncing it right back for a reflect KO.

      The difference in damage output, however, increases from the Glass Lancer build above due to having less ATK. You’re now 3 Apollos away, so that’s 14076 ATK.

      So on one corner, let’s say you have a 95000 ATK Glass Lancer. This build, on the other corner, with 1 Vol&Rena, 3 Apollos, and 3 Firemins, will have 83330 ATK. That is about a 14% difference in damage output, so a Glass Lancer deals 87780 with KB, while the Tank Lancer hits for 76997, a difference of 10783 damage.

      I'd only build this way if you already have tons of high cost/heavily infused Lances as is (typically 27c or higher). Thus, for those of you worried that this build may be too weak for yourself...

      Offtank Lancer (7/12/5)

      Typical ATK for an Offtank Lancer (Lv. 120 - 149): 85k - 100k

      ...this build’s for you.

      The more “traditional” evolution of the 6/5/5/4 Lancer build. Since the Glass build Lancers get maxed Monster slots, the 6/5/5/4 build gets left behind by 3 monsters. Thus, it can be helpful to throw in another Monster for Lancers to close the difference gap.

      By “another Monster,” I don’t mean you should necessarily do 150 cost. What I mean is, use a cost efficient Monster build such as 34/30/30/23/23/1/1, which is 142 cost. You can go even lower if you’re lucky enough to grab a few 28 cost monsters, replacing the two 30 cost ones for them; that build only requires 138 cost.

      The 6/5/5/4 pre-evolution build requires 126 cost, being 34/30/30/30/1/1. Thus, you only have to spend about 12-16 cost to Monsters to make this build a possibility. Personally, this is the build I’d recommend, because Lancers are the best users of Soul Destroyer as a stat stick. Not only is he 23 cost; he also has amazing cost efficiency, leaving room to get more defensive gear.

      Compared to the Glass Lancers, this build, with 5 Apollos and 2 Firemins, will have 86900 ATK, which is 8100 less than a pure Glass Lancer with 95000 ATK. The ATK difference this time around is 9.32%, which is a smaller gap than the 6/4/4/6 vs 6/5/5/4 builds. It showcases the diminishing returns of ATK in a way.

      If you opt for a 5 UR monster build with Vol&Rena, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x2, and Firemin x2… this build will have 85700 ATK. This is 9300 less ATK than the Glass Lancer, which means a 10.85% difference in damage. Thus, a KB from this build will hit for 79187 damage, compared to the Glass build dealing 87780, a difference of 8593 damage. While you’ll deal about 2.84% more damage than a Tank Lancer build when elemental advantage isn’t applied, the damage difference from a Glass Build is slightly smaller to how it was with 6/5/5/4 vs 6/4/4/6 (which was a 11.27% damage difference).

      There's also the common argument about having at most enough cost to equip 5 UR monsters because you can have 5 different utility monsters, so that's another thing to consider if you end up getting multiple utility monsters over time.

      So for those of you at 6 monsters who hit Lv. 120, and are asking if you should get another armor or monster… it’s viable enough to cost reset just 1 monster for another Armor/Helm piece. You don’t have to reset to 4 monsters unless you really want to be Soldier/Cleric-tier tanky, but the four-monster build works best if you have multiple higher cost Lances with Infusions to boot. Be warned that it would take you beyond Lv. 125 to get more defense gear.

      I'm not saying it isn't viable to run 6 Monsters as a Lancer. In fact, some of the strongest Lancers on the Rankings run at most 6 Monsters! But to me, that's only viable if you already have enough Reflection XL gear to efficiently slot your Anti-Physical and Anti-Magic procs in a balanced manner. The extra defense slot an Offtank Lancer can use is easily a Constant, Opening, or another proc entirely. But given how Lancer monsters traditionally have poor utility, the 6th Monster can be a simple stat stick like another Soul Destroyer to efficiently build ATK and make up for the loss you get when using a Monster with a good utility/element or Unison Score, but offclass stats (like Water Athena or even Yukino).

      8th Slot? WHAT?!

      When JPUL's level cap was increased to 150, another gear slot has been added in. Furthermore, they also have level caps beyond 150 too (165 as of this edit).

      So now, we have builds like...

      Glass Lancer (8/11/8)

      Typical ATK for a Glass Lancer (Lv. 150+): 105k - 150k+

      The pinnacle of Lancer damage.

      A 95000 ATK Lancer from 7/5/5/7 evolves into a beast with 107692 ATK (about +12.7k more ATK). There's other Lancers on the leaderboards with even more ATK, so a 115000 ATK Lancer will evolve into a 127700 ATK monster (using an approximation from the leaderboards; these Lancers have infusions up their Lances, literally).

      Again, choose this build if you really feel confident in doing so, because Monster Cost Efficiency starts to become more effective here for lower-cost Monster builds.

      So an 8 Apollo build is 240 cost, while a Vol&Rena, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x3, Firemin x2 build is 165 cost, a 75 cost difference that can be 2-3 pieces of defense gear. Thus...

      Offtank Lancer (8/13/6)

      Typical ATK for an Offtank Lancer (Lv. 150): 95k - 125k

      Still an effective evolution of the 7/6/6/5 Lancer build.

      You still benefit from the 8th Weapon Slot proc, while also gaining the opportunity to use more pieces of defense gear. You'll go from 85700 ATK to 97552 ATK with the 8th Weapon and the extra Soul Destroyer, keeping the 10.39% damage difference compared to a Glass build.

      With all these armor slots, having 8 Reflection XLs should be enough. With the extra slots, you can stack Constants, a few Opening Skills, and even Apollo's Glory too. Even if you don't have Reflection XLs, you can still stack procs in an Anti-Magic-orientated manner, stacking 8 Magic Damage Down/Magic Reflection procs with 2 Magic Armor Up Constants. The spare slots can be used to equip a few Anti-Physical procs too; it's also worth equipping a Null Physical Damage proc in your Main Slot to cover your vulnerability to Physical attacks thanks to stacking more Anti-Magic procs.

      This is by far the most Glassy that even the highest leveled of Lancers would build. Despite this, since we had 7th Slot for so long, I wouldn't personally go after this build unless you already have multiple Reflection/Damage Down XLs.

      That doesn't mean if you have 6 monsters now, you don't have to reset until later, however. 6 Apollos is still 180 cost. Ifrits may also help slightly for cutting cost too, though the effects are rather minimal; you still get significantly more ATK than just simply building Apollos, however.

      Offtank Lancer (8/14/5)

      Typical ATK for an Offtank Lancer (Lv. 120 - 149): 90k - 120k

      Take the 8/7/7/6 build above and remove one Soul Destroyer. However, add one more +198 Firemin because of the 8th slot. This will be a 3210 difference in ATK, so while a 8/7/7/6 build has 97552 ATK, the 8/8/7/5 build will have 94342 ATK instead.

      Comparing this to a true Glass build, which has 107892 ATK, this will be a 14.36% difference in ATK, so this is like comparing the 7/5/5/7 Glass Lancer build to the 7/7/6/4 Tank Lancer build. It's kinda a step backwards in a way.

      Note: I used to have a Monster build here that involved using 4 Yang Guifeis, but that build is now obsolete thanks to Monster Awakening. An Ifrit, Grenier, and most Rare Spawn Monsters (27c+) have far superior ATK stats than any 35c monster, so don't stress out about farming 35c Monsters now.

      Disclaimer: These builds assume you aren't wearing too much 35 cost gear, or otherwise higher cost defensive gear (28c+) and Monsters in general. If you have multiple Null Damage procs, Mobius defense gear, or even Azure Heaven defense gear equipped, you might have 1 or 2 less procs than what I had listed for a certain build. Keep that in consideration while spending cost.

      Builds and the Lv. 40 Crystal Cap

      With the Crystal cap recently increased to Lv. 40, the HP Multiplier of players has increased from 2.50x to 3.00x. This is a rather significant increase in HP:

      Lancer at Lv. 135

      (Keep in mind that the Cleric HP Shared Trait is a FLAT increase to HP in all game modes, so it doesn't get affected by HP Multipliers other than moves like Heaven's Breath and Great Blessing.)

      Base HP = 88758 + 3000 = 91758 HP

      HP w/ Lv. 30 Crystal = 2.50(88758) + 3000 = 224895 HP
      HP w/ Lv. 40 Crystal = 3.00(88758) + 3000 = 269274 HP (+44379 HP)

      44379 HP doesn't sound like much, but it still gets multiplied further with Heaven's Breath or Great Blessing. This kind of HP can snowball out of control with skills like these.

      Lancer at Lv. 150

      Base HP = 94463 + 3000 = 97463 HP

      HP w/ Lv. 30 Crystal = 2.50(94463) + 3000 = 239157 HP
      HP w/ Lv. 40 Crystal = 3.00(94463) + 3000 = 286389 HP (+47232 HP)

      The higher Crystal level caps and Player level caps make Glass builds lose out in effectiveness, and allows Tank builds to shine. Furthermore, it's been rumored that by Lv. 150, the Max HP increases start to drastically increase (or at least that's what I heard). This is to make up for the 8th Gear Slot coming up, which can equate to a high amount of offense.
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      This Is How You DO Play Lancers



        IV. Monsters, Example Monster Sets, and Comparisons

        7/30/17 - Updated with Monster Potentials taken into account.

        a.) Introduction

        Gotta start somewhere.

        180 cost works to maximize your ATK for a 6/4/4/6 build. 120 cost should be your minimum if you plan to build 6/5/5/4. You can equip 4 30 cost monsters, and you'd need at least 2-3 element choices (not named Haste) for contesting Unison Battles.

        Early on, you won’t be strong enough to farm the 30 cost monsters just yet. Due to this, I recommend putting enough cost to be able to equip any Rare Spawn monster you rerolled for, along with 5 SSR Fire Passas (65 cost total) or SSR Renballs (from the Three Castles event). So by Lv. 90, you’d have up to 93 cost in monsters, depending on how much your starter reroll SSR-base monster has.

        Once you start getting strong enough to do Elemental Rush events (30 cost monsters):

        - Apollo is your bread-and-butter Fire Uni (and husbando). He deals a good amount of damage (150 AP x3, although it can miss) and grants a solid amount of ATK/DEF. Try to farm multiples of him, at least 2 for a 4 monster build, and 4 for a 6 monster build.

        Post Monster Potential, however, Apollo is kinda viable, but he still loses out to Rare Spawn Monsters of the same cost, like Salamander or Simone. Also, he does not get as much ATK as Ifrit or Grenier when at full Potentials, so you're better off farming Ifrit instead.

        - Avsaris provides Balancing utility, helpful against content which contains self-buffing monsters. He’s also a solid Unison color choice for Water as well.

        - Alice works as a Wind Uni option for GvGs, and she can act as a temporary placeholder for Apollos.

        - Amaterasu may be off-element, and her MATK isn’t useful, but she’s the best farmable utility monster. Mass Refresh + 30% Reflect Barrier helps a ton against status-spamming bosses. I highly recommend farming her as your first 30 cost monster as a result. Very few monsters in the Rare Spawn give a full party Reflect buff, so this helps a ton against bosses who hit extremely hard but have quite low HP. Don’t forget that the Reflect works as damage mitigation, too!

        As for miscellaneous monsters…

        - Jabberwock is difficult to reforge, requiring 2 Void Orbs, but he gives more ATK than Soul Destroyer as a Haste monster. Useful for 6/5/5/4 Lancers who have limited slots to squeeze out more ATK.

        - Soul Destroyer (above, and no, not that SinX skill from some old MMORPG based off Norse mythology) is the most cost efficient Monster you can get as a Lancer, being a 23 cost monster with high stats for his price. As mentioned before, 3 of him with 3 30 cost monsters only requires 159 points! You get much more ATK per point in monsters spent than trying to stack 5 Apollos, and this saves cost which can be invested into your Armors/Helms. Quite handy to have a few of him, giving you the capability of playing around with your cost a bit.

        Although Soul Destroyer at first looks like he’s less cost-efficient than a Special 27-28 Cost Monster from United Offense or Rare Spawns, thanks to his low 23 cost, he actually outscales them in cost efficiency once +198 is applied! Thus, Soul Destroyer is the best stat stick for Lancers, although admittedly, Special 29 Cost Monsters like from collabs still beat him, but those aren’t as easy to farm, and you're still using 6 more points that could've been used for more proc armors instead. Given that he uses a Scythe, and Lancers have Scythes as an additional weapon option, it’s no wonder that he’s perfect for this class.

        While he's less cost efficient than 29 cost Monsters, which are currently the monsters with the highest cost efficiency in the game, even with +198 factored in, Soul Destroyer still costs much less to equip, so that 6 cost you would save can be used to equip an expensive Armor/Helm, or more of them. 29 cost Monsters are better off used to replace a 30 cost instead in your build.

        Neither Haste monster has any additional effects other than Haste, which is rather useless in higher levels of play (as Fujin once told me, "HASTE SUCKS"), but at least both serve as great stat sticks, providing ATK and MDEF, the latter of which is more difficult to stack. The problem is, for GvGs, Haste is a useless element, since its Unison Attack is a pure buff that deals no damage.

        UPDATE: Be warned, Soul Destroyer and Jabberwock do NOT have their Monster Potentials released yet. Thus, I wouldn't really farm them until later on, unless you're savvy enough to farm 5 of them ahead of time in case Potentials ever come out for them. If Soul Destroyer gets Potentials that are more ATK-oriented, he will be an extremely powerful stat stick again, but until then, may he rest in peace.

        - Peliasa is odd due to her 25 cost. She’s also more cost-efficient to build points for than Apollo, and gives a bit more ATK in a slot than a Soul Destroyer, albeit she’s not as cost efficient.

        -Ifrit is another oddball. He actually gives slightly more ATK than Apollo does (4838 vs 4692, 146 point difference), albeit less DEF. However, Ifrit, in terms of UR monsters, is the second most cost efficient way to build ATK (only losing to Special 29 Cost monsters, but we’ll get to that). Despite only being 28 cost, his cost efficiency yield for ATK is 172.571 ATK/point. While Soul Destroyer may be cost efficient in terms of total stats, he only gives 167.478 ATK/cost, which, while more efficient than most monsters, still loses to Ifrit outright.

        The downsides of Ifrit are he’s difficult to reforge, requiring 3 Fire Orbs total; is Fire element, which means he doesn’t give MDEF; and he takes up a monster slot for GvGs that could’ve been used for a 30 cost monster to win Unis with.

        However, if you’re a Glass Lancer reaching Lv. 120, and are about to throw in cost for another monster, try to replace your Apollos for Ifrits, slowly but surely. A Glass Lancer with a 34 / 30 x2 / 28 x4 Monster build requires 202 cost, but it actually squeezes out more ATK than a 6-Apollo, 1 Vol&Rena build, which requires 214 cost.

        For a Lancer planning to run 5 monsters, running a 34 / 30 x2 / 28 x2 build gives a great amount of ATK, higher and more efficient than 5 Apollos, while requiring the exact same cost. However, a 34 / 30 x2 / 23 x2 build requires 10 less points in monsters than the Ifrit build, and those 10 points can be used for Armors/Helms.

        AFTER potentials, however, Ifrit becomes the BEST farmable ATK stat stick for Lancers. Once +198 and 5/5 potentials, Ifrit gives a mammoth 8940 ATK, which only Mithra and Zero Valk exceed. Unfortunately, you'll need 18 Fire Orbs to have a proper Ifrit, as he doesn't get his full ATK yield until maxed. For any Glass Lancer out there, you gotta farm 144 Fire Orbs just to maximize your ATK! (For a total of 71520 ATK; Ifrit gives just as much ATK as a 25 cost weapon)

        - Vol&Rena is the resident Fire 34 cost monster. Their utility is rather meh, being a weak heal + Crit Damage boost wipe. Problem is, Kirin hits too hard, and is difficult to survive through to ensure a Vol&Rena wipe. The duo work best as a stat stick to maximize as much ATK from a monster slot as possible, so they’re more recommended for 6/5/5/4 Lancers, or for Glass Lancers absolutely insane enough to maximize ATK.
        Be warned; the duo's 34 cost is extremely cost inefficient. For example, 4 Vol&Renas give noticeably less ATK than 3 Apollos and 2 Soul Destroyers, all for the SAME cost, too (136)!

        While this may not matter much at first, keep in mind that building cost efficiently with Monsters can make up for having less Infusions on your Lances. A 4 Vol&Rena build has 1092 less ATK than a 3 Apollo 2 Soul Destroyer build. When you fill in FIremins in the empty slots of both builds, the ATK difference is 450. For the former comparison, 1092 ATK is roughly equivalent to 2 Infusions for your Lances, while 450 ATK is comparable to a single Infusion.

        Also be warned, Vol&Rena is somewhat outdated due to Monster Potentials, but who knows, what if they give Vol&Rena Potentials as well? Keep that in mind in the future; 34 cost monsters may actually be able to damage enemies as part of their Unison Skill Boosts from Potentials, or even become far better stat sticks than other monsters.

        Grenier is your farmable 28 cost monster from United Offense. He's unique in the sense that he's a Dark element Monster with stats equivalent to the typical 28 cost Rare Spawn Monsters, a balancing choice done to allow United Offense monsters to shine as different Unison element options in GvGs. Thus, he's an incredibly cost-efficient stat stick, being used to replace Apollo in your build to cut cost in Monsters.

        But two things: despite his high cost efficiency, he isn't as efficient as a Soul Destroyer, and uses up 5 more cost points. He has higher ATK, however, which is something to consider. Although if you wanted to absolutely maximize your ATK, Ifrit is the best monster to do so. Even though his total cost efficiency isn't great, his cost efficiency in ATK is amazing, even higher than Soul Destroyer. If you're willing to use 3 Fire Orbs to reforge him to UR, then Ifrit is a better choice of a stat stick than Grenier. Despite this, Grenier is much better in Light element content, and is viable for a damage uni option in GvGs if you need to counter a Light element uni.

        (Maybe this is why Lancer United Offense was released last: Soul Destroyer is a more cost efficient stat stick overall, and Ifrit is the best monster for building ATK cost efficiently for Lancers...)

        HOWEVER, Grenier recently got his Monster Potential, and even at 4/5 Potentials, Grenier only has 216 less ATK than Ifrit. The reason why you want Grenier at 4/5 Potentials is because the last skill is a weak ATK/DEF buff, and realistically, you'd only get 17 more ATK from that last infusion -- not worth it. Grenier gets all his ATK Potentials at 4/5 regardless. Also, he's arguably easier to farm than Ifrit, as you don't need Orbs, plus he's more cost efficient for boosting your GS.

        Special Farmable Monsters

        These monsters come from collab events, and are highly worth going after. Well, back then, they were, but they tend to become obsolete as time passes; newer Collabs tend to release more Monsters which are even more powerful than the older ones, so invest with care. Even though they have passed since this guide’s existence, at least they’re excellent, and are viable enough compared to Rare Spawn monsters.

        Typically, you have to be Top 500 to get the UR version of the monster. If you’re at Top 2000, you only get the SSR version. Unfortunately, the SSR version cannot be reforged to UR. The competition for Top 500 is heavy, so expect to spend no less than 200+ Gems on card keys to increase your Prestige Ranking high enough to make the cut.

        Stats (at least for the original 29 cost collab monsters):
        Top: 3734 (5074)
        Bottom: 3734 (5074)

        - [RQ] Asuka(Fire, 29 cost) from the Evangelion event is an excellent choice. She’s basically Maid Alice (recovers cost to all allies), but gives a self-A.T. Field and wipes enemy buffs as an extra bonus. Plus, you can pick her with any stat combination you want! Sure, the UR version of her was difficult to get, but at least even the SSR version of her is no different, except for raw stats.

        - [RQ] Mari (Haste, 29 cost) is an excellent alternative to Joan. If you’re one of those unlucky chaps or lasses who don’t have Joan, then this version of Mari is just as good. Even though she only gives 20 Physical AP (and 20 Magic AP) as a buff, she also heals the party and gives an A.T. Field to the user. Plus, with people spamming Valkyries, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach +80% ATK anyways. UR or not, she will save you the trouble of having to spawn Joan.
        However, be warned that Mari is a Haste element monster. This will cause people to throw out their Jabberwocks, Soultakers, etc. to trigger Haste. Might want to troll them by casting Mari just before the window to Unison closes. :T

        - [S] MM 2016 Hatsune Miku (Haste, 29 cost) gives 2 stacks of Regen (highest of out any monster so far), MR, and increases Crit Damage by 20%. Not bad, but her buffs are more useful if someone else has Shina, Kagamine Rin, or any other Crit Rate buffer.

        [Halberd] Asuka Langley (Fire, 30 cost) has excellent stats, and deals decent damage to boot. She also inflicts 40% Status Resistance Debuff, which is excellent with strategies like Paralysis, Uni Block, or Cerberus abuse. Not only that, she cleanses debuffs too, though in PvE, she's not that useful compared to her [RQ] variant.

        - [Heavy Scythe] Rei Ayanami (Haste, 30 cost) is rather unique. She applies a +20 AP damage taken debuff (Physical and Magic) to all enemies, Balances them, and then heals all allies. The AP debuff is unique, as it indirectly buffs the damage of multi-hit unis, but other than that, Rei's not quite as useful compared to other Collab monsters.

        [Flutter] Sakura Miku (Wind, 30 cost) is one of the better Collab monsters in the game. She gives 40% All Stats, Mass Refresh utility, 20 pts Cost Recovery, and Limit Breaks your ATK and MATK stats to 100%, if you can get it up there through other buffs. One of the best universal buffs in the game, and she's like Water Valk and Haste Valk combined. However, those two recently got buffed with Monster Potentials, so while Sakura Miku is still great, other monsters can give more ATK investment. Honestly, she's more of an Archer monster than anything due to her buffs affecting both ATK and MATK, so she's probably better off as standard Wind element Monster stats, although you can still have her as any other combination. While a more PvE-oriented monster, Sakura Miku can make for clutch plays in PvP as a solo Uni.

        [HK] Gilgamesh (Light, 31 cost) is one of the best Light unis in the game, sporting incredibly high damage, 40% All Stats debuffs, and increased Cost Recovery. He's more PvP-focused, no surprise, but the debuffs and cost recovery work well in PvE to some extent. Be warned his damage is really inconsistent; sometimes he'll deal little damage, sometimes he'll one-shot a few enemies on the receiving end, and in other cases, he may just miss all his hits as well!

        [Kawaii Kouhai] Sakura Matou (Water, 31 cost) is sleeper OP. She cleanses debuffs and status ailments, and applies a 30% Max HP buff to all allies. Not only that, she also casts the Senpai buff, which gives you 40% All Stats, 20 AP resistance, and 5% Regen effect. Also one of the fewest Water monsters that actually gives ATK, so she's nice to have around, and even if she's offclass stats, she's useful as a Swiss Army Knife utility for any class.

        What stat should I pick?

        The special thing about these monsters is that you can pick any stat you want! ATK/DEF, MATK/DEF, MDEF/ATK, and so on.

        The best stat for a Lancer to pick for these monsters, hands down, is MDEF/ATK. This provides a much needed MDEF boost, which you lack due to having mostly Fire monsters, along with Armor or Helm type gear; the good MDEF/ATK monsters tend to be Rare Spawn only.

        Even at SSR (24 cost), you still gain some ATK compared to using an offelement utility monster like say, Amaterasu or Aizen, whose MATK won’t be doing anything for you. They are less cost efficient compared to 30 or even 34 cost monsters at SSR, however. But at UR, if you have them, collab monsters from Ranking Rewards have the highest cost efficiency in the game. (Although they still lose against 34 cost monster unis)

        However, newer Collab Ranking monsters have much more utility than their SSR versions nowadays, so sometimes, you should not settle for the SSR version.

        Utility Monster Choices

        Always put your best utility monster in your Main Monster slot, because that will make party leaders less likely to kick you. It's easier to trust a Lancer bringing Joan, Shina, Aizen, Lilith, Fiine, etc. in the main slot rather than one who has Apollo or Alice there.

        - Farmables

        Amaterasu - The best farmable utility monster that’s readily available, hands down. First step to endgame content, since 30% Reflect can stack enough with other Amaterasus or Snow White to have certain bosses commit “Reflectacide,” and the Mass Refresh utility is useful for a ton of content as well. Clerics may not be able to save a party afflicted with Curse, while a Paralyzed/Confused Cleric can end up killing the party by being unable to heal. Amaterasu is insurance in case you or someone fails at timing Mass Refresh before taking a heavy status ailment attack from bosses.

        Avsaris - another must-have, not just for GvG. Bosses tend to buff themselves, and Avsaris helps for Balancing utility.

        If you farmed
        Yulia, she's another great utility, being just like Avsaris, but can drop as ATK/DEF or MDEF/ATK.

        Yup, not many choices in terms of farmables, but these are the highest quality ones you could find. Most farmable monsters are more suited for GvG for their damage output. The 34 cost monsters, on the other hand, specialize in removing “Advanced Buffs,” which can’t be erased with Balancing:

        Yukino (Water) - Regen
        Vol&Rena (Fire) - Crit Damage
        Thanatos (Dark) - Clock Haste
        Zephyrus (Wind) - Reflect
        Ra (Light) - Barrier

        Choose them based on what content you’re facing, and use them appropriately.

        Keep in mind, 34 cost monsters might gain Monster Potentials in the future, so if you're bored, farming 6 of them isn't a bad idea.

        - Farmables you SHOULDN'T use as a utility

        Unfortunately, not all farmable monsters were created equal.

        - Flora is the prime example of this. I keep seeing Lancers carrying her around (UR too!), using her as if they think her weak attack + 1 stack Regen effect is useful. Her sorry face infuriates me just as much as Lancers using CURE or Dragon Assault.

        First off, Flora is a trash utility monster. So what if she gives you a Regen effect? Now, before you say, "WAAAAAAAHHHH LANCERS SUCK BECAUSE THEY CAN'T HEAL!", Flora's Regen effect is negligible. Plus, there's a ton of other far superior Regen monsters, like the Event MM2016 Miku (you'll often see others use her, and she gives a stronger Regen at 2 stacks), or Cu Chulainn (who gives 30% ATK/MATK too).

        Secondly, you just wasted 3 Wind Orbs. Those could've been spent for far useful items like Alice's MDEF Glory Clothing or even the Divine Tempest Lance as a farmable Physical Testament proc.

        And third, if you wanted to heal, why not just use Unicorn? This guy's heal is an instant 32%, and he wipes debuffs, too. You can even spawn him without even trying, and he doesn't require orbs to reach his max potential; you can just leave him at his base form as a 14 cost monster, and his utility is the same, reforged or not. Sure, he doesn't give ATK, but if you desperately wanted to heal as a Lancer, use him. Even Cu Chulainn works similarly, and his ATK and MATK buff is also appreciated.

        Furthermore, Flora does NOT give as much ATK as an Ifrit once both are at Max Potential. So please, let that be the last nail in the coffin; Ifrit is waaaaaaayyyyyy better for a stat stick.

        - Any monster that attacks and has no other useful additional effects

        This includes Soul Destroyer, Apollo, Ifrit, Nidhogg... the list goes on. Some of their effects are useless (like status effects), or aren't strong enough to be meaningful (Nidhogg's 30% DEF break is better off for PvP unis to maximize Apollo's damage). Just keep them for stat sticks.

        Alice looks like an exception at first, since her Clock Haste debuff helps against bosses who cast Clock Haste themselves. But this utility is niche, and you can just use Amaterasu instead.

        They aren't completely useless, as like I said, Soul Destroyer and Apollo work as stat sticks. But when it comes to using actual Unis, just please, use something else. And for the love of God, DON'T SEND YOUR APOLLO TO MATCH UNIS WITH SOMEONE WHO USED SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE ARES OR JOAN!

        - Nyx looks like a great utility monster, giving a 60% ATK/MDEF debuff to the enemies. However, we Lancers are not Magical beings, and we also don't take insane damage from Basic Attacks, so Nyx's debuffs are useless for us. Sure, the ATK debuff is great for Physically-orientated bosses, but most bosses have both Physical and Magic attacks, so you'll only benefit from Nyx half the time.

        (Although Lilith is similar to Nyx, being Dark element as well, she debuffs enemies with 50% ALL stats. Thus, she's useful for any class for a one-stop utility fix, since a 50% ATK/MATK debuff effectively halves the damage output of a boss, gravities aside. Plus, her DEF/MDEF debuff also helps in damage output.)

        - Rare Spawns


        - "Special" refers to monsters available at exclusive spawns like the Popularity Events; these monsters also give more stat points relative to their cost, and 28 cost Special monsters have stats really close to 30 cost monsters

        Edit: I redefined my specifications on what a "special x cost monster" really is. Since 28-30 cost monsters have better stats than farmable monsters with the same cost (with the exception of United Offense monsters, since they have the same stats as 28 cost, unless otherwise mentioned), I changed it so "Special" simply refers to if said monster has more stats than usual monsters with the same cost (think Eva-04, Athena, Fiine, etc.).

        And no, monsters with customizable stats like Mithra and Lucifer won't be covered here. I'm strictly covering the monsters which give ATK/DEF, or MDEF/ATK in their stats.

        Fiery Taurus (17 cost SR) - A good entry-level utility monster for Lancers. He buffs the team with 40% ATK and DEF, along with 30% Crit Rate. This buff is great all around, buffing your best offensive stat and also providing crit rate to allow you to abuse your Crit Damage passive.

        Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
        The downside is not just being SR max; Taurus's buff is also just 40 seconds, rather than 50-60 seconds that most Rare Spawn monsters have. Watch out for stagger unis.
        Edit: Seems like I mixed things up. Taurus's buff duration seems to have always been 60 seconds since the beginning of time. In that case, this makes him an excellent buff utility monster, albeit slightly worse than Joan.

        Taurus still gives a higher ATK buff than Joan (40% > 30%), but Joan's Physical AP buff doesn't conflict with other buff monsters like Wind Athena or Shinatobe. Plus, if there's already 2 Valk users in your party, Taurus's ATK buffs are useless. He's still good, but his buffs tend to overlap with others.

        Behemoth (25 cost) - Before, I listed Behemoth as a sleeper OP monster because of not only his great cost efficiency, but 20% Uni Block Resistance. However, it turns out, that boost WASN'T 20% to begin with. It was 10% in JPUL since the beginning of Monster Potentials, and recently, as of 9/28, the boost was changed to accommodate for that typo. Unfortunately, if you didn't know the context, you'd think they nerfed Behemoth, but theoretically, if you had 2 Behemoths and the Cleric Sub Trait for Status Resistance, you'd only have a 41% Uni Block Resistance, which gets you blocked 19% of the time (29% from Archers). So the boost probably wasn't high enough to begin with; I bet if someone infused 3 Behemoths, and got hit by an Indra/Santa Flora/Merlyn, they'd still get screwed over by the 9% chance, which seems improbable, but it will happen at some point.

        So unfortunately, Behemoth is still rather useless.

        Joan (27 cost) - One of the best Fire utility monsters. She boosts ATK and DEF by 30%, and Physical AP by 30. This is a huge boost when you think about it, because it turns your Basic Attack from an "afterthought skill" into a "deceptively powerful skill." With Joan + Attack Stance, the Basic Attack goes from 60 AP to 110 AP, which is a huge boost for a skill with such a low cooldown. And that's before adding in procs. Even without Attack Stance, the Joan buff makes the Basic Attack still worth using, since it gets the AP modifier required to beat Knight’s Blitz for sustained damage (> 20 AP); this matters for events like Mobius where you need 3 Sting skills. It also boosts the damage of Cross Assault by a sizable amount too.

        Post-Potential - Joan's ATK buff becomes 50%, so it helps in preventing those awkward 70% ATK moments when you use her with a 40% All Stats monster in the same Unison Chance.

        Kagutsuchi (26 cost) - another good Fire utility monster, aka "KFC." Ward is a valuable buff, as it triggers once you take lethal damage. Although multi-hits still kill through it, the majority of attacks in PvE are strong single hits, so KFC's ward is life-saving. Considering that even Clerics, Archers, and Mages bring KFC along, even if his stats aren't optimal for them, this is a huge deal. Only downside besides multi-hits is if someone else has KFC in the party; at that point, you can't use your KFC other than reapplying popped Wards.

        Post-Potential - KFC gains mainly Paralysis Resistance and +50 Fire Defense against Wind Unisons. Rather meh, but the Paralysis resistance can be kinda clutch to shut down one of the status effects of Qwaser Waltz.

        Fire Valk (25 cost) - 40% All Stats is a huge boost to any class, so it’s flexible for a one-fix buff option. Unlike most monsters, Valk's (all types) All Stats buff has a long duration of a whopping 120 seconds. However, unlike the rest of the Valks, who have a utility of some sort, Fire Valk only has a 240 AP attack, which pales in comparison to utilities like a Party Heal, Party Regen, Party %Heal + Mass Refresh, or Balancing.

        Post-Potential - Gains Cost Recovery Speed Increase at full Potential. This drastically improves her viability with other unis, being like a Haste effect.

        Fiine (Special 27 cost) - One of the best Haste utility monsters in the game. Fiine does a good heal (70 AP when maxed), but not only that, she also gives Mass Refresh AND Purifying Light utility at the same time, too! Very rarely is this present in monsters; most of the time it's either one or the other.

        Post-Potential - 25% Blind Resistance and a stronger AP heal. Not bad, as the heal can be really clutch, but unfortunately, Fiine cannot heal through Curse because Added Effects go after the Main effect. Blind Resistance does help for Archer Qwaser Waltz to some extent. Despite this, Fiine still has her uses, as her lower stats and Haste element let her directly hard-counter Loki single-unis. Sakura Matou would just go first and everyone would still get Paralyzed.

        Nobunaga (28 cost) - God Tier for Wind element content because 8 stacks of Fire Advantage boost is like having 8 more pieces of Fire equipment, which is a 40% damage boost (not affected by Crits) Even if you can't use his Fire Element boosts, Nobunaga still has his Balancing utility going for him, so you can swap out Avsaris for more ATK. Being a Special 28 cost, Nobunaga has stats really close to a 30 cost monster.

        Originally posted by LaconicLeaf when he thought Elemental Damage was +10% ATK/MATK
        Edit: As mentioned earlier, it seems like Elemental damage works a lot differently than we thought it would be (+5% additional damage, not boosted by crits). As reference:

        For every stack of elemental damage you have, your raw ATK stat increases by 10%. Thus, if you have 80000 ATK, and 1 Water stack, you'll have 88000 ATK against Fire Monsters.

        Now going back to Nobunaga, the 8 stacks of Fire Advantage Boost is a +80% ATK buff against Wind Monsters (additive with any existing Fire element stack you have). This is much, much higher than ANY other buff you can get.

        Edit: Disregard my quoted analysis above. Elemental Damage is still +5% ATK/MATK per stack against the enemy weak against it. So Nobunaga's 8 stacks translate to a +40% ATK/MATK boost against Wind Monsters.

        Thus, if you have Artemis, Ushiwakamaru, Sacred Luminous, or Hel, USE THEM. I don't care if they're off-class, the elemental advantage boost is still a formidable damage boost, leaving room even if 80% All Stats is achieved from dual Valks; Luminous, unlike the others, boosts ALL elements, making her extremely flexible no matter what the party composition is. They also have their own share of utility; Artemis and Hel have Mass Refresh, Ushi has Purifying Light, and Luminous has a heal.

        Samurai Nezha (27 cost)- Fire element version of Nezha who puts up a 3 stack Reflect at the same duration as Amaterasu. He has on-color stat boosts, but he lacks the Mass Refresh utility. Fairly outdated, but who knows, if he gets Potential, this can change.

        Athena (Special 27 cost) - Special version of Athena, giving the same Cooldown Reduction effect (30%), but also a 30% All Stats buff. Another good monster, considering CDR turns your Basic Attack into a rapid-fire skill. One Athena makes your Basic Attack have a CD of 3 seconds, while two Athenas lowers it to 2, letting you use it literally after every other skill. She did however get buffed, granting 20% Status Ailment Resistance.

        Post-Potential - At 2/4 Potentials, Fire Athena's Status Resistance becomes equal to Andromeda (40%), so she's pretty much the direct opposite of her, especially considering her Full Potential boosts her All Stats buff from 30% to 50%.

        Athena (Special 27 cost) - While the worst version of Athena available, only giving a 1 stack Regen buff and a 100 AP team heal, CDR is still exclusive to the Athena line. Keep in mind that Haste Athena may get buffed in the future; they did just that with Light Athena (attacks 3 times for 220 AP each, can miss; added 1-hit Null Shield) and Fire Athena (30% All Stats instead of 30% ATK/DEF).

        Post-Potential - Oh boy, Haste Athena gets a huge buff once brought to full potential. 2/4 Potential buffs her Regen to 10%, while 4/4 Potential gives her a Unison Fill Boost of 3 per action, making her like a Pseudo-Planetary Monster. Unlike Planetaries, Haste Athena's Unison Boost has a Cooldown Reduction buff, so you can rapid-fire Basic Attacks to quickly gain that Uni back.

        Abeno Seimei (28 cost) - A Fire element monster which everyone seems to be forgetting. While Seimei's 3 Magic attacks do miss, he hits HARD, at 190 AP per blow (SL5). This is comparable to the damage Kirin and Anubis can do. Seimei isn't a one-trick pony; aside from hitting so hard, he also reduces the Critical Damage of all enemies by 50% (5 stacks), which effectively renders critical hits nullified (base crit damage is +50 AP, damage is still red, but the damage is comparable to non-crits); Archers and Fatal Testament Lancers effectively get shut down by Seimei. On top of that, Critical Damage debuffs cannot be wiped by normal Purification effects, so an Archer trying to use Purifying Wind (Basic Ability replacement) fails to remove the debuff; only a Cleric's Purification can wipe it. Seimei also applies a 30% DEF & MDEF debuff too, which helps for wallbreaking, and he even removes status ailments from all allies.

        He has his uses in PvE, where he can stop bosses from landing a lucky crit hax attack which kills one or two allies, but his Mass Refresh is the main reason to use him, considering it's a rarity in Fire Monsters (Kagamine Rin and Verdandi come to mind). PvP is where he truly shines, especially with his sheer damage output and his ability to render Fatal Testaments useless with the Critical Damage debuff.

        Post-Potential - Gains 15% Paralysis Resistance and the DEF/MDEF debuffs increase to 50%. Not bad, but honestly, an AP damage increase debuff would've been so much better (or even an AP damage debuff).

        Summer Apollo (28 cost) - a strict upgrade to Apollo; he gives ATK/MDEF rather than ATK/DEF. Higher damage, and he also brings utility in the form of 40% ATK and MATK, along with a 15% HP team heal. If you already have a +198 Apollo, feel free to Augment him into this one, as you get MDEF and a much stronger Unison attack, not to mention higher cost efficiency.

        Post-Potential - 2/4 Potential boosts the Maximum HP heal to 20%, and Full Potential grants Elevate. Fairly decent, but Ares is still kinda better with Cost Recovery Speed Up and Unison Boost. Aside from Treasure Spawn Monsters, Summer Apollo is the best Haste stats monster with Potential in the game so far.

        Ares (29 cost) - a Greek God that was genderbent? That's not the first time that happened *points at Poseidon*. Anyways, her 50% ATK and DEF buffs are huge, she boosts Unison Gauge fill (+3 points on all actions), AND she also increases Cost Recovery fill. On top of that, she also casts Elevate on the user, which means higher proc chance, translating into a higher Break chance due to the increased Main Slot proc rate (Elevate is a red circle with an "S" on it, and it boosts Main Slot proc rate by an additive 30%. Combine Break with her buff, along with Haste (not required, but complementary), and you can literally turbocharge your Unison Gauge. Likely dethrones Joan as the best Fire utility monster, considering her buffs are great for even non-Physical classes too. Elevate also boosts the proc rates of any offensive skill in your defense gear Main Slots, too, so Apollo's Glory or Fatal Testament XLs will also see mileage out of the buff.

        Originally posted by Everyone Who Sees TaikunZ

        Calm down, I just explained it. Next!

        Verdandi (29 cost) - One of the Norns from Norse mythology, specifically the Norn of the Present. Verdandi casts a 40% party heal, along with a Mass Refresh. Much like Urd, she applies a 50% Reflect Barrier on yourself. But her main feature is her 50% All Stats debuff to the enemy team. This is just as strong as a Lilith debuff, although Verdandi does not apply a 50% Status Resistance debuff, which separates Lilith from other debuff monsters. Verdandi is a support debuff monster, as while she applies a heavy debuff to the enemies, she also applies a strong heal to the party, and removes status effects.

        Her utility is really good in PvE, since she can remove status effects, heal really hard, and increase your survivability, easing the pressure for the Cleric. In PvP, while the lack of a 50% Status Resistance debuff doesn't open up certain strategies, the party heal is powerful with the HP multipliers, and the 50% Reflect Barrier makes it so enemies can back off from you and hit someone else instead.

        Valkyrie Zero (30 cost) - The Haste Valk, who packs a ton of utility in one package. Valkyrie Zero (not to be confused with a certain red Reploid) applies a 20% All Stats debuff to all enemies, a 40% All Stats buff to the party, and also recovers 10 cost as well. Some people don't think highly of Valkyrie Zero, since her debuff is rather low, and her All Stats buff is 60 seconds, rather than 120 unlike the other Valks.
        But for a Haste monster, Valkyrie Zero is the best of her element; Crystal Miku may recover more cost (18 vs 10), and she gives a 30% Crit Rate boost, but other monsters like Wind Athena give not only the same Crit Rate, but also a hefty 30% Crit Damage buff. Lucifer may Balance and give buffs depending on what class you are, but those buffs are rather erratic, and can be earned from other Unisons. Haste Athena only really applies a Regen, Heal, and CDR buff, which pales in comparison to All Stats. RQ Mari only gives 20 Physical and Magic AP damage, which, while admittedly useful, isn't that strong unless you already have 80% All Stats buffs.

        Unfortunately, Valkyrie Zero only comes from a Shared Bonus Spawn event, so she's next to impossible to get unless you're REALLY lucky with spawning when the global item counter is low (<200). It certainly makes you want to scream, "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOORRRR!?" if you failed to spawn her.

        Post-Potential -
        BEHOLD, THE STRONGEST ATK STAT STICK MONSTER IN THE GAME! Valkyrie Zero, once at Full Potential and +198, gives a MASSIVE 9882 ATK. This is easily comparable to a low-end 28 cost Lance, fully infused. Even without all the Potentials, the ATK at 1/4 Potential should be about 9750. If you have this Valk, try to get her to 1/4 Potentials ASAP, as that ATK boost is huge. Furthermore, 15% Prohibit Unison Resistance is highly useful too, and helps for Colo matches.

        The Full Potential also has a Unison Skill Boost which increases her Cost Recovery Fill from 10 to 18, so you can use other Wind Unis besides [Flutter] Sakura Miku. Most people suggest to use Simone/Enomis/Flutter Sakura Miku as the core buff Uni, but Haste Valk actually gives room for better options; all Enomis is really doing is debuffing the enemy 50% All Stats, and giving Awakening and 30% Crit Rate to everyone; basically no better than an Assassin or Shina buff-wise. With Haste Valk, you can do a much superior Uni:

        Haste - Valk
        Fire - Athena OR Rin&Len
        Wind - Athena OR Summer Hel
        Water - Mercury
        Light- Sacred Luminous or [HK Ea] Gilgamesh

        This Uni gets 80% All Stats, 40% Crit Rate and Dmg, 40% Status Resistance, 50% CDR, +3 Unison Fill, Cost Recovery Up, and then either 20 Physical/Magic AP, or +4 to all Element Stacks. Plus, the enemy gets debuffed to 70% All Stats as well. If you really wanted to maximize damage, use a Full Potential Summer Hel instead of the Light Monster if you don't mind matching. A uni like this is why Haste Valk is so good.

        Simone (30 cost) - One of the best buff monsters in the game, Simone not only gives your team 40% All Stats; she also gives 30% Crit Damage and self-casts Awakening. But that's not all. She also hits fairly hard too, the same amount as the 30 cost Asuka from the Second Evangelion Collab (200 AP x2), and damages you for 40% of your current HP. This self-damage aspect allows you to trigger Awakening, and to top it all off, you get a 1 stack Regen buff too.

        Be warned, however, Simone is highly susceptible to Balancing, given her high stats for a Fire Monster. Any Balancing monster you can think of will humiliate you handily, especially Loki, probably the best Balancing monster in the game thus far for his ability to Confuse at a stupidly high rate.

        Also, unlike her Magic stat-based counterpart,
        Enomis (30 cost), she doesn't have much of a lingering effect even if she gets Balanced; Enomis still debuffs the enemy 50% All Stats, so the enemy has to choose between a Balancing or Purifying Light Uni. Eva Unit 13 Awakened is the hard counter to Enomis, as he erases debuffs from your end and balances the enemy, but not many people have him though.

        While Enomis may be MATK/MDEF for a Haste monster, it's still worth using her, as she's literally the same monster, but with stronger solo Unison effects. Being Haste element gives her a Unison Score penalty, so while she may not be usable for team unis, for a Solo Uni, the score penalty will likely make your enemies go first so they can't Balance your buffs or Purify debuffs away.

        Yashamaru (30 cost) - Part of the 30 Cost Elemental Monster Series, which boosts 2 stats by 60%, and casts Elevate on the user. Yashamaru deals 280 AP damage, buffs your ATK and DEF by 60% each, and adds 4 Dark Elemental stacks, all for 60 seconds, so it's a hefty buff for any Lancer or Soldier using him. Furthermore, Elevate is a flexible proc. It can alleviate the abysmal proc rates of skills like Pursuit Testament or Enforcer Testament, make high proc rate skills like Seal of ATK XL even more consistent, or you can combine not only your Main Slot Weapon, BUT also Fatal Testament XL defense gear, too! Small, yet key details like these make Elevate a much, much devastating skill than it looks.

        Not to mention, he also has MDEF/ATK stats, so once he gets Monster Potentials, he becomes a solid choice for a Haste Stats monster.

        Tsuyukusa (30 cost) - Similar to Yashamaru, except with Water instead of Dark Elemental stacks, and she also deals slightly more damage, at 300 AP. Unlike Yashamaru, her ATK/DEF buff is noticeably lower, at 50% each instead of 60%, though that is quite negligible since 40% All Stats Monsters are everywhere these days to pick up the slack. Keep in mind, Tsuyukusa is one of the rare Water monsters that boost your ATK stat, so she's incredibly useful in that regard.


        First Evangelion Collab
        Eva-04 (Special 28 cost) - Kaworu's Eva mech is an excellent choice for Lancers. Aside from a 240 AP attack, he applies a hefty 30% All Stats debuff to the enemies, and applies an Elevate buff on yourself. While not as useful as Ares, he's still one of the few options of getting the Elevate buff applied.

        Eva-02 (28 cost) - Asuka's Eva mech is pretty much Apollo, but a LOT more stronger. It does 4 140 AP hits, but also hits a random target for 280 AP damage. Furthermore, unlike Apollo, Eva-02 doesn't miss, so it can melt enemy teams quickly. Aside from the sheer damage output, Eva-02 also wipes debuffs from your team, helpful if you're against a Lilith/Nyx-happy guild.

        Eva Pilot Asuka (28 cost) - "What are you, stupid?!"
        Asuka's utility is Balancing, which is ok, and she also increases Unison Gauge fill by +1 points per action... but! She also inflicts the Mind Contamination debuff (70% chance). While its effects are rather unknown on bosses, they can still get inflicted with that status, so it's worth a shot.

        Mind Contamination randomly disables 1-3 of your skills while it's active. This can be game-breaking for Colosseum or even upper-tier GvG. If Asuka disables the enemy's ability to use Heals which wipe status effects, or their ability to cast certain attacks, or prevents them from casting Barriers or Guard, she gives you a major advantage while that debuff is applied, and this can make you win matches. (Just hope the enemy doesn't have any status-wiping Unis)

        Eva-02 RT (F Type) II (Special 28 cost) - While Asuka riding an Eva-02 themed motorcycle is an excellent stat stick (barely beats 30 cost monsters' stats while costing less), her buffs are contradictory to what her stats are (ATK/DEF). She boosts MATK and MDEF by 50% each, reduces enemy MDEF by 40%, and boosts Cost Recovery speed. She would've been way better if she buffed the physical stats instead, but speaking of which...

        Eva-01 RT (Sport) II (Special 28 cost) is a Light element monster (Rei on an Eva-01 themed motorcycle) who does the same things Eva-02 RT does, except Physical instead. Oddly, her stats are MDEF/ATK, and her buffs are appropriate for her stats, though Eva-02 RT boosts Physical stats, and buffs/debuffs Magic stats instead.

        I honestly don't know why Eva-02 RT boosts the opposite stats of what it gives... so Eva-02 RT is basically a Mage monster, while Eva-01 RT is a Lancer/Soldier monster. While they technically were designed to be used as a set to encourage players to do the Evangelion Racing Blaster uni, it... still doesn't make sense to mess up Eva-02 RT's stats.

        First Hatsune Miku Collab
        Crystal Miku (28 cost) - Our favorite Vocaloid, wearing a motif of the Guild Crystal! She boosts the crit rate of everyone by 30%, heals for 30%, and recovers 18 cost. Another great utility monster for Lancers, probably one of the better Haste utilities in general.

        Kagamine Rin (28 cost) - Fire type Shinatobe, albeit with a 2-hit 190AP attack and Mass Refresh utility. She can be used for even GvGs since her attacks hit hard enough as is, and MR is great for countering status-heavy guilds.

        Second Evangelion Collab
        Eva Unit 13 (29 cost) - Making up for the rather mediocre pool of monsters Lancers got from the Hatsune Miku collab, U13 is one of the best Lancer monsters recently released thus far. He deals 4 hits of 200 AP damage which have 80% accuracy. Not only that, he also grants you a 30% Physical/Magic Barrier, and on top of that, you get the Frenzy buff, allowing you to ignore enemy procs.

        Eva Unit 13 Awakened (Special 29 cost) - The ultimate form of the Eva Unit 13, piloted by Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa, this beast not only boosts the maximum HP of all allies by 29%, it also wipes debuffs from your party, and wipes buffs from your enemies. That being said, Unit 13 Awakened looks like a better clone of Siren, but... it also gives the Awakening status on yourself.

        This buff, previously exclusive to Eva Unit-01 Awakened (albeit a Mage monster), triggers when your HP goes under 60% (before or after the buff). Once that condition is met, you lose all inflicted status ailments and debuffs, and then gain 50% All Stats, 30% Crit Rate, 30 AP Physical and Magic damage, and then a 50% Barrier. While that sounds extremely powerful, be warned that a Balancing (skill or uni) WILL cause you to lose the All Stats and AP buffs. Fortunately, since Haste monsters get a Unison Score penalty in GvGs, despite Unit 13 Awakened's relatively high Unison Score, he can go after a Balancing monster who tries to intercept the buff if the user was already under 60% HP (also, the Max HP buff can put someone above the Awakening trigger threshold, keeping your buffs safe).

        Awakening is a scary skill, and can lead to a 1v5 in the user's favor. Considering how Lancers can use Break Thrust to ignore procs while attacking in a superbuffed state, and how the Basic Attack scales extremely well with said buffs... You really don't want to force a Lancer to Awakening without the right preparations.

        Second Hatsune Miku Collab
        Rin & Len (30 cost) is kind of a more utility based version of Wind Athena. They do a big heal (120 AP), and then boost Crit Rate and Crit Damage by 40% each. 40% is rather high enough, so you don't have to use 2 Wind Athenas in a Uni (like if you're in Mobius, you don't have to worry about matching); for example, someone can use the Eva-01 Car for the cost recovery, then you can use Rin & Len as a Crit Damage fix.

        Unfortunately, that was the only new monster Lancers got from the collab. It's rather low-budget compared to what Evangelion yields...

        First Fate/stay night Collab

        Originally posted by Shirou Emiya
        People die if they are killed. That's the way it should be. Just because you're correct, doesn't mean you're right. When you have a birthday, you celebrate being born.

        ~ Shirou Emiya's infamous Captain Obvious quotes
        While the collab took a while to get released here due to acquiring the License, they managed to do so, and even got the Japanese seiyuu voices for the characters to be used here.

        So here's the rundown:

        [KoK] Saber (30 cost) - Everyone's favorite waifu character from Fate, at least from what I observed. Saber deals 360 AP Magic Damage (40 less than Arthur), and she also grants a Purifying Light utility, and 40% ATK/DEF buff.

        The kicker? Despite being ATK/DEF, Saber has an additional effect: she also boosts the Ability Power of Soldiers by 30 when used. Unfortunately, that 30 AP buff is unusable for us Lancers, so she's pretty much used as a high cost Light Unison, high nuking power for a solo Unison, or for PL, which there are other choices. You're better off using...

        [MSM] Lancer (30 cost) - Unlike Saber, Lancer is MDEF/ATK stats. This gives even more proof that MDEF/ATK is what Lancers should stack for Monsters; considering how Armor and Helm passives boost DEF, having these types of Monsters patches up your MDEF to some extent. It's like Clerics using Light Monsters to patch up their DEF since their Clothing and Hat passives increase their MDEF.

        Going to the main point, Lancer initially does a 250 AP attack to all enemies. After that, he deals a 330 AP attack to one random enemy. This type of power is rather unprecedented, and for a Monster that boosts our desirable stats, Lancer is perfect if you can get him.

        The fun doesn't end here, however. Lancer also grants everyone with a 40% Crit Damage buff. To make him more exclusive to Lancers, he buffs their Crit Rate by 30%. With the colossal Crit Damage synergizing with the Crit Rate, a simple Basic Attack can turn into a lethal weapon against any adversary foolish enough to stand in your way. Also consider he's the only non-Collab Ranking Wind Monster with "Lancer Stats," making him worth using.

        [Servant] Leys & Sella (31 cost) - A rather decent Haste monster for Lancers. They hit your enemies for 190 AP damage, which may seem weak, but consider that the duo are Haste element, meaning Elemental Defense is useless against them. They're more of a utility monster than anything, filling everyone's Unison Gauge by 10%, buffing for 40% ATK/MATK, and giving an 80 AP Party Heal. Not bad, but against a Hatsune Filo, the 10% Unison Gauge fill gets overwritten by the Dissonance status effect, so it can't exactly be countered.

        [Destruction] Berserker (30 cost) - The main reason why everyone wanted Fate/stay night, at least most of the people who didn't exactly watch the anime.

        Just like Mithra, Berserker casts Resurrection on everyone. Not only that, he also applies Frenzy to the user, making them ignore procs and any sort of non-Null Shield buff. His damage is also nothing to scoff at, being 260 AP. The two main buff effects alone are what cause people to whale even 1500 gems on the Monster Step Up Spawn just for a shot at getting him.

        Just like Kagutsuchi, Berserker is ATK/DEF stats, but he's still widely used by any class regardless. It just happens that Soldiers and Lancers are the best users of him.

        In terms of who is better, Mithra or Berserker: Mithra is for those who prefer to stall. Given her 2 stack Regen effect, she's much more useful for surviving in PvE content, not to mention, her Elevate buff helps for using low proc-rate skills like Enforcer Testament.

        Berserker, on the other hand, fits offense-orientated teams that can use a monster like Ares, Jupiter, etc. to boost Unison Gauge fill when performing actions. Frenzy is also arguably the most dangerous unique buff in the game, as you're immune to Status Ailments, and can ignore procs and Shield buffs while it's up. The most surefire counter to Frenzy is arguably stat debuffs like Lilith, as what good is that buff if you can't even scratch someone?

        You can't really go wrong with either monster. It's like choosing between Break Thrust or Double Sting/Severe Sting in PvP. Break Thrust benefits more from the boosted proc rates from Elevate, making it simulate having Frenzy active. Severe Sting, on the other hand, is stronger once its weakness of getting procced against is eliminated through Frenzy.

        Double Sting can go either way, honestly: Elevate helps make Pursuit Testament downright lethal and consistent, although there are still procs to worry about. Frenzy, while you still have to get Pursuit Testament to work, ensures Double Sting does maximum damage, and a Frenzy Pursuit Testament Double Sting + Frenzy Cross Assault is arguably the most dangerous attack combination in the entire game. Yes, this is even scarier than an Archer's Deadly Arabesque, as you can get both attacks off in the same amount of time DA goes off, and with high base AP. You can even bait Guard or Cleric Aid spells with Basic Abilities, and then close in for the kill.

        Second Hatsune Miku Collab

        Yukata Hatsune Miku (32 cost) - Another waifu with cute feet o.o
        Let's see... 3 240 AP attacks, 40% All Stats and 40% Reflect to the entire ally team, 20 points Cost Recovery, and to top it all off, Frenzy is applied to your character as well. This form of Miku is like a much stronger version of Eva-13, as her attacks don't miss, and is the closest you'll get at being a Physical Counterpart to Summer Valk. Definitely one of the best Unis so far, albeit extremely powercreepy.


        What if you don’t have any of the aforementioned Fire or Haste monsters? If you do a spawn and get a useful off-element SSR-base utility monster, more of them are still worth using regardless, even if they’re Light or Dark element. Don’t worry, the utility will more than make up for the ATK you lose from that monster slot, allowing you to support your team and greatly increase Team Damage Output.

        Personally, I had to deal with Amaterasu, then Lilith for the longest time, and I still use them, even if their stats are more suited towards a Cleric or Mage. Now that I spawned an Aizen, he’s really useful to support the party with, so I swap out Amaterasu or Lilith for him whenever appropriate. It wasn't until I worked for the SSR versions of Asuka and Mari that I started having utility monsters that actually had my stats.

        I did mention before that even non-Soldier/Lancer classes bring KFC as their main utility monster, like Clerics, so that also applies to Lancers if they lack good Fire/Haste utility monsters.

        In PvE, it’s always best to devote at least 1 slot for a utility monster, and like I said, show them in your Main Slot so Party Leaders won’t kick you. With the rest of your monster slots, whether you’re a 6/5/5/4 or 6/4/4/6 Lancer, fill them out with stat sticks like Apollo/Jabberwock/Soul Destroyer/Peliasa appropriately.

        If I could recommend any off-element monster... then...

        Look no further than Mercury. She has adorable feet, and also makes a cute >o< face when used. She applies a 50% All Stats debuff, and gives Awakening to yourself, along with the standard Cost Recovery Speed Up and Unison Boost buffs like other Planetaries get. In PvP, nothing's more scary than an Awakened Lancer. Archers would be hard-pressed to kill one, and the Lancer can easily bait heals with overpowered Basic Attacks before doing an insanely powerful Cross Assault or Break Thrust that can easily floor even Soldiers.

        (Mercury is best barefoot-waifu o.o)

        For more information on Off-Element Monsters, check out this helpful spreadsheet here from Desperer :

        The link is found in her thread. It arranges the monsters in a BF-style Tier List based on how effective their utility is. Feel free to navigate through the tabs to find more details, along with stats for monster cost efficiency.
        Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 10-08-2017, 05:01 AM. Reason: fixed the Status Resistance of Behemoth, updated with Yashamaru and Tsuyukusa, update on Miku Collab still WIP

        IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

        This Is How You DO Play Lancers


          b.) Example Monster Sets

          Here’s a compilation of Monster setups for Lancers. It also analyzes the cost efficiency of each build, so you can visualize the diminishing returns for ATK when comparing each setup.

          Notice: 3 30 cost monsters, in this case, Apollo, is at minimum present in all these sets because being unable to fit 30 cost monsters hinders your choices for PvP. This is mainly to compare ATK investment based on what Monster build you choose. If Vol&Rena is included, that 34 cost monster replaces 1 of the 3 Apollos in each build.

          *Assume that +20% ATK (passives + shared traits) and +99 to the ATK stat of the monster are applied

          Monster ATK Stats after +20% ATK and +99 to ATK Stat:
          Vol&Rena - 5172 (152.118 ATK/cost)
          Ifrit - 4838 (172.786 ATK/cost)
          Apollo - 4692 (156.400 ATK/cost)
          Jabberwock - 4452 (159 ATK/cost)
          Peliasa - 4092 (163.68 ATK/cost)
          Soul Destroyer - 3852 (167.478 ATK/cost)

          Firemin - 642 (642 ATK/cost)

          Sample Calculation: (Monster Raw ATK +495)(1.20)
          Ex. Apollo: (3415 ATK + 495)(1.20) = 4692 ATK

          7 Monsters

          (HIGHEST POSSIBLE ATK BUILD) Vol&Rena x7 - 36204 ATK, 238 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 152.118

          (Common Build) Apollo x7 - 32844 ATK, 210 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 156.400

          Apollo x4, Ifrit x3 - 33282 ATK, 204 cost
          ATK Per Cost = 163.147

          (5 UR Monsters) Vol&Rena x1, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x2, Firemin x2 - 23544 ATK, 143 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 164.643

          (4 UR Monsters) Vol&Rena x1, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x1, Firemin x3 - 20334 ATK, 120 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 169.450

          (4 UR Monsters) Vol&Rena x1, Apollo x3, Firemin x3 - 21174 ATK, 127 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 166.724

          Apollo x3, Soul Destroyer x4 - 29484 ATK, 182 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 162.000

          6 Monsters

          Apollo x6 - 28152 ATK, 180 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 156.400

          (4 UR Monsters) Apollo x4, 2 Firemins - 20052 ATK, 122 cost
          ATK Per Cost - 164.361

          Originally posted by Ace
          Cost efficiency matters more if you're aiming for a more balanced build. If you're aiming to maximize a stat, like attack, slots are your limitation, not cost.*

          High cost monsters are NOT always better. Cost efficiency is a concept that exists for classes outside the archer class and should be considered.**
          ~ Ace pointing out that Slot Efficiency* =/= Cost Efficiency**

          Building cost efficiently with Monsters for Lancers allows you to not only squeeze out more ATK with a similar cost distribution to a setup filling in slots with Apollos; it also leaves room to equip more defensive gear. So it can be handy to hold onto a few Peliasas and Soultakers.

          Cost efficiency has more of an effect as you reach 5 monsters or above. Hence why the cost for 6 Apollos is close to 3 Apollos + 4 Soul Destroyers.

          Ifrit has slightly more ATK than Apollo (146 ATK difference), but don’t be fooled by his rather meh total cost efficiency; he is more cost efficient than Soultaker in regards to building ATK! If you have excess Apollos, you can start replacing them with Ifrits.

          The problem with building a Glass Lancer is, if you’re trying to maximize ATK, you have to equip multiple Vol&Renas or Ifrits to get the most ATK out of every slot. Lancers only deal a maximum of 2 hits in their skills, so trying to build like an Archer won’t have the same effects, and it will leave you rather frail. Not worth it!
          Speaking of which, Archers have attacks that typically deal more than 3 hits, so maximizing offensive stats works well for them. Same applies for Mages using Meteor attacks, and since they have the lowest Max HP, a defensive build won’t help them out much anyways, although since they have HP Absorption skills like Undermine and Blood Oath, it can alleviate their low Max HP issue somewhat.

          Firemins are extremely cost efficient because at +198, they give 642 ATK. So a 4 UR Monster build with 3 Firemins is effectively about 4.4 UR Monsters, using Apollo as the standard rate of measurement.

          Despite this insane cost efficiency, Firemins don’t give the most ATK out of a slot, so replacing one of them for a Soul Destroyer would work better if you want to go from 4 UR Monsters to 5.

          And one last thing… Before you say, “But wait, Laconic! Lancers can deal 3 hits with Charged Rain!”

          No, Charged Rain DOESN’T COUNT AS A MULTI-HIT SKILL FOR LANCERS. Get that meme out of here. It not only lacks the ability to crit - it also has low AP damage per hit, and is heavily unreliable with that long cooldown and low chance of actually hitting thrice. Dragon Crush laughs at Charged Rain’s pathetic consistency and low AP damage per hit.

          Now what about 8 monsters?

          So taking the example with a 7-Monster Lancer having 95000 ATK (7 Apollos), and a 5-Monster Lancer having 85700 ATK (Vol&Rena, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x2, Firemin x2), let's re-evaluate things.

          From what we know so far, a 5 UR Monster Lancer deals 10.85% less damage than a 7-UR Monster Lancer. Thus...

          - Assume the 8th Lance has about 8k ATK (roughly equivalent to some 27 cost weapons with +99 Top Stat).

          With this in mind, the Glass Lancer would have 103000 ATK, while the 5-Monster Lancer has 93700. So the damage difference drops to 9.925%.

          - Wait! Add an 8th Apollo for that Glass Lancer build.

          Once that 8th Apollo is added in, the Glass Lancer now has 107692 ATK. This is a 14.93% difference of damage output from 5 UR Monsters to 8. Considering that the difference between a 4 UR Monster build (with Firemins) to a 7 UR Monster build (with all Apollos) is about 14%, the damage gap is around the same.

          - What if I went from 5 UR Monsters to 6, putting in a 3rd Soul Destroyer?

          This will increase the 5-Monster Lancer's ATK from 93700 to 97552. This is a 10.39% difference in damage from a full 8-UR Monster Lancer.

          Comparing the cost, an 8 Apollo build requires 240 cost. Meanwhile, a Vol&Rena, Apollo x2, Soul Destroyer x3, Firemin x2 build needs only 165 cost!

          Thus, if you want to go from 5 monsters to 6, spend 22 more cost points. You'll still save 75 cost from Monsters, which can allow you to equip 2-3 more pieces of defensive equipment depending on the cost.

          - So if I already have 6 UR monsters, I don't have to cost reset, right?

          ...Not quite.

          Early on, if you try building 6 UR monsters right out of the gate, you'll be squishy for a long while. Sure, if you can endure it until Lv. 150, you don't have to reset, but that's a long time!

          Thus, a Lancer with less UR monsters doesn't necessarily build 6 early on and then stop; they increase the number of monsters they have relative to the Glass Lancer builds so they won't be too left behind in terms of damage.

          A Lancer using less UR monsters should highly consider building their ATK with cost efficient Monsters.
          Soul Destroyer is the prime candidate for this, because as mentioned before, unlike 28 cost monsters, he outscales them in CE (when +198 is applied to both), and while he gives less stats than a 29 cost Monster, he still saves 6 cost which can be used to equip other things.

          - What about 35 Cost Super Challenge Monsters?

          Good point. 35 Cost Super Challenge Monsters have utterly insane Cost Efficiency. Due to this Cost Efficiency, they actually outscale the Soul Destroyer build.

          Despite this, they are still extremely difficult to farm. They're designed for the strongest players in the game as the "true endgame PvE content," so it's not something that you should worry about for a while.

          If you want to see their Cost Efficiency being applied, click here.

          Edit: As I linked earlier on in the 8th Slot Builds, it isn't realistically plausible to farm multiple 35 cost monsters with proper stats. This is solely due to how abysmal the drop rate is to begin with. Scroll up back to that section if you forgot.

          Edit #2: The main purpose 35 cost monsters serve now, thanks to Monster Potentials, is for winning GvG Unison Contests. Monster Potentials can get waaaaaaayyyyy more offensive stats than any 35 cost Monster, even the farmable Orb Monsters are better once Full Potential!If you're dedicated enough to farm one, make sure you save a budget of 100+ Gems for revives, and have at least 100 Elemental Defense Advantage to ensure you spend less Gems overall.

          Monster Builds AFTER Potentials

          Potentials have drastically changed the way Monster builds work for all classes.

          As a result, Soul Destroyer is no longer viable for Lancers on the current time being. Things may change over time though, what if Soul Destroyer gets an incredibly awesome Potential in the future, making him more cost efficient than 28 cost Monsters with the same Potentials? But as of now, since you can't infuse Soul Destroyer, his viability has dropped significantly.

          So stat stick monsters are now Ifrits (28 cost). They take 18 Orbs to Full Potential, so better get farming on 1 or 2 of those suckers. Fortunately, however, Grenier is just as good as Ifrit, having relatively easier materials that shouldn't take as much Gems to obtain. He only has 216 less ATK at 4/5 Potentials, so he's a much more viable option.

          Ifrit gives waaaaayyyy more ATK than an Apollo, so he is now the new standard Lancer stat stick Monster.

          Now, the current Top 5 ATK Stat Stick Monsters for Lancers are:
          1.) Architect Valk (9882)
          2.) Mithra (9708)
          3.) Ifrit (8940)

          4.) Grenier (8741)
          5.) Summer Apollo (8146)

          The difference between Ifrit/Grenier to Mithra/Valk is comparable to 1-2 Weapon Infusions. It isn't that much of a difference, but when stacking multiple infused monsters, it becomes more significant.

          For the sake of comparison:

          5 UR Ifrits + 3 Firemins = 46626 ATK
          8 UR Ifrits = 71520 ATK (34.807% difference)

          6 UR Monster Builds now seem more viable. A pure Glass Lancer set seems to get much more returns on investment with Full Potential Monsters, but when comparing the builds after applying Weapon ATK (let's say 80000 ATK from Weapons):

          5 UR + 'mins = 126626 ATK
          8 UR = 151520 ATK (16.430% difference)

          The damage is still rather small. But what if you compared a 6 UR Monster build?

          6 UR + 'mins = 134924 ATK
          8 UR = 151520 ATK (10.953% difference)

          The difference goes all the way back to about 11%. Given the relative boosts in Potentials affecting both builds, the difference isn't too significant overall. It's still possible to live with 5 UR Monsters, and this is great because you can use Constants or more procs in place of those 3 stat stick monsters which don't really do much for your damage output.

          V. Lancer Skills (Pre-5th Ring)

          All these skills have the AP boosts from the Lancer passives that require a Main Slot Lance/Scythe. These passives affect the Stings, Thrusts, and Knight's Blitz skills, increasing their AP by 10.

          AP = Ability Power
          CD = Cooldown
          DPS = Damage Per Second, calculated by dividing AP by CD (shows your sustained damage output)
          CE = Cost Efficiency, calculated by dividing AP by Cost (shows how effective your attacks are in the long run)
          CDE = Cooldown Efficiency (subtract the cost by cooldown; if this number is lower, then this skill doesn’t burn cost quickly when used repeatedly (using Double Sting from 50 cost means you’ll have 43 cost by the time you can use it again)

          *Any value with a (parenthesis) next to it is the value for the Comboed version of the skill, if said combo boosts AP damage.
          **Any skill marked in red indicates they received changes as new Class Rings were added.
          a.) 1st - 3rd Ring

          Note: If I feel like a skill is extremely powerful in a certain game mode, I'll give it an 11/10 rating. This means the skill is a must-have in that setting due to how strong it is, and how replacing it means you'll miss out on a skill that lets you play a Lancer to their highest potential.

          Sting Series

          AP: 140 CD: 7 Cost: 10 DPS: 20 CE: 14 CDE: 2

          AP: 150 (160) CD: 8 Cost: 11 DPS: 18.75 (20) CE: 13.636 (14.545) CDE: 2

          Savage Sting
          AP: 160 (170) CD: 9 Cost: 12 DPS: CE: 17.778 (18.888) CDE: 2

          Balance Changes
          - Pierce cooldown reduced from 8 to 7 seconds
          - Sting cooldown reduced from 9 to 8 seconds
          - Savage Sting cooldown reduced from 10 to 9 seconds

          All of these moves are your core moves for PvE. Breaking an enemy is a strong effect, in terms of both defense ignore and Unison gain. It's a key component for Lancer gameplay. Feel free to pick two of these, as long as they can combo into each other.

          Once you unlock Severe Sting, however, these Stings become obsolete. The only time you'd really use them is for Mobius Path as a 3rd Sting skill to complement Double Sting and Severe Sting.

          After the balance changes as of 4/13, each of the 1st - 3rd Ring Sting attacks had their cooldowns reduced by 1 second. Despite this, they're still obsolete compared to Severe Sting due to their DPS still being too low, and Severe Sting is good enough as it is for Break.

          PvE Recommended? - MUST HAVE, CAN’T BE A LANCER WITHOUT THEM :v (although once Severe Sting is unlocked, it replaces Savage Sting in your builds)
          PvP Recommended? - Yes (earlygame), Depends (lategame)

          PvE Rating - 11/10 earlygame, 8/10 endgame (the trademark line of Lancer skills, and their strongest utility; Severe Sting makes them obsolete due to its sheer DPS and reliable base Break bonus)
          PvP Rating - 7/10 earlygame, 5/10 endgame (rather high AP, but becomes obsolete)

          Thrust Series

          AP: 140 CD: 9 Cost: 10 DPS: 15.556 CE: 14 CDE: 1

          Sharp Thrust
          AP: 150 CD: 10 Cost: 11 DPS: 15 CE: 13.636 CDE: 1

          Dragon Thrust
          AP: 160 CD: 12 Cost: 10 DPS: 13.333 CE: 16 CDE: 1

          Good paralysis chance, working well in earlygame PvP because not everyone has the Cleric Shared Traits for Status Resistance, but status ailments aren't optimal for event quests, and fall off during lategame PvP. The Thrusts also have lower DPS and cost efficiency than the Sting skills, not to mention lower utility.

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - Maybe (earlygame), NO (lategame)

          PvE Rating - 4/10 (inferior utility to Stings, poor DPS)
          PvP Rating - 8/10 earlygame, 3/10 endgame (requires a combo from a Sting to have a higher infliction rate, obsolete at the end)

          Rush Series


          Enraged Rush

          Deals decent damage, but misses a TON. Not worth using; please, leave the AoE attacks to the Mages. Thank you.

          (Translation: “NO" to both PvP and PvE)

          PvE & PvP Rating - *still laughing above*

          Knight's Blitz
          AP: 220 CD: 15 Cost: 10 DPS: 14.667 CE: 14.667 CDE: 0

          4th Ring Release Changes
          - AP increased from 200 to 220 (just to show how powerful it was back then)

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
          Lancer used Hyper Beam! A critical hit! It’s super effective!* The wild Kotaro the Storm Cat has fainted! Lancer gained 220 exp! Lancer must recharge!

          How come it's Knight's Blitz, and not "Dragon Blitz," while there's moves like Dragon Crush or Dragon Assault, which both make a similar sound effect?)
          *Yes, I know Hyper Beam is a Normal-type move, but for the sake of this comparison, let’s say the Lancer had an Ability that transformed his Normal-type moves into Fire-type moves, also increasing their damage

          A total noob trap. Early on, it deals amazing damage, wiping off a good chunk of a target's health. It looks flashy as hell too, having a Dragon effect and a fearsome sound effect! But as you reach endgame, Knight's Blitz starts to fall off, being inefficient with its long cooldown and low DPS, along with poor DPS scaling. You'll understand what I mean when I break down the Basic Attack to its components.

          However, it's a solid skill in PvP, where Burst damage is valued more than DPS, ensuring you can take down a frontliner before the enemy Clerics have a chance to heal them. It also hits hard enough to the point where even Soldiers and Clerics take a sizable chunk of damage.

          It hasn’t aged well, though. Severe Sting does the same amount of damage as Knight’s Blitz, but has a lower cost and cooldown. Cross Assault deals a LOT more total damage as well.

          Both Severe Sting and Cross Assault require Break to outdamage Knight’s Blitz due to their special mechanics, but I’ll get into that later. Knight’s Blitz can be a viable 3rd attack skill for Lancers since it’s still their fastest attack, and is a powerful unconditional damage nuke. It’s just that… it’s seen better days. Cross Assault simply has much more stopping power.

          Even then, I occasionally see high-leveled, high ATK Lancers carrying this move. Are they trying to compensate for something with the high damage in a single hit? Severe Sting's DPS blows KB out of the water, and if you want a third attack move, Double Sting is by far the best option.

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - YES (earlygame), NO (once Cross Assault is unlocked)

          PvE Rating - 5/10 earlygame, 2/10 endgame (as stated before, noobs get attracted to this skill due to how flashy and menacing it appears, although it is still far inferior to the Basic Attack as a DPS option)
          PvP Rating - 9/10 earlygame, 7/10 endgame (the high AP and animation speed make it dangerous early on, but 5th Ring abilities are far stronger)

          Attack Stance
          AP: -- CD: 40 Cost: 0 DPS: -- CE: -- CDE: --
          Increases Physical AP damage dealt by 20, but increases Physical AP damage taken by 25 for 40 seconds.

          A risky skill which raises the damage of your attacks efficiently, but also increases the Physical AP damage you take as well.

          Attack Stance is an underrated Lancer skill. It is one of the most reliable AP buffs in the game, because it is a separate modifier that stacks with Physical AP buffs, and it doesn't cost anything to cast! It also turns the Basic Attack into a WMD, but since that's a long story, I'll elaborate more later on.

          Also, Attack Stance only boosts the Physical damage you take. That means Magic damage won't get buffed when you get hurt by it.

          Although Lancers experience "Four Moveslot Syndrome," which can make fitting in Attack Stance difficult. Typically, in PvE, you'll take 2 Attacks, Ether Exchange/Cheer, and then a Party Utility or a 3rd attack. Since you can't really replace the two attacks, you'll have to either replace EE/Cheer or your Party Utility. But here's where I'll help:

          - If you're running Main Quests or easier Event Quests (usually Paragon or lower difficulty, also includes Elemental Rush too), replace your Party Utility.
          Bosses in these events usually don't spam statuses, and even if they do, you'll have a Unison to take care of that anyways. They also die before their status spam becomes overwhelming. Also, who doesn't want to pull off Basic Attacks that can deal from 50k to 150k+ damage?

          - If you're running Elemental Rush Arcadia, replace EE/Cheer, or leave Attack Stance behind.
          Since Arcadia is a boss rush of all 3 of their respective element's main monsters, it makes sense to leave Attack Stance behind. Cheer helps the party accelerate towards the first Unison to run through the quest effectively. But after the Unison, Cheer is rather redundant if you have Unison boosting monsters like Ares, Jupiter, or Saturn being used in your party.

          Elemental Defense is also incredibly overpowered. It seems to be a flat damage reduction (or it could be something else), but whatever it is, Elemental Defense is so powerful, that people only really have to gem once against Manannan in her 60 AP quest (the monsters are tankable with about 120+ Wind Elemental Defense, which reduces Water damage; even with Piercer, Elemental Defense helps).

          Thus, if you're high leveled, have high elemental defense against that respective Elemental Rush (like enough Fire Armors vs Wind Arcadia), and are extremely confident with yourself, feel free to replace Cheer for Attack Stance.

          I still don't recommend bringing Attack Stance in for PvP. That will only accelerate your death against enemy Soldiers or Lancers.

          Also, remember that buff effects still go down their timers while transitioning through waves. So if your Basic Attack suddenly deals less damage while Attack Stance is nearing the end of its cooldown, this means its duration expired despite what the display suggests.

          PvE Recommended? - YES
          PvP Recommended? - NO

          PvE Rating - 10/10 for easy Event Quests, 7/10 for Elemental Rush Arcadia (not bad, but there are better options)
          PvP Rating - 6/10 (difficult to fit in, and speeds up your death against enemy Soldiers or Lancers)

          b.) 4th Ring

          Break Thrust
          AP: 140 CD: 8 Cost: 12 DPS: 17.5 CE: 11.667 CDE: 2

          5th Ring Release Changes
          - Cooldown reduced 10 to 8 seconds
          - New! Bonus to Break added, Heart procs also boost the Break counters dealt
          - New! Sound effects added in during the maintenance at August 15, 2016. It now makes the “Sting sound,” followed by the “Sword Clash breaking” sound effect, which is quite similar to Soldier’s Rage Slash at their 5th Ring, which also has a similar animation

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
          "No sound effect?" ~ When using this skill prior to 08/15
          Back when 4th Ring first came out, Break Thrust had a pretty lengthy cooldown, resulting in lower DPS. It also had lower AP than Savage Sting. Seems like a useless skill, right?

          ...Wrong. Break Thrust is actually one of the better, if not one of the absolute BEST moves in a Lancer's arsenal. It's one of the strongest moves they have, considering it's one of the few skills that can bypass defense procs completely. Other moves like Savage Sting hit harder, but they're still vulnerable to enemy procs.

          Due to its low AP, Break Thrust is proc-reliant. With a double-proc, it becomes just as powerful as a procless Knight's Blitz. Aside from ignoring enemy procs, Break Thrust can ignore Barrier and Reflect buffs as well. (Back when the move was just released, Break Thrust was actually bugged -- procs still worked against it)

          However, these are the things Break Thrust does NOT ignore:

          Guard - despite being a non-attack skill, the game treats it as an attack, hence why it procs Cost Recovery
          Knight's Loyalty/Devotion - these moves redirect 40% - 50% of the damage taken by the target to the Soldier, so it doesn't count as a mitigation skill
          Null Shield Buffs - similar to Null Damage procs; the null shields from Peliasa, Tengu, Benkei, and Aizen, along with random enemies, and this also includes Charisma
          Null Physical Damage - by far the
          ONLY defensive proc in the entire game that works against this. If you're torn between buying Null Physical Damage or Null Magic Damage... here's one reason to buy the former.

          Thanks to the added Break bonus effect, Break Thrust has synergy with Cross Assault in terms of inflicting Break to enemies. However, Soldiers and Lancers don’t get inflicted by Break with one procless Break Thrust cast, so pray your Heart procs trigger. This forces you to slap them with a Basic Attack to inflict Break, which delays your Cross Assault combo.

          With Barriers becoming more common in upper tier PvP, Break Thrust is a great move to have, letting you attack as if they weren't even there. Thus, if you see a Barrier-happy guild, it's important to keep track of Barrier timers (subtract 30 seconds from the PvP Time Limit). Thus, when you see that a Barrier is about to expire (like 2 seconds from its duration), immediately use Break Thrust and Cross Assault. The Barrier should disappear by the time Cross Assault is clicked, giving little room for the target to reapply the Barriers.

          Speaking of Barriers, Break Thrust can outdamage Severe Sting and even Cross Assault with certain Barrier strengths. This was updated to accommodate for the newly found understanding of the Damage Formula, because Barrier and Reflect mitigate damage differently.

          Before we begin, Physical Damage Down is 40% BARRIER-based mitigation (mitigation BEFORE defenses are applied), while Physical Reflection is, well, 35% REFLECT-based mitigation (mitigation AFTER defenses are applied). Adding to that, Physical Armor up is 10% BARRIER-based mitigation, which stacks additively with Damage Downs and makes them that much more effective. In a nutshell, Damage Down-type procs are more effective if your base DEF stats are high, as after the percentage mitigation, the flat mitigation becomes much more effective.

          Say, you were a 100k ATK Lancer, and you attacked a 70k DEF (14k damage mitigation) target on the frontline, proccing Physical Damage Down XL/Physical Reflection XL for the non-Break Thrust moves:

          Break Thrust
          Base Damage (DEF Mitigation only) = 42000

          Severe Sting
          Damage without Break

          Base Damage = 54000
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, 2 Constants =
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, no Constants = 26800
          vs Physical Reflection XL = 35100

          Damage with Break
          Base Damage = 74000
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, 2 Constants =
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, no Constants = 38800
          vs Physical Reflection XL = 48100 (weaker if Reflect >= 40%)

          (Keep in mind, Cross Assault is calculated based off +50 AP first hit, +100 AP second hit. I'll be saying that constantly from this point on, just reminding you...)
          Cross Assault (comboed)
          Damage without Break
          Base Damage = 84000
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, 2 Constants =
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, no Constants = 39200
          vs Physical Reflection XL = 54600 (weaker if Reflect >= 50%)

          Damage with Break
          Base Damage = 144000
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, 2 Constants =
          vs Physical Damage Down XL, no Constants = 75200 (weaker if Barrier >= 50%)
          vs Physical Reflection XL = 93600 (weaker if Reflect >= 75%)

          Green Numbers = Break Thrust is stronger
          Red Numbers = Break Thrust is weaker

          While it seems like Break Thrust is outdamaged when Reflection procs are triggered, keep in mind, you're eating Reflect damage, too! So yes, when procs are factored in, Break Thrust is NOT simply equal to a Severe Sting that triggers a Damage Down proc. In fact, Break Thrust is still stronger. When you factor in constants, which can compound into Damage Down procs for higher mitigation, that's when even the strongest Lancer attacks fail compared to Break Thrust.

          The 5th Ring changes made this skill become “Pierce 2.0.” It has the same cooldown, but costs 2 points more to cast due to its proc and damage mitigation buff-ignoring capabilities.

          And it just occurred to me: Break Thrust is actually fairly viable for Super Difficult Quests as your utility move for Break bonus.

          It is actually better to use Break Thrust instead of Cross Assault or Double Sting as you have two other utility moves. This is because some monsters in these quests constantly buff themselves with thick Barrier buffs. Since Break Thrust hits with full damage, it'll actually outdamage Cross Assault in some cases.

          Thus, you might want to think twice before you use that Heart of the Thrust proc as an Infusion or Transmutation material. They boost the Break bonus of Break Thrust, making it a viable skill to inflict Break with.

          One more thing!

          Break Thrust still gets its damage reduced from the Lancer Defiance Lv. 1 passive Archers have.

          I did a rough test, hitting an enemy Archer with Break Thrust (140 AP), and Cross Assault (no Break, 130 AP per hit). The damage was actually really close when I made sure no procs happened on either side. It was a small enough difference to the point where Break Thrust still gets its damage dropped from passives.

          Overall, Break Thrust is an amazing move, and I hope they make another 6th Ring Lancer skill that works similarly to it, maybe even potentially comboing off of it, too!

          (Just for fun, this was my reaction when I was a cute little Lancer scrub, noticing Break Thrust being used during 4th Ring days, and closely observing it ignoring procs)

          PvE Recommended? - Situational (Replaces Savage Sting if the quest contains Reflect targets)
          PvP Recommended? - MUST HAVE (albeit user preference between this or Severe Sting)

          PvE Rating - 6/10 if a quest doesn't have that many Barrier/Reflect monsters, but 9/10 in Super Difficult Quests where you can't afford to use Ra or any other Barrier-removing monster in place of another useful buff
          PvP Rating - 10/10 (has enough perks which make it viable over Severe Sting)

          Double Sting
          AP: 100 x2 (110 x2) CD: 9 Cost: 16 DPS: 22.222 (24.444) CE: 12.5 (13.75) CDE: 7

          5th Ring Release Changes
          - CD lowered from 11 to 9 seconds
          - Cost reduced from 18 to 16
          - Bonus to Break effect increased

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
          2 hits? WTF?!

          Also the "Swiss Army Knife" skill of Lancers with its versatility
          Prior to 5th Ring, Double Sting had terrible Break bonus, lower than that of Savage Sting. It also had terrible base cost efficiency, dealing less damage than Knight's Blitz on higher DEF targets. For it to be viable, it demanded having its Heart procs, because you aren’t going to Break anything without them. It also required AP modifiers to beat out other Lancer moves in cost efficiency.

          However, after the 5th Ring changes, Double Sting became an amazing skill. It’s now the “Swiss Army Knife” for Lancers, being a good DPS skill and utility skill in one attack.

          Cross Assault may blow Double Sting out of the water with its insane DPS and cost efficiency. However, that’s where its advantages end, because Cross Assault is just a pure damage skill like Knight’s Blitz. Double Sting’s Bonus to Break effect is crazy after the 5th Ring release, where it’s increased to levels above procless Savage Sting (so it’s now the best skill to inflict Break for Lancers); it’s Break Bonus is only slightly lower than a 1-proc Sting of any kind!

          For example, the Lab Wyvern fails to be Broken with a procless Savage Sting, but the first hit of a procless Double Sting succeeds in doing so. Most bosses that require 2 procless Stings can be broken in just 1 Double Sting; 23 cost (Sting + Savage Sting) vs 16 cost (Double Sting), 2 moves vs 1 is quite a difference, so Double Sting is cost efficient in that regard.

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
          Being a multi-hit move, if Double Sting inflicts Break, the Chain starts at 2 rather than 0 (start) > 1 > 2. So that could help out a bit with quicker stagger uni chains.
          Edit: It seems like the "Instant 2-Chain on Break" is a feature exclusive to Double Sting. If Double Sting causes Break, then the counter instantly starts at 2 instead of 0. Normally, it takes 2 hits to reach the position where Double Sting breaks, but it skips those two steps completely. (This is one of the few things with Lancers which not many people know about, and it also isn't even mentioned in the Ability description either)

          I came to this realization because although I don't have Enforcer Testaments, I carefully watched another Lancer proc that skill while using Cross Assault, the other 2-hit Lancer attack. The Break chain went from "Chain Start!" to "1 Chain!" when I witnessed Enforcer Testament Cross Assault inflict Break.

          While it does sound minor, when doing lightning-quick stagger unis, all it takes is a procced Double Sting + 2 Deadly Arabesques to do a Max Break Chain. In this scenario, the Lancer (you) and 2 Archers attack the boss while the Cleric is ready to heal the team, and the other ally is able to pick their Unison.

          Edit 2: Found out EXACTLY why Double Sting instantly starts the counter at 2 instead of "Chain Start! -> 1" when the game lagged a bit before my Double Sting connected against a hapless Ignis. Break was applied BEFORE the first hit of Double Sting even connected. Thus, the true reason why the chain skips to 2 is because Double Sting, if it applies Break, does so before it even deals damage!

          As I'll mention later on, there is a Class-Exclusive Testament weapon from the upcoming return of the Hatsune Miku collab: Pursuit Testament. In addition to the effects of a Physical Testament, it also adds +30 AP if the target is inflicted with Break. Since Double Sting applies Break before it deals damage, it'll get the full AP boost on both hits, a feat which Break Thrust, Severe Sting, and Cross Assault can't do if they Break an enemy, thus increasing its viability for PvP. (But I'll say more when I get to the proc section...)

          With 2 hits, Double Sting takes advantage of AP modifiers better than any other attack in Lancer's arsenal (aside from Cross Assault, which is also 2-hit). It applies to both hits of the skill, so a single proc makes both hits deal 150 AP damage each, assuming comboed. This already deals more damage than Knight's Blitz, which deals 260 AP damage with one proc. (Assuming the target has low DEF)

          Back then, since Double Sting’s Break Bonus was trash, for it to be viable, you needed at least 2 Heart of the Sting procs alongside your GB 2.0 Lance so it can Break decently. It was a steep cost considering the Nezha Lance is the only weapon that procs Double Sting other than the Secret procs and the GB 2.0 Lance. If you get that with any of the Secret of the Spear weapons, then Double Sting became usable.

          But today, Double Sting is now a solid PvE skill, and it should replace Sting in any Attack Stance set. With its absurd base Break Bonus, it can be used with fewer Heart procs than before, with Savage Sting being the sole Break skill for proc fishing.

          PvE Recommended? - YES
          PvP Recommended? - Well… technically YES, but Cross Assault is so much better in this environment, so NO

          PvE Rating - 10/10 (tons of things going on at once, and good things, too, one of the few 4th Ring skills in the entire game that haven't become obsolete)
          PvP Rating - 10/10 (solid, but there are better options like Break Thrust and Severe Sting; after the addition of Pursuit Testament, Double Sting is now just as good as Severe Sting or Break Thrust, maybe even better)

          Dragon Crush
          AP: 190 AP CD: 20 Cost: 25 DPS: 28.5 (19 vs 2 targets, 9 vs 1) CE: 22.8 (15.2 vs 2 targets, 7.2 vs 1) CDE: 5
          3-way AoE attack

          5th Ring Release Changes
          - CD lowered from 40 to 20 seconds
          - New! Casting speed increased! If you use a melee weapon, the damage is dealt right as your character swings, instead of slightly after the animation when the skyward spear lands pre-5th Ring. It’s now as fast as Wizard Strike/Basic Attack/Knight’s Blitz!

          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
          Tired of missing all the time with Rush? Are you jealous of all those crazy AoE skills Mages have? Disappointed with Charged Rain's inconsistency?

          Hi, LaconicLeaf here, introducing Dragon Crush! A fast AoE skill with reliable damage! Get dunked!
          When Dragon Crush was first released, it wasn’t bad, but it was simply outclassed by Meteor Rain. The cooldown was way too long, its casting speed was too long, and you could even get killed before it hit its opponent. It just didn’t feel right having a slow move that doesn’t fit Lancer’s fast playstyle.

          5th Ring made it actually viable for everyday use, so it fits better with Lancer’s fast skills with the casting speed increase. It becomes a solid option for a PvP attack, and unlike Meteor Rain, it doesn’t get utterly crippled by Anti-Class modifiers. As in, Lancers take 30 AP damage from Meteors, and 80 AP from Skewered, which is a huge drop in Mage skill damage. However, Archers still take 160-167 AP damage from Dragon Crush, which is pretty high.

          While Ether Flare deals higher DPS than Dragon Crush, it’s less cost efficient, and Dragon Crush doesn’t need another skill to make the most out of its damage. It’s safe to say Dragon Crush is a viable Lancer AoE now, as long as you’re in quests with many 3-way mobs like The Three Castles, and it allows you to cruise through Main Quests more quickly too.

          While old Event Quests may not have many uses for this skill, newer ones tend to have multiple waves with 3 monsters each, and this also includes Sub Quests. The 20 second cooldown time makes it practical for eliminating groups of enemies pretty quickly.

          Be warned that if you want to use Dragon Crush in PvE, you gotta use a more unorthodox Lancer build. You can use it with the Apollo Set Blessing to maximize your AoE power and clear mobs faster, nuking an entire wave’s trash mobs. Cost Recovery works well for it too, to improve its efficiency.

          PvE Recommended? - Situational
          PvP Recommended? - YES (but depends on your strategy)

          PvE Rating - 7/10 (when mob density is high), 4/10 otherwise
          PvP Rating - 8/10 (solid, swift AoE skill, safer than Meteor Rain and can overwhelm the enemy with enough stacking)

          Soul of the Wolf/Berserker

          A 20% ATK buff to the team isn't bad, but in PvE, people spam Valks or Joans for ATK buffs anyways. Maybe it could work for CB Lancers running Smash builds (hey Spaz), but Archer DPS is far stronger even when factoring in miss rates. And in 5th Ring, they don’t miss anymore!

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - Maybe (but eclipsed by Wind of Courage)

          PvE Rating - 4/10 (you can just Uni your ATK buffs)
          PvP Rating - 1/10 (eclipsed by Wind of Courage)

          Bestial Shout/Demoralize

          5th Ring Release Changes
          - Demoralize Paralysis rate increased 20% > 50%

          Both are 20% DEF debuffs, the latter having a 20% Paralysis chance (but buffed to 50% recently). In PvE, a Lilith, Fenrir, or Ignis can easily accomplish DEF debuffing, but in PvP, you can potentially cripple an enemy team that got hit by a Lilith Status Resistance debuff. Still too gimmicky, and takes up a valuable skill slot, but Bestial Shout does have use for Crystal Breaking, debuffing Crystal defenses. Maybe a CB Lancer team can use Smashes, along with Bestial Shout + Soul of the Berserker? Idk…

          With the release of 5th Rings, everyone has access to the Cleric Sub Trait for Status Resistance, so in PvP, expect them to have 21% Status Resistance. While that lowers Demoralize’s Paralysis rate to 29%, you can try having a frontline Archer use their 20% Status Resistance debuff to increase your activation chance to 49%, which is expected to Paralyze at least half of the enemy team (except the Clerics of course since they have higher innate resistance though passives).

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - Maybe (Frontline; too situational, requires a specific setup); YES (if you're part of the backline team, or other allies could use this too)

          PvP Rating - 1/10 (who needs this when you can Break?)
          PvE Rating - 7/10 (useful for backline, and can be used for a Frontline strategy if you have monsters that reduce Status Resistance or Diminish Archers)

          Focus/Eagle Eye

          15%/30% Crit Rate buffs, respectively. A skill better suited for Archers. It can work to synergize with your 5% Crit Damage passive, but despite this, a Shina would work much better if you wanted crit rate in PvE. Also, it takes up a slot in PvP, and is not worth it there.

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - NO

          PvE Rating - 2/10 (you can Uni this buff)
          PvP Rating - 2/10 (Fatals or Heroic Dread are more reliable)

          Berserker Spirit

          30% Crit Damage self-buff. You can abuse it with Shina or Taurus, but Kirin already does the Crit Damage buffing job better. With Fatal procs, it can be scary in PvP, but it takes up a slot.

          And now that I thought about it, Attack Stance is a FAR superior buff option than Berserker Spirit. Attack Stance doesn't require 15 cost, which makes it easy to activate. Plus, when you recall Critical Damage being a flat AP boost with a 50 AP base (55 AP due to Lancer's Crit Damage Passive), Berserker Spirit's Crit Damage buff is effectively just a 30 AP boost upon a crit. That's not really impressive compared to Attack Stance, which is up all the time (except when it expires early due to the nature of wave transitions running buff durations), being a constant 20 Physical AP boost.

          Sure, you can try stacking Berserker Spirit with Attack Stance, but it's much, much better to simply get the Crit Damage from a Unison, as you have the opportunity to get Crit Rate buffs in tandem.

          PvE Recommended? - NO
          PvP Recommended? - Maybe (depends on build)

          PvE Rating - 2/10 (NEEDS a crit buff monster to take advantage of properly, and even then, Kirin/Wind Athena also buff Crit Damage too; also eclipsed by Attack Stance for a self-buff)
          PvP Rating - 4/10 (maybe for Backline Lancer, but for Frontline, it's unwieldy, taking up a Skill Slot)

          Other Skills

          Heal/Recover/Cure/World Tree’s Blessing/Healing Wind (Cleric 1st-3rd Rings, Archer 2nd-3rd Rings)

          I only listed this here because there's still Lancers that think it's a good idea to carry them.

          NO, IT ISN'T.

          A few months ago, Cleric heals got a complete rework that made it so Clerics themselves can heal a lot more than other classes do. The base AP of all 1st-3rd Ring heals got nerfed, but Clerics got passive boosts that compensate for it. Since those boosts go beyond 1st Ring, it gives Clerics more versatility rather than being outclassed by Mages and Archers throwing around Greater Healing.

          I double -- no, triple -- no, quadruple -- NO -- QUINTUPLE DOG DARE YOU to heal as a Lancer now! Watch that 4-digit line of green numbers!

          And no, World Tree’s Blessing and Healing Wind don’t count either. They rely on Heart of Healing procs, take up a precious skill slot and weapon slot, and use up cost that could’ve been used for applying Break.

          (I know, I know, Whaku, you claim you can heal five digits with your Lancer build, but either way, 4-digits or 5-digits, that cost could've been spent on a different skill entirely. )

          PvE Recommended? - LOLNO
          PvP Recommended? - Laughs

          PvE and PvP Ratings - Laughs even harder

          Heaven's Breath (Soldier 2nd Ring)

          Heaven's Breath is... technically not a bad skill. Before the party system matchmaking was invented, about everyone carried this move because it "healed" you a bit due to your relative HP compared to the buffed HP.

          But when the party system was invented, you can ensure a Cleric was always in your team, making it also safer to use Ether Exchange. Thus, you'll have much more cost, and as a result, HB became useless.

          It also invokes negative themes, such as leechers using this with Mirror Guard, Barrier, and Life Up on themselves.

          PvE Recommended? - NO (unless you're really, really behind in levels, but I don't encourage that)
          PvP Recommended? - Situational (not many people bring Balancing, but Ether Exchange brings more momentum, plus moves like Guard and Barrier also give it competition)

          PvE Rating - 1/10 (makes you look like a leecher, you don't really need that much HP typically, and Party Matchmaking exists)
          PvP Rating - 7/10 (highly effective at the highest leveled crystals, drastically increasing your Max HP, but watch out for Balancing), 10/10 in Colo (synergizes with the massive HP multiplier perfectly, and also works as pseudo-recovery)

          Ether Exchange (Mage 2nd Ring)

          The momentum-maker. EE is a pivotal skill that influences how the damage classes play.

          You regain 20 cost, at the price of getting damaged by 30% HP (like a Gravity effect). This is significant because it allows you to keep up with your cost usage, along with going first in PvP to kill that Mage that just EE’d. You can’t inflict Break if you can’t upkeep your cost!

          Keep in mind, if you get damaged to under 30% HP (like if an enemy hit you down below that threshold, or if you EE too late and get tagged by a boss gravity), EE won't kill you, but it will go under cooldown. Watch your surroundings before you decide to strip off your HP...

          Some Arcadia events, like the Elemental Rush, are a 3 Wave Boss Rush. Despite this, each boss hit extremely hard, to the point where using EE is suicidal. Thus, you have to replace EE for Cheer, and then rely on Break and Stagger Unis to go through each wave.

          PvE Recommended? - YES (with one exception)
          PvP Recommended? - YES

          PvE Rating - 10/10 in most content, 7/10 for United Offense, 2/10 for Elemental Rush 38 AP
          PvP Rating - 10/10 for GvG, 7/10 for Colo
          Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 07-31-2017, 04:01 AM. Reason: added a section for Monster builds after Potentials

          IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

          This Is How You DO Play Lancers



            VI. Skills (Post-5th Ring)

            Severe Sting
            AP: 170 (220 if used on a target inflicted with Break) CD: 6 Cost: 12 DPS: 28.333 (Break: 36.667) CE: 14.167 (Break: 18.333) CDE: 5

            Originally posted by TaikunZ
            Aka Assault Penetrator in JP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
            Originally posted by Smile
            Hmm, what should we rename the 5th Ring skills? For Soldiers, Dual Impact would be Dual Imposter. But for Lancers, we have Savage Sting, and Severe Sting... Oh, that’s right! Severe Sting = Savager Sting!
            (a bit paraphrased but yeah)

            Balancing Changes (as of 12/8)
            - CD lowered from 7 to 6 seconds
            - Bonus to Break effect increased (now slightly higher than Double Sting's Base Break bonus, albeit slightly lower than a single Heart proc Sting)

            Now you may be wondering, “How come the AP increase is 50 instead of 10 unlike other Lancer skills?” This is a new mechanic introduced for the 5th Ring attacks for Lancers.

            Severe Sting gets a 50 AP damage boost if it hits a target that’s inflicted with Break.

            Yes, that AP damage boost puts Severe Sting at the same damage level as Knight’s Blitz. It also has insane DPS and great CE. Like Double Sting, it out-DPSes the Basic Attack, but it’s not as cost efficient in terms of cooldown upkeep.

            But! One important thing about Severe Sting:


            Before the 12/8 update, Severe Sting's base Break bonus was abysmal. It was just as high as Savage Sting, although you don't get the benefit of procs. With the buffs, the higher Break bonus of Severe Sting makes a Double + Severe combo more consistent in inflicting Break, even if Double Sting fails to proc.

            Unlike Break Thrust, it inflicts Break on players more reliably with its higher AP (even without the buff), doing it without procs, but it still gets stuffed by defense procs.

            As Ace mentioned in a comment here to Whaku, Severe Sting can make for a "Reversal Combo."
            You can have one Lancer use Severe Sting against a target to inflict Break, THEN have another Lancer (or two) use Cross Assault on that target. If your target doesn't trigger their defensive procs by the time the Severe Sting Lancer combos into Cross Assault themselves, they're as good as dead. This combination leaves very little room for the Cleric to heal the target when used properly. (Reversal Combos are also possible with Break Thrust, but Break Thrust needs its own Heart procs to inflict Break on Soldiers, Lancers, and Archers, or a Basic Attack which hurt them beforehand.)

            BUT! As of the 11/30 JPUL update, and the 12/8 Global update, Severe Sting now got its cooldown and base Break bonus buffed. Before the patch, the Break bonus was equal to a Savage Sting. Now, its Break bonus is in between a procless Double Sting and a single proc Sting.

            Thus, a new PvE set of Cross Assault/EE/Double Sting/Severe Sting/Basic Attack is now viable. You still get the massive base Break bonuses of Double Sting and Severe Sting, the former move scaling even higher with its own Heart/Secret procs. Severe Sting's low cooldown would increase your DPS even further, and it becomes easier to use as a chain to Cross Assault. After Break, you can spam Severe Sting alongside the Basic Attack if you have enough cost to do so. Some mobs even get Broken after a hit of Severe Sting, whereas a procless Double Sting fails. Certain enemies, while they may not get inflicted with Break right away, may get Broken from subsequent attacks from your allies faster than when Double Sting is used.

            This move, costing less than Knight’s Blitz, and being able to deal just as much damage as it, would’ve been a viable replacement as your 2nd PvP attacking skill, had it not been for...

            PvE Recommended? - YES (once unlocked, it replaces Savage Sting easily)
            PvP Recommended? - Preference

            (The reason why it's a preference in PvP is because Severe Sting is just as good as Break Thrust, imo. With Break Thrust, it can match Severe Sting's damage since it can ignore defense procs except for Null Physical Damage. However, Severe Sting has enough base AP to guarantee Break without procs, and this allows for a more reliable Reversal Combo.)

            PvE Rating - 11/10 (MUST-HAVE for ANY PvE Lancer build, whether DPS or Break-type)
            (Used to be (7/10 pre-buff because of high DPS, but low Break bonus)
            PvP Rating - 10/10 (again, user preference between this or Break Thrust)

            What are you waiting for? GO AHEAD AND PUT THIS STING IN YOUR BUILDS TODAY!

            Cross Assault
            AP: 130 x2 (140 x2; 180 x2/190x2 if used on a target inflicted with Break) CD: 9 Cost: 16 DPS: 28.889 (31.111; Break: 40/42.222) CE: 16.25 (17.5; Break: 22.5/23.75) CDE: 7

            Balancing Changes (as of 4/13)
            - CD lowered from 10 to 9 seconds

            Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
            Umm... I think Croissant would be more appropriate for Soldier. Have you SEEN how Antagonize has that nice, smooth... golden curve? Same goes for the first hit of Dual Sword.

            ...ok, ok, I may be exaggerating. But for Lancers, they have oversized Carrots, imo.
            Originally posted by Ace
            ACTUALLY, Linathan was the one who thought of Croissant. Cross + Assault = Crossault = Croissant!

            Originally posted by Linathan
            LOL OH YEAH, I remember making that joke of mages being allergic to croissants because of Cross Assault! Thankfully, I'm backline so I don't have to worry about all of that too much. :P
            (Source for this silly conversation)

            Now this is THE definitive replacement for Knight’s Blitz for PvP. The ultimate single-target Physical move, without a doubt! Even without the combo effect, Cross Assault is still stupid strong.

            To put its power to perspective, its comboless damage under Break is really close to pre-buff Knight’s Blitz without the Lancer passive. Even without Break, it’s still pretty powerful. Think of it as a Double Sting (without the Break bonus) with an Attack Stance constantly up for it, and you have its base power.

            Definitely the ultimate single-target skill for Lancers. High DPS and CE scaling? Check. High burst damage? Check. Lower cooldown than Knight’s Blitz? Check.

            However, that doesn’t mean you should scrap Double Sting just yet. Cross Assault is like a “Knight’s Blitz-esque” skill, where it deals insane damage but has no other utility. Double Sting still inflicts Break, and it’s the Swiss Army Knife of Lancer skills. It’s got good DPS, good scaling, and also utility on top of that.

            Unfortunately, due to its insane power, Cross Assault leads to even more noob Lancers that keep bringing Severe Sting/Cross Assault/Death Pierce (or Knight's Blitz) + EE and expecting that build to work. That build is extremely unreliable for inflicting Break, thus you won’t DPS to your full potential. Unless you have an ally Lancer who focuses on Break reliability, but what are the odds of that?

            A similar move to Cross Assault is Blood Oath, the Mage's answer. If a Mage is at 45% HP or less, Blood Oath deals 165 AP x2 damage. Cross Assault is stronger, but Blood Oath is better for Crystal Breaking, since the Crystal cannot be inflicted with Break and everything, and a Mage can self-lower their health too, not just with EE, but Fanatic Soul as well.

            Digression (presses Pause button)

            And this is where defensive builds for Lancers can match the damage output of even Glass Mage builds.

            Let's say a Mage has 100k MATK, possible with max Weapon and Monster slots. Much like the Glass vs Offtank Lancer build argument, a Lancer would have less raw ATK with less Monsters.

            (Assume both have equivalent amounts of Infusions and/or Furniture stats, no procs; ignore Blessing effects, so assume this 100k MATK Mage isn't using the Blessing)

            Monster Boosts
            7 Nyx = 32844 MATK
            5 UR Lancer = 23544 ATK (see the 5 UR Monster setup)
            4 UR Lancer = 21174 ATK (see the 4 UR Monster setup)

            Total Offense Stats
            Mage: 100k MATK

            Lancer (5 UR): 90700 ATK
            Lancer (4 UR): 88330 ATK

            Blood Oath (max) = 69300 x2 damage
            Cross Assault (5 UR, comboless) = 68569 x2 damage (1.07% difference)
            Cross Assault (4 UR, comboless) = 66777 x2 damage (3.78% difference)

            The difference is eerily close in terms of damage output. If the Lancer uses Severe Sting to combo, they pull ahead of Mages in terms of comparing skills. Not to mention, Lancers still have Break Thrust, a potent 4th Ring skill that can kill Mages trying to hide behind Barrier buffs, and makes up for the ATK difference.

            The main difference, however, is Lancers don't have a multi-hit equivalent to Meteor Strike or Meteor Rain, which a Mage can use to nuke everything, especially in PvE where Meteors can deal insane amount of damage. Given the nature of stagger unis in PvE, Mages have the clear advantage by being able to use this to "cheat" the cooldowns of their Burst skills. However, Lancers can have 2-3 more defensive procs than a Mage, which makes them tank hits more reliably, making sense with their higher Max HP..

            Edit: Keep in mind, this comparison assumes Lancers and Mages are fighting elementless targets (ex. PvP). Since Mages get +3 to ALL Element stacks as a passive, this gives them effectively +15% MATK as a passive boost, which is HUGE. So Glass Mages are still stronger than Lancers when it comes to PvE damage, but their utility is limited to AoE or Nuking damage, along with having the best stagger uni options when it comes to cheating skill cooldowns. Lancers, on the other hand, can still tank hits better than Mages, and Break as a utility is God Tier, a must-have if you want to even DREAM of clearing the more difficult content this game has to offer.

            (presses Play button)

            After 4/14, Cross Assault had its cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 9. This boosts its DPS, and the point of this buff was to make it so there's less of a gap in DPS between this and Severe Sting.

            It's still viable to carry Double Sting + Severe for PvE, though the increased DPS from the lowered cooldown Cross Assault got will allow it to outdamage Double Sting more easily. Also, Execution Spear's lower cooldown compared to Severe Sting makes it easier to use Cross Assault on Break, thus increasing its DPS by a wide margin compared to solo Severe Sting.

            PvE Recommended? - YES (for a certain playstyle that isn't as Basic Attack reliant)
            PvP Recommended? - MUST-HAVE

            PvE Rating - 10/10 (strongest single-target Lancer skill, combos off Cross Assault too)
            PvP Rating - 11/10 (again, above; no other Lancer skill is as hard-hitting and as feared as this)

            Death Pierce
            AP: 150 (200 if used against a target inflicted with Break) CD: 11 Cost: 14 DPS: 13.636 (Break: 18.182) CE: 10.714 (Break: 14.286) CDE: 3

            (While not mentioned, it also gets +50 AP against targets inflicted with Break too)

            Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
            Death PIERCE? If you stick "Death" in front of Pierce, shouldn’t it have increased Bonus to Break as well?

            Now this is where the fun ends in terms of new attack skills.

            Death Pierce is not a bad skill on paper. However, the base AP is still rather low, and it doesn't ignore defense procs.

            If this were introduced in 4th Ring, then it could’ve seen some use. But compared to Severe Sting and Cross Assault? It’s underwhelming.

            It still has some uses, albeit limited. There’s the Passas from the BBQ event which only take 1s from attacks, even if they were inflicted with -80% DEF, Break, and hit by a double proc Knight’s Blitz. Death Pierce is a lot faster than Burkesnipe, and you can surprise people with it like this:

            The problem? Not many people are going to expect Lancers to carry around Death Pierce, and most Archers are going to bring Burke anyways. So leave the DEF ignoring moves to them and don’t let Death Pierce take up a Sting slot.

            BUT! I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but this is game-changing.

            I found out that Death Pierce actually has a +50 AP modifier when used against a target inflicted with Break, much like Severe Sting and Cross Assault. AsuraPhoenix mentioned on one thread that Death Pierce is stronger than Savage Sting for no reason even though both moves have similar AP, as Savage Sting is 160 AP, while Death Pierce is 150 AP.

            I thought that didn't sound right. So I went to Lab Wave 1 and tested out if Break had anything to do with Death Pierce's damage. I compared the damage of Death Pierce and Sting since both moves have 150 AP damage (don't forget your Sting passives). Without Break, both moves hit for the same damage, as expected.

            With Break inflicted, however, that's where things become confusing. Death Pierce hits for around 50k damage, which is slightly stronger than Sting when it procs an XL Testament, except in this case, Death Pierce was procless! Sting, on the other hand, only deals around 35k under Break.

            I thought that was way too outside the random damage spread of the damage formula, so running my ATK stats...

            Sting and Death Pierce: (65000 ATK)(0.42)(150 AP/100) = 40950 (37878 - 44021)
            Death Pierce under Break: (65000 ATK)(0.42)(200 AP/100) = 54600 (50505 - 58695)

            Thus, Death Pierce's sudden damage increase falls out of the +/- 7.5% damage uncertainty in the damage formula, and therefore, it gets a +50 AP increase under Break, despite the translations and in-game flavor text saying absolutely nothing about it.

            It may just be napkin math to you, but try it out for yourself. Go to lab and Break the Wyvern with Double Sting. Attack him with a procless Sting (150 AP), and a procless Death Pierce (150 AP). Which move did more damage?

            So... yeah.
            On paper, Death Pierce is mediocre. Despite its ability to ignore DEF, moves like Severe Sting, Knight's Blitz, Cross Assault, and Break Thrust still outdamage it, even against Soldiers.

            In practice, however... Death Pierce actually has a +50 bonus AP on Break effect just like the other 5th Ring Lancer attacks, albeit hidden, so in reality, it is a 200 AP move under Break that ignores DEF. Thus, it beats Knight's Blitz and Severe Sting for damage inflicted. It can outdamage Cross Assault too if the enemy's DEF is high enough, although Cross Assault benefits more from AP modifiers and Anti-Class due to having 2 hits.

            That’s all the hidden stuff Death Pierce gets. It doesn’t ignore Defense procs or buffs, unlike Break Thrust.

            Now for the bigger question, "Does Death Pierce deal enough damage that it beats Cross Assault against higher DEF targets?"

            Well, taking a 90k ATK Lancer for example...

            Death Pierce (200 AP): 75600 damage

            Knight's Blitz, Severe Sting (Break): 83160 damage
            - Better if enemy DEF is &lt; 37800 (-7560 damage)

            Cross Assault (180 AP x2): 68040 x2 = 136080 damage
            - Better if enemy DEF is &lt; 151200 (-30240 damage per hit)

            But with a lower ATK Lancer, like say, 65k...

            Death Pierce (200 AP): 54600 damage

            Knight's Blitz, Severe Sting (Break): 60060 damage
            - Better if enemy DEF is &lt; 27300 (-5460 damage)

            Cross Assault (180 AP x2): 49140 x2 = 98280 damage
            - Better if enemy DEF is &lt; 109200 (-21840 damage)


            Death Pierce is better than Knight's Blitz and Severe Sting as a second damage skill. However, Cross Assault does so much damage that Death Pierce is inferior even with that DEF ignore effect. Lategame Soldiers tend to have 120k DEF, and they still take much more damage from Cross Assault in that regard. Not even Masesq has THAT much DEF for Death Pierce to be a stronger move against him.

            It's more effective if the Lancer doesn't have that high of an ATK stat, but once you start reaching 72.5k ATK, that's where any more ATK investment makes Cross Assault the better option. Whether that +50 AP boost when used against targets with Break was intentional or not, or if it was a bug, Cross Assault is still superior.

            Proc scaling doesn’t have an effect here, since Knight’s Blitz, Severe Sting, and Death Pierce are all single-hit attacks, so they all experience the same returns. With Cross Assault, however, it outdamages Death Pierce even more, making it even more effective against (theoretically) higher DEF targets.

            Death Pierce in this case would be a viable 3rd attack, because it deals more damage than Knight’s Blitz or Severe Sting if an enemy is inflicted with Break.

            But as a whole... What's good about Death Pierce? I guess it deals more damage than the first hit of Cross Assault? And it has a cool animation? And it costs 2 less points to cast? And you take less Reflect damage due to the lower overall Burst damage? But that's where the positives end, folks. Just pick Cross Assault if you want to use a second attack skill anyways, or even Double Sting as a third attack skill over Death Pierce because of the lower cooldown and double-hit characteristics.

            I used to have some calculations and complex formulas here (to the average viewer), but I went and been there, done all that. For the sake of simplicity, I removed the derived formulas here so you don't blow up your brain scrolling through this guide. If you want to see the calculations on why Cross Assault is much better than Death Pierce, just message me and I can arrange things for you.

            PvE Recommended? - Only for enemies that have hax defenses, but those are rare
            PvP Recommended? - Very close, but still a NO; Cross Assault is just much more consistent in damage, and you don't always see Soldiers with enough DEF where Death Pierce is stronger

            PvE Rating - 4/10 (Double Sting is much stronger as a third move in DPS scaling, not to mention more utility. Only used when there's enemies that don't die after Break, like the SSR Passas in some Events)
            PvP Rating - 8/10 (if it had the ability to ignore procs, it would've been an 11/10. However, after 3 deep analyses, it turns out, with the way how Damage Down procs and Barriers reduce damage, Death Pierce is actually like a "Pseudo Break Thrust" against those procs, and for tanky Lancers, it's a more consistent attack than Cross Assault if you get procced against. What doesn't make it a 10 is due to how Cross Assault still does more damage through Reflect mitigation.)

            AP: -- CD: 40 Cost: 20 DPS: -- CE: -- CDE: --
            Reduces enemy party DEF and MDEF by 20%.

            Something that combines both Bestial Shout and Weaken Resolve into one skill. Can be used for Crystal Phase, but that slot is better off for a Mage, because they have a party buff that increases Crit Damage by 20%.

            Personally, I would’ve had Agony and Demoralize swap names. It makes more sense for a Paralysis debuff effect to represent agony at the odds of being unable to move and everything. Granted, if Agony was a 4th Ring skill, people would've memed it hard with 4th Ring being the "Agony Ring" for Lancers' suffering, but those days are long over.

            PvE Recommended? - NO
            PvP Recommended? - NO

            PvE Rating - 2/10 (again, just rely on Break or debuff Unis)
            PvP Rating - 5/10 (good on paper if Lancers are CB, but given their stats, it makes sense to go Frontline with them)

            Negative Pressure
            AP: -- CD: 40 Cost: 15 DPS: -- CE: -- CDE: --
            3-way AoE effect. Reduces affected players’ Unison Gauges by 10%.

            Pressure certainly is true when it comes to the name of this skill. It makes it so you have to Unison instantly, because if not, it can cause you to lose in a 4v5 or even 2v5 Unison Clash. Don’t Guard or attack right as a round starts, as a single Negative Pressure will decimate your Uni.

            However, it only affects 3 out of 5 people. Also, it has a rather slow casting time, so if someone already Unied, it won’t affect them since their Unison is already going off.

            Despite this, you can abuse this and troll people trying to Unison contest you. Mages love to rain Meteors right after a Crystal Phase. Lancers will often ambush with Severe Sting or Cross Assault. Archers will attempt to one-shot a Lancer with their arrows. Thus, the priority of targets you should hit with Negative Pressure is…

            1.) Lancers
            They can have Negative Pressure too. If you cast it on them, at least you sacrificed yourself to take him down with you, and still forced a 4v4 Uni that has the potential to cause Genesis (pray the other team does this).

            2.) Mages
            In the lower tiers of PvP, most Mages still mindlessly click Meteor Rain right as a post-Crystal Phase round ends. Since Lancers have Anti-Class advantage, they should take minimal damage unless they built glass or take double proc hits that happened to not trigger your defensive procs. But in higher level PvP, even if Mages are rare, their new Empress Bind ability can potentially screw over one ally on your end, so be careful if the enemy team has one Negative Pressure Lancer on one end, and an Empress Bind Mage on the other; since you can only hit just one of them, choose wisely.
            (Fortunately, duo Negative Pressure will tag both offenders, but they can do the same to you too by simply targeting both Lancers accordingly)

            3.) Archers
            They can attempt to one-shot others, and Lancers have the upper hand in terms of Unis because Archers often throw Alice, Kirin, or other Unis. If you see them move after a Crystal Assault, they're open season. (Watch out for the ones with Ushiwakamaru, however…)

            Soldiers and Clerics often Uni right away, so there’s no point casting Negative Pressure on them.

            Three important tips:

            1.) Make sure your allies are NOT attacking the enemies you’re casting Negative Pressure on! Unless your allies were using fast moves like Meteor Rain, if anyone attacks someone who just got hit by Negative Pressure, their attacks will actually recharge the afflicted enemy’s Unison back to 100%. So timing is important for this skill, and late ally attacks can mess things up. Thus, you can wait and check whoever’s attacking, then cast Negative Pressure a little bit late so your ally attacks will land, and you still apply the Unison gauge reduction. But don’t do it too late, or the enemies will Unison before your debuff lands.

            2.) Be very careful if Break is applied to an ally! If the enemies manage to get a Max Break Chain after you successfully tagged some people with Negative Pressure, they’ll make up for the Unison they lost, and still get a chance to Uni if they could kill the ally inflicted with Break. (There was one case where I used Negative Pressure to a Meteor Raining Mage, and he still managed to use his Uni even after I tagged him) Adding to this, you’re still vulnerable while casting Negative Pressure, so if you die after landing it, the enemies would likely regain the Uni they lost from killing you.

            3.) Despite some players blatantly calling Negative Pressure OP, you can STILL Uni Dodge out of it. This is the biggest weakness of Negative Pressure, so while it is still strong, forcing people to Uni right away to avoid getting tagged and losing Uni, you could only really use it against targets who are already in the middle of using a skill.

            All in all, Negative Pressure can take some enemies off guard. The more experienced players know how to avoid it, but you can still slaughter noobs in Colo, taking their Unison away.

            Edit: Negative Pressure is much stronger than it looks. It shouldn't be used for its Uni-removing capabilities. Instead, you use it to force the enemies to use their unis first, so you can counter appropriately. Due to Unison Battles becoming a more staple component of Guild Battles thanks to the higher-leveled Crystal caps, winning them is even more important, as back-to-back Unis are certainly possible from a single team after a Crystal Assault.

            Edit #2: After using Negative Pressure for more RGB matches, I can now bump this skill to an 11/10. This move can instantly make the difference between a battle you'll win or lose, and matches can be decided by unsuspecting enemies/allies being afflicted by Negative Pressure. Even outside of Uni Rounds, you can use Negative Pressure to deny enemies from using a Uni, preventing them from threatening a Solo Uni attempt on your side, or going for an uncontested Uni wipe with FL. Not to mention, -10% Uni Gauge effectively cancels out a single Cheerisma round from a Soldier, so having multiple uses of Negative Pressure will decide who wins FL. It's that great.

            Consider taking Opening Skills if you decide to run Negative Pressure. It should help with surviving long enough to get your first waves of Unis in, which will compensate for sacrificing Guard or Barrier. As an added bonus, if an ally Cleric Barriers you while your Openings are active, you'll effectively have Guard for 30 seconds while still being able to attack or support your team.

            Another thing Negative Pressure is powerful for... you can use it to trap enemies who are being heavily focused by your allies.
            The typical "fight-or-flight" response of someone taking Deadly Arabesques, Break Thrusts, Cross Assaults, Dual Swords, Calamities, Blood Oaths, etc. is to Guard, and then Uni right afterwards. A well-timed Negative Pressure while your allies time their attacks to nuke the target after Guard expires will secure the kill easily, and also prevents the targets next to the victim from using a Uni which your team can do so. Beware of people using Cheer at the same time, as it takes 2 Cheers to replenish Negative Pressure's Unison drop.

            The PvP Rating of this skill was initially lower, but that was because the Lv. 30 Crystal was easily destroyed in one Crystal Assault. Now that the Crystal is Lv. 40, at higher levels of gameplay, Negative Pressure is more pivotal.

            PvE Recommended? - *laughs wildly*
            PvP Recommended? - YES (depends on your team composition, like Knight's Devotion or Barrier support)

            PvE Rating - 0/10 (what, you think that enemy Indra's gonna use himself as a Unison and then Paralyze + Uni Block you?)
            PvP Rating - 11/10 (A metagame-defining move, used to both deny Uni AND get yourself the advantage when picking colors to counter the enemy team during Uni Rounds, can be used by BL Lancers while exiting CB)

            5th Ring Class Passives
            Helm Up Lv. 3: +8% Helm DEF
            Armor Up Lv. 2: +4% Armor DEF
            Armor Up Lv. 3: +8% DEF
            ATK Up Lv. 1: +3% ATK
            Critical Hit Rate Lv. 1: +3% Crit Rate

            And last but not least…

            Mage Defiance Lv. 1
            - AP damage of moves used by Mages reduced by 30.

            The passives further cement Helms and Armors being the main defense gear types for Lancers. However, you could still get away with using Clothing and Hat gear if they have Magic Damage Down or Magic Reflection, as needed. Haste monsters aren’t the best of choices for PvP, as you often want at least 2 elements anyways for flexibility in matchups.

            Crit Rate passive is pretty nice, making Lancer attacks have a bit of a backbone to them in terms of crit rate. It’s small, but it is kinda noticeable. The base crit rate of every class is 5%. However, Lancers and Mages have a base crit rate of 8% thanks to passives. That’s still enough to be considered “hax,” as the base crit rate in another popular handheld RPG game is 6.25%. You can rely on it as an "8th damage proc," but the odds are quite low, and unlike Fatals, besides the proc rate being low, it doesn't boost both hits of Cross Assault.

            Mage Defiance Lv. 1 is amazing. 30 AP reduces Mage Meteor damage from 60 AP to 30, meaning they will be hard-pressed trying to kill Lancers that build defensively. That is, until you realize that most Lancers run the Apollo Set and tend to have fairly low MDEF, so the Anti-Class still doesn’t exactly stop strong Mages (95k+ MATK) from incinerating Glass Lancers. This Anti-Class also drops Skewered damage from 110 to 80 AP, one of the stronger Mage skills.

            Unfortunately, Defense Stance only affects Physical damage given and received, so you can’t do something like run Defense Stance and drop Meteor damage to 10 AP, and Skewered to 60 AP. (But that would’ve been utterly hilarious)

            Also, 5th Ring Mage skills hit extremely hard. Calamity is basically Knight’s Blitz after Blood Oath or Undermine are used for a massive combo effect. Blood Oath is an extremely powerful skill too, especially if a Mage has lost about half of their health. Try attacking them after they use Blood Oath so it’s as strong as Skewered.

            Overall Class Passives

            - Lance/Scythe gear: +28% ATK (+48% Total)
            - Helm-type gear: +15% DEF (+32% Total)
            - Armor-type gear: +15% DEF (+32% Total)
            - ATK boost: +3% (not to be confused with the Shared Trait, but stacks with it additively)
            - Crit Damage: +5%
            - Crit Rate: +3%
            - Anti-Class: +45 AP outgoing damage to Mages, -30 AP incoming damage from Mages
            - Pierce, Sting, and Savage Sting AP +10 when Lance/Scythe is in Main Slot
            - Thrust, Sharp Thrust, and Dragon Thrust AP +10 when Lance/Scythe is in Main Slot
            - Knight’s Blitz AP +10 when Lance/Scythe is in Main Slot
            - Shared Traits: +17% ATK & +3000 ATK

            (This doesn’t include Shared Traits from the other classes)

            If you want to maximize your GS, your goal is to simply get max Weapons, then max Helms and Armors, using all Lance/Scythe, Helm, and Armor type gear. In terms of Sub Traits, equipping Helm Up and Armor Up will help to bolster the GS yield of Armors and Helms even further. However, unless those Armors and Helms had Reflection XL skills, I don’t recommend limiting yourself to just Armors and Helms only. Most of the time, those types of defense gear contain Physical Damage Down/Physical Reflection skills, and also loads of DEF. Rarely do you see Helms/Armors with the opposite stat parameters or skill type (they do exist, but in Rare Spawns), and vice-versa. Trying to optimize your GS this way makes your DEF stat extremely high, sure. But then you have the issue of low MDEF, which Mages can still take advantage of.

            So putting in Hat or Clothing type gear wouldn’t be too much of a loss, especially since Fire monsters give DEF.

            As for the Crit Damage passive...

            - Critical hits increase your AP damage by 50 points. The Crit Damage passive boosts it to 55 AP.

            It's a small increase, but it's still stronger than it looks. Critical hits deal higher damage than a Testament, and they are comparable to the damage of even Mastery/Conviction procs, but I'll say more later...

            Edit: It seems like Conviction procs may not be a 60 AP boost at all. They seems to be lower than that at about approximately 50 AP instead. More on that later on when I cover the proc in question...
            Break Values of Certain Attacks

            I did some testing on Break Values of moves with applicable Break Bonuses, specifically on Greater Wyvern (Labyrinth) and Ifrit (Fire Ordeal Arcadia). The former has a Break Tolerance of 0.9, while the latter is 2.5. Another enemy with high Break Tolerance for testing was the Titan Golem (Mobius Path Water/Dark). They have a Break Tolerance of 3.0, which explains why Severe Sting + Double Sting/Dragon Claw/Execution Spear does not Break them in one go, unless allies have tried hitting them for 1's beforehand.

            So, taking what I wrote before on this thread:

            NOTE: This was tested with 53732 ATK and Cost Recovery as my only Weapon proc. When I tried lowering my ATK stat by removing my Monsters, my Break bonus went considerably down; 2 Basic Sting-tier skills failed to Break the Greater Wyvern in Lab once I had lower ATK, so I had to use 3. However, when I used a Double Sting-tier or higher skill on him, he still gets inflicted with Break regardless.

            So yes, ATK DOES affect Break Bonus to some extent, but for Double Sting-tier and above skills, the ATK scaling for Break Bonus becomes negligible. To support the latter point, I tried 2 using Double Sting-tier skills with 19581 ATK against a 38 AP Arcadia boss, and the results were the same as if I had 110k ATK.

            CPUs were 4 Clerics, as their Basic Attack has negligible Break Bonus.

            Base Break
            1.) Severe Sting (BB = 1.50) "Severe Sting-Tier"
            2.) Double Sting/Execution Spear/Dragon Claw (Comboed) (BB = 1.25 for first hit of multi-hit skills) "Double Sting-Tier"
            3.) Pierce/Sting/Savage Sting/Break Thrust (BB = 0.5) "Basic Sting-Tier"

            Nickname Explanations:
            - Severe Sting, upon release, had "Basic Sting-tier" Break Bonus. When it got buffed, however, it was on a category on its own, exceeding Double Sting's base Break bonus.
            - Double Sting also used to be "Basic Sting-tier," but when 5th Ring came out, its Break Bonus got buffed, so it was the highest Break bonus at the time (and why they had to buff Severe Sting).
            - The 1st-3rd Ring Stings are called "Basic Stings" because any class can use them. However, they have much lower Break bonus than the above two Sting Tiers, and furthermore, their Break bonus scale with your ATK and enemy's DEF, so ATK debuffs and enemy DEF buffs nerf your Break bonus, while the reverse is true. The ATK scaling seems to have a cap for these Stings, at 0.5 BB max (at 20k+ ATK; any ATK lower and it takes more Stings to Break (0.3 BB per Sting), but can't Break Greater Wyvern with 1 Savage Sting even if you had 150k ATK). This was likely done so Lancers can Break easier than other classes trying to use Stings (at least before they got rid of this scaling with moves like Double Sting and Severe Sting).
            Break Thrust is also considered a "Basic Sting" because its Break Bonus matches that of them, and it follows the same rules on inflicting Break as well.

            4.) Cross Assault: BB = 0.3 (each hit is 0.15 BB)
            5.) Dragon Claw (comboless): BB = 0.3 (total; each hit is 0.1 BB)
            6.) Knight's Blitz (200+ AP attacks?): BB = 0.3
            7.) Thrusts/Death Pierce/Smash: BB = 0.2 (100-199 AP attacks?)
            7.) Basic Attack (<100 AP attacks?): BB = 0.1

            As a rough estimate, the Greater Wyvern in Lab gets broken by:
            - 1 Double Sting-tier or higher skill
            - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 4 Basic Attacks
            - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Dragon Claw/Cross Assault/Knight's Blitz (200 AP attacks/Lancer Multihit skills?) + 1 Basic Attack
            - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Thrust (any kind)/Death Pierce/Smash (100 AP attacks?) + 2 Basic Attacks
            - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Knight's Blitz (Defense Stance) + 2 Basic Attacks (Yes, Defense Stance DOES reduce Break Bonus, since KB went from 220 to 195 AP)

            Therefore, Greater Wyvern's Break Tolerance is about 0.9.

            However, if you have < 20k ATK, then the Basic Sting-tier skills actually have 0.3 BB.
            This was because it took me 3 Basic Stings to Break the Wyvern once I adjusted my stats to be lower than the threshold.

            Going even further, the first boss in 38 AP Arcadia (Ifrit was our lucky volunteer) requires the following Sting combinations to get inflicted with Break:
            - 2 Double Sting-tier skills (Comboed Dragon Claw + Execution/Double, Double + Execution, etc.)
            - 1 Severe + 1 Double Sting-tier skill (choose from Execution, Double, or Comboed Dragon)
            - 1 Severe + 2 Basic Sting-tier skills
            - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 3 Basic Sting-tier skills
            - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 2 Basic Sting-tier skills + 1-2 Basic Attacks (Double Sting is 1.25 BB, not 1.5 as I thought?)
            - 1 Severe + 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 4-5 Basic Attacks (the test which confirmed Severe Sting's BB is 1.5, not 2.0)
            - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 11 Basic Attacks (Double Sting 1.25 BB?)
            - 5 Basic Sting-tier skills
            - 1 Double Sting-tier skill (single Enforcer/Heart procs)
            - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill (single Enforcer/Heart procs) + 1 Basic Sting Tier skill (no procs) (any order)

            Thus, the Break Tolerance of Arcadia 38 AP bosses is 2.5. For procs like Enforcer Testament and Heart of the Spear/Sting, a Double Sting-tier skill that activates those procs will inflict Break in one cast, so procs seem to add +1.5 Break Bonus value. Debuffs also affect Break Bonus too; had to carry PL in case Ifrit decided to debuff my ATK stat, and Balancing in case of Garnet Shield (which reduces BB of non-Double Sting-tier skills).

            From the testing, it appears DEF may actually play a role in determining how easy a target is to Break (at least for players; but Ifrit's Garnet Shield also boosted his Break Resistance to non-Double Sting-tier skills). This mainly affects moves like the Basic Sting-tier skills, or any of the non-Break Bonus skills. From my past experiences in PvP, Soldiers and Lancers were the most difficult to Break (can withstand a Break Thrust + 1-3 Basic Attacks), while targets like Mages and Archers are easier thanks to typically having lower DEF (gets inflicted with Break after 1 Break Thrust, and then maybe 1-2 Basic Attacks).

            However, these values are arbitrary, as I felt organizing them decimal-style this way allows me to visualize Break Bonuses easier. Thus, you can think of the values being higher, like Severe Sting having a BB of 1500, Double Sting-tier skills 1250, Basic Sting-tier skills 500, Arcadia Boss's Break Threshold as 2500, and more.

            - Using this information, it seems like Enforcer Testament and Heart of the Spear/Sting procs give an additive +1.75 Break Bonus. This was proven with the last test (1 single Heart proc Basic Sting + 1 procless Basic Sting). It should be noted, the single Heart proc Basic Sting failed to Break Ifrit in one hit, but the procless Basic Sting finished the job.
            - I asked other players who haven't discarded their Secret procs, or simply have Enforcer Testament, and they claimed the Titan Golem breaks in one cast of a procced Double Sting/Execution Spear/Dragon Claw (Combo). Unlike a simple Severe + Double Sting-tier combo, it succeeds in Breaking, rather than barely failing to do so.


            BB of Enforcer/Heart/Secret Procs: +1.75 BB
            Last edited by LaconicLeaf; 10-26-2017, 11:54 PM. Reason: Added in Break Bonus Values, Updated Negative Pressure's score

            IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

            This Is How You DO Play Lancers



              b.) 5th Ring Sub Quest Walkthrough

              So you sat there in the Recommended Quests, and wondered why the Lancer Sub Quest isn’t showing up. Then you go and start it yourself, and then…


              It’s a Solo Quest! You tried it, but died because of no healer.

              There’s three ways to do this:

              1.) Gem Revive until you clear each stage

              2.) LOLDPS through it with a 4th Ring Archer or Soldier build

              But the best solution is…

              3.) Class Swap to Cleric and Heal yourself and the NPC

              It shouldn’t require too much to beat this quest as a Cleric. You just need a Book/Relic Main Slot, then Dark/Light Monsters, and UR Books or Staves (any kind). Procs don’t matter here; your raw stats should allow you to heal enough anyways.

              By being able to heal, you take advantage of Luca’s infinite cost. She runs Demoralize/Sting/Double Sting/Dragon Crush/Knight’s Blitz, and uses these skills at fixed intervals. Keep her alive as long as possible, and she’ll solo every monster.

              Pay close attention to Reflects. Luca will keep attacking, and if she dies to them, then it’s already Game Over. Make sure to heal her constantly after those Kotaros put up their Reflects.

              I used Barrier/EE/Recover/Cure and went out just fine. But I think it’ll be better if you used something like Barrier/Heal/Recover/Area Recovery. Use Barrier on Luca, then hold back with heals to beat each stage. Feel free to have a Cost Recovery (any weapon) in a Sub Slot.

              Finally, if you don’t have 47k prof, you shouldn’t finish the Sub Quest just yet. For the time being, work on farming Nyxs/Amaterasus, and Reforge any Mage or Cleric weapons you have to UR.

              But! Here's a guide from Caelestiel on beating this quest. Feel free to refer to it to see what exactly you need to beat it. Thanks, Caelestiel =)
              c.) 5th Ring Skill Oddities

              Update: Since the devs never bothered to address these anomalies, it seems like it was actually intended for the following 5th Ring skills to have the following effects:

              One of the main reasons why this guide was so delayed. The Break Bonus AP mechanic is completely new. Since the game never handled this mechanic before, it leads to various bugs:

              - Under Break, Cross Assault’s 1st hit deals 50 AP, which is just fine. BUT! The 2nd hit does 100 AP bonus damage!
              This happens whenever you use CA without buffs. The first hit gets the Break bonus AP like it’s supposed to, but the second hit is stronger for no reason. In addition to that…

              - Sometimes, Cross Assault’s 1st hit doesn’t get the 50 AP bonus, but the second hit does.
              This is what other players tend to report. I find this happening whenever multiple buffs are present, especially Joan. Apparently, the game couldn’t handle the Break bonus AP modifiers in addition to the myriad of buffs we have (Crit Damage, Physical AP, All Stats, etc.), and thus, it gets confused and randomly drops the bonus AP for the first hit.

              - Death Pierce actually has a 50 AP bonus damage boost when it’s used against a target under Break.
              @AsuraPhoenix pointed this out, and I ran some tests in Lab. The Wyvern clearly takes more damage under Break with Death Pierce compared to a Sting/Savage Sting. If this was intentional, then it’s a viable alternative to Knight’s Blitz, but if you wanted strong unconditional damage, as in not reliant on Break, KB is better. Despite this, Cross Assault is still a much superior damage skill; Death Pierce is pretty much fluff for a 5th Ring skill.
              d.) Tower Abilities

              Believe it or not, after the 21st floor of Tower of Judgment, you can unlock new Abilities for your class. All these new abilities are Class-Specific, so they might be actually worth using. In fact, maybe these skills might be our 6th Ring after all!

              However, you'll also have to clear Tower floors for the other 4 classes. If you're struggling, at the very least buy Elemental Rush weapons, or keep any weapon you get from the Rare Spawns, even if they're 25-26 cost. Having at least 6 UR on-class weapons should be sufficient to beat up to 25F for any class, but make sure you have 7-8 UR on-class weapons before even attempting 26F-30F.

              Dragon Claw
              AP: 80/90 x3 (240/270) Cost: 15 CD: 8 DPS: 30/33.75 CE: 16/18 CDE: 7

              - Unlocked from clearing Lancer Tower 25F, Soldier Tower 20F, and Cleric Tower 20F

              Added Effect: When used after Severe Sting, AP becomes 90, and gains Bonus to Break (equal to Double Sting base)

              Credit: Whaku for testing this skill out in JPUL before it was released over here

              Now, before we go on:

              Guard Break bonus is NOT an effect that bypasses mitigation effects (Reflect, Barrier, Guard) OR procs. It's just another way of saying Break bonus, because Dragon Claw can only inflict Break AFTER Severe Sting is used as a combo effect.

              So please, STOP ASKING ME, "What does Guard Break do?" Because it's just a Break bonus, albeit worded differently.

              Edit: Seems like 1-2 months after Dragon Claw was released, they finally fixed this translation error, replacing it with the proper "Bonus to Break" message. Thank God, because I would've went insane if someone went up to me in-game and asked, "What does Guard Break do?"

              Thank you. Now, we can begin:

              What do you call a Double Sting and a Cross Assault? Dragon Claw sounds alright. I was a little worried about the two of these moves sharing their properties, but it looks like it came out pretty good.

              So just like Double Sting, it has great utility in the form of Break Bonus after a Severe Sting. And just like Cross Assault, it has amazing DPS.

              So much DPS, in fact, that Dragon Claw is hands down the highest DPS-scaling skill a Lancer has now. Move over, Cross Assault!

              It takes 92 AP for Dragon Claw to start out-DPSing Cross Assault when the latter is attacking a broken target. But when Break is not a factor, Dragon Claw outright does better DPS.

              Thus, for PvE, Dragon Claw will replace Double Sting/Cross Assault. Severe Sting + Dragon Claw is now the best attack combination for Lancers to bring.

              Given that you can have AP buffs from Unis, or have a reliable way of proccing, Dragon Claw makes Cross Assault obsolete on the PvE end. On top of that, you have good base Break bonus, so you have significantly more utility while not sacrificing too much DPS when carrying Double Sting. This makes up for the fairly large AP bonus you need to out-DPS Cross Assault.

              Furthermore, just like Double Sting, Dragon Claw, if it is able to inflict Break, does so before the first hit even lands. I suppose the devs found out some people were discovering that Double Sting's special Break properties fill Break chains faster, so much that Cross Assault was being ignored for PvE. Or, people keep playing Lancers as a DPS class, while an Archer would be miles better. So what did they do? Make a multi-hit Sting move that follows these same properties! And also made both ToJ skills Break skills to make people remember the main role of a Lancer.

              Thus, for enemies that Break to a Severe Sting + Double Sting, you can turbo-charge Unison Gauges. Severe + Dragon will jump the Break chain to 3 immediately.

              But here's where the positives end: Dragon Claw does NOT have a Bonus AP on Break (+50) effect.

              Death Pierce, on the other hand, didn't have any mention of an AP boost on Break, yet it still has the boost. But going back on topic, Dragon Claw not having a Break AP bonus makes it deal less Burst damage than Cross Assault does.

              So for Dragon Claw to out-burst Cross Assault on Break, it takes at least 160 AP (assuming both moves are comboed, and calculated if the second hit is +50 AP) to do so. This is attainable through double-proccing in conjunction with critical hits, so Heroic Dread works wonders for this skill. And just like Double Sting, Pursuit Testament works exceptionally well due to inflicting Break before any hit lands, so Lancers won't have to wait too much if they Break someone, but they immediately Guard and have Barrier protection. Lancers can simply Severe Sting another non-broken target, and then proceed to rush someone with Dragon Claw, and if Pursuit Testament procs, that's just a nasty surprise blow.

              But for the most part, Cross Assault is significantly more flexible in PvP. It doesn't rely on the combo that much due to its high base power, and is just that much more consistent.

              On the other hand, however, Dragon Claw's animation speed is much faster than any Archer skill, so by the time you see the text, it's already too late to use Guard. This can nuke some targets without them noticing, even better that without Break, Dragon Claw deals much higher burst damage than Cross Assault.

              All in all, Dragon Claw has much better utility and DPS scaling than Cross Assault does for PvE. But in PvP, it's still exactly the highest Burst damage skill; that title still belongs to Cross Assault. I mean, it can utterly tear Mages in half, but you already have Basic Attack and Cross Assault to kill them easily as is. However, the next skill makes Cross Assault even more viable in PvE thanks to its reliability...

              PvE Recommended? - YES
              PvP Recommended? - NO

              PvE Rating - 11/10 (utterly outclasses Cross Assault in utility and DPS scaling, but works better for certain playstyles of preference)
              PvP Rating - 10/10 (not bad, but Cross Assault is just that much more consistent)

              Execution Spear
              AP: 130 Cost: 9 CD: 4 DPS: 32.5 CE: 14.444 CDE: 5

              Unlocked from completing Lancer Tower 30F, Mage Tower 25F, and Archer Tower 25F

              Added Effect: Bonus to Break

              Balancing Changes:
              - Cost lowered from 10 to 9

              When I first saw the move, even its low AP, and being 10 AP off from Break Thrust, along with having similar particle effects and Ability Icon as Break Thrust, I hoped Execute Sting ignored procs, despite not being listed in its description. If it did ignore procs, then Execute Sting can easily replace Break Thrust due to having higher Cost Efficiency and a significantly lower cooldown. It'll be the perfect feint skill to distract Clerics before unleashing a true Burst rushdown. Or it can be used in conjunction with Break Thrust to have two True Damage skills. I had high expectations for this skill, because they usually have hidden effects to skills that are not mentioned in their descriptions.

              But when I picked up the skill and used it, despite the attack having the same sound effect as Break Thrust, it actually did not ignore procs, which made me feel disappointed. When I tested it a bit more, I learned it had the same Break bonus as Double Sting, which made up for the downsides.

              Edit: When I used Execution Spear a bit more, I found out it actually has the same animation speed as Basic Attack, Meteor Rain, Wizard Strike, Knight's Blitz, etc. So it's not the fastest animation speed in the game after all. When Execution Spear is used, the character rushes to their target faster because this is to compensate for possible skill animation lag.

              As a PvE skill, Execution Spear is utterly amazing. Hands down, the best standalone Break skill in the game. Since you have an extremely fast move under a cooldown rivaling Basic Attack, and a Break Bonus that is Double Sting-tier, you can actually use it as your only Break utility skill in quests like 38 AP Elemental Rush Arcadia. Enforcer Testament's low proc rate is offset with how frequently you can spam this along with Basic Attack. Huge improvement over Severe Sting, whose 6 second cooldown was clunky. This makes Cross Assault still a viable DPS skill.

              While the DPS isn't as high as Dragon Claw, it doesn't require a combo to get the Break bonus. Seal of ATK/Cost Recovery is downright amazing with Execution Spear, which can potentially make it cost for nothing. Execution Spear also works well with both Basic Attack (low cooldown and cost) and Deadly Blow (combo effect), so either of those Basic Abilities will do fine.

              Keep in mind, since Urgency is a 20% CDR effect, Execution Spear's cooldown gets reduced to 3.2 seconds. However, due to game mechanics, decimals get ceiling rounded, so Execution Spear will go back to 4 seconds anyway.

              Execution Spear and Dragon Claw are user-preference. Both Severe Sting and Dragon Claw work excellently together, but doesn't play with Deadly Blow combos well, and uses up more cost to Break. Execution Spear can be used alone, which makes Cross Assault much easier to use despite losing the combo effect from Severe Sting. Use Dragon Claw or Execution Spear based on how your playstyle is (EE-less skill sets work better for the latter).

              PvE Recommended? - YES
              PvP Recommended? - YES (under specific strategies)

              PvE Rating - 11/10 (utterly amazing Break utility, and the best standalone Sting)
              PvP Rating - 9/10 (the sheer attack speed allows for a faster solo Cross Assault, and can be used to overwhelm an opponent before closing in with a full burst)

              VII. Basic Abilities

              Basic Attack
              AP: 60 CD: 4 Cost: 5 DPS: 15 CE: 12

              - see Gameplay (PvE) -

              PvE Rating -
              11/10 (it's a long story, scroll on to find out)
              PvP Rating - 8/10 (with procs, it can rack up residual damage, but it's heavily proc-reliant when attacking non-Mages)

              Break Attack
              AP: 80 CD: 11 Cost: 12 DPS: 7.273 CE: 6.667

              If you fail to inflict Break, this can help you in a pinch. However, it takes off a skill which makes up the most of Lancer's sustained damage output.

              Edit: It appears that Break Attack is much more useful than I thought it would be. It's still bad for PvE, sure, but in PvP, it can inflict Break in just 2 casts of the skill, even against Soldiers, the class with the highest Break Tolerance.

              This observation makes Break Attack actually viable for PvP. It requires a much different build, however; you can use Break Attack to actually run a build with EE/Barrier/Guard (or Cheer), and then Cross Assault as your core damage skill.

              So if you have multiple Converge Mastery procs, it can be worth considering stacking those alongside the Break Attack Lance to Break opponents in PvP, and then slam them with a powerful STAB Cross Assault.

              PvE Rating - 1/10 (just use Double Sting and Severe Sting)
              PvP Rating - 7.5/10 (looks viable on paper if you stack purely Cross Assault procs for a build with 3 defensive skills + Cross Assault + Break Attack)

              Dragon Assault
              AP: 160 CD: 15 Cost: 18 DPS: 10.667 CE: 8.889

              Originally posted by LaconicLeaf after he kills an enemy
              Take Knight's Blitz, rotate the particle effects 90 degrees to the left, increase its cost to 18, and lower the AP from 220 to 160. What do you get?

              The "
              Anti-Basic Attack." (and my absolute LEAST favorite skill in the game, if not the WORST skill in the game)

              One of the worst-scaling attacks in Lancer's arsenal, alongside Break Attack. Even then, I still see some PvE Lancers running this skill, and I'm like, "WHHHHYYYYY?!" Given the trash CE and low DPS, it's better off used in PvP as a third attack for finishing off an enemy. It's the Anti-Basic Attack because it's pretty much the Basic Attack, except the complete polar opposite. Every time I see a Lancer bring this in PvE, no matter what quest it is, and no matter if that Lancer is high or low leveled... This is my reaction every time they use it, no exceptions:

              (Don't mind me being a Cleric. Endure Sub Quests are soooooooooo boring...)

              The only application I can see Dragon Assault being used is during PvP, if you have a build with 3 support/defensive skills + 1 attack. Since the Basic Attack does not have enough Burst power on its own, you can try using Dragon Assault while having Break Thrust/Cross Assault/Severe Sting/Double Sting as your main skill. Be warned, doing this does cost a Lance slot, and Dragon Assault's Lance, while great for earlygame when you don't have enough Physical Testament procs, still has nothing against higher cost Lances in terms of the ATK you'll gain from them.

              Also, if I host a party, and see ANY Lancer bringing this skill, INSTANT. AUTO. KICK. No exceptions. Not even if you’re Lv. 120+, have 110k+ ATK, or even have a good main slot utility monster like Berserker, Mercury, or Ares. >:T

              PvE Rating - 0/10 (Yeah, I went there! Dragon Assault is just atrocious -- I hate that move even more than I hate Knight's Blitz and Death Pierce.)
              PvP Rating - 3/10 (Looks viable for its high AP, but extremely unwieldy for its stupidly high cost. Maybe it can see use after the first Crystal Assault since you swap out and have tons of cost in the time it takes, but other than that, it's just bad. Even worse now that Deadly Blow exists...)

              AP: -- CD: 60 Cost: 10 DPS: -- CE: --

              Gives 20% CDR for 40 seconds.

              On paper, Urgency looks like a good skill. It lowers your Severe Sting to a 5 second cooldown for faster refire rate. In practice, however, Lancer moves don't benefit much from reduced cooldowns because you lose your Basic Attack, the move which scales best from CDR. Also, Athena already gives more CDR, and the better thing about her is she makes your Basic Attack even more abusable, helping the team too! Urgency is supposed to increase your DPS, but the Basic Attack boosts DPS much higher.

              Also, Mages basically stole our Urgency skill. Unlike their failed attempt to reverse-engineer the Basic Attack, their version of Urgency is actually more powerful than ours, having a 20 second duration and cooldown, along with a 5 cost requirement. Even worse, Clerics have also gotten in the act with one of their newer Basic Abilities, Body to Mind. Like Mage Urgency, it has a 20 sec duration and cooldown, but consumes 15% HP instead of using 5 cost. Oddly enough, Clerics are the best class for 20% CDR, as they can use that CDR to spam their heals more often.

              Oh, the bad news don't end here. Execution Spear does not benefit from Urgency at all. 4 seconds times 80% is still 4 seconds according to the game, especially since it ceiling rounds every decimal point, so 3.2 is still 4 seconds.

              The only practical thing I could see Urgency help with is the "Big 3 Utilities." Having that 48 second Balancing or Purifying Light can be clutch at times, while a 24 second Mass Refresh can deal with status-spamming bosses without much risk. Other than that, however, Urgency is better off on a Mage or Cleric, as their most recent Basic Abilities have proven.

              It MIGHT be useful with enough ATK Blessing procs, but that is a super-niche build, and certainly not one you should go out of your way to whale for.

              PvE Rating - 5/10 (CDR is rare because you can't exactly expect many people to have any derivative of Athena, but it can't be upkept indefinitely, plus the Basic Attack is much better than the CDR effects)
              PvP Rating - 4/10 (what's the point of lowered cooldowns if you don't have enough cost to take advantage of it?)

              Soul of the Ogre
              AP: -- CD: 60 Cost: 5 DPS: -- CE: --

              Increases Physical AP damage by 20 AP and Critical Damage by 20% for 30 seconds.

              One of the better Basic Abilities, but locked behind the Rare Spawns. Don't get me wrong, for PvE, nothing beats the Basic Attack in terms of Basic Abilities. But in PvP, where the Basic Attack is less useful, Soul of the Ogre can be scary. If you own a Fatal proc Lance, slam it to the Main Slot so you can abuse the Crit Damage buff and make your Knight's Blitz, Break Thrust, and Cross Assault deal damage that even Soldiers and Clerics fear!

              PvE Rating - 4/10 (you can Unison buff Crit Damage and Physical AP anyways, and SotO's duration relative to its cooldown doesn't help)
              PvP Rating - 8.5/10 (with Fatal procs, SotO can be devastating, although you still have to watch out for that cooldown)

              Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift
              AP: 80 CD: 6 Cost: 5 DPS: 13.333 CE: 16

              Reduces target's DEF by 10% for 20 seconds.

              At first glance, Halloween Jack looks like it's superior than the Basic Attack. BUT! Look at that 6 second cooldown time! This is exactly why Mage's Wizard Strike, despite being a "reverse-engineered" version of the original, still doesn't have the qualities which makes the original so great.

              Sure, it has higher CE, I'll give you that. But what great is that CE if the DPS is much lower when given enough AP modifiers?

              The 4 second cooldown is one of the reasons why the original Basic Attack is still relevant today, since that low cooldown gives it immense proc and AP scaling. 4 > 6 is a major difference, to the point where you wouldn't be able to continue Break chains with the latter.

              Overall, while I do acknowledge Halloween Jack as a decent attempt for a Basic Attack competitor, it STILL doesn't have enough benefits to justify the Halloween Candy purchase. So for those of you disappointed at this Basic Ability being locked behind a paywall, or weren't able to spawn it... Trust me, you aren't missing out on much.

              Here's a detailed breakdown of Halloween Jack vs. Basic Attack in terms of DPS and CE scaling (scroll a bit lower from here, open the comments).

              (I'd like to give Wubbstep a shout-out for allowing me to help his friend decide on which Lance was better to buy with the Halloween Candy currency. Even though he made his decision before I made my post, at least he made the right decision! In the end, even though there's the possibility for a better Basic Attack replacement in the future, it's still difficult to beat the original since that thing has a low 4 sec CD and 5 cost. Halloween Jack got the cost right, but not the CD.)

              Furthermore, with the amount of medals you spend on the Halloween Scythe, you can just buy the Genesis Lance instead, which has far superior stats and also a far superior proc with similar skill flexibility.

              It should be noted, you can stack the DEF debuffs to 20% reliably. You can get it to 30%, but that only happens for 2 seconds before the first stack wears off and the debuff becomes 20% stacks again. Useful if you're covering for your absent backline partner, though Mages are arguably more useful at the backline to debuff the crystal with their equivalent to this Basic Ability (which decreases MDEF, helping out the magic-based Deadly Arabesque a lot more).

              PvE Rating - 9/10 (not bad, but the end lag and longer cooldown timer makes it fall behind the Basic Attack in terms of scaling)
              PvP Rating - 8/10 (little more oomph than the Basic Attack, but doesn't rack up residual damage as quick)

              Heroic Dread
              AP: -- CD: 20 Cost: 5 DPS: -- CE: --

              Increases ATK and Crit Rate by 20% each for 20 seconds.

              Coming from the Valentine's Day Event Rare Spawn Basic Ability weapons, Heroic Dread is not bad for a Basic Ability. Its buff duration matches that of its cooldown, so you won't face the issue of being a sitting duck half the time with skills like Urgency and Soul of the Ogre, which both have cooldown timers longer than their buff durations.

              Despite this, 20 seconds still isn't pretty long of a duration, and since buffs decay when you transition between waves, you'll find your Heroic Dread buff wearing off seconds before you could use it again.

              It looks great on paper, but the problem is, it's super easy to secure ATK and Crit Rate buffs from Unisons. Plus, using Heroic Dread means you can't use the Basic Attack, which is already powerful by default...

              But in terms of PvP, however, 20% ATK can be stronger than the 20 Physical AP boost Soul of the Ogre gives. For Cross Assault attacking targets inflicted with Break, 20% ATK is effectively 36 Physical AP (comboless), or even 38 Physical AP (comboed). Here's a quick comparison with Soul of the Ogre, using a 100k ATK Lancer:
              HD Cross Assault (comboless Break) = (100k*1.20)(0.40)(180/100) x2 = 172800 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 225600 damage

              HD Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k*1.20)(0.40)(190/100) x2 = 182400 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 235200 damage

              SO Cross Assault (comboless Break) = (100k)(0.40)(200/100) x2 = 160000 damage
              Crit (+75 AP) = 220000 damage

              SO Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k)(0.40)(210/100) x2 = 168000 damage
              Crit (+75 AP) = 228000 damage

              With this comparison, Heroic Dread is much stronger than Soul of the Ogre. The 20% ATK buff is consistent, and if the buff wears off, you can cast it again instead of being a sitting duck for half the time once it runs out. Keep in mind with more ATK, the 20% ATK buff becomes more and more effective.

              But just for fun, let's have Heroic Dread vs. Basic Attack, in case you're in a hypothetical case for PvE if your allies have ABSOLUTELY crappy unis, but you're the only player in your team with a buff (Joan). Let's have the same 100k ATK Lancer with the setup, Attack Stance/EE/Severe Sting/Cross Assault.

              Heroic Dread, buffless

              HD Severe Sting = (100k*1.20)(0.40)(170/100) = 81600 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 108000 damage

              HD Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k*1.20)(0.40)(190/100) x2 = 182400 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 235200 damage

              Total Damage = 264000
              Total Crit Damage = 343200

              Basic Attack, buffless

              Severe Sting = (100k)(0.40)(170/100) = 68000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 90000 damage

              Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k)(0.40)(190/100) x2 = 152000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 196000 damage

              Basic Attack = (100k)(0.40)(60/100) = 24000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 46000 damage

              Total Damage = 244000 damage
              Total Crit Damage = 332000 damage

              Inititally, having Heroic Dread is stronger than having the Basic Attack, though this is before potential proccing with the latter Basic Ability. Unlike Heroic Dread, Basic Attack can proc Physical Testaments and not be too far off, and you can still spam it while Cross Assault is under cooldown. How about we throw our Joan while the others use their useless Unisons like Apollo, Vol&Rena, Flora, and Ifrit?

              Heroic Dread, Joan (+30% ATK, +30 Physical AP)
              HD Severe Sting = (100k*1.50)(0.40)(170+30/100) = 120000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 153000 damage

              HD Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k*1.50)(0.40)(190+30/100) x2 = 264000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 330000 damage

              Total Damage = 384000 damage
              Total Crit Damage = 483000 damage

              Basic Attack, Joan (+30% ATK, +30 Physical AP)

              Severe Sting = (100k*1.3)(0.40)(170+30/100) = 104000 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 132600 damage

              Cross Assault (comboed Break) = (100k*1.3)(0.40)(190+30/100) x2 = 228800 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 286000 damage

              Basic Attack = (100k*1.3)(0.40)(60+30/100) = 46800 damage
              Crit (+55 AP) = 75400 damage

              Total Damage = 378800 damage
              Total Crit Damage = 494000 damage

              Thanks to how the Basic Attack scales well from also crit damage, it actually pulls ahead of Heroic Dread if another player uses Shina when you use Joan. Heroic Dread may look stronger at first glance, can be upkept indefinitely through its duration matching its cooldown, and the crit rate boost also indirectly increases its damage, but you can still get those buffs normally through unis.

              PvE Rating - 7/10 (despite being able to get upkept indefinitely, Heroic Dread's buffs can be gained from Unisons anyways, like a Taurus)
              PvP Rating - 9/10 (can be upkept indefinitely, actually outdamages SotO even with crit damage factored in)

              Swaying Sakura
              AP: 70 CD: 5 Cost: 5 DPS: 14 CE: 14

              Increases Physical ATK by 10% for 20 seconds per use.

              The Basic Ability of the Hatsune Miku collab's specialized Lance. It's actually one of the closest attempts a Basic Ability has ever gotten to be just as good as the Basic Attack in DPS.

              You can stack a Physical ATK buff all the way to 30% by spamming this move. In PvP, it's like a combination of the original and Heroic Dread. You can still rack up residual damage, and once you have 20% or even 30% ATK buff stacks when spamming this skill, you can then engage.

              Like Heroic Dread, the buffs are sustainable, but unlike Heroic Dread, the buffs take a while to accumulate. With Heroic Dread, you can just activate it after baiting Guard attempts, and then proceed to wreak havoc. Swaying Sakura is slightly more predictable because you have to use it a few times before your main moves, while Heroic Dread is just an immediate cast and fire.

              The ATK buff isn't too useful in PvE, because you can just buff up your ATK with Unisons easily. For Arcadia Elemental Rush it might see some use if a boss wipes your buffs, but it's a small increase regardless.

              Keep in mind, CDR buffs will make this have a 3 second cooldown at most. This is the same as Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift, but since the latter skill has higher base AP, it deals more DPS. Still something worth considering when throwing buffs around.

              Just like Basic Attack and Halloween/Xmas, a Cost Recovery proc lets you use this for free.

              PvE Rating - 9.5/10 (extremely close to Basic Attack-tier DPS, but max buffs make its ATK buff on cast negligible; higher than Halloween/Xmas for the higher DPS (assuming max CDR buffs aren't used) and the ATK buff is useful if a boss wipes your 80% ATK buff from Unis)
              PvP Rating - 9/10 (arguably faces competition with Heroic Dread)

              Deadly Blow
              AP: 110/120, 160/170 (on Break) CD: 6 Cost: 10 DPS: 18.333 - 28.333 CE: 11 - 17

              Added Effect: Bonus 50 AP when attacking targets inflicted with Break.

              Combo Effect: AP increased by 10, and increases Crit Rate by 20% when used after Double Sting, Severe Sting, or Execution Spear.

              NOTICE: When this skill was first released, the devs erroneously translated the skill description to match that of Pursuit Testament. Eventually, this was patched, but the Break bonus is +50 AP, comboed or not.

              The first Basic Ability we get which combos off pre-existing Class Skills.

              At first glance, Deadly Blow looks like it out-DPSes Basic Attack. That base AP damage is high, and it doesn't require that much cost compared to the trash that is Dragon Assault. It's like using another Severe Sting, except the Break bonus AP makes the skill just as strong as Severe Sting without Break.

              Here's how Basic Attack scales against Deadly Blow, as in how much AP is required for Basic Attack to deal higher DPS beyond that point:

              No Break:
              No Combo: 40 AP
              With Combo: 60 AP

              With Break:
              No Combo: 140 AP
              With Combo: 160 AP

              While the numbers with Break are high at first glance, keep in mind the Basic Attack can still scale well from Critical Hits. With those as a factor, as in Crit Rate and Crit Damage buffs from Monsters, the DPS difference wouldn't be too noticeable.

              What makes the Basic Attack so powerful is its 4 second cooldown, as proven before with all other Lancer Basic Abilities. Due to Multiplicative Properties, the AP required for Basic Attack to out-DPS Deadly Blow still stays the same.

              Deadly Blow does have great base DPS, though Basic Attack is still able to outscale it in DPS given enough buffs, so the difference isn't too large. If you're a CB Lancer, Basic Attack will deal more damage in the long term, though Deadly Blow's Crit Rate buff can make the difference. Plus, the cost difference is rather significant.

              For a skillset containing Severe Sting and Double Sting, the Combo Effect of Deadly Blow is easy to maintain, as it combos off both skills easily. Since both skills have bonus to Break, the transition is easy to make. But for a skillset with Dragon Claw or Cross Assault instead of Double Sting, it can get awkward trying to maintain the Combo Effect. With Cross Assault, it isn't that bad, as the comboed DPS is barely different from comboless, but Dragon Claw really conflicts with the Combo because it gets Break bonus only when used after Severe Sting.

              Execution Spear, however, seems interesting. It has a cooldown equal to the Basic Attack, making it extremely spammable. It also has Break bonus equal to Double Sting. Due to the low cooldown, it can be comboed into Deadly Blow without much difficulty.

              In PvP, Deadly Blow is like the "middle-ground" between Swaying Sakura and Heroic Dread. Unlike the former, the AP damage is much higher, and unlike the latter, it actually deals damage. As a consequence, however, Deadly Blow is 10 cost. This makes it tougher to spam compared to Sakura, and the buff effect comes after Severe Sting is used, so you would need to find the right opportunity to combo into it, unlike Heroic Dread which buffs not only Crit Rate, but also ATK as well, and instantly. If you can combo into Deadly Blow twice, you can stack a 40% Crit Rate buff, but you have about 5 seconds to take advantage of that double stack, so be quick.

              It can be amazing for One-Attack Skill Lancer sets in PvP, where the Lancer only uses Severe Sting or Cross Assault, and then Negative Pressure, Guard, and Cheer. Deadly Blow makes Dragon Assault look even more garbage, as there's no advantages into using Dragon Assault whatsoever. The damage may be unconditional, but Deadly Blow is far superior otherwise. I'm telling you, this is another reason to add on to why Dragon Assault sucks.

              Overall, Deadly Blow is an even closer attempt at competing with Basic Attack DPS, even closer than even Swaying Sakura. It can be considered better than Basic Attack at first glance, but it's not a direct upgrade, as Basic Attack is still a much more cost efficient ability the more buffs are given to it, and also, Basic Attack can be used for free if Cost Recovery or Seal of ATK is a factor. Both abilities are great, but for different reasons and depending on your playstyle.

              PvE Rating - 11/10 (higher base DPS than the Basic Attack, though the latter still has better cost efficiency, and also better proc scaling)
              PvP Rating - 10/10 (middle ground between Swaying Sakura and Heroic Dread, can be good for single-attack skill builds, better burst than any Basic Ability)

              AP: 130/140 CD: 6 Cost: 9 DPS: 21.667 / 23.333 CE: 14.444 / 15.556

              Added Effect: Applies a -10% DEF debuff to the enemy for 20 seconds.

              Combo Effect: AP increased by 10, and increases DEF debuff to 20% when used after Break Thrust, Cross Assault, or Dragon Claw.

              Whirlspear is definitely a straight-up upgrade to Halloween/XMas Basic Ability. The AP damage is higher, at a slightly higher cost to use, but its Added Effect is still the same.

              This move is the middle-ground between Deadly Blow and Basic Attack. It has higher base AP than Basic Attack, but it is still lower than Deadly Blow when Break is a factor. However, much like Basic Attack, Whirlspear does not require Break to get the most out of its DPS.

              And just like Deadly Blow, Whirlspear is one of those Basic Abilities which can out-DPS the Basic Attack. However, in terms of cost efficiency and spammability with Cost Recovery/Seal procs, Basic Attack is the best skill for it, as it doesn't eat up a Weapon slot, and if you happen to double proc Cost Recovery/Seal, you'll get a net gain of 5 cost, which definitely adds up over time.

              Fortunately, Whirlspear comes with a Physical Testament XXL, and since it's a 31 cost weapon, it will benefit from the bonus stats 31c+ gear get at 4 or 5 Infusions! So that ATK difference can end up going into your favor when investing into this or Deadly Blow.

              Since it can combo from Break Thrust, Cross Assault, or Dragon Claw, it's a formidable attack with great damage and a fairly low cost requirement, on par with Execution Spear. Unlike Execution Spear, however, you don't have the Break Bonus and the sweet 4 second cooldown which makes that skill so good. But in PvE, Severe/Dragon users will love this Lance, and in PvP, Lancers using Break Thrust as their single attack will also enjoy the combo effect. Deadly Blow still works better for Lancers who like using Execution Spear, or if they prefer the 20% Crit Rate over the 20% DEF debuff effect.

              Whirlspear will deal less DPS than Basic Attack if it gets this much AP:

              No Combo: 80 AP
              With Combo: 100 AP

              So if you're able to get Crit Rate/Crit Damage, Physical AP, or even Elevate buffs, Basic Attack is still a solid Basic Ability to bring, so the DPS Whirlspear has over Basic Attack is fairly marginal. In terms of consistency and burst damage however, Whirlspear is still excellent in that regard, being more consistent than Deadly Blow, while also requiring half the cost of Dragon Assault, that awful, awful skill. *death glare*

              PvE Rating - 11/10 (higher base DPS than the Basic Attack, but less peak DPS potential than Deadly Blow, and can be outscaled by Basic Attack)
              PvP Rating - 10/10 (doesn't require Break unlike Deadly Blow, more consistent burst damage, and DEF debuff is more significant than Halloween/XMas)


              Basic Attack = Deadly Blow = Whirlspear > Swaying Sakura > Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift > Heroic Dread > Soul of the Ogre >>> Urgency > Break Attack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dragon Assault

              Cross Assault is the God Tier physical DPS move. A setup like Cross Assault/EE/Savage Sting/Double Sting/SotO can work surprisingly well. CA makes Lancers less reliant on Attack Stance and Basic Attack to make up the bulk of their DPS. Basic Attack is still viable, although for a CA build you would need more Cost Recoveries, Crit buffs, and Physical AP buffs.

              I already mentioned why Basic Attack is so good by default, but here a more things which make it better than what it looks at first glance. While the Unison gain is low, with the use of Haste or Planetary Monsters, that pathetic 1% Uni will snowball to a monstrous 6% Uni, and you can use that every 4 seconds! Not to mention, if you're running any size of Enforcer Testament, Basic Attack's 4 second cooldown timer can allow for more chances for that proc to activate; remember that Enforcer adds +1.75 Break Bonus to the skill it procced for (and ironically, it's more Break Bonus than Break Attack). With the use of Elevate, and offensive type Main Slot procs even in Armors and Helms, Basic Attack can consistently get procs that synergize with its low cooldown and out-DPS Deadly Blow and Whirlspear.

              Deadly Blow actually has higher base DPS than the Basic Attack, but it requires a quite precise condition to be used to its full potential. Better get used to using Deadly Blow after Severe Sting, or that DPS goes to waste. It should definitely not be used if you're using Dragon Claw with Severe Sting, as the Combo Effects overlap, and Dragon Claw really needs its combo to be viable. For a Double Sting/Execution Spear + Severe Sting set, Deadly Blow is fine.

              Whirlspear is very similar to Deadly Blow, sacrificing some peak potential DPS for higher consistency and being strong in terms of unconditional damage. But it can still get out-DPSed by Basic Attack depending on buff or proc availability. The 20% DEF debuff, however, can work like a Pseudo-Break, so it can outdamage Basic Attack if an enemy has thick defenses even with Break applied. It also plays with Severe/Dragon playstyles exceptionally well, but even Execution/Cross can use this skill to some extent as a followup to the latter.

              Swaying Sakura is extremely close to the DPS of the Basic Attack, but once max buffs are achieved, then the 10% ATK buff is negligible and normalized. Also, max CDR still makes Swaying Sakura have a 3 second cooldown, the same as Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift, so it's weaker than the other two spammable Basic Abilities. Despite this, it's the middle-ground between Basic Attack and Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift, so in a moment where buffing is difficult to do, like in Arcadia Elemental Rush, Swaying Sakura can beat Halloween/Xmas.

              Heroic Dread, the Valentine's Day Rare Spawn Basic Ability, is easy to use with its cooldown timer matching that of its buff duration. 20% ATK and Crit Rate aren't bad either, but equipping this Basic Ability means you can't use the Basic Attack. Also, it's easier to get a hold of ATK and Crit Rate buffs, so this ability quickly becomes useless when monsters with those buffs are used. Also, Balancing wrecks Heroic Dread, while Soul of the Ogre's Crit Damage buff stays intact. Unlike these two buff skills, Basic Attack cannot be wiped by Balancing. But unlike Basic Attack, Heroic Dread doesn't fall off against high-defense mobs like as found in Elemental Rush Arcadia quests, which require heavy buffing to bore through their defense thresholds and make the Basic Attack overpowered, as even Break isn't enough for them.

              Keep in mind, SotO is best used against a problematic miniboss wave, or at the boss themselves, after you setup your Unis. You have 30 seconds to make the most out of this 60 second cooldown buff; make it count. So while SotO is strong, the low duration relative to its cooldown, along with the fact that you can get Crit Damage and Physical AP buffs from Unisons anyways, kinda limits its usage. You have to make sure no one has uni by the time you use this skill, because one uni is all it takes to time out your buff.

              Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift is nowhere as high as the Basic Attack because a 6 sec cd to 4 sec cd is a MASSIVE difference in damage output. It's the whole reason why Basic Attack is far superior to even Wizard Strike, which also has a 6 sec cd time. There also seems to be some end lag at the end of the move; I noticed when other Lancers use this attack, they kinda "pause" at the end of it, whereas Basic Attack immediately rushes the user back to their position right after impact.

              Urgency is low because it experiences the same problem SotO does when it comes to duration. While the CDR looks great on paper for making Severe Sting a 5 second skill for faster Breaking, that CDR is no good if you have no cost to use your skills. Plus, it still takes off the Basic Attack, which out-DPSes the reduced cooldowns your 5th Ring skills get.

              Break Attack's Break bonus is abysmally low. You can't rapid-fire it like the Basic Attack, and it's just a cost drainer. Leave it in PvP alongside Dragon Assault.

              Where was I... Oh, right -- DRAGON ASSAULT SUCKS

              And seriously, if I catch you using Dragon Assault in a quest, expect me to spam x_x emotes your way. And if I hosted that run as a Cleric, expect me to leave you for dead.

              Whirlspear > Heroic Dread = Deadly Blow = Swaying Sakura > Soul of the Ogre > Basic Attack = Break Attack = Halloween Jack/Xmas Gift >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dragon Assault > Urgency

              Whirlspear is formidable. The base AP is high for a Basic Ability, and it can get more damage when comboed after Cross Assault, Break Thrust, or Dragon Claw, which all have degrees of usefulness in a PvP setting. What makes Whirlspear better than Deadly Blow is its higher unconditional base AP. This makes all the difference when it comes to finishing a target off, or even denting others as a distraction. The best part, however... it requires half the cost of Dragon Assault, but has nearly half the cooldown time of that garbage skill.

              Soul of the Ogre improves Lancer's PvP game immensely. It's like an Attack Stance that doesn't give you the incoming Physical AP damage penalty, so it greatly boosts the power of your attacks. Savage Sting turns into 180 AP. Break Thrust hits for 160 AP. Knight's Blitz hits for 240 AP, and Double Sting does 120/130 AP per hit. With 5th Ring, Cross Assault can hit for 150/200 AP x2. With a Main Slot Fatal proc Lance (or Bow in a pinch), your critical hits will become even more scary; they'll hit for +75 AP bonus damage rather than +55!

              However, Heroic Dread is surprisingly strong for a new Basic Ability.
              It doesn't become useless for half of a cooldown, and 20% ATK is much stronger than most people think. The Crit Rate also helps too, so Lancers wouldn't necessarily have to stack Fatal procs to deal intense amounts of damage; they can rely on their base crit rate (8%) and the buff crit rate (20%) for a rather haxy 28% Crit Rate.

              Swaying Sakura is like a combination of both Heroic Dread and Basic Attack. It can cast a self-sustainable 20% or 30% ATK buff, and not only that, you still get to rack up residual damage, or finish off weakened targets easily. Unlike Heroic Dread, the buffs take a while to accumulate, and you also don't get a critical hit rate buff either, so you gotta make sure the residual damage is worth losing the crit buff (Fatal Main Slots do make up for the lack of crit rate however).

              Deadly Blow looks great at first glance, but that 10 cost can be cumbersome without EE. If you're only using one attack skill, like Severe Sting, Double Sting, or Cross Assault, it can find its niche.

              Basic Attack still has its uses to swat Aizen/Yulia shields. If you survive the Meteor assaults, you can coordinate with another ally Lancer to Basic Attack the Mage, then as the Cleric is distracted healing them, instantly switch to another target to burst them down with your other attack moves. Or have your allies burst another target while the Cleric is busy.

              It’s an excellent skill to play mindgames and force mixups with the enemy Cleric. They would have to repeatedly heal the target you’re Basic Attacking, but you still have 2 other heavy attack moves, waiting for the decisive moment. Plus, any Mages who don't have a Barrier up will be scared to Guard early on if the Basic Attack inflicts Break on them. You can keep spamming it even with their Guard, and then combo them in the end. If they get a Barrier applied, you can attack someone else; speaking of which, with enough Physical Testament procs, the Basic Attack can deal formidable damage, scaring Clerics into applying Barriers onto your target.

              It can also rack up residual damage against targets too, wearing them down enough so a Break Thrust/Severe Sting + Cross Assault combo will land the kill. Think of it like Spikes or Stealth Rock damage: rather unnoticeable at first glance, but still enough to ensure kills.

              Halloween Jack can work out decently with its slightly higher AP than the Basic Attack right off the bat. It's not exactly worth spending all your gems for, though, since even the original has its uses for swift mindgames, or for inflicting Break slowly but surely. If you ever get enough Medals to buy either Halloween Jack or the Physical Testament XXL proc, just get the latter. Basic Attack is good enough as is.

              I said Dragon Assault is more suited for PvP, solid for its high burst damage, but is still rather unwieldy due to its extremely high cost. You can probably get away with using it for added burst if you use Break Thrust or Cross Assault as your main attack skill (with 3 utility/defensive skills), but that's the best application I can think of with it. Do not use it in PvE under any circumstance, as it's not made for it! And I will STILL auto-kick any Lancer in PvE Parties with that skill equipped! >=)

              Furthermore, Deadly Blow made Dragon Assault become obsolete. (I do wonder if they'll buff the old Basic Abilities in the future, giving them extra effects if you have Infusions; the only thing that would justify Dragon Assault having an 18 cost requirement at this point is if it gets the ability to ignore procs just like Break Thrust.)

              Urgency can be useful on paper due to it allowing you to use Knight's Blitz and other moves quicker to catch Clerics off-guard, but its effects aren't as influential as Basic Attack, Dragon Assault, or Soul of the Ogre. Plus, the initial 10 cost means it can't really be used effectively unless you're in a long-term fight.

              Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before he gave Break Attack a second look
              Break Attack is put in last place because it's nowhere as strong as Dragon Assault, and its higher cost just isn't worth it. To add insult to injury, it doesn’t even get bonus damage upon Break either!
              Edit: Break Attack seems to Break any class (including Soldiers) in 2 hits of the skill. You can use a more defensive skill-orientated build, taking both Guard and Barrier alongside EE, with Cross Assault as your main attacking skill. It works better if other Lancers in your guild have it, so both of you can inflict Break together and combo into Cross Assault seamlessly. Be warned, the cost efficiency is just as bad as my least favorite skill in the game...

              On paper, it looks great. You can still chain Break Attack into Cross Assault right after an EE cast. However, I still place it lower than the Basic Attack because it requires a more specific build to work with a niche, and trying to chain with Break Attack is difficult with its relatively higher cost. It has a fairly long cooldown time, and low damage, so Break Thrust still racks up more damage, can coordinate with the Basic Attack to setup Breaks, and kill-confirm Cross Assault much easier.

              VIII. Lancer Procs

              There are a variety of procs Lancers can use in their arsenal. Some Heart procs even add additional effects, too.

              Quick Note:

              XL procs add 40 AP to each hit of a skill. Heart procs have a noticeably higher proc rate than Testament skills. XXL procs have a higher AP boost than XL procs do, but they do not have an increased proc rate compared to XLs (maybe slightly higher). If you feel like XXLs have a higher proc rate than XLs, feel free to tell me and I'll adjust the rates accordingly; don't be afraid to take the data with a grain of salt if you want.

              What are "Overlimit Infusions?"

              Overlimit Infusions are the Purple Infusion Crystals on the tooltips of gear. These Infusions require more Ethers to achieve, and each Overlimit increases the skill level cap of the proc the weapon has. Typically, this either increases the AP of the proc, or the Proc Rate, or both parameters.

              For some of the more viable skills, I'll list the information of Overlimits, along with their effects per Skill Level increase.

              If I put a red exclamation mark before a Skill Name, that skill is available through a 31c+ Weapon. Why 31c+? Those weapons get INSANE ATK boosts at 4-5 Infusions, so they're definitely worth considering in the long run.

              Also, these values for Lv. 6-7 skills need more testing. They are based off what I observed, so they may actually end up acting differently in-game. Take them with a grain of salt; if you find that a Lv. 6-7 skill acts different than what I listed here, contact me and I'll update the entry.

              Heart of the Spear - Increases the damage of Sting skills, and also increases the amount of Break Counters dealt.
              (30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Your most important proc, just like how Archers live with Deadeye/Fatal procs, and Mages live with Magic Testaments. The increased amount of Break Counters to your Stings allows you to Break enemies in one move, most of the time. These procs become even more valuable later on, because at endgame, you can't Break monsters without them due to their increased Break Tolerance. (We'll get back to that later)

              However, with the buff to Severe Sting's Break bonus, Heart of the Spear procs are less useful. Severe Sting and Double Sting have good Break bonuses by default, and most enemies Break after that combo. Since EE/Cheer, and then a Support skill take up the other two skill slots, there's just no room for a 1st-3rd Ring Sting anymore. Plus, Severe Sting has rather good DPS as well, so a Break-focused Lancer got buffed in that regard especially considering that the 1st-3rd Ring Sting attacks had poor DPS.

              Heart of Puncture - Increases the amount of Paralysis stacks granted by the Thrusts, if Paralysis successfully lands. Paralysis infliction rate also increased.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Useless in most cases, takes up a valuable slot for other useful skills. In PvP, it's unreliable to inflict Paralysis later on because once everyone has all Cleric Shared Traits unlocked, the comboed Thrusts only have a 23% chance of inflicting Paralysis, while Clerics become flat-out immune.

              Heart of Rage - Increases the damage dealt by Rush skills.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Another useless Heart proc, considering Rush misses so often that it's not worth using. Even with the proc, it still misses.

              Heart of the Blitz - Increases the damage dealt by Knight's Blitz.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              If you lack Testament weapons, this Heart proc can be useful to increase the damage of your strongest nuking skill early on. But once you get Testaments, you won't be using this Heart proc much. It’s worth noting that this Heart proc boosts Knight’s Blitz damage higher than Testaments, just like any other Heart proc with their respective skills.

              Heart of the Lancer - Gives the effects of Heart of the Spear/Puncture/Rage/Blitz.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              A solid skill from the GB 1.0 Scythe. Excellent to have at entry-level PvP, but it falls off compared to the GB 2.0 Lance. However, it's still great to have because it's an SSR-base proc for Heart of the Spear. But since it’s easy to max infuse Heart of the Spear procs that are 24 cost, and max-infused HotS proc weapons have higher ATK, the GB 1.0 Scythe, being 27 cost, can easily be used as Infusion fodder once you get the GB 2.0 Lance or unlock 5th Ring.

              Heart of the Thrust - Increases the damage dealt by Break Thrust.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              An underrated proc for Lancers. The reason why I recommend this proc over Heart of the Blitz is because despite boosting one skill, Break Thrust is more proc-reliant than Knight's Blitz, and experiences better returns with procs with its rather low base AP damage. This increases the value of these Heart procs; you'll want to maximize Break Thrust's proc rate for consistency in PvP, and to have a strong attack that ignores procs or Barrier/Reflect buffs. (Although for PvE, Heart of the Spear procs are still valuable)

              After the 5th Ring release buffs, Heart of the Thrust now also increases the Break Counters given off by Break Thrust, just like how the Sting Heart procs work.

              And for this above reason, Break Thrust's viability in PvE has spiked with some mobs in Super Difficult Quests actually giving themselves Barrier buffs (which include the boss too). Since you'll use it as a damage skill, it will help to hold onto some Heart of the Thrust procs, as that will greatly boost Break Thrust's utility by increasing its Break Bonus.

              Heart of the Dragon - Increases the damage dealt by Dragon Crush.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Huh? They made a proc for this skill? Anyways, while it is a decent proc, there's still better options. Not worth taking a slot off for.

              Heart of the Sting - Increases the damage dealt and the Break Counters given by Double Sting.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              It may sound like a good thing for Double Sting to have procs, unlike Dual Sword. However, even then, Heart of the Sting is not backwards-compatible. This matters a ton because if you try to improve Double Sting's Break reliability through procs, you'll have less slots for Heart of the Spears for your predecessor Stings like Savage Sting. It’s not that bad to fill in a 3rd Double Sting proc, but...

              Thankfully, with the buff to Severe Sting's Break bonus, Heart of the Sting is now more usable. Secret of the Spear XL procs are 28 cost, so once you start collecting Heart of the Stings, replace the Secret XL procs in your build with them. Afterwards, feed the 28 cost Secret XL procs to your desired 28 cost Lances.

              Secret of the Spear (XL/XXL) - In addition to the effects of "Heart of the Spear," boosts the Break Counters given by Double Sting.
              ​XL: (30% Main, 15% Sub)
              XXL: (45% Main, 20% Sub) (?; might be higher, or, if it follows the XXL Physical Testament trend, same proc rates)

              THIS is the proc you want if you wish to run Double Sting in your sets, hands down. Backwards-compatibility is present, giving you a chance to use Double Sting properly with Savage Sting.

              The best part? Even with all the salt with players ragequitting because their Secret procs became obsolete after the sudden 5th Ring release, the Secret proc with Lancers is still relevant, since the Stings still have their niche for PvE usage. Be happy if you spawn one of these!

              However, now that Severe Sting got its Break bonus buffed, while Secret of the Spear is still useful, you can now use Heart of the Sting instead, since you're no longer carrying Savage Sting in your PvE build really. If you get multiple Heart of the Sting procs, you might want to consider using Secret of the Spear as Infusion materials.

              Secret XXL are an exception to this rule, however. The proc rate might be higher, so that allows you to be a God Tier Break Lancer in PvE. Some people use them as Infusions for their 29 cost Lances, though others hold onto them for the high proc rate. Due to the procs being the only XXL sized Heart-type procs in the game (at least for Lancer), it might be usable for PvP as well, but you gotta do some stalling before you start attacking unlike Break Thrust or Severe Sting.

              When compared to Break Thrust and Severe Sting, Double Sting is at the far end of the spectrum, Break Thrust on the other, and Severe Sting is the middle-ground. Double Sting has the highest potential damage with it scaling with procs better than the other two moves, and it can inflict Break to players just as easily as Severe Sting. But unlike Break Thrust, the damage isn't guaranteed (Break Thrust is reliable damage), and unlike Severe Sting, it doesn't give a combo AP bonus to Cross Assault. Also, it costs more to use than either move.

              Art of the Strike - Grants the effects of both "Heart of the Blitz" and "Heart of the Dragon."

              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Badass name for a Lancer proc, but a rather outdated one at that. Originally, we were supposed to get this proc long before 5th Ring existed, but the timing for this proc is just terrible.

              Even without 5th Ring in the mix, the compatibility with both of the loudest skills in Lancer's arsenal looks good on paper, but in practice, you were better off using moves like the Stings or Break Thrust before 5th Ring or the buffs to certain moves existed. Unlike Secret of the Spear, you don't get any extra effects when proccing Heart-specific skills for Knight's Blitz and Dragon Crush.

              It just made me wish they did more with Cross Assault's presentation. They definitely should've made it have twin dragon particle effects with the sound effects of the Dragon-themed skills.

              Secret of the Lance - In addition to the effects of "Heart of the Lancer," grants the effects of Heart of the Thrust/Dragon/Sting.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Used to be BiS until 5th Ring was invented. Today, Secret of the Lance is still viable as a proc for both Savage Sting and Double Sting. Excellent option for PvE builds, and if you're running Break Thrust, it can find some use in PvP as well.

              Unlike the GB 3.0 Lance, this proc is less likely to become obsolete in the future, because Secret of the Lance boosts Break bonus, an asset which had the Heart of the Spear procs stay relevant for so long until Severe Sting got its increased Break bonus buff.

              Even with the buff to Severe Sting, Secret of the Lance is still valuable for boosting Double Sting's Break bonus. Unlike Enforcer Testament, it has a much higher proc rate as well, and it's also easier to get. This skill, along with Heart of the Sting or Secret of the Spear, will become outdated only if they introduce a Sting skill at 6th Ring with equal Break bonus to a single Heart procced 1st-3rd Ring Sting, while also having 2 hits as well.

              (!)Physical Testament (XL/XXL) - Boosts damage dealt with any offensive skill.

              XL: "Massively" (40 AP); 20% Main, 10% Sub
              XXL: "Tremendously" (50 AP); 20% Main, 10% Sub (might be the same as XL, but difficult to test due to differences and population size of trials)

              Edit: ALL sizes of Physical Testament have the same proc rates (20% Main, 10% Sub). The only difference is AP modifiers, typically by a degree of 10.

              A reliable way to boost your damage output, and it works with any skill, giving it flexibility. It's also one of the few procs which can trigger during your Basic Attack, leading to a massive increase in its damage. Due to its flexibility, they will work for any future skill the devs plan to create, so just like how these Testaments are compatible with 5th Ring skills, they would also work for the skills of a theoretical 6th Ring.

              Take note that it doesn't increase Break counters unlike the Heart skills for the Stings, and its proc rate is noticeably lower than that of Heart skills. For example, 6 Physical Testaments have a much lower double proc rate compared to having multiple Heart procs for a specific skill.

              Lv. 6: +45 AP (XL), +55 AP (XXL)

              Lv. 7: +50 AP (XL), +60 AP (XXL)

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks:
              For each skillup after Lv. 5, Physical Testament gets +5 more AP. Effectively, this makes PT XL equivalent to a PT XXL, and PT XXL equivalent to a Mastery XL proc (sans proc rate) in terms of damage. Unless your PT XL has a great Basic Ability like Deadly Blow or Whirl Spear, I wouldn't recommend getting it to Lv. 7.

              Physical Testament XL is NOT available through a 31c+ weapon, so keep that in mind when building your weapons sets. However, Physical Testament L is available at that cost, but it's a farmable Lance, and it's only available at a max skill level of Lv. 6 (which is 5 AP less than just a regular XL).

              Apollo's Favor/Glory - See Physical Testament above
              ​(20% Main, 10% Sub)

              Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before he started testing
              One major difference with Favor procs is they have the same proc rate as a Physical Testament XXL if placed in the Main Slot. This makes Favor procs have more value, since they’re placed in the Main Slot anyways if you want to trigger the Set Blessing. XXL procs have a great proc rate, and they boost all your skills in PvP, since you’ll use a mixture of 4th - 5th Ring skills, along with your Basic Ability there.

              Edit: Not sure if this was an unlucky test or not, but when I tested Apollo's Favor in the Main Slot, I got a proc rate of 71/400 (17.75%), which is close to 20%. For reference, a Physical Testament XL has a Main Slot proc rate of 20% as well. So it seems like it's exactly the same as Physical Testament XL proc-wise, and the higher Main Slot proc rate is simply a myth. Or it simply got stealth nerfed. Who knows? Only the devs.

              Glory procs help make up for the Sub Weapon Slots you'll sacrifice for Heart of the Spear procs. This allows you to DPS with the Basic Attack reliably. Don't equip too much though, you don't want to jeopardize your defensive proc capabilities even in PvE.

              Lv. 6: +45 AP (Favor), +35 AP (Glory)
              Lv. 7: - n/a -

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks:
              Unlike other gear, Overlimit Infusion Apollo's Favor/Glory only goes up to Lv. 6. That means Favor only goes up to 45 AP, while Glory is 35 AP per piece. While Glory is still weaker than a Physical Testament XL, it's still worth considering getting the 4th Infusion for them, but be expected to pay up an Ether Drop to do so, even with a dupe (that's how Overlimit Infusion works unfortunately).

              (!)Fatal Testament (XL/XXL) - Guarantees a Crit for all hits of an offensive skill.
              ​XL: (30% Main, 15% Sub)
              XXL: ​(35% Main, 20% Sub) (? for Sub Proc Rates)

              Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before learning about how crits REALLY worked
              Given Lancer's 5% Crit Damage Boost, Fatal Testament procs can do wonders for them. 55% damage boost from a crit improves the single-hit damage of hard-hitting moves like Knight's Blitz and Break Thrust, making them formidable against enemy defenses. If you have a Fatal proc Bow, it may be worth considering putting it in your Main Slot for PvP, because one Fatal proc deals much more damage than a single Heart/Physical proc, although the ATK difference between a Bow and Lance is noticeable.

              Though with 5th Ring, it may be worth using a Bow Main Slot for a Fatal anyways. None of the 4th Ring or 5th Ring skills require having a Lance/Scythe Main Slot to gain higher AP damage.

              Edit: Thanks to the new discovery on how Critical Damage now works, Fatals work a bit differently now. They still force critical hits, but these critical hits deal 50 AP damage rather than 1.5 times your raw AP scalar without buffs or Stances applied (so Knight's Blitz, formerly hitting for 330 AP on crits, now hits for 275 AP on crits).

              With Lancer's 5% Critical Damage passive, the AP boost is 55, so it's still worth running Fatal Main Slot in PvP. However, if you have a Physical Testament XXL Lance or even multiples of it, you'll probably benefit much more from that rather than a Fatal Main Slot Bow/Gun. The 4k ATK difference from a Fatal Bow/Gun makes up for the 5 AP difference a crit gives, although you can simply replace a PT XL for XXL to have a variety of hard-hitting procs at hand.

              It may be tempting to run all Physical Testament procs to rely on the base 8% Crit Rate Lancers have, which can be hax at times, but with Fatal procs, you guarantee that BOTH hits of Cross Assault land crits.

              When comparing a PT XL or Fatal XL, the damage is quite noticeable in favor of the Fatal XL. A Fatal procced hit would deal about 5% more damage than if a PT XL were procced, plus you get a higher proc rate for Fatals. With Physical Testament XXLs, however, the raw ATK difference should be higher, and would make up for 5 less AP.

              This also applies to Alice's Favor. It gets a higher proc rate bonus when used in the Main Slot (equivalent to a Fatal XXL), so it's worth farming as a one-stop fix Fatal Main Slot proc.

              If you have 7 Physical Testament XXLs, or some Seal of Attack XLs mixed in, feel free to remove the Fatal Main Slot. Although if you have an Azure Heaven Lance from Transmutations... that stays in your Main Slot no matter what, as Fatal Testament XXL is arguably the best Lancer Main Slot PvP proc in the game.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks:
              At the moment, it is unknown how much of a difference in proc rate Lv. 6 or 7 Fatal Testament XL/XXL is. Unlike Physical Testament, since Fatal Testament is crit-based, it should increase in proc rate per level.

              Fatal Testament XL is obtainable as a 31c+ Lance. Fatal Testament XXL only comes from the Azure Heaven Lance, which is 29c, so you gotta decide for yourself if the extra proc rate is worth losing raw ATK.

              Tentative Estimate:

              Lv. 6: 32.5% Main, 17.5% Sub (XL), 37.5% Main, 22.5% Sub (XXL)
              Lv. 7: 35% Main, 20% Sub (XL), 40% Main, 25% Sub (XXL)

              (Made these estimates based off Lv. 7 PT XL being equivalent to Lv. 5 PT XXL. Testing would be appreciated to prove the proc rates are different than my predictions.

              Fatal Psalm XL - In addition to the effects of Fatal Testament, recover 5000 HP.
              ​(20% Main, 10% Sub) (? for both)

              Fatal Psalm is really similar to a Fatal Testament XL. In fact, it's the same skill, except it recovers your health by 5000 points, flat upon proccing. This can kinda ease the pressure on your Cleric in PvE quests, although 5000 HP healing is rather meager for GvGs.

              Being available through a Lance and Sword as well, it can be a side-grade if you're running a Fatal Main Slot Bow for the proc.

              Although there are some conflicting reports about its proc rate. Some players claim it's the same as Fatal Testament, others say it's the same as a Physical/Magic Testament proc rate. While the weapons they come from have great raw stats, use this proc with caution.

              Cost Recovery - When using an attack move (including Guard), recover 5 cost points instantly upon proccing.
              ​(30% Main, 20% Sub)

              May look useless at first, but it works wonders with the Basic Attack, and it also greatly boosts the cost efficiency and cooldown efficiency of any other attack it procs with. The Basic Attack costs 5 points to use, but Cost Recovery makes it free, and as you wait for the Basic Attack to go off cooldown, you'll end up with 5 points of net cost advantage, meaning you can use the Basic Attack to deal damage and recover cost at the same time. You can use 2 Cost Recoveries to have even more of a cost advantage, though one should be enough imo.

              Since Cost Recovery refills cost instantly, you can Basic Attack a mob that’s about to get tagged by a finishing blow, use no cost in doing so, and have a 10 cost advantage by the time you Basic Attack again. It also has a much higher proc rate than Testament skills, so having 2 of these is helpful. That is, if you’re willing to deal with the absurd randomness of Colosseum every now and then…

              It's also worth noting that Cost Recovery has an absurd proc rate, measured at about 30% Main Slot and 20% Sub Slot. They're excellent to have in the long run, even if it's just the Scythe and Axe.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks:
              Cost Recovery, unlike Seal of Attack, actually has a special niche after Overlimit Infusions. Due to how it is the only proc of its kind, and how it also doesn't increase your AP damage, Skill Level 6 and 7 should increase its proc rate, giving it more of an identiy over Seal of Attack.

              Seal of Attack XL - High activation rate, grants the effects of Physical Testament XL and Cost Recovery.
              ​(30% Main, 20% Sub)

              Ideally, THIS is what you want for your Sub Slots instead of Physical Testaments. You get the best of both worlds: the damage increase, AND the Cost Recovery effect! Not only do you get the chance to use the Basic Attack for free; you also deal major damage with it as well.

              But the fun ends here. This proc comes from the Athena weapons only. They’re 30 cost, which means they’re more difficult to infuse. Athena spawns are also notorious for their abysmal SSR rates, so unless you whaled, don’t expect this to hit your Gear Inventory any time soon.

              Much like Cost Recovery, these weapons have a phenomenal proc rate in the Main Slot, being a whopping 30%. So they can be a strong contender for a Main Slot proc, albeit incredibly difficult to spawn.

              Unlike having good procs on other off-class weapons like Swords, I'd make an exception for this proc.

              I'm serious. Seal of Attack XL, even on the Sword, is still extremely powerful. The Sword's ATK isn't too shabby either, being at comparable levels to even a Physical Testament XXL 26 cost Lance after passives. That's how good this proc is.

              (Credit: Isaiah when I had a conversation with him about endgame procs in another app. He did some testing, and found out that Seal of Attack has a 30% Main, 20% Sub Slot proc rate, which is huge. You can easily find him in the Top 50 Gear Score Rankings. Found out he goes by Xurtan in these forums...)

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Seal of ATK XL may have a high proc rate, but being 30 cost, it doesn't benefit from the higher raw stats 31c+ weapons get. Running 7 of these weapons with the Xenospear of Truth may end up causing you to deal less damage than a build with 31c+ Physical Testament XXLs despite the higher proc rates, so be warned.

              (!)ATK Blessing XL - High activation rate; in addition to the effects of Physical Testament XL, grants the used attack skill 20% Cooldown Reduction.
              ​(30% Main, 20% Sub)

              What's not to like? You have a great proc rate just like Seal of ATK, and a sweet CDR buff applied to the skill it procced for.

              Well, ATK Blessing isn't that bad, but it isn't really remarkable either. Lancer attacks already have a low cooldown by default, so at best, you're only reducing 1 second off of them, which is insignificant.

              While I'd still use these over a Physical Testament XL, and the proc rate does make them deal more damage than a Physical Testament XXL on average, you don't get the Cost Recovery benefit from Athena procs. Plus, the expected damage isn't too significant, so while I'd still recommend these procs if you have no other options, XXLs are still better.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: ATK Blessing has the same proc rate as Seal of ATK, but the Infusion Update made these procs much stronger. Coming from 32c weapons, ATK Blessing is certainly stronger when the raw ATK is favored in, but the cost recovery effect of Seals can make up for the damage difference.

              (!)Physical Armor Up/Magic Armor Up - Decreases Physical/Magic Damage taken by 10% (Maximum 2 stacks regardless of typing).

              UPDATE: Defense Constants, as tested here by Sensei Reo, are now extremely viable. They now reduce damage taken by 10%. Who knows, they might've gotten buffed from 6.5% to 10%, or were like that the whole time...

              It's been heavily debated whether or not Defense Constants are viable. Every time I see the question, "Should I use an X Damage Down/X Reflection or an X Armor Up?", everyone else responds by saying "Procs > Constants." However, that is not necessarily 100% true.

              While yes, Procs > Constants early on, if you're already stacking a high amount of defense procs for one type (like, say, you have 7-10 Anti-Magic procs), you'll gain more returns by using a Defense Constant piece against Magic damage compared to stacking additional procs.

              This becomes even more true for builds containing a ton of defense gear as is, around 12 or more should be reasonable (all procs) before stacking constants. Reflection or Damage Down XL makes Defense Constants even easier to use, because you cover both types of damage in one slot, allowing you to build slot-efficiently. So if you have about 4 Reflection XLs at the very least, it makes it easier to fit in Defense Constants.

              Of course, this works much better if you're a Tank or Offtank Lancer type. For a Glass Lancer, you REALLY need all the procs you can get, as your limited pool of defense slots don't benefit from constants.

              Keep in mind, defense constants fall in the same stackable category as "Barrier-Style Mitigation." So having a 40% Barrier applied to you while you have 2 Magic Armor Up XLs means you'll take 60% less damage from Magic attacks. Unlike procs, Constants work against Unison Attacks and Great Spirit Attacks, so you can tank even Summer Valk with them equipped.

              Since Constants were determined to be a 10% mitigation against that respective type, they are now highly desirable for builds. So think twice before Transmuting those two Magic Armor Up constants you have...

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Armor Constants are certainly available through higher cost gear, making them viable for GS increases. It is currently unknown how much of a difference Skill Level 6 or 7 make (maybe 15% or 20% at Lv. 7?), so if these Constants actually turn out to be insane once brough to Overlimit, they're well worth investing into. However... if you wanted a 31c+ Armor Constant, you may as well use the Planetary ones.

              HP Up - Boosts HP by 4000 points (at size-XL).

              ...What. Do you seriously really need more HP as a Lancer? This skill is better off for Mages, and to a lesser extent, Clerics too, in PvE builds, considering they both have the lowest HP in the game.

              Also, HP Up’s boost is always 4000 points regardless of content. This means it’s worthless for Colosseum and GvG, since they don’t scale from the HP Multipliers in those game modes.

              It might see some use in the Super Difficult Challenge Quest content, as mobs have Piercer at later waves to render your procs useless, but other than that, Elemental Damage Mitigation, even if it's just farmable event gear with meaningless procs, is still more effective at reducing damage taken.

              (!)Physical Damage Up - Boosts damage dealt by 7 AP.

              On paper, they look good. However, even though Lancers have high-powered single-hit attacks, the AP boost from procs is still higher than constants, so if you spawn a Physical Damage Up Lance, feel free to Infuse it to your main Lances.

              However, one thing to note is, one of the weapons in which the Physical Damage constant skill comes from (specifically the Sakura Lance) actually has an extremely high raw ATK yield for a 27 cost weapon. Also, 7 AP bonus damage stacks on top of your existing procs, so your double proc damage would be stronger than a Lancer without this skill, albeit slightly. This boosts the Basic Attack’s damage from 60 to 67 AP, which is an 11.67% damage boost to it, and stacks well with Attack Stance.

              You need a TON of procs for Physical Damage Up to be useful. Procs stack multiplicatively, so they experience diminishing returns the more you stack. If you're using the Apollo Set Blessing, then Physical Damage Up is great because you already have a good enough proc rate for skills to the point where it's better to stack 2 Physical Constants over two more procs.

              Similarly, if you're not using the Apollo Set Blessing, but stack a ton of Apollo's Glory procs in your defensive Sub Slots, Physical Constants become useful.

              (Credit: BlitzJager for showing me a pic of his +198 Max Infusion Sakura Lance)

              Also, some people claim that Physical Damage Up is a %ATK boost, specifically +10% ATK per skill equipped (+20% ATK max). This is false, because Labyrinth monsters have enough defenses to make a 7 AP attack deal just 1 damage if your ATK was low enough (sub 30k). If you went to the first quest in the game, the enemies there have absolutely no damage mitigation. Thus, if you used Defense Stance + Devoted Strike, and had 1 Physical Damage Up constant, you'll actually deal over 1 damage, assuming you don't proc or crit.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks:Don't underestimate the consistency of Constants compared to Procs. While it's true that Physical Testament XL has much higher burst damage, in sustained DPS, it actually deals 4 AP damage on average in the Sub Slot. So for PvE settings, it may actually be more beneficial for you to equip 2 Physical Damage Constants. Furthermore, Lv. 7 boosts these constants to 9 AP, which is extremely high for sustained damage output.

              Crystal Breaker - Increases damage done to the enemy Guild Crystal.
              (100% Main, 90% Sub)

              This proc is better suited for Archers, considering they're the best Crystal Phase class in the game. On paper, however, this could be used for Smash Brother Lancer builds, using a Sword with Crystal Breaker XL Main Slot to have it proc against the Crystal with repeated Smash attacks. Although still, Archers work better for CB scenarios because Fatal procs are more widely available for them, especially from their Bows.

              It's worth noting that the Crystal Breaker Lance has the same cost as the GB 2.0 Lance and Azure Heaven Lance. Therefore, you can infuse this Lance to either weapon, one of the few chances you get to do it. I'd highly recommend running Mobius to get this weapon for infusion, along with a few Guaranteed SR or higher Spawn Tickets that can grant you Transmutation fodder, or, if you're lucky, more Crystal Breaker weapons (hopefully they're also Lances for even more infusions).

              ToJ and Negative Pressure did make CB Lancers more viable, especially with the new skills being released. Thus, having 2 CB procs can help for certain strategies, but I'll elaborate more later on.

              ATK Up XL - Boosts ATK by 20% for the first 30 seconds of a quest or battle.
              (Offensive Opening Skill - Limit 2)

              This Opening Skill helps maximize the damage your attacks deal. It’s like having another Lance as a buff, in terms of raw damage, since an 80k ATK Lancer goes up to 96k, while a 100k ATK Lancer goes to 120k.

              Think of it as a 20% damage boost. It’s roughly equivalent to having an XL proc activate, give or take. For the highest-level of GvGs, as in when your guild is able to ORK (One-Round Kill) an enemy’s crystal, these work amazingly well. If it takes your guild multiple rounds to destroy a crystal, then ATK Up XL Openings won’t be as useful.

              Keep in mind that you can only equip 2 Offense Type Opening Skills, so ATK Up XL stacks up to 40% max.

              However, with the Lv. 40 Crystal cap, it's now incredibly difficult to destroy a high-max leveled crystal in one assault (but still possible). Thus, it'll take 2 rounds usually to break a crystal. This makes ATK Up XL less useful, because you essentially have a dead skill by the time the second GvG round begins.

              Although with the Lv. 150 cap giving 8th Slot, ATK Up XL might see use again since the cap increases CB Archer damage, so ORKing a crystal may become possible again. This was proven through the strongest guilds in the game, whose backlines can actually kill a Crystal in just one assault. So ATK Up XL does have a use again, if you're able to rushdown like this.

              From the latest RGB, Soldiers used 2 ATK Up XL openings to quickly kill with Rage Slash before the enemy team can react with EE or Cheer. These same guilds can ORK a crystal, so be prepared to deal with more Soldiers in the Frontlines with Rage Slash; this works because Soldiers have 10 starting cost in GBs without any passives, unlike Archers who have one in 4th Ring.

              (Who knows, Lancers and Mages may get Starting Cost passives to make them start with 15 cost come 6th Ring, or Soldiers may get their starting cost nerfed to prevent Rage Slash cheese, but I digress)

              Physical Damage Cut/Magic Damage Cut/Reflect Damage XL - Start the Quest, Colosseum, or Guild Battle with a 20% Physical Barrier/20% Magic Barrier/20% Reflect buff that lasts for 30 seconds (20 seconds if Reflect).
              (Defensive Opening Skill - Limit 2)

              Although difficult to fit in a build due to defensive proc spacing, Opening Skills are becoming more useful nowadays.

              The best use for them is for PvP, whether it'd be in Colo or GvG.
              You can start a battle with up to a 40% Physical/Magic Barrier, or even a 40% Reflect buff. This helps a ton for Colo, as people tend to burst the most squishy target, but Defensive Opening Skills make them think twice. You can even equip one of each Damage Cut Opening, and then self-cast Barrier to have effectively Guard for the first 30 seconds of a battle!

              In GvGs, during the Lv. 30 Crystal meta, Opening Skills were invaluable. Since a CB team with full cost can destroy a crystal in one round, having these buffs can allow you to survive burst attempts and prevent this from happening. Be careful with stacking Reflect Damage Openings, as people can use that against you by suiciding into your Reflect, forcing your team to Crystal Assault too early and allowing the enemy team to win as part of the infamous "Suicide Strategy," where the enemy deliberately dies to force a buff Uni to one-shot your crystal. They're still useful in the Lv. 40 Crystal meta, allowing for protection as you use Cheer. Cheer also allows your frontline to stall just in case the enemy guild tries to Suicide Strat to victory; you can easily humiliate their buff Wind Uni and then proceed to destroy their crystal after the first crystal assault.

              But given how difficult quests like Elemental Rush Arcadia are, Defensive Opening Skills are beginning to be useful there too.

              We all hate hax, and it's not uncommon to get one-shotted by the first boss in an Elemental Rush quest all because you fell victim to "crit hax." Equipping Damage Cut openings, or simply two Reflect Damage openings will solve this problem completely. But be warned if you're stacking Reflect Damage; they only last 20 seconds compared to the 30 second duration of the Barrier-style Openings. The good thing about Reflect is it targets both damage types, and also at twice the potency compared to stacking one of each Physical and Magic Damage Cut Openings. But you gotta be sure you can get your first uni cycle in before those seconds are up. By having Openings equipped, Elemental Rush Arcadia becomes much more bearable to deal with.

              Keep in mind, Opening Skills are also fairly expensive to equip. A piece easily goes for 28-30 cost, and it also takes up a defense slot. If you're running a Glass build, you have your procs cut out for you after these wear off. A more tanky Lancer can easily use the extra defense slots to slot in Openings, and still be durable despite them wearing off.

              Due to their effects having limited duration, Opening Skills have excellent cost efficiency.
              For example, without +stats, passives, or infusions, an Armor of Brynhildr (27 cost, aka Valkyrie Armor) has Reflection XL and a cost efficiency of 237.704, and on the other hand, with the same conditions, something like a Gailvorg, Sealed Malice (30 cost), which has Physical Damage Cut XL, has a cost efficiency of 258.333. This is one of the first pieces of equipment with cost efficiency higher than older lower cost gear, although some newer pieces of armor, like the Champion Gown (30 cost Reflection XL) or Arthur's Mail (30 cost Damage Down XL), have better cost efficiency than Opening Skills; both in particular have a cost efficiency of 266.100 each. Most 30 cost defense gear tend to have a base cost efficiency of 258.333, so they're actually more efficient for increasing your GS compared to most types of lower cost defense gear, although Azure Heaven equipment are still lightyears ahead of any other type of gear. Aside from the Mobius gear, which have a base cost efficiency of 301.657, the Azure Heaven defense gear are not too far behind, being 292.857.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Opening Barriers or Reflect might get an increase to 30% once brought to Lv. 6-7 (if the game ceiling rounds a 22% Barrier/Reflect to 30%). If they don't boost stacks, they're not worth it.

              Health Regen XL - Start the Quest, Colosseum, or Guild Battle with a 10% Regen buff that lasts for 40 seconds.
              (Other Opening Skill - Limit 2)

              Health Regen is a more PvP-oriented Opening Skill than it is for PvE. This is due to how the higher HP multipliers increases its effectiveness.

              For example, a Lv. 140 Lancer has about 270k HP. Heaven's Breath takes that to 432k HP, and a single Health Regen lets you recover 43.2k HP per tick, while double Health Regen lets you recover 86.4k HP per tick. (A tick is 5 seconds, referring to the tick marks on a clock by hour)

              In PvP, they can drastically make your Cleric's job easier. It's difficult to burst down a target with two of these, and even a procless World Tree's Blessing from an ally can be highly effective with just one Health Regen Opening.

              Out of all the Openings, Health Regen lasts the longest, right next to the upcoming HP Increase Opening Skill. 40 seconds is also a long time in UL battles, so even Archers would be hard-pressed to outdamage your Regen while HB is up.

              Definitely worth using in Colo, and if you use HB in GvGs, that too.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Opening Health Regen may be 3 stacks (15% HP per tick) at Lv. 7, so they can be extremely potent for Colo scenes, though it depends if the game treats 12% Regen as 15%.

              (!)Opening Ward XL - Start the Quest, Colosseum, or Guild Battle with a Ward buff that lasts for 60 seconds.
              (Other Opening Skill - Limit 2)

              May look useless at first glance, but Opening Ward is amazing against Soldier frontlines using the Rage Slash strategy.

              As mentioned before with KFC, Ward lets you tank an attack that would normally kill you, but leave you with 1 HP. This can grant enough time for your Cleric to heal you up to full after the last Rage Slash hit from an enemy Soldier fails to kill. Also, the first monster in any Ordeal quest often has high burst damage skills that hit only once; it's not uncommon for Ifrit to one-shot even the strongest players.

              Definitely hold onto one of these, as Ward is more stronger than it looks.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Opening Ward has no benefits when increased to Lv. 6 or 7. It is good enough as is. Sure, the duration may just increase, but that's pretty much it.

              HP Boost XL - Start the Quest, Colosseum, or Guild Battle with a 20% Max HP buff that lasts for 40 seconds.
              (Other Opening Skill - Limit 2)

              Another excellent Opening Skill, boosting your HP by 20%. This is just as effective as having a 20% Barrier, but unlike Barriers, HP Boost helps against Break Thrust or Rage Slash. Unlike Reflects, HP Boost lasts for twice the amount of time, and can confuse the enemies, making you incredibly tanky after a Soldier's Heroic Spirit or a Cleric's Great Blessing goes up.

              While HP Boost is an excellent Opening Skill, it still won't stop enemies from bursting you down as the first target. Unless you were fighting against Soldiers, having a Reflect Damage Opening Skill alongside HP Boost will solve this issue, but that will take up 2 defensive gear slots.

              It is also powerful in Colo too, letting you save your HB for emergency uses, and focus more on attacking or self-casting Barrier.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Since it increases by 1% per level, each HP Boost Opener will become 22% HP. Not particularly worth infusing to the Overlimit compared to the other options, especially since it is unknown if the other buff-type Openers ceiling round the increase into another stack of a buff.

              Assault Mastery XL - Astonishing activation rate, tremendously boosts the power of Severe Sting.
              ​(45% Main, 20% Sub)

              Now this is a confusing proc. It only works for Severe Sting, which is all fine and dandy. The confusing part is the old description, which was literally a leak:
              it flat-out told you the proc rate and AP modifier for Severe Sting on the tin! Here’s how it scales:

              XL - 25% proc rate bonus in the Main Slot, +40 AP damage. +5% global proc rate and +5 AP damage per Skill Level increase.
              Main Slot: 45% proc rate, +60 AP damage
              Sub Slot: 20% proc rate, +60 AP damage

              L - 10% proc rate bonus in the Main Slot, +25 AP damage. +5% global proc rate and +5 AP damage per Skill Level increase.
              Main Slot: 30% proc rate, +45 AP damage
              Sub Slot: 20% proc rate, +45 AP damage

              (Credit: Shanoa for her friend spawning one of the Mastery weapons before the description change and sharing this information. Although, I’d still leave this as partially confirmed.” Think your friend should’ve taken a screenshot of the weapon skill description at SSR lol)

              45% proc rate on Main Slot and 60 AP bonus seems too high, so it might be an “XXXL proc.” Similarly, L-sized Mastery procs are probably “XXL procs” of other types. Despite it saying there’s a “proc rate if equipped in the Main Slot,” the proc still works if it’s placed in a Sub Slot. Therefore, this provides evidence that the Main Slot gives procs a higher activation rate.

              The devs may have fixed the description of these skills, but even before that, the skill still activates in a Sub Slot, apparently.

              Since this is a new kind of skill, given the Mastery flag, it differs from Heart procs with the AP modifier and proc rates being significantly higher. Also, I have one very important thing to say about this skill:

              - It does NOT increase the Break bonus given by Severe Sting.

              This means Mastery skills boost only the raw AP of their respective skills, with a higher proc rate in the Main Slot. Thus, Severe Sting won’t be as reliable as any of the other Stings or Break Thrust with their respective Heart procs. As tempting as it is to use it in PvE, you’re better off just leaving to slot to Savage Sting or Double Sting, and biting the bullet for a comboless Cross Assault. Due to this, if a 6th Ring were released, these weapons would likely become obsolete.

              Probably a skill more suited for PvP at this rate, since it makes Severe Sting a lower-cooldown Knight’s Blitz with a significantly higher proc rate and AP modifier. But that means you have to sacrifice the ability to ignore procs and Opening Skills, like what Break Thrust can do. You gotta decide if the higher AP damage, but lower Break bonus (along with no Break bonus increase from Heart procs, compared to Break Thrust) makes it worth trading this off.

              Fun Fact: A Lance containing this skill is called Azure Lance. Despite this, it is NOT the Azure Lance you're looking for; the one you want is Transmutation-only, boosts Fatal XXL, and has the prefix Azure HEAVEN. Know the difference, it can save your life!

              (Credit: Whaku for testing this out with the GB 3.0 Weapon, which is pretty much the same proc anyways for Severe Sting, Cross Assault, and Death Pierce, but combined.)

              Converge Mastery XL - Astonishing activation rate, tremendously increases the power of Cross Assault.
              ​(45% Main, 20% Sub)

              Same AP damage boost as above. Now this is what you want to use if you do get it. A great contender for the PvP Main Slot option, as it will make Cross Assault a lot more lethal.

              It also works excellently if you mix-and-match procs, like if you use Heart of the Thrust for Break Thrust. You can even stack these procs with an ability build using Break Attack to maximize the nuking potential of Cross Assault, although Physical Testaments would still be viable. Though having one of these in the Main Slot, if you don't plan on buying Lancer's Conviction, should suffice.

              Bore Mastery XL - Astonishing activation rate, tremendously increases the power of Death Pierce.

              ​(45% Main, 20% Sub)

              Ugh... Why?

              Sorry, had to get that out of my chest, because I wished Lancers had Rage Slash and not Death Pierce. The DEF ignore effect, while useful on paper, isn't great in practice due to how Cross Assault and even Break Thrust are just that much better as damage skills.

              In other words, Bore Mastery is just 29 cost Infusion fodder. While Death Pierce is technically the strongest single-hit skill in the game, it's still heavily outclassed by Cross Assault (higher damage even with DEF mitigation), Double Sting (multi-hits scale better with procs and buffs), and Break Thrust (proc-ignoring capabilities make up for the low AP of that skill).

              (!)Enforcer Testament XL (Lancer-Exclusive Proc) - In addition to the effects of Physical Testament, increases Break Bonus of ANY Skill this procs with.
              ​(15% Main, 5% Sub)

              The proc which seems to make Secret of the Spear obsolete, well at first glance anyways.

              Using maximum Enforcer Testament XLs seems like a no-brainer for PvE. It can work for every skill in the game, and it's the same additional Break Bonus as Heart of the Spear/Secret of the Spear-type procs. For reference, it takes a single-proc 1st-3rd Ring Sting to inflict Break to the first enemy in Labyrinth. But, with Enforcer Testament, it can proc with even the Basic Attack as well, which is a huge buff to its flexibility. Its low cooldown lets you use it as a "Pseudo Sting," fishing for Enforcer Testament procs to inflict Break to just about everything.

              However, from witness reports in other chats, some people claim Enforcer Testament has the same proc rate as Physical Testament XL, or worse. Thus, they won't entirely outclass Secret of the Spear XL/XXL, or even Heart of the Sting for Double Sting. It's a nice proc to have, but it's something which would replace your Physical Testaments in PvE content. If you have it, great, although don't feel bad even if you end up spawning the other weapons of the same series.

              On my end, when I tested Arbiter Testament over 200 healing spells, I got 34/200 Main Slot, and 13/200 Sub Slot as my results. This translates into 17% Main Slot and 6.5% Sub Slot proc rates, respectively. A small sample size, but it's possible for these procs to be 15% Main Slot proc rate, and 5% Sub Slot proc rate with more trials. If anyone else out there has "Class Testaments" like these, testing them out would be appreciated.

              So with the low proc rate of this skill, it helps a ton to have Elevate skills from monsters like Eva-04, Ares, or Mithra. Considering these types of weapons were released alongside Mithra, it makes sense for them to rely on Elevate support for their full potential, so the low proc rates of these weapons were used to market Mithra as a Monster.

              It CAN be viable for PvP too, if you decide to run Severe Sting for its Break Bonus AP. Again, spam the Basic Attack to fish for Enforcer Testament procs, and then you can do a full Severe Sting + Cross Assault combo, getting the Break Bonus AP for BOTH skills.

              Also, one other thing worth pointing out -- Enforcer Testament, if it procs with Cross Assault, does NOT instantly start the Break Counter at "2 Chain!" despite being a double-hit skill. I watched someone proc this with Cross Assault, and this happened; the counter started at "1 Chain!" to reflect the first hit causing Break, and the second hit contributing to the chain counter. Meanwhile, Double Sting, another double-hit skill, instantly starts the Break Counter at "2 Chain!" whenever it inflicts Break. Thus, the "chain counter skip" nature of Double Sting is a less-known feature of the skill itself.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: While Enforcer Testament DOES come in a 31c+ flavor, it's just a simple AP boost, and Enforcer Testament is best used as a "utility-style proc" like Cost Recovery, due to how no other proc in the game increases Break Bonus directly.

              (!)Pursuit Testament XL (Lancer-Exclusive Proc) - In addition to the effects of Physical Testament, if target is inflicted with Break, AP of skill increased by 30.
              (15% Main, 5% Sub)

              The more proper Lancer-Exclusive proc, boosting your damage when Break is applied.

              Most people are hyped for this because it makes Cross Assault even more powerful. Having a 70 AP boost on that skill, if it procs with this, will mean a 250/260 x2 AP attack that many couldn't resist. In other words, the boost is higher than a Physical Testament XL.

              However, there's more to this proc than as a buff to Cross Assault.

              First off, in terms of Cross Assault, a Converge Mastery XL isn't too far off from the Break bonus total AP this proc has (60 AP vs 70 AP). Furthermore, Converge Mastery has a high proc rate (45% Main, 20% Sub), which makes up for being unable to proc with other skills not named Cross Assault.

              Secondly, this proc actually works better for Double Sting and Basic Attack.
              Double Sting, if it inflicts Break on the first hit, will actually deal post-Break damage on BOTH hits of the attack. This means if Double Sting procced this skill, it'll become a 170 AP x2 attack, which is just as strong as 2 Severe Stings attacking a target not inflicted with Break. Also, if Break Thrust or Severe Sting proc Pursuit Testament, they both will not get the increased Break bonus AP from the skill itself. That alone is a HUGE buff to Double Sting, making it more preferable than Break Thrust or Severe Sting.
              As for Basic Attack, since it can't take advantage of Break innately, this testament is literally a free double proc skill for it, which then allows it to effectively "triple proc" if Pursuit Testament happens to double proc with any non Cost Recovery skill (aside from Seal of Attack). So this is also a big buff to the Basic Attack as well.

              And finally, because this weapon comes from a Treasure Spawn, and the monster in said Treasure Spawn has Elevate, and other weapons in that same Treasure Spawn have the same procs as Mithra weapons (albeit with skills mostly switched around), expect this proc to have the same 15% Main, 5% Sub Slot proc rates. It may or may not be true, but this is highly likely to give people a reason to actually whale for the exclusive Treasure Spawn monster in this case.

              One of the best Lance procs in the game, as when 6th Ring comes out, the Lance will still be useful. While there are still procs that have stronger damage, like Power Spear or Cross Spear (see below), Pursuit Testament is not too far behind, and is more "future-proof," considering the multi-procs do not proc for Execution Spear, Dragon Claw, or any of the new upcoming skills.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Since Pursuit Testament also has a 31c+ weapon, it's definitely one of the best Main Slot procs for a Lancer nowadays. With Overlimit Infusions, Pursuit Testament can reach a whopping 80 AP against targets inflicted with Break, so no matter what Lancer skill you use, it's a formidable proc regardless.

              Attack Testament (Power Spear) XL - In addition to the effects of Physical Testament, massively increases the AP of Double Sting, Dragon Crush, Severe Sting, and Death Pierce.
              (15% Main, 5% Sub)

              For the sake of simplicity, to avoid confusing this proc with the Soldier proc which starts with the same prefix (Attack Testament), I'll refer to this skill as Power Spear XL.

              Credit: Nemurerumori for testing Attack Testament procs as 15% Main Slot rates, and reporting that he witnessed other players claiming these procs do not activate enough in the Sub Slots compared to Physical Testaments.

              Featured from the Re:Zero Collab, but brought to Global through the Northern Lights weapon series, Power Spear XL is a mixture of moves from 4th Ring through 5th Ring in just one proc. In other words, it's like a double-proc into one skill for specific skills.

              Unfortunately, Power Spear XL is extremely underwhelming. Severe Sting isn't great on its own in PvP unlike Break Thrust, and maybe you'd have a use for Double Sting, but having Break Thrust + Cross Assault is a more solid combination of attack skills to bring. Also, keep in mind, Power Spear XL (and other similar procs released alongside it) does NOT increase the additional effects of a skill. So a Power Spear Double Sting will not have increased Break bonus.

              As I calculated before, Death Pierce is still inferior to Cross Assault in every way, shape or form. Maybe if you had Pursuit Testament and Strike Mastery, it'd probably be worth using alongside Double Sting? But as it stands, Power Spear XL isn't going to be a game-changer as much as Pursuit Testament.

              To be fair, however, other classes' new Mastery procs are also just as underwhelming:

              Archer - boosts Lethal Strikes, Imaginary Shot, Etude Snipe, and Qwaser Waltz
              Maybe good for FL Archer with Etude + Qwaser, but Deadly Arabesque is much better.

              Cleric - boosts Area Heal, Area Recovery, Cleanse Healing, and Greater Aid
              Clerics tend to overheal in PvE, and in PvP, things like Cost Recovery is much superior.

              Soldier - boosts Vanquish, Divine Smash, Dual Impact, and Antagonize
              A solid proc for Soldiers using Dual Impact and Antagonize. However, they miss out on Rage Slash, arguably an underrated, yet extremely powerful attack. Some Soldiers also still use Dual Sword due to having too low ATK to use Dual Impact effectively.

              Mage - boosts Skewered, Meteor Rain, Blood Oath, and Calamity
              The best of all the new Mastery procs of this set. Skewered and Blood Oath are solid double-hit attacks, and so is Calamity. The only thing Mages miss out on is Undermine, one of their stronger DPS skills if they had good MDEF relative to their MATK.


              Power Spear XL can also proc with other skills not listed in its description. These skills will get the normal Physical Testament XL boost (+40 AP) instead. Keep that in mind if you wish to spawn for the Lance below...

              Attack Testament (Cross Spear) XL - In addition to the effects of Physical Testament, massively increases the AP of Double Sting, Break Thrust, Cross Assault, and Death Pierce.
              (15% Main, 5% Sub)

              ...I must've spoken too soon.

              Yes, this is the cross-ring Mastery proc which boosts BOTH Break Thrust and Cross Assault. That alone makes it an extremely potent proc for use in GvGs, as Break Thrust and Cross Assault are arguably the strongest among all Lancer skills.

              In case you got Pursuit Testament from the Miku collab, this works excellently well if you opt for Double Sting. The proc rate is certainly higher, so it's arguably better than Pursuit Testament, although Pursuit does have the benefit of boosting your Basic Attack damage too while attacking enemies under Break.

              Probably one of, if not the, best option for a Lancer Main Slot skill, as the damage boost is higher than Masteries. Definitely worth using if you end up pulling it, but be warned, its low proc rate makes it a Main Slot contender.

              Be warned; this might be the prelude of 6th Ring. So chase after this Lance at your own risk...

              Update: Both Cross Spear and Power Spear work like regular Physical Testament XLs. However, when used with the skills they boost, the damage should be +80 AP, making them extremely powerful. Even if 6th Ring comes out, older skills with this proc are still formidable.

              (!)Lancer’s Conviction XL - High activation rate, tremendously increases the power of Severe Sting, Cross Assault, and Death Pierce.
              ​(30% Main, 15% Sub)

              Now this comes from the GB 3.0 Weapon.

              Originally posted by LaconicLeaf when he thought Conviction procs have the same proc rates as Mastery
              It costs 230 Legend Medals. However, unlike the GB 2.0 weapon, which boosts all skills from 1st - 4th Ring, this weapons works as a Mastery proc for your 5th Ring attacks.

              This looks viable as a Main Slot PvP proc, even moreso than the single 5th Ring skill procs. It can actually make Severe Sting worth using over Break Thrust because you can run that and Cross Assault seamlessly. With Break Thrust + Cross Assault, you’re forced to use Testaments in the Main Slot (either Apollo’s Favor or Physical Testament XXL, or even Fatal Testament XXL if you have it).

              Edit: It seems like Conviction procs actually have a lower proc rate than Mastery procs. When Ace was playing with Conviction procs, he felt like it had a comparable proc rate to Heart/Secret procs (30% proc chance in Main Slots). This discovery is extremely game-changing, because if this is proven true, then the GB 3.0 weapons are literally fancy stat sticks for 5th Ring skills, and nothing more.

              Edit #2:
              After testing from here, it seems rather confirmed at this point that Conviction procs are indeed 25% Main Slot proc rates. Furthermore, the damage boost doesn't seem to be anywhere as high as that of a Mastery proc. From the testing, it seems like Conviction is a trap, being literally a Heart proc for the 5th Ring skills. Repeating this for emphasis, it's pretty much a fancy 33 cost stat stick.

              Edit #3: Idk, think 25% proc rate may have been bad luck for the tester, so for consistency, I left the Main Slot proc rate as 30% just like the rest of the Heart procs. But my point still stands; a Fatal Testament is still more flexible, and although Physical Testament XXL doesn't proc as often, at least its damage output is equal to a Conviction or Heart proc.

              Due to this, I personally feel as if a Fatal Testament XL/XXL would be better off in the Main Slot for a PvP Lancer. Guaranteed critical hits make Lancer attacks even more lethal against enemy defenses, and with the high base AP, it makes it no use to attempt tanking them. Fatal works for all attacks, and it should deal similar damage. With Soul of the Ogre factored in, the effect is just devastating.

              Also, Physical Testament XXL should suffice, since they have a quite good Main Slot proc rate. All of these procs also work for Basic Abilities as well, though if you’re running Soul of the Ogre, then Fatal procs would be better without a doubt.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Being accessible through Grand Medals, and also 33c, Lancer's Conviction may look like a great Overlimit candidate. However, Death Pierce is a completely useless and outclassed move, and in some scenes, you may prefer other moves compared to Severe Sting and Cross Assault, so Lancer's Conviction isn't worth bringing over to Overlimit.

              Defense Proc Analysis

              Physical Reflection/Magic Reflection/(!)Omni Reflection XL - Mitigates 35% of the damage taken and bounces it back to your attacker. Can stack with Mirror buffs.
              (20% Main, 10% Sub) (?)
              - Might be 15% Main, 5% Sub for all types

              The most straightforward defense proc everyone recommends for PvP, and for good reason. At least, according to the common eye.

              Reflection-type procs are able to score surprise kills, or at least act as a "counter-attack" while you take damage. It's the sole reason why Mages should think twice before slamming a Meteor Strike into a Soldier's face, or, in our case, why an Archer's Deadly Arabesque can easily get them killed instead.

              These procs can force a Cleric to heal an ally despite them not being focused, so they are rather handy in PvP to pick up kills.

              For the sake of titling this proc, I named "Reflection XL" as "Omni Reflection XL" because this proc works for BOTH damage types. Considering how they're like two procs in one skill, Reflection/Damage Down XL are one of the most sought-after gear in the game. For example, a Lancer with 4 Reflection XL procs in the Sub Slots is literally equivalent to a Lancer with 4 Physical Reflection and 4 Magic Reflection procs.

              (I'll still use the term Reflection/Damage Down XL when referring to these Omni procs... because without the prefix, they work for both damage types, and besides, people been using the term Reflection/Damage Down XL all the time, which stuck on through this whole time.)

              Although, one important thing to note about Reflection-type procs: while they're great for punishing assailants in PvP, they are relatively weaker than Damage Down-type procs as a whole in terms of mitigating damage taken. Furthermore, Reflection procs do not stack additively with Constants, making them less effective. I'll explain why shortly.

              Reflection type procs also have a considerably lower proc rate then Damage Downs; it's actually comparable to that of Null Physical/Magic Damage, so keep that in consideration when building your set.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Seeing how Lv. 7 Physical Testament XL is like Lv. 5 Physical Testament XXL, a Lv. 7 Reflection-type proc may just be equal to a Lv. 5 Reflection XXL of its respective type. That means you'll reflect 40% of the damage taken instead of 35%. While it does become comparable to a Damage Down XL (non-Omni), you may want to infuse those instead.

              Physical Damage Down/Magic Damage Down/(!)Omni Damage Down XL - Mitigates 40% of the damage taken (30% if Omni). Can stack with Constant Defense Skills, Barriers, and Guard.
              - XL: 20% Main, 10% Sub (?)
              --- Could actually be 25% Main, 15% Sub
              - Omni XL: 25% Main, 15% Sub

              A rather underrated defense proc, which is actually more effective than a Reflection-type proc for survival. In fact, these are the defense procs you REALLY want.

              What did I meant before by saying Damage Down-type procs are stronger than Reflection-type procs? As usual, Sensei Reo will explain it better than I would:

              - Damage Down-type procs stack additive with Constants, Barriers, or Guard, making them much, much more effective than Reflection procs when it comes to tanking certain attacks.

              This makes a huge difference in terms of tanking attacks over a sustained period of time. On the other hand, Reflection-type procs do NOT stack additive with Constants, Barriers, or Guard. With this new discovery, we now know how effective Damage Down is now in terms of reducing damage taken.

              It's one of the reasons why Constant stacking is less effective for Single Proc Reflection compared to Single Proc Damage Down. Furthermore, Reflection reduces less damage compared to Damage Down overall, which matters significantly with both proc rates and actual mitigation.

              So let's take a real-world example with Archer damage with Deadly Arabesque, Magic Reflection XL vs Magic Damage Down XL:

              Mitigation procs with Constants

              - Archer's expected damage after defense scaling is applied: 100000 damage (25k damage hits)

              - Archer's Damage before Magic Damage Down/Reflection XL (1 Constant): 90000 damage

              - Archer's Damage before Magic Damage Down/Reflection XL (2 Constants): 80000 damage

              - Archer's Damage after Magic Damage Down XL (1 Constant): 50000 damage
              - Archer's Damage after Magic Damage Down XL (2 Constants): 40000 damage

              - Archer's Damage after Magic Reflection XL (1 Constant): 58500 damage
              - Archer's Damage after Magic Reflection XL (2 Constants): 52000 damage

              As shown, defense constants are super powerful when compounded with Damage Down procs. It's one reason why even whales are saving up for a spawn with Damage Down gear, because Damage Down XL + Constants is hinging on being too broken. This is exactly why the devs seemed to sucker us in, marketing Reflection procs as the "better proc" because Reflection XLs were released first.

              Since Damage Downs can reduce tons of damage when compounded with Constants, they can match a Null proc at times. However, Null procs are still great on their own rights because they utterly shut down any kind of damage. It doesn't matter if the Archer does something like double proc Shooter Testament on you, because the three words, "Null Magic Damage," will stuff it outright. It's also helpful for Frenzy or Piercer damage, which Damage Downs fail to mitigate, but those circumstances are uncommon.

              So why is Reflection bad? It's not just the proc rates; Reflection stacks less effectively with Constants, and reduces less damage overall. As you saw with the above example, a Single Constant is effectively a 6.5% damage mitigation effect with a single Reflection proc. Similarly, Double Constants are 13% damage mitigation altogether. This testing alone made us think Constants were a 6.5% damage mitigation effect, back during the days when we thought Damage Downs were AP-based damage, when in actuality, Damage Downs are Barrier-based (can reduce damage to 0 instead of 1, which differs from Reflection-based mitigation).

              (I did kinda help in finding this out after we dismissed Constants as worthless, because with 2 Constants, when I double procced Magic Damage Down XL against an Archer's Deadly Arabesque, it doesn't matter how much procs they get -- they get a big fat set of red 0's. This felt unusual from Reflection procs, which only reduces damage down to 1. And during Lab, I noticed with Magic Constants, the Lorelais about halfway in the quest dealt 0's to me when none of my procs worked, contributing to the idea that Constants were Barrier-based mitigation.)

              That's not to say Reflection is useless, however. If you want to use Reflection, you can, but I wouldn't exactly use more than 2-4 of them. It's tempting to get a full set of Reflection XL gear, but in reality, it's a trap. No kidding. You're better off just trying for Damage Downs in general, whether it would be the single-damage type XLs, the XXLs, or even the dual type.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Taking what I observed with Physical Testament XL, a Lv. 7 Damage Down XL (single) should become comparable to an XXL of the same type. Omni, on the other hand, may just be boosted to 35% mitigation instead. Since Damage Down XL (Omni) is available through 31c, it'll become formidable, especially if you can get 2 Lv. 7s in your Main Slots.

              (!)Physical Damage Down/Magic Damage Down XXL - Mitigates 50% (?, may be 45%) of the damage taken. Can stack with Constant Defense Skills, Barriers, and Guard.
              (25% Main, 15% Sub)

              What separates Damage Down-type procs from Reflection-type procs even more is the size tiers. Damage Down can go up to XXL-tier (specific attack types only), while Reflection is limited to XL maximum, and for good reason (you don't want to get hurt for 45% damage against a single Physical Reflection XXL, right?!). But things changed, and Reflection XXL-type procs were introduced recently (though they're actually rather crappy).

              This size of Damage Down mitigates even more damage than their original counterparts. Needless to say, this makes them the second-best Sub Slot proc option in the game, arguably only behind Damage Down XLs.

              It is unknown whether or not XXL defense procs actually have a higher proc rate than their XL counterparts, but well... it wouldn't hurt to go to Duel Rooms and test it out, right!? Maybe they do; it's just that the testing is rather hard, since data can vary from 5% differences easily. For example, Whaku got a 40% proc rate for Mastery when he did his first 200 trials, but then his next 200 trials got closer to the accepted 45% proc rate; similarly, Fujin always told me, "You can flip 500 coins and get 125 heads" (or something similar to that).

              The only farmable options for these procs are the Mobius defense gear. They only have Physical Damage Down XXL, both the Helm and Armor pieces. However, Mobius defense gear have the best cost efficiency out of any defense gear in the game, which justifies their 35 cost price tag. It's still worth getting, as it wouldn't hurt to have these to cover your Physical-side of procs, no?

              But keep an eye out. Who knows if they'll release Magic Damage Down XXL gear that is farmable through Medal currency, whether they'd make them redeemable with Legend Medals, Colosseum Medals, or even Mobius Medals? Even with the fat 35 cost requirement, the Mobius gear are still amazing long-term investments.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Only Physical Damage Down XXL has a 31c+ defensive gear, and that is the Mobius gear. It's actually viable to 5/5 a Mobius gear using 15 Ethers, but you have to use one of them as a dupe. Either way, XXL Damage Downs should scale up to 50% at Lv. 7, rivalling the damage mitigation levels of Guard.

              Physical Reflection/Magic Reflection XXL - Mitigates 40% of the damage taken and bounces it back to your attacker. Can stack with Mirror buffs.
              (15% Main, 5% Sub)

              Recently, the devs released a new tier of Reflection type procs, this time, Physical/Magic Reflection XXL. Despite their slightly higher reflection mitigation, it's still comparable to a Damage Down XL (single-type).

              So their Treasure Spawns aren't particularly worthwhile, if you're unable to draw a Cinderella out of it (which was the purpose of that spawn). I'd still highly recommend buying a Physical/Magic Damage Down XXL instead, as they have a much more reliable proc rate and reduce more damage, stacking with more sources.

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: Both Reflection types are available through 31c+. Furthermore, they may scale up to 45% Reflect, which can be downright lethal if they double proc. Even just one proccing against an Archer should drastically nail a chunk of their health away.

              Null Physical Damage XL/Null Magic Damage XL - Reduces damage taken to 0 for that respective type. Unlike other defense procs, this can also trigger against moves that normally ignore procs such as Break Thrust, Rage Slash, or Spinning Snipe, along with proc-ignoring buffs like Piercer or Frenzy.
              (15% Main, 5% Sub)

              - See "Guild vs Guild" section a few posts below for information on these procs -

              Overlimit Infusion Remarks: It is unknown how much of a proc rate boost Nulls get once brought to Lv. 7. If they get increased to 20%, Nulls will become one of, if not the, best procs in the game, especially since they can proc against Piercer and Frenzy effects. If so, then definitely invest into your Nulls, but be prepared to get 2 other 35 cost gear for 2 near-identical Infusions so you'd have to use 24 Ethers instead of much more.

              But do not Overlimit Infusion your Nulls just yet! Not without prior testing. If Nulls end up being 17% proc rate even at Lv. 7, then save those Ethers for other things.

              For those wondering how the proc rates were derived, most of them were taken here (Credit: Fujin for setting up the chart, and the forumers who tested the proc rates for newer skills):

              (Equipment Skill Information)

              Based off Heart proc rates off 30% Main Slot, 15% Sub Slot because that's the proc rate I got for Heart of the Spear and Secret of the Spear. They seem to have the same damage boost as a Physical Testament XXL, albeit with a noticeably higher proc rate.

              This is where I found the values for things like Seal of Attack and Class Testaments. Other things, like Fatal Testament XL/XXL proc rates, were tested in certain ---- chats and then mentioned.

              The Granvia Lance (Xenospear of Truth)

              JPUL recently got an update which adds the "Granvia Crests" as a new form of currency from RGB ranking rewards. These weapons are special in the sense that they do not have procs, but rather, a special effect!

              Yes, the Granvia Lance, once reforged to UR, boosts your Lance/Scythe ATK by 20% (additive), so your Lance/Scythe ATK goes from 48% to 68%. However, due to diminishing returns, the 20% Lance/Scythe boost is NOT exactly 20%. If you divide 20% by the current multiplier for Lance/Scythe ATK passives...

              The damage boost is actually only 13.514%!

              And what's worse, the more ATK you have from Monsters, the less effective the Granvia Lance will be in terms of damage output. So if you have, say, 80000 ATK from Weapons, and then you have two Monster sets: one which gives 25000 ATK (5 URs), and another which gives 40000 ATK (8 URs), the former build has a boost of 10.296% ATK, while the latter is a 9.009% ATK boost.

              So for the sake of simplicity, Granvia Lance's Weapon Passive Boost is roughly equivalent to a Blessing effect (+10% ATK).

              Now, don't think Blessing is good; it kills your Main Slot procs. You'll basically be locked to your Physical Testament XL and 2 Physical Testament Ls, and no Defensive Main Slots -- put simply, in PvP, you will die. On the other hand, Granvia Lance only sacrifices one proc, but you still get a noticeable damage boost out of it.

              Compare this to Physical Damage Constants, which are 7 AP each. The AP boost can be expressed as a percentage damage boost if you divide it by the Base AP of an attack:
              Damage Boost of Physical Damage Constants:
              Skill Name Base AP Single Constant Double Constant
              Basic Attack 60 11.667% 23.33%
              Dragon Claw 80 / 90 8.75% / 7.78% 17.5% / 15.6%
              Break Thrust 140 5% 10%
              Severe Sting 170 4.12% 8.24%
              Cross Assault (Break) 180/190 3.89% / 3.68% 7.78% / 7.37%
              Since Lancer moves already have high AP, the Granvia Lance is far superior than Physical Damage Up Constants. In fact, if you use moves with 140 AP or higher, the Granvia Lance is just as strong as 2 Physical Constants!

              This makes them a formidable option for a Lancer build. Granvia Lance allows you to further improve the burst damage of your skills, and it happens in every attack you do. The Lance is also miles stronger than Constants, as mentioned before, so it's definitely worth farming.

              But what do you need to Craft this Lance? Well...

              (Source thread below)


              (Credit: TaikunZ for his JPUL threads)

              FINAL STATS:

              LV. 1 (UR)
              2054 ATK
              545 MATK

              LV. MAX (70)
              8098 ATK (12717 w/ +198 & Passives)
              2153 MATK (not that it matters...)

              - 35 COST!

              First of all, you need these Weapons and Monsters (all UR):

              SR > SSR Reforge

              - Divine Sunlance (Apollo Lance)
              (2 SSR Fire Passas, 1 SSR Egg, 2 Fire Orbs)

              - My LEAST favorite Lance AND Basic Ability/Skill in the ENTIRE GAME
              (2 SSR Wind Passas, 1 SSR Egg, 2 Wind Orbs)

              - Succubus (28c Dark)
              (SR > UR; 3 Dark Orbs, 4 SSR Dark Passas, 2 SSR Eggs, 1 Golden Egg)

              - Avsaris (30c Water)
              (1 Water Keymin, 4 SSR Blue Passas)

              - Ra (34c Light)
              (1 Light Orb, 4 Sunlight Drop

              SSR > UR Reforge

              Anima: Spirit Brush (Grenier Lance)
              (3 Dark Spirit Miasmas, 2 SSR Anima: Spear Brush)

              Amaterasu (30c Light)
              (1 Light Keymin, 4 SSR Light Passas)

              Benkei (28c Water)
              (SR > UR; 3 Water Orbs, 4 SSR Water Passas, 2 SSR Eggs, 1 Golden Egg)

              Zephyrus (34c Wind)
              (1 Wind Orb, 4 Tempest Spheres)

              Vivi (28c Fire UO)
              (5 Crimson Crystals)


              - 180 Granvia Crests

              (30 to buy/30 SSR/120 UR)

              - 70 Legend Medals (SSR)

              - 85 Colo Medals
              (35 SSR/50 UR)

              - 800 Fire Medals
              (300 SSR/500 UR)

              - 500 Dark Medals (UR)

              - 40 Mobius Medals (UR)

              Which will take:
              - 2-3 RGBs
              - 3 Colos
              - 1-2 Mobiuses
              - LOTS of Fire and Dark Ordeals
              - Professional Help (thanks, Tai >_>)

              Any questions?

              As you can see, getting the Granvia Lance will take a long-term investment. Fortunately, since you need 2-3 RGBs to get it reforged to UR, as long as you farm Ordeals bit by bit every day and pace yourself, you should have no problem reforging all these monsters and collecting Medals.
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              IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

              This Is How You DO Play Lancers


                Here's how much ATK the Xenospear of Truth has as a base before passives, then another image showing how the Xenospear of Truth looks like when equipped.

                Seeing as that boost in ATK is massive, and exceeds that of even Lv. 7 Constant Weapons, the Xenospear of Truth is highly worth it for a dedicated Lancer main.

                Recommended Weapon Procs for PvP (and Stats of Weapons)
                - See the Tier List Here! - (also includes stats for fully-infused weapons)

                Spending Infusions and +198 Gear Efficiently

                While playing through the game, you may be overwhelmed by Infusions and +stat gear dropping left and right. You might even end up doing rash decisions, like infusing 7 Tears for an item, or selling off your +Stat Gear!

                Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ll start with +Stat Gear because that’s simpler.

                +Stat Gear drops boosts for either the Top Stat or the Bottom Stat. This allows you to enhance the stats of any type of gear in the game. For example, if I fed a +99 Top Stat gear to a Lance, I’ll boost its ATK stat. Similarly, if I fed a +99 Bottom Stat gear to a Haste Monster, I’ll boost its ATK.

                A +99 Stat item will get +495 bonus stats added to the base stat. This also gets increased even further from your Class Passives and Shared Traits. Thus…

                +Stat Gear Priority

                1.) Apollo (+198)
                2.) Avsaris (+198)
                3.) Lances (+99 TOP Stat)
                3.5.) Vol&Rena (+198)
                4.) Monsters (+198)
                5.) Armors/Helms (+99 BOTTOM Stat)
                6.) Armors/Helms (+99 TOP Stat)
                7.) Lances (+99 BOTTOM Stat)

                When collecting +Stat Gear, Augment every “+1 item” you get to 2 N Rarity gear pieces. This lets you fuse items while using minimal Gold, and lets you organize your +stats, Top and Bottom. I organize it by using any Weapon to collect +Top Stats, and any Armor/Helm to collect +Bottom Stats. Once they’re +99, I’ll Augment them to the appropriate gear piece.

                The first things you should +198 are Apollo and Avsaris, no ifs, ands, or buts. They are your main element choices in GvG, so having them +198 lets you win Unisons and wipe the enemy team.

                After that, you can feed +99 Top Stat gear to your Lances, preferably ones that you use for both PvE and PvP. After that, you can +198 other Monsters for more ATK investment. If you have a Vol&Rena though, +198 her before your other monsters if she’s UR reforged.

                The reason why you want to max your Armor/Helm Bottom Stats to +99 is to increase your MDEF. This allows you to take Magic attacks slightly better. 20k MDEF certainly won’t help you against Mage Meteors even through Defiance passives… After that, max out the +Top Stats of the same gear to maximize your DEF.

                The bottom stat of your Lances should be the absolute last thing you start maxing as a Lancer. MATK investment is useless, except to maximize your Unison damage. At that point, you’re pretty much min-maxing.

                Infusion Gear Priority

                0.) 31c+ gear
                1.) Lances (if SSR base, and is used for both PvP and PvE; prioritize PvP Lances first)
                2.) Lances (if SR base -- FUSE DUPES ONLY)
                3.) Armors/Helms (FUSE DUPES ONLY)

                Lances are the best thing to infuse for Lancers, hands down. Infusing is similar to +Stat Gear where it maximizes your stats, but it “uncaps” your weapon’s Level Cap to boost its raw stats. At endgame, after you +99 Top all your Weapons and Monsters, and max out all your ATK Furniture, this is the only way to increase ATK.

                When infusing Lances, make sure they're 27 cost or above (Valkyrie Lances are an exception because they are 26 cost and have Physical Testament XXL). The reason why you want higher cost is because they get the most returns from Infusions.

                One particular Lancer weapon that is outstanding is the Bedeviled Bushi Scythe. This beast has higher ATK than most 27 cost Lancer weapons, and gives a huge amount of ATK once fully infused (9744). It's a Physical Testament XL proc, so it'll be great for a long time until you get a full set of Physical Testament XXL gear (with maybe one Fatal Testament XXL to top it all off).

                However, recently, the devs have been promoting 31c+ gear as of late. As I mentioned earlier in the procs section, 31c+ gear get MASSIVE stat increases at the 4th and 5th Infusion. This is intended to get players to invest into these types of gear, but it's difficult due to the price required, in both Gold AND Ethers.

                SR Base rarity Lances are easy to spawn, so don’t waste Ether drops for those. Armor and Helms are last on priority because often, you’ll need an Ether drop to Infuse them to begin with. But for gear like Reflection XLs or Damage Down XLs, it may be worth considering putting some Infusions into them because you'll always have those pieces of defensive gear no matter what.

                IX. Gameplay - aka “How to Break the Basic Attack's Potential Open”

                So it's a new day. You're minding your own business, watching a sports game, then all of a sudden, your cable goes out.

                When your cable goes out, you boot up your smartphone.

                When you boot up your smartphone, you launch Unison League.

                When you play Unison League, you play as a Lancer.

                When you play as a Lancer, you spam your Sting skills and Knight's Blitz whenever they go off cooldown.

                When you spam your skills, you kill the enemies fast, and take off a massive chunk of health with every Knight's Blitz you do.

                When you kill enemies fast, you think to yourself, "Awesome! Lancers are the best damage dealers!"

                When you think Lancers are a damage dealer class, you start reaching Elite difficulty content.

                When you reach Elite difficulty content, you'll realize your Sting skills and Knight's Blitz no longer kill enemies in a few hits.

                When you realize your skills are no longer effective, Mages and Archers start catching on with their damage output.

                When Mages and Archers catch on, you'll find yourself asking for Haste at the start of every quest.

                Don't ask for Haste at the start of every quest!

                Get rid of Knight's Blitz, and upgrade to Attack Stance! Call 1-800-ATTACKSTANCE!

                Originally posted by vzReo View Post
                Learn to play lancer, the overall best class in the game

                ~ Well, they technically are… but then Archer 5th Ring happened -_-

                This is where Lancer gameplay takes a major shift. You thought Ether Exchange/Knight's Blitz/Sting/Savage Sting was the best Lancer set? No. There's a LOT more to Lancers than just that.

                Ever noticed how when you hit an enemy with a Sting move, they turn all shiny and everything? That's Break, which your Sting moves are good at inflicting.

                Break is an 80% DEF and MDEF penetration effect for your allies. This leads to a massive damage output boost for Archers and Mages since both classes have moves where they hit multiple times for low damage per hit (but has better scaling than Lancer moves). It also boosts Unison gain through chains, up to +13% Unison Gauge at Max Chain. Considering attacks you use also charge the Unison gauge, that leads to maximum Unison charging. It can even yield a second uni against a boss, or multiple for a raid boss. Imagine you have 3 mobs in front of you. If you Break each of them, one by one, and get a Max Chain before they all die, that’s already like 39% Uni gain right there, along with the Uni you would get for attacking.

                The other good thing about Break... it reveals a secret weapon which you never knew existed before. You wanna know what it is? I've got two words:

                BASIC. ATTACK.

                Let that sink in for a moment. It's not called Acidic Attack, or Neutral Attack, or even The-Attack-I-Only-Use-When-Enemies-Have-Low-Health. I'll say it again:

                BASIC. ATTACK.

                What, you thought it was a useless skill you only use if an enemy has a sliver of health left? THINK AGAIN!
                Sure, it looks like an afterthought skill. But give it another look.

                ...Still don't see it? It's the 4 second cooldown and 5 cost.

                The 60 base AP looks unremarkable, but may I remind you, procs, adding 40 AP to a skill, help its damage immensely. Constant effects, like the aforementioned Attack Stance, along with Joan, turn it into an 80 AP or 110 AP move that can be spammed every 4 seconds. In other words, you have a cute, innocent-looking attack that transforms into a fearsome beast of a DPS skill.

                Still not convinced? Think of Basic Attack as a Pseudo Physical multi-hit attack that never misses (unless you were inflicted with Blind). And no, forget about Charged Rain, that doesn't count. Misses a ton and has a really long cooldown. What I mean is, look at the cooldowns of your core skills. That's right, Basic Attack's multi-hit characteristic scales based on the cooldowns of other skills.

                To put this into chart form:

                Attack Stance Scaling (+20 AP)
                # of Basic Attacks you can do while it cools down (AP: 80)
                Total AP of all those Basic Attacks
                AP Difference
                Basic Attack
                Sting (comboed)
                Savage Sting
                Savage Sting (comboed)
                Double Sting (comboed)
                130 x2 (260)
                Knight's Blitz
                Dragon Assault
                Break Attack
                Halloween Jack
                Severe Sting (no Break) 190 6 1.5 120 -70
                Severe Sting (Break)
                Cross Assault (Break)
                200 x2 (400)
                Death Pierce (Break)
                It doesn't look impressive at first, especially considering that Attack Stance alone makes the Basic Attack's AP damage dealt (not DPS) more or less become equal to other Lancer skills. You would see a difference if you’re looking at Knight’s Blitz and the other Basic Abilities. What if we added another constant AP modifier?

                Attack Stance + Single Joan Scaling (+50 AP)
                # of Basic Attacks you can do while it cools down (AP: 110)
                Total AP of all those Basic Attacks
                AP Difference
                Basic Attack
                Sting (comboed)
                Savage Sting
                Savage Sting (comboed)
                Double Sting (comboed)
                160 x2 (320)
                Knight's Blitz
                Dragon Assault
                Break Attack
                Halloween Jack
                Severe Sting (no Break) 220 6 1.5 165 -55
                Severe Sting (Break)
                Cross Assault (Break)
                230 x2 (460)
                Death Pierce (Break)
                Yup. Joan makes the Basic Attack even more powerful for Lancer's overall DPS and damage dealt. I mean, just look at the AP Difference for Knight's Blitz, Dragon Assault, and Break Attack. Does that convince you to throw those moves out for PvE content now?!

                Also, with more and more AP modifiers, Basic Attack becomes much stronger than Halloween Jack in terms of sustained damage output.

                I left off proc scaling because it is unlikely that you will get 2 double procced Basic Attacks back-to-back while waiting for double procced Pierce to go off cooldown. But even if you were to get a double procced Knight's Blitz under Attack Stance, it's just 320 AP of damage. With the Basic Attack, you have 3.75 chances to get procs, so if you get 2 procs in those chances, either on separate instances or in one cast, it already beats Knight's Blitz. Also, putting in Knight's Blitz requires you to remove Attack Stance, which lowers your overall damage output for one attack skill that doesn't help out your sustained damage output.

                Running Attack Stance also buffs the damage of your Sting and Savage Sting, and Double Sting has Attack Stance apply to both hits of the skill, but with the latter, I recommend against using it if you don't have at least one Secret of the Spear XL/XXL and one Heart of the Sting/another Secret of the Spear XL/XXL to use in conjunction with your GB 2.0 Lance.

                It’s worth noting that Double Sting, Cross Assault, and Severe Sting out-DPS the Basic Attack, even with scaling into account. But with the latter two moves, they require Break, and replacing Savage Sting/Double Sting for Severe Sting isn’t a reliable way to DPS as a Lancer because you sacrifice Break bonus reliability.
                Thankfully, the buff to Severe Sting subverts this, because with its high Break bonus, it's now a must-have Lancer skill for PvE. The second attack skill can be Double Sting if you want more Break while having a good Swiss Army Knife skill, or even Cross Assault if you want true, unadulterated damage.

                Think of Basic Attack as a "delayed" multi-hit skill with its low cooldown, and you'll have an easier analogy at how it has such amazing DPS scaling.

                Originally posted by Nemurerumori View Post
                What's sad is that I'm one of the very few people who regularly use Attack Stance.
                People don't really give this ability the chance it deserves and I even get scolded by pugs from time to time, because they say, "you're going to die noob".
                I used to use it with Basic Attack back when I was a 6 sword Soldier, but now my ATK sits between 12k to 36k so it's no longer an option.

                Attack Stance is really OP... the 25 AP received isn't going to do anything to you in PvE either. Archers are running content with half of a Lancer's defenses and a hell of a lot less HP. Attack Stance isn't going to make you die... especially since Lancers are sturdy as hell.
                ~ From the legendary Dual Sworder himself (Albeit retired)

                One other note about Attack Stance is that the increased incoming AP damage only affects Physical attacks taken. This means that Magic attacks won’t hurt you for more damage. Lancers also generally have high DEF anyways due to Fire monsters and Helms, but it wouldn’t hurt to also equip some Haste monsters (or 1 Dark monster for utility) for a boost in MDEF too.

                Now compare the Basic Attack to other similar abilities. Ever since Basic Abilities were released, other classes got their own version of the Basic Attack, based on their stats.
                Skill Cost AP Cooldown DPS CE
                Lancer - Basic Attack 5 60 4 15 12
                Lancer - Basic Attack (Attack Stance) 5 80 4 20 16
                Lancer - Halloween Jack 5 80 6 13.333 16
                Lancer - Halloween Jack (Attack Stance) 5 100 6 16.667 20
                Soldier - Swift Smash 10 120 8 15 12
                Soldier - Swift Smash (Attack Stance) 10 140 8 17.5 14
                Mage - Wizard Strike 8 70 6 11.667 8.75
                Mage - Reabsorption 10 100 8 12.5 10
                Archer - Pincer Snipe* 10 80 x2 6 13.333 8
                (*Assuming 50% accuracy, unconfirmed; if it were 70% then DPS would be 18.667 and CE would be 11.2)

                Despite all the classes finally getting their own "version" of the Basic Attack, the Lancer's version of it is still the best, aside from maybe a really close tie with that of Soldier's version.

                - Basic Attack has higher base cost efficiency compared to the majority. Swift Smash gets outscaled with more AP modifiers, but Halloween Jack has higher CE. Despite that, Halloween Jack's DPS isn't anywhere as good as Basic Attack's!

                - Basic Attack also has a much lower cooldown, so it scales much better with AP modifiers compared to the other options.

                - Pincer Snipe can miss, and it only has one real proc: Fatal Testament (Crystal Breaker is technically another but it’s PvP only). It also requires 2 monster buffs for more consistent damage, and Attack Stance only affects one of the hits which could even miss.

                - The reason why Swift Smash is the closest at being as good as the Basic Attack is because its higher base AP damage allows it to be used comfortably for both PvE and PvP. Basic Attack is more suited for PvE since it's easier to get the AP modifiers there, and it outscales the rest of the competitors. Unlike Wizard Strike, it benefits from Attack Stance. Unlike Swift Smash, it scales better with AP modifiers. And unlike Pincer Snipe, it benefits from double procs of the same damage type (Physical Testament double proc) and doesn't miss.

                Honorable Mention: Reabsorption for giving Mages a healing option

                Now that you know that the Basic Attack is a Lancer's secret weapon, there's more ways to abuse it further:

                Procs - greatly boosts its DPS due to its already low cooldown
                Cooldown Reduction - any Athenas? You can have a Basic Attack hitting every 3 or 2 seconds
                Critical Damage Buffs - Critical Damage is actually an AP boost when it occurs, so it's not uncommon to crit 100ks with Basic Attack with enough buffs

                Break - demolishes an enemy's DEF, allowing the Basic Attack to do its true damage
                Cost Recovery - 1 proc lets you use it for free, 2 gives you an even higher cost advantage on double procs, but one should be enough
                Elemental Advantage - every bit helps, like from monster buffs

                Basic Attack relies on Break, so unless there's an enemy with low DEF (like the small fries often found in the beginning of main quests), don't use the Basic Attack if the enemy isn't inflicted with it. Make sure you Break your opponent first, and once that happens, you can activate Attack Stance and start spamming Basic Attack.
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                IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

                This Is How You DO Play Lancers


                  If you’re STILL not convinced… well, take a look at these screenshots I have showing the damage I could do with a Basic Attack:

                  (For more information, click here, and scroll down for the rest, and also continues to the next page)

                  (Yeah, I know that Soldier crit 184k Dual Sword twice, but that’s not the main focus here)

                  These screenshots are rather old, and I’m much stronger than I was at the time I took them.
                  With 7th Slot, I can land 90k crit Basic Attacks on a regular basis when buffed sufficiently. It mainly depends on what buffs my random parties in PvE decides to bring.

                  You can even get it hitting as hard as this! And for those 100k+ ATK Lancers out there, I bet you guys can do a 200k Basic Attack, unlike me, so I'd appreciate it if you shown it in a post.

                  Break Mechanics

                  Break is your top priority while questing. If there's a target with fairly high HP left, Break them so your allies reliant on multi-hit moves will deal higher damage on even procless attacks and fill the Chain instantly. As mentioned before, all attacks done to a target under Break receive damage as if they had 20% of their DEF and MDEF (80% penetration, PvE only). For example, a Mage landing a Meteor Strike that deals 6k x6 on a target without Break will deal roughly 13k on a target with the status, 42k damage that could've been gained if you just prioritized Breaking.

                  Be careful if there's mobs that Break from even the slightest touch; if those mobs travel with a more Break-tolerant mob, wait until your allies take them down or kill them with Basic Attacks before you Break the more durable mob. You can only have one enemy inflicted with Break at a time, so trying to Break the durable target while one of your allies inflicts Break on the other less-tolerant mobs first will waste your cost. If that less-tolerant mob gets inflicted with Break, then other mobs cannot receive Break Counters until that mob loses Break or dies.

                  The hit that causes Break doesn’t deal damage after the penetration modifiers. So if I were to land a Sting that inflicts Break on those Mobius Titan Golems, the Sting will deal 1 damage. Any subsequent hits, like if I were to Break with the first hit of Double Sting, will still deal damage with the penetration modifier.

                  However, Double Sting and Dragon Claw are exceptions to this rule. If I were to inflict Break with Double Sting, not only does both hits of the skill deal full damage with Break's penetration applied; the Break Chain instantly starts at "2 Chain!" rather than "Chain Start!". Similarly, Dragon Claw instantly starts the counter at 3 Chain, as the Break effect takes place before all 3 hits land. This makes Pursuit Testament potentially devastating, as the proc damage bonus applies while applying Break at the same time.

                  If you tried proccing Enforcer Testament with Cross Assault, however... you don't get the same result. Instead, you go from "Chain Start!" to "1 Chain!" to represent both hits of the attack landing Break, with the first hit causing it.

                  So the chain-skipping feature is exclusive to Double Sting only.

                  (The effects of Break were tested here)

                  Here's how Break is determined:

                  - Base AP of the move
                  Attack Stance also boosts the amount of Break Counters dealt to a target. If the target's Break Counters exceed their Break Tolerance, then Break is inflicted. This explains why pre-5th Ring, Double Sting's number of Break Counters dealt was lower compared to Savage Sting. Each hit had low base AP damage, and this also explains why Knight’s Blitz often inflicts Break on players despite having no “Bonus to Break”)

                  - Active Stance skills
                  This refers to Defense Stance and Attack Stance. The former decreases your Break Counters from your skills, while the latter increases your Break Counters.
                  It also refers to Anti Class passives. A procless Break Thrust fails to inflict Break on Archers because of their passive which decreases the damage of your moves by 30 AP (much like your Anti-Mage passive).

                  - "Bonus to Break" effects
                  Pierce, Sting, Savage Sting, Double Sting, Severe Sting, Break Attack, and Break Thrust all have this. Initially, Double Sting was the highest Break bonus move after it got buffed from 5th Ring release. But it was kinda short-lived, because Severe Sting got its base Break bonus buffed immensely, so it's a little less than a Heart procced 1st-3rd Ring Sting skill.

                  - Skill Heart Procs
                  This includes Heart of the Spear, Heart of the Lancer, Heart of the Thrust, Heart of the Sting, Secret of the Spear, and Secret of the Lance. However, Assault Mastery and Lancer’s Conviction do not increase Break bonus for Severe Sting. Though the newly-added Enforcer Testament does increase the Break bonus of any skill it procs on...

                  - Max HP of the target
                  The higher the Max HP is, the higher the mob’s Break Tolerance typically is. In PvP, Soldiers and Lancers have higher Break Tolerance compared to the other 3 classes. This is due to both classes having the highest Max HP pools in the game. So something like a procless Break Thrust fails to Break them, but succeeds against the others. But, a Severe Sting, with its immense base Break bonus, WILL break anyone. Same applies for Double Sting.

                  - The remaining HP of the enemy
                  The lower their HP is, the easier it is to inflict Break (possibly due to ally attacks already giving off Break Counters, or the lower HP decreasing an enemy’s Break Tolerance cap).

                  And here’s the things that DON’T determine Break:

                  - Physical Testaments*
                  Even though they increase your AP damage, Physical Testaments still don’t boost your Break Counters. To put that in perspective, a double Physical Testament proc Savage Sting is still weaker in inflicting Break compared to a single Heart proc Savage Sting.

                  *Actually, they kinda do for PvP. If I proc Physical Testaments with Break Thrust, it usually ends up causing Break to even Soldiers, Lancers, or Archers. But in PvE, Monsters have enough Break Tolerance to the point where Physical Testaments don't really matter much for inflicting Break.

                  - Your ATK stat
                  It doesn’t matter if you’re a 90k ATK or 10k ATK Lancer. Take the Lab Wyvern, for example. A procless Savage Sting fails to inflict Break on him, but a procless Double Sting succeeds. This is constant even if you have high ATK or not.

                  - Monster DEF stats
                  Even though the Titan Golems in Mobius Path are tanky as hell, it still takes a procless Sting + single proc Sting to inflict Break on them. But nowadays, 2 Severe Stings. or 1 Severe Sting + 1 Double Sting + 1 Basic Attack (no Enforcer or Heart procs at all) breaks the Golems efficiently. Other mobs, like the Kotaro Cats from the Xiao Qiao event, or Petrasaur from Curious Defender, require 2 simultaneous Heart procs to inflict Break; both monsters have nowhere as much DEF as those Titan Golems. Going even further up, Raid bosses and United Offense bosses take 2 simultaneous Heart procs and then another procless Sting to be inflicted with Break.

                  I did say “Monster,” however. This is because Soldiers and Lancers have higher Break Tolerances than the other classes. This may be because of their high DEF stat, or simply their high Max HP.

                  (Credit: Shiki for telling me the mechanics behind how Break is determined)

                  (Credit: for discovering the Attack Stance strategy here; I merely helped spread this strategy, Cobalt did too in his original guide, and it helps a ton)

                  But if you want to go even more deeper...

                  Here's the thread which motivated me to test out arbitrary Break Bonuses in more detail.

                  Looking back at my post for reference, here's how Break works for each skill that has Break Bonus:

                  Base Break Bonuses

                  1.) "Severe Sting-Tier"
                  Severe Sting (BB = 1.50)

                  2.) "Double Sting-Tier"
                  Double Sting/Execution Spear/Dragon Claw (Comboed) (BB = 1.25 for first hit of multi-hit skills, rest of the hits are BB = 0.1)

                  3.) "Basic Sting-Tier"
                  Pierce/Sting/Savage Sting/Break Thrust (BB = 0.5; 0.2 if ATK < 20000)

                  The names come from the defining skills of the same name:

                  - When Severe Sting was first released, its Break bonus was abysmal, equivalent to the "Basic Sting-Tier" skills, so it was eclipsed by Double Sting even in PvE, which was confusing because Double Sting still uses up the same amount of cost as Cross Assault. Thus, they had to buff Severe Sting, so its base Break bonus is now higher than any other Sting skill in the game.

                  - Similarly, Double Sting had Basic Sting-tier Break bonus back when it was initially released. Due to its high cost and poor utility without Heart/Secret procs, it led to dissonance among the Lancer community, thinking their class got nerfed during 4th Ring. Thankfully, once 5th Ring was released, they did a 180 and buffed Double Sting's Break bonus so it was actually worth using in PvE, and, as mentioned before, Double Sting was actually better than Severe Sting at one point! Then, once the ToJ skills update was live, Dragon Claw (after Severe Sting combo) and Execution Spear have Break bonuses which rival that of Double Sting, thus the new tier was born.

                  - Pierce, Sting, and Savage Sting. What do all 3 of those skills have in common? That's right. They can be used by anyone, not just Lancers, hence why they are known as "Basic Stings." Their Break Bonuses are really bad compared to the newer skills, so much that at least 3 Heart of the Spear procs had to be used to make them even viable. Once Break Thrust's Break bonus effect was added, it was done so in an equal magnitude to the Basic Stings, so it still falls into the same category.

                  But here's one weird thing about the Basic Stings: if your ATK stat was under 20k, the Base Break Bonuses of these skills are actually nerfed to 0.2 BB. I believe this was done as a balancing measure so Mages or Archers won't be tempted to take Savage Sting to help a Lancer break their targets, but well... it didn't really make sense to begin with, especially considering how Double Sting and Severe Sting Tier skills do not have their BBs nerfed upon low ATK stats.

                  - Speaking of Heart procs, they give an additive 1.5 BB to the skill it procced for. This also applies to Enforcer Testament proccing as well, so the boost is literally like adding a Severe Sting on top of your existing skill. This was the reason why Heart procs were a Lancer's lifeline before Severe Sting was buffed. Now that the move got increased Break bonus, and there are stronger skills with Double Sting Tier BB, Heart procs have become obsolete.

                  And now... even other moves have BBs that are dependent on their AP magnitude:

                  4.) Cross Assault: BB = 0.3 (each hit is 0.15 BB)
                  5.) Dragon Claw (comboless): BB = 0.3 (total; each hit is 0.1 BB)
                  6.) Knight's Blitz (200+ AP attacks?): BB = 0.3
                  7.) Thrusts/Death Pierce/Smash: BB = 0.2 (100-199 AP attacks?)
                  7.) Basic Attack (<100 AP attacks?): BB = 0.1

                  For those curious at how I deduced these values:

                  Originally posted by LaconicLeaf View Post
                  As a rough estimate, the Greater Wyvern in Lab gets broken by:
                  - 1 Double Sting-tier or higher skill
                  - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 4 Basic Attacks
                  - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Dragon Claw/Cross Assault/Knight's Blitz (200 AP attacks/Lancer Multihit skills?) + 1 Basic Attack
                  - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Thrust (any kind)/Death Pierce/Smash (100 AP attacks?) + 2 Basic Attacks
                  - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 1 Knight's Blitz (Defense Stance) + 2 Basic Attacks (Yes, Defense Stance DOES reduce Break Bonus, since KB went from 220 to 195 AP)

                  Therefore, Greater Wyvern's Break Tolerance is about 0.9.

                  However, if you have < 20k ATK, then the Basic Sting-tier skills actually have 0.3 BB.
                  This was because it took me 3 Basic Stings to Break the Wyvern once I adjusted my stats to be lower than the threshold.

                  Going even further, the first boss in 38 AP Arcadia (Ifrit was our lucky volunteer) requires the following Sting combinations to get inflicted with Break:
                  - 2 Double Sting-tier skills (Comboed Dragon Claw + Execution/Double, Double + Execution, etc.)
                  - 1 Severe + 1 Double Sting-tier skill (choose from Execution, Double, or Comboed Dragon)
                  - 1 Severe + 2 Basic Sting-tier skills
                  - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 3 Basic Sting-tier skills
                  - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 2 Basic Sting-tier skills + 1-2 Basic Attacks (Double Sting is 1.25 BB, not 1.5 as I thought?)
                  - 1 Severe + 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 4-5 Basic Attacks (the test which confirmed Severe Sting's BB is 1.5, not 2.0)
                  - 1 Double Sting-tier skill + 1 Basic Sting-tier skill + 11 Basic Attacks (Double Sting 1.25 BB?)
                  - 5 Basic Sting-tier skills
                  - 1 Double Sting-tier skill (single Enforcer/Heart procs)
                  - 1 Basic Sting-tier skill (single Enforcer/Heart procs) + 1 Basic Sting Tier skill (no procs) (any order)

                  Thus, the Break Tolerance of Arcadia 38 AP bosses is 2.5. For procs like Enforcer Testament and Heart of the Spear/Sting, a Double Sting-tier skill that activates those procs will inflict Break in one cast, so procs seem to add +1.5 Break Bonus value. Debuffs also affect Break Bonus too; had to carry PL in case Ifrit decided to debuff my ATK stat, and Balancing in case of Garnet Shield (which reduces BB of non-Double Sting-tier skills).

                  From the testing, it appears DEF may actually play a role in determining how easy a target is to Break (at least for players; but Ifrit's Garnet Shield also boosted his Break Resistance to non-Double Sting-tier skills). This mainly affects moves like the Basic Sting-tier skills, or any of the non-Break Bonus skills. From my past experiences in PvP, Soldiers and Lancers were the most difficult to Break (can withstand a Break Thrust + 1-3 Basic Attacks), while targets like Mages and Archers are easier thanks to typically having lower DEF (gets inflicted with Break after 1 Break Thrust, and then maybe 1-2 Basic Attacks).

                  However, these values are arbitrary, as I felt organizing them decimal-style this way allows me to visualize Break Bonuses easier. Thus, you can think of the values being higher, like Severe Sting having a BB of 1500, Double Sting-tier skills 1250, Basic Sting-tier skills 500, Arcadia Boss's Break Threshold as 2500, and more.

                  I'll just let that quote speak for itself. And remember...

                  (Shameless advertisement for my product.)

                  Quest Gameplay

                  So you join a party, and think you know what you're doing. However, the start of the quest can mix you up.

                  Normally, you would EE, and then do your attacks. If you do that, however, like everyone else does, you still have a chance to miss a proc on your attack, thus screwing up your Break timing enough that your ally Archer and Mage multi-hits kill the enemy without going to Max Chain.

                  Thus, your bread-and-butter combo for the start of the quest is this:

                  Savage Sting > Double Sting > EE (skip to this if you inflict Break with Savage Sting) > Attack Stance > Basic Attack

                  Since your moves are faster, you can Break a first wave mob before your allies start attacking. You can skip Double Sting and go straight to EE if Savage Sting inflicts Break. This goes for during the quest too; use Attack Stance then Basic Attack right when you see Break, if the enemy isn’t at low HP and the last one standing in a wave. Try attacking the more bulky mobs first to make the most out of every Break chain.

                  After stagger unisons, always attack with Savage Sting (Double Sting too if target isn't Broken) so the Mages and Archers who are trigger happy with Meteor Strike/Lethal Strikes will deal even higher damage right away.

                  With Attack Stance, it takes a while for the animation to complete, and during that time, you could spend it Breaking an enemy. If you need to reapply Attack Stance, either do it at the end of a wave, or immediately after landing a Break. Even if it interrupts your Sting combos, Attack Stance gives a higher net boost than the AP from combo bonuses, so it's worth interrupting your combos this way.

                  If you feel like you really need to help in bursting down a target, feel free to follow up with Double Sting even if you already inflicted Break to finish off an enemy quicker. This is useful for not only bosses and minibosses, but also for monsters like Val Leo Barca, who can put up a nasty 50% Reflect + 50% offense stats buff, and Regen-based monsters like Ninetailed Fox and Hraesvelgr as well, because the Regen will outheal the Basic Attack’s DPS. Besides, when you reach the boss wave, you should have enough cost to spam your abilities and burst the boss down.

                  Despite the high CE and DPS, the Basic Attack doesn't work too well in PvP due to the defenses of players being higher, and Break isn’t as strong as it is against monsters (it’s more like a 20% DEF/MDEF penetration effect). Its use is limited to playing mindgames against Mages, since its power is increased to 105 AP after Anti Class.

                  Knight's Blitz, while it hits really hard early on, is more suited for PvP, where Burst damage lets you kill frontliners fast before the enemy Clerics can heal off the damage.

                  Post 5th-Ring Changes in Gameplay

                  5th Ring introduced new Lancer moves which deal higher damage when used against a target inflicted with Break.

                  The first one of these, Severe Sting, is your straightforward “Sting Upgrade.” Although it combos into Cross Assault for more damage, it faces the same syndrome as pre-5th Ring Double Sting: its procs aren’t backwards compatible, and its base Break bonus is terrible.

                  Cross Assault is the better “Bonus AP on Break” skill to use. It’s the ultimate Physical DPS attack, which dethrones both Dual Sword and Basic Attack.

                  Due to this, you can actually replace Attack Stance with CA.
                  Your playstyle is a lot different from Attack Stance Lancers, since you prioritize Break, and then once you reach Max Chain, and the target still has ample HP, use CA. This is an updated version of the mainstream 2 Stings + KB skill set used by most Lancers ever since the start of the game. (The Attack Stance playstyle wasn’t as widely known at the time.)

                  Personally, when I tried going back to the old “2 Stings + KB” build (replace KB with CA of course), I still feel that build chews through cost really quickly. It also feels odd to use Basic Attack without Attack Stance, because that makes you even more reliant on Joan for it to be actually viable for damage. Due to this, if you wanted to use the three attacks Lancer build, I highly recommend having at least 2 Cost Recovery procs (Scythe and Axe).

                  The Attack Stance build is still viable even with the new 5th Ring skills. You get to focus all your cost into the Basic Attack after inflicting Break, as while it gets out-DPS’d by Cross Assault, it’s significantly more cooldown efficient. Plus, Attack Stance also buffs the damage of both Savage Sting and Double Sting, which helps out with DPS slightly.

                  Since losing Attack Stance sacrifices your base DPS with the Basic Attack, a monster that buffs Physical AP becomes a lot more important. You can work around this by using the Basic Attack before one of your allies finishes off the monster, and pray that your Cost Recovery procs activate. It’s something you have to get used to for a 2 Stings + CA build, but it's a workaround.

                  A full-on offensive DPS Lancer set with Attack Stance/EE/Severe Sting/Cross Assault/Basic Attack is playable, but you have to make sure there's another Lancer on the team who could reliably inflict Break. Thus, pay close attention to Lancers hosting lobbies; if they have a Break set (like me), they're less likely to kick you, unless you brought Dragon Assault.

                  Edit: Thanks to the buff to Severe Sting's Base Break bonus, Lancers can use it instead of Savage Sting for a massive boost in DPS. It plays similarly to the standard Attack Stance Lancer builds, except once you Break, and you have enough cost, you can spam Severe Sting alongside Basic Attack for DPS.

                  Due to the higher base Break bonus Severe Sting has over Double Sting, it can be used to Break certain mobs. It takes some trial and error to learn the mobs which you can Severe Sting and Break easily, but once you found out, it should be simple.

                  Adjusting the old Lancer priority flowchart:

                  Double Sting > EE > Severe Sting > Attack Stance > Basic Attack > Severe Sting > etc.

                  Double Sting, with procs, still has the highest Break bonus in the game. Its double-hit nature also gives it good proc scaling. Although, if a mob in the first wave gets broken easier by Severe Sting instead of Double Sting, then use that instead; it's more efficient in that regard with its lower cooldown and cost.

                  So if you wanted to DPS an enemy, use Double Sting before Severe Sting. It should be a simple change which shouldn't take too much time to get down.

                  EE is used right after Double Sting, the move you use to fish for its Heart procs to Break the first enemy. Since it has a quick animation speed, you can EE right before your Cleric casts Dignity after everyone does EE.

                  Given the 6 second cooldown of Severe Sting, it can overlap with Basic Attack's cooldown timer if used directly before Basic Attack. This is because Basic Attack's animation speed takes about 2 seconds; using Attack Stance directly after Severe Sting lets you desync the cooldowns of it and Basic Attack to optimize DPS.

                  From here on, as the quest goes on, you'll have to get used to using Basic Attack before Severe Sting, or Basic Attack after re-activating an Attack Stance used after Severe Sting. This allows you to desync your Severe Sting cooldown timer as much as possible. After 2 reps of Basic+Severe, the cooldown timers will sync; use Basic Attack first to desync the timers so it'll feel more smooth dealing damage while Breaking at the same time.
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                  IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

                  This Is How You DO Play Lancers



                    X. Weapon Proc and Skill Builds (PvE)

                    - Main Slot procs have a higher proc chance than Sub Slot procs. They also have priority over Sub Slots if they happen to proc, too. Remember this, because it will be on the test!

                    - Heart proc rates tend to vary by skill, but they have a higher proc chance than Physical Testament XL procs, which are 20% Main Slot, 10% Sub Slot. Heart procs typically have a 30% Main Slot rate, and 15% Sub Slot proc rate, and not only that, some Heart procs have additional effects added for the skills they boost.

                    - Not too sure about the proc rates of Secret proc XXLs, however. I speculate they might be 45% Main Slot proc rate and 20% Sub Slot proc rate just like Mastery procs.

                    So in terms of tiers:

                    Tier 0 - Certain Heart procs with longer cooldowns (Mirror Guard? World Tree's Blessing?) - ??% Main Slot, ??% Sub Slot
                    Tier 1 - Secret Proc XXL, Mastery XL - 45% Main Slot, 20% Sub Slot
                    Tier 2 - Fatal Testament XXL, Alice's Favor XL - 35% Main Slot, 15% Sub Slot
                    Tier 3 - Fatal Testament XL, Heart Proc XL - 30% Main Slot, 15% Sub Slot
                    Tier 4 - Lancer's Conviction XL - 25% Main Slot, 15% Sub Slot
                    Tier 5 - Physical Testament XL, Apollo's Favor XL, Apollo's Glory - 20% Main Slot, 10% Sub Slot
                    Tier 6 - Fatal Testament M, Physical Testament L, Enforcer Testament XL - 15% Main Slot, 5% Sub Slot

                    These are all speculated values.

                    When I tested Heart of the Spear XL, I got 30% Main Slot, 15% Sub Slot. Then, I heard from a guildmate about Fatal Testament XLs having higher proc rates than Physical or Magic Testaments from certain chats, so I learned that Fatal Testament XL had a 30% Main Slot proc rate. Fatal Testament XXL/Alice's Favor XL was tested to be 35% Main Slot proc rate, so it has its own unique tier.

                    Mastery XL was confirmed through an accidental "leak" with the skill descriptions. When 5th Ring was released, the Mastery procs had the exact proc rates shown on the equipment description itself. Eventually, they patched those leaks.

                    Since Secret XXL is a tier above Heart XL, I felt like logically, it should be at the same tier as Mastery XL. But maybe it could be a Tier 0 proc, although that requires some testing. Unfortunately, not many people actually have Secret XXL procs.

                    Now for the following builds, if a set is rather outdated or suitable for lower levels, I'll color it green. If the set is still viable today, it'll be in black.

                    Standard Build (Break Build 1.0)

                    Main Slot:
                    Heart of the Spear (Heart of the Lancer, Secret of the Spear XL/XXL, or Secret of the Lance if you have it)

                    Sub Slots
                    Heart of the Spear
                    Heart of the Spear
                    Heart of the Spear OR Physical Testament
                    Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery
                    Cost Recovery
                    7th slot - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery (if the Physical Testament in the 4th slot isn't swapped out)
                    8th slot - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery

                    This setup is the most basic of Lancer PvE builds. The amount of Heart of the Spear procs in this build is preference, as 4 procs is reliable, but even 3 is still viable for inflicting Break, considering the decent base Break bonus Sting and Savage Sting have. Swapping out the 4th Heart of the Spear for a Physical Testament helps out the Basic Attack's proc rate and makes it even stronger for DPS. Cost Recovery is a must to have the Basic Attack deal damage and recharge your cost at the same time. Its proc rate is also noticeably higher than that of a Testament, worth pointing that out. It’s preference if you want to put 1 or 2 of them in, but personally, I think 1 should be enough.

                    Skill Set
                    Attack Stance / Cheer
                    Ether Exchange
                    Sting / Pierce
                    Savage Sting / Sting
                    Basic Attack

                    Already explained what Attack Stance does earlier. Pierce and Sting work fine too if it's your preference to have a lower cooldown. Ether Exchange is self-explanatory, but due to the high cost-efficiency of Lancer skills, they can actually go without it because Lancers just need a procced Sting, and then Basic Attack spam to do most of their damage, not to mention Cost Recovery's synergy with the Basic Attack for cost building or free damage. It’s still a welcome option to have.
                    Depending on the quest, the three “Party Utility” skills - Balancing, Purifying Light, and Mass Refresh - can be useful. Pick one based on the content you’re tackling. It can save a utility Unison use, but you spend your own cost by doing so. You can take off EE, though you might want 2 Cost Recoveries if you do.

                    Cheer can be a viable replacement for Attack Stance, if you want to be more support-focused to ensure Unison gain is more absolute, though you do sacrifice some power.

                    Still a good setup to use before 5th Ring, but thanks to its buffs, Double Sting now has a right to live as a Sting skill:

                    Double Sting build (Break Build 2.0)

                    Main Slot:
                    Secret of the Spear XL (XXL is optimal, though Secret of the Lance is viable too)

                    Sub Slots:
                    Secret of the Spear XL/XXL
                    Heart of the Sting OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL
                    Heart of the Spear OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL OR Physical Testament (if you have 3 Secret of the Spears already)
                    Physical Testament
                    Cost Recovery
                    7th slot - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery
                    8th slot - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery

                    Skill Set
                    Attack Stance / Cross Assault / Cheer
                    Ether Exchange
                    Savage Sting
                    Double Sting / Sting
                    Basic Attack

                    For those that are sick of being out-DPS'd by Soldiers.

                    Prior to the 5th Ring release changes, Double Sting had potential, but the problem is, even with its own procs, they aren't backwards-compatible unless they were the Secret procs. It also doesn't help that the base Break bonus Double Sting has was much lower than that of Savage Sting; it fails to Break monsters that Savage Sting Breaks in one cast while procless, so it's difficult to use without the right Lances, which are SSR-base.

                    Back then, you needed to have at least 3 Heart procs for Double Sting. Two of them must be Secret procs, while one of them can be a Heart of the Sting. But with the recent Break Bonus buff, Double Sting can now be used with just 2 Secret procs, because a single Heart proc Double Sting does wonders for dishing out Break Counters.

                    Cost Recovery works pretty well with this kit to counter the cost of Double Sting. As such, you might want to run 2 Cost Recoveries with this build. Also, the Basic Attack allows you to charge your cost, so having the extra cost recovery helps out Double Sting’s poor cooldown efficiency. Post-5th Ring, Double Sting’s cost got reduced, helping out its cost efficiency, but it still burns cost quite fast.

                    Double Sting is better to spam if you're against a boss or mini-boss (like Rare Monsters). It scales better with AP modifiers compared to other skills thanks to its double-hit characteristics.

                    Moving on to defensive procs, always change them up depending on the quest. In most quests, you can get away with having more Anti-Physical procs than Anti-Magic procs because it helps you tank Physical hits better, which Attack Stance lowers your resistance to.

                    Attack Stance is powerful, but it can be replaced with Cross Assault if you prefer an attack that’s bursty, yet deals great damage. But since having Double Sting and Cross Assault can burn cost more quickly, it’s best to use the Basic Attack as a cost regen, whiffing enemies killed by another ally on purpose to get the Cost Recovery without using up cost. Sting can replace Double Sting as a result, although with Cross Assault, make sure the enemy you use it on has high HP, or doesn’t go near 50% after a Max Break Chain.

                    Cheer still works well since Double Sting is your Swiss Army Knife, if you're willing to sacrifice some power.

                    Double Sting build Mk. II (Break Build 3.0)

                    Main Slot:
                    Heart of the Sting / Secret of the Spear XL (XXL is optimal, though Secret of the Lance is viable too)

                    Sub Slots:
                    Heart of the Sting OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL
                    Heart of the Sting OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL
                    Heart of the Sting OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL OR Physical Testament (if you have 3 Heart of the Stings / Secret of the Spears already)
                    Physical Testament
                    Cost Recovery
                    7th slot - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery
                    8th slot
                    - Physical Testament OR Cost Recovery

                    Skill Set
                    Attack Stance / Cross Assault / Cheer / Party Utility
                    Ether Exchange / Cheer / Attack Stance
                    Severe Sting
                    Double Sting
                    Basic Attack

                    Due to the new changes to Severe Sting, it now fits in seamlessly with the other Lancer Sting series of skills, and makes the 1st - 3rd Ring Stings extremely situational now (like for Mobius Path).

                    Severe Sting takes the Break-type Lancers into a new level. Since its cooldown is really close to the Basic Attack (6 vs 4), Severe Sting can now be spammed alongside it when you Break an enemy. It also deals significantly more DPS than Savage Sting ever did, so it's a buff to the Break builds.

                    It's similar to the previous Double Sting build, hence why I put "Mk. II" in the title. Double Sting procs are still viable even with Severe Sting's increased Break bonus because they still take advantage of Double Sting being used as the sole skill to Break before Severe Sting.

                    While this build was technically usable before the Severe Sting buff, it was too reliant on Double Sting proccing. If Double Sting didn't proc, then don't expect to see your targets Broken. Now, the increased Break bonus for Severe Sting makes it more consistent and reliable for Breaking, as Severe + Double can Break most enemies even with no procs.

                    In fact, Severe Sting's buff made Double Sting's Heart of the Sting procs a lot more viable. You don't have to necessarily use Secret of the Spear anymore because Severe Sting replaces Savage Sting, a move which was proc-reliant for its utility. So if you get a Heart of the Sting proc, consider keeping it instead of blowing it up in an Infusion or Transmutation. Replace the Secret of the Spear procs you have for Heart of the Sting, and you should do fine.

                    Break Build 4.0 (Double Sting build Mk. III)

                    Main Slot:
                    Cost Recovery / Seal of ATK XL / Secret of the Spear XL/XXL / Enforcer Testament

                    Sub Slots:
                    Physical Testament XL x5 OR Secret of the Spear XL/XXL x3
                    7th Slot: Cost Recovery
                    8th Slot: Cost Recovery / Physical Testament XL

                    Skill Set
                    Attack Stance / Cheer / whichever Break skill not chosen from Execution Spear, Dragon Claw, or Double Sting
                    Party Utility / EE
                    Execution Spear / Severe Sting
                    Cross Assault / Dragon Claw / Double Sting
                    Basic Attack / Deadly Blow

                    Now it may look complex at first, but with the addition of new ToJ skills, PvE Lancer builds have drastically changed.

                    Basically, the combination of skills of the same color are what you should bring depending on your playstyle.

                    - Execution + Cross works great if you're the guy who likes spamming Basic Attack after nearly everything you do. The combos aren't strict, and the damage is still good for a low cost.

                    - Severe + Dragon is the more offensive-oriented build. You inflict Break faster than the Execution build, although it's rather redundant if you have more than one Lancer in your party. It still has excellent DPS scaling, which is something to consider. Be warned this setup doesn't really play friendly with Deadly Blow combos if you want that Crit Rate buff, and it also burns cost much quicker.

                    - Double Sting is still an option for those who aren't a fan of waiting for Execution's (short) cooldown or dislike how Dragon Claw's break bonus only comes from a Severe Sting combo. The proc rate of Secret of the Spear XL, especially XXL, is really high, making Double Sting still a formidable Break skill. Heart of the Sting is still viable on the Sub Slots based on availability.

                    Of course, simply taking Severe Sting along with Dragon Claw/Cross Assault and Execution Spear for a 3-attack build is also fine too. Just be sure to play with your cost smartly, as in using Cross Assault/Dragon Claw only if the target has high HP, considering using Execution Spear twice instead of Execution + Severe chain to conserve cost, etc.

                    Cost Recovery is insane with the low cost of Execution Spear and Basic Attack. The more of these you have, the more likely you are able to constantly attack without having to stop and wait for cost or unis. Seal of ATK XL also follows the same reasoning, and is the most ideal proc if you have it, Sub Slot or not. Secret of the Spear is still great if you like Breaking enemies with just 1 well-procced Double Sting, though Enforcer is probably the most suitable. With the low cooldowns of Basic Attack and Execution Spear, you can have multiple chances to proc the skill to offset its low 15% proc rate in the Main Slot.

                    Having 2 Cost Recoveries in this build is paramount, as it drastically improves your ability to spam skills more constantly. It will also allow you to be less reliant on EE, which is amazing for quests where EE isn't as viable due to hard-hitting bosses. You can have 3 Cost Recoveries, although the 3rd one will have to be a Bow, which is a major drop in ATK investment compared to the Sword, so 2 Cost Recoveries should be good enough (Seal of ATK XL should cover the rest if you want more Cost Recoveries).

                    Pure Damage Build

                    Main Slot:
                    Apollo's Favor XL
                    Helm - Apollo's Glory
                    Armor - Apollo's Glory (BLESSING ACTIVATED)

                    Sub Slots:
                    Physical Testament XL x6
                    Cost Recovery

                    Skill Set
                    Attack Stance / Double Sting / Dragon Claw
                    Severe Sting
                    Cross Assault
                    Basic Attack / Soul of the Ogre / Urgency

                    Listed here because it's more of a "Desperate times call for desperate measures" build. Why?

                    The recent Wind Mobius event featured mobs which were difficult to Break, but had rather low defenses and HP.

                    Thus, eschewing your Sting skills and going for your 5th Ring skills is one way to DPS efficiently for this event. Your job is to simply play like any other DPS class, simply spamming Basic Attack and Cross Assault under Attack Stance. Use Severe Sting to Cross Assault when you have excess cost.

                    Double Sting is listed as a Break option to make Severe Sting and Cross Assault viable. But if the mobs have insanely high Break Tolerances, being able to tank 2 Heart proc Stings and stay intact, then Attack Stance is preferred.

                    This build is only recommended if ALL enemies in the quest cannot be inflicted with Break from 2 Heart proc Stings (use Attack Stance), or if the enemies break in just one procless Double Sting (in which case, use Double Sting over Attack Stance), OR if the enemies Break easily from one Severe Sting (the buffs made it extremely reliable for Breaking). If the boss is easier to Break, then you're better off using the Standard Sting builds instead.

                    The Eva 1.0 quest had mobs with high Break Tolerances, but the boss was easier to Break, so that's an example of where you don't need a Pure Damage build. It's better for Wind Mobius event because of the Break Tolerances, and because you need 1 of every class in your party.

                    It can work to some extent if you had a dedicated Break Lancer in your team, but what are the odds of that? (Don't use this build unless you're in a party containing a Lancer who knows how to optimize Break through Heart procs)

                    Whaku had an experience like this, considering he entered a party of mine back during a few runs of Yamato Takeru.

                    Here's the conversation:

                    Whaku carried Double Sting/EE/Severe Sting/Cross Assault/Basic Attack, which was what I listed above. But this was before the guide was posted. lol

                    Admittedly, this build has gotten much more viable with the buff to Severe Sting. But unless the mobs Break in one Severe Sting, or if there are more Lancers present in your team, I'd still use Break Build 3.0.

                    Although with Double Sting and Severe Sting having enough Break bonus to Break the Super Stone Brothers, the Apollo Set has become significantly more viable there too, so you can use a pure damage dealer build there. In fact, the Apollo Set's immense proc rate compensates for having no Attack Stance to use for Basic Attack.

                    Dragon Claw is a viable option over Double Sting, due to its far superior DPS, but be warned it won't Break without a Severe Sting combo.
                    XI. Weapon Proc and Skill Build Suggestion (PvP)

                    Guild vs. Guild

                    Place your Magic Damage Down/Magic Reflection/Reflection XL procs in your main slots so that Mages will deal pitiful damage with Meteor Rains, and Archers would risk killing themselves from reflected Deadly Arabesque damage.

                    Try to adjust your defense gear setup appropriately. Stack more Anti-Physical procs if the enemy frontline is made of Soldiers/Lancers, and Anti-Magic procs if there’s a Mage/Archer frontline. If you have tons of Reflection XL procs, you don’t really have to worry about it too much.

                    Switch out your Heart of the Spear procs for Physical Testaments if possible. Fatal Testament works beautifully in the Main Slot, as critical damage is much higher than the AP modifier done with a Testament proc. This allows moves like Knight’s Blitz, Break Thrust, and Cross Assault to become utterly scary.

                    And another thing: equip a Bow or Gun Cosmetic. It makes your attacks much less telegraphed since your character doesn't have to dash up to the target to hit them. Melee cosmetics can be useful, but they're more predictable, and the enemy Clerics can react a lot sooner. It's still possible to take advantage of this, however, by attacking a target, and then "jump off them" to suddenly burst down another target while the Clerics are distracted.

                    Earlygame PvP Skill Set (pre-5th Ring) "C Block"
                    Guard / Cheer
                    Knight's Blitz / Double Sting
                    Savage Sting
                    Basic Attack

                    When you first start PvP up, you won't have your GB 1.0 Lance, or many Physical Testament gear. Since you're likely to have Heart of the Spear and Heart of the Blitz weapons, use those to increase the proc rate for Savage Sting and Knight's Blitz for the high AP damage output in a single hit.
                    EE is self-explanatory.

                    The goal is simple - if there's a Mage on the other side, ambush them with Knight's Blitz, then Savage Sting. Early on, they should get 2HKOed pretty often, if not OHKOed. Double Sting is an alternative, useful after a Savage Sting to combo and hit Mages even harder with your Anti-Class advantage affecting both hits.

                    Meteor Rain hurts though, and you won’t have the MDEF to tank it head-on while it’s procless just yet, so Guard can help you survive, especially if it double procs. If Mages don't hit you with Meteor Rain, they'll use Meteor Strike, which hits much harder with a higher amount of minimum Meteors, and also more proc support from SR &gt; UR Staves.

                    Generally, your target priority system is this:

                    Mage = Archer = Cleric &gt; Lancer &gt; Soldier

                    Mages die the quickest with their low Max HP and your Anti-Class against them. Archers pose a threat since their Anti-Class benefits heavily against you, especially with their multi-hit attacks. Clerics can easily tank multi-hit attacks, but since your attacks have high AP, your damage won’t drop off, and you’ll still deal a sizable chunk of their health every hit. Lancers and Soldiers are low priority because they are fairly bulky, but if a Lancer has the Apollo Set Blessing equipped, feel free to take them out.

                    Cheer is another option if you're able to take out the enemy frontline fast enough to abuse it. It also helps you make a comeback if the enemy wipes your frontline too fast; you can use Cheer + Guild Bond to full Uni, and then buff to wipe out the team and hit the crystal fairly hard.

                    “Midgame" Level PvP Skill Set (Post-5th Ring, pre-Lv. 37+ Crystal) "B-A Block"
                    Guard / Negative Pressure / Barrier
                    Break Thrust / Double Sting / Severe Sting / Guard
                    Cross Assault / Dragon Crush
                    Basic Attack / Dragon Assault / Soul of the Ogre / Heroic Dread / Break Attack

                    Around this level range, you should have a few Physical Testaments alongside the Apollo and Alice Lances. Thus, your movepool options increase notably, especially with 5th Ring changes.

                    Around 60k ATK is solid to begin higher-level PvP with. It allows your moves do a respectable amount of damage. 70k ATK is also great, and should be what you’re aiming for, or higher. 6/4/4/6 Lancers typically have around 70k ATK, while 6/5/5/4 Lancers are near 60k.

                    By the time you reach Lv. 120, the 7/4/4/7 Lancer has around 95k ATK, while the 7/6/5/4 Lancer has close to 80k. (This is based off having a few Infusions, but +99 Top Weapon Stats and all ATK monsters, and before 5th Ring)

                    Guard remains a solid option, though with stronger attacks like Deadly Arabesque, whose cooldown is faster than Guard's, Barrier becomes more viable. With Clerics throwing around Great Blessings or even Barriers themselves (their Barriers are 4-stack due to passives, instead of 3), Barrier works excellently for surviving attacks. Be careful of Archers, Soldiers, or Lancers, however, as they can bypass Barriers with Spinning Snipe, Rage Slash, or Break Thrust, respectively. Also, watch out if an enemy uses Ra, as that will erase your Barriers and leave you as a sitting duck for like 30 seconds. Also, the initial cost for Barrier is rather steep, so after EE + Barrier, you can't do your full combo; you might want to consider leaving a Weapon slot for Cost Recovery.

                    The reason why I'm not recommending Mirror Guard is because it doesn't come out quick enough compared to Barriers. It may last longer, but the cost difference is noticeable. Plus, Barriers can stack with one another, and a 7 stack Barrier is enough to allow you to take virtually no damage from typical attacks. It's like having a Guard, but lasting much longer. Barrier also protects against Unison damage, unlike Mirror Guard.

                    Negative Pressure is a dirty move against Cheer-reliant guilds. It forces them to Unison instantly, which leaves them vulnerable to getting countered, like if they blindly throw a 3-Light Unison, you have plenty of time to counter them with 2-Dark. Best move to start a new round with, as it completely screws over Meteor-happy Mages, along with trigger-happy Lancers or Archers. As mentioned before, prioritize Lancers &lt; Archers when using Negative Pressure. If you have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination, you can see whoever casts a skill, and then use Negative Pressure on them right before someone does a Unison.

                    Gotta be careful, however, as NP makes you remove Guard. Also, more experienced players would Unison instantly if they see a Lancer on the frontline. It's an option, but some people can see it coming and Uni appropriately, so use it at your own discretion.

                    If you use Negative Pressure, but die while someone else Unis, it can still hit enemies unfortunate enough to stand still for too long. This is due to how when you Uni, any target who dies during the Unison Chance will still connect their attacks. It also makes it risky to try bursting that Lancer down, as they can still reduce Uni even if they die. If you kill an NP Lancer before anyone else Unis on either side, however, their NP won’t connect.

                    It can also be used as a failsafe to trap someone while your allies burst them down. If you use it before your allies burst down a target, and the target is floating around 80% Uni, you can prevent a Uni Escape and land a kill. Be warned, you need Barrier/Great Blessing support from Clerics so you won't miss out on losing a defensive skill.

                    Break Thrust still ages well even into 5th Ring. The ability to ignore defensive procs is too amazing to pass up, so in a sense, it works like “True Damage” (albeit still mitigated by DEF). Due to its bonus to Break, this skill synergizes with Cross Assault even though it doesn’t necessarily combo into it. Defensive Opening Skills come in the form of Physical/Magic/Reflect Barriers, and Break Thrust can handily take them all on.

                    Be warned, in this level, some players may have Null Physical Damage procs. They seem to have a higher proc rate than typical Damage Down/Reflection type procs, Main Slot or not, and they even stuff Break Thrust. Recall that NPD is the only proc that works against Break Thrust, and you can freely use it to deal damage and not worry about getting hurt by Reflect damage.

                    Double Sting may feel awkward to use alone, but with the higher base Break bonus, it’s more reliable for inflicting Break to Soldiers and Lancers, who both have the highest Break Tolerances. It scales well with AP modifiers, so it can deal loads of damage with procs into account. It requires 2 Lancers on the frontline, and coordination to use effectively.

                    Severe Sting hits noticeably harder than Break Thrust does (equivalent to Break Thrust + Apollo's Glory by default), and due to its short cooldown, it can work well as a repeated attack against a target inflicted with Break. It's a trade-off, however. Severe Sting does inflict Break reliably without procs, even against Soldiers, Lancers, and Archers, and deals higher damage, especially with Break, but it still triggers defense procs, and Opening Skills counter it handily.

                    It can pull off the Lancer Reversal Combo as I have mentioned earlier in the guide when explaining Severe Sting, so that's one thing to consider when deciding your guild's strategy.

                    Although one thing; Severe Sting is weaker than Break Thrust if a 30% Barrier (non-Cleric Barrier) is up. It outdamages Break Thrust if used against a 30% Barrier target inflicted with Break, since the AP difference outweighs the mitigation effect. But if a 40% Barrier (Cleric Barrier) is involved, then Break Thrust is still stronger regardless of Break or not. Even though Severe Sting is slightly stronger than Break Thrust against a 30% Barrier, it's still vulnerable to getting stuffed by procs.

                    Dragon Crush, at the time this guide was originally written, was an extremely slow Lancer attack. However, with the increased animation speed, and halved cooldown, it’s now viable, and it will break a huge chunk out of anyone. Not really good on its own, but with multiple Lancers using it, Dragon Crush can get nasty.

                    Cross Assault is incredibly dangerous. It can and will wipe over 50% of even a Soldier’s HP.

                    Now while Break Attack and Dragon Assault are highly cost inefficient and are outdps'd by other moves, that's actually an exchange for higher burst damage on cast.

                    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before he knew about Break Attack inflicting Break in 2 hits
                    Break Attack doesn't have that good of a Break bonus, so don't feel bad about being unable to spawn that Red Archdragoon Lance. If you do get it, just note that it's not worth using.
                    Break Attack is actually viable as a Basic Attack replacement. It takes 2 hits of this skill to inflict Break, and you can still combo straight into Cross Assault. This allows you to take off Break Thrust, so you can actually run Guard alongside Barrier and EE for a defensive Lancer. If two Lancers carry this skill, you can coordinate with one another to burst enemies down with Cross Assault. While a 7 Physical Testament build can work with a Break Attack + Cross Assault build, a 7 Converge Mastery build would work optimally better on paper. Keep in mind, this build is rather expensive, and Cross Assault might be obsolete by the time 6th Ring comes, so build it at your own risk.

                    Break Thrust + Cross Assault has meaty damage as is, especially since one of the two attacks ignores procs. Plus, you still have the Basic Attack to pick up residual damage against enemies like Stealth Rock/Spikes/Sandstorm/Hail, which can easily confirm kills. Break Attack can break enemies in one hit, however, especially if it procs Physical Testaments, so it might be worth giving a second look.

                    Dragon Assault is a solid choice, at least if you're only using one move. It may be the lowest DPS, and also terrible CE, but you need that higher burst power for PvP. This higher base damage means Fatal procs will scale much better for this skill than the Basic Attack. But the thing is, Deadly Blow outclasses it in every way, so use that instead if possible.

                    Halloween Trick is just as strong as a Basic Attack under Attack Stance, and has the same cost as well. The cooldown is slightly longer, and while it is more cost-efficient, the 6 sec cooldown is enough to have Break chains end if you're the only one attacking the target. It's an awkward middle-ground; Basic Attack works better for chipping down enemy Mages, while Dragon Assault has better Burst potential.

                    However, sometimes, you might want to still use the Basic Attack instead. You can play mindgames with enemy Mages after tanking their Meteor assaults. If you have ally Lancers, try having them spam the Basic Attack with you as a way of forcing these mindgames. "Do I Guard to anticipate a Lancer combo after I get inflicted with Break?" "What if I Guard, but the Lancer still pokes me with Basic Attacks?" "What if I don't Guard, and the Lancer instantly switches targets and bursts down my distracted Cleric?"

                    The mindgames a Lancer can play can drive Mages crazy.

                    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before Heroic Dread was released
                    - But most of all, Soul of the Ogre is hands down the best Basic Ability you can use for a Lancer. 20 Physical AP is a great boost, and 20% Crit Damage can be scary with a Fatal Main Slot proc. You can even stack it with Attack Stance for an even bigger constant AP boost, but the latter skill is risky because increases Physical AP damage taken too. Fatal proc Cross Assault with SotO is pretty much antimatter under the right conditions.
                    - While Soul of the Ogre is still formidable, especially if you have Fatal Testaments (XL or even XXL), there's a new Basic Ability added which is better than it.

                    - That said ability, is Heroic Dread. What does it do? Much like Soul of the Ogre, it's a 5 cost self-buff. It buffs your ATK and Crit Rate by 20% each, which may seem small at first glance, but it's highly effective. Imagine a quadrilateral, with sides of Length AP and Width ATK. Soul of the Ogre focuses on boosting the AP side, but Heroic Dread boosts the ATK side. Considering that Lancer attacks already have absurd AP (especially with procs), in terms of buffing, it's better to have an ATK buff instead. That ATK buff makes the area of that quadrilateral more like a square, thus maximizing its area compared to Soul of the Ogre. (See Heroic Dread in the Basic Abilities section for a more in-depth breakdown)

                    Heroic Dread also has its duration match its cooldown (20 seconds each). So if your buff wears off, don't worry, just use it again and rip things apart. This is what separates it from Soul of the Ogre, which has a 30 second duration with a 60 second cooldown. So while you end up being a sitting duck when Ogre wears off, Heroic Dread is a consistent buff.

                    But, there's one more thing to consider: Balancing. If an enemy uses Balancing, Heroic Dread is immediately gone until you can cast it again. With Soul of the Ogre, however, Balancing only wipes out the Physical AP side of the entire buff. You still have your bonus Crit Damage buff, which can be used to terrorize the opposition.

                    “Superior” Level PvP Skill Set (Post-5th Ring, Post-Lv. 37+ Crystal) "S Block"

                    Guard / Negative Pressure / Barrier

                    Break Thrust / Severe Sting / Double Sting
                    Cross Assault / Dragon Claw
                    Basic Attack / Heroic Dread / Soul of the Ogre / Break Attack / Halloween Jack (or Xmas Gift) / Swaying Sakura / Deadly Blow

                    Similar to the above set of PvP skills, but at a Lv. 37+ Crystal, it's becoming more difficult to recommend using EE. Since the HP multipliers are getting higher and higher for the new Crystal cap, EE is becoming less useful in general. Thus, it's easier to recommend using Cheer, even moreso now that they nerfed Unison gain when taking damage. Since it's more difficult to build Uni this way, you have to do it indirectly with Cheer or even Break chaining.

                    Break Thrust, Severe Sting, and Cross Assault are still all useful regardless. Double Sting increased in viability simply due to the fact that you don't have to rely on EE + 2 attacks for an initial round opening burst. It's arguably more formidable now with new Lancer Testaments, one of which, from the Hatsune Miku collab, boosts damage on Break by 30 AP (in addition to 40 AP as a base like Physical Testament).

                    While Cross Assault is still great, Dragon Claw still has its uses with stronger burst damage potential compared to Cross Assault, especially when you consider animation speeds and with no reliance on Break. In fact, Dragon Claw is the fastest single-target multi-hit skill in the game, capable of dealing full damage before an enemy can click the Guard button. This is different from Meteor Rain, which can be pre-Guarded easily due to its predictability of splash damage due to the AoE effect.

                    Of course, I already explained the applications of each Basic Ability in the prior section, but Swaying Sakura is an entirely new Basic Ability not released at the time. It's like Heroic Dread and Basic Attack combined, in the sense that it's a buff like the former, and an attack like the latter. Arguably tied with Heroic Dread for title of best PvP Basic Ability, as both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, Deadly Blow is also useful for having actually great AP for a Basic Ability replacement, though the cost is something to consider.

                    Another thing of note: in all levels of GvG play, they also added in abilities the backline can use (now christened the "Rear Guard"). Similarly, the frontline is now officially classified as the "Vanguard." (I'll still use the terms "Frontline" and "Backline" because I'm simply just used to calling them that)

                    There are three abilities, and these do:

                    - Medication
                    Heals a selected ally for 10 AP using the Vanguard member who has the highest suitable stats for healing (CD: 10s)

                    - Encouragement
                    Increases a selected ally's cost by 3 (CD: 20s)

                    - I
                    Buffs a selected ally by 5% All Stats (can stack up to 20%, or 2 stacks) (CD: 10s)

                    While minor changes at first glance, these new abilities the Rear Guard can do will change the meta significantly. Encouragement is like 3/4ths of an EE for one player, if all 5 BL members are on. Medication is like a spare Heal without procs, which can help those being focused or for healing off residual damage to foil burst setups. Inspiration is like a small buff, but it still allows someone to burst more effectively.

                    With an active Rear Guard, some abilities can be forgone. EE, in particular, is the ability most affected by this, so it's easily replaceable nowadays.

                    General PvP Weapon Setups

                    Unlike in PvE, where you focus on stacking procs which boost your Break bonus (Heart procs for 1st - 3rd Ring Stings early on, then Heart procs for Double Sting at endgame), you can do things like stack the Heart procs of the skills you use in PvP, or simply fill all of your weapon slots with Physical Testaments.

                    Here's a few setups on what you can use in a PvP setting:

                    "The Standard All-Testament Build"

                    Main Slot
                    Physical Testament XL / Fatal Testament XL

                    Sub Slots
                    - Physical Testament XL x6

                    (Testament XXLs can be used instead if you have them)

                    Most players recommend using all Testament procs (specifically Physical) for a PvP build, and it's easy to see why. Physical Testament procs will always be relevant; they're the most future-proof weapon proc you can get in the entire game. Why? Whenever new Class Rings are released, some Heart procs may become outdated because the next Class Ring may have skills that are outright superior to the ones in prior rings. Physical Testament, on the other hand, still works with those new skills, so they never become useless.

                    Since Fatal has a higher proc rate than a Physical Testament, it can be worth considering using it in your Main Slot. Critical hits deal 55 AP damage, so compared to the 40 AP damage which Physical Testament XLs yield, it's a considerable increase, and is worth the drop in ATK you get if you have to use a Bow, Gun, or Sword to get a hold of the Fatal proc (assuming you're using all Monsters that boost ATK). Some players prefer using a Physical Testament Main Slot regardless, however, since the Basic Ability, Heroic Dread, adds Crit Rate, or they feel as if the 8% Base Crit Rate which Lancers get is hax enough for them to land surprise kills. You can stack 2 Physical Testaments and then bank on the Heroic Dread buff giving you critical hits, dealing more potential damage than a Fatal proc build.

                    Edit: I tested out Physical Testament XXL, and the only difference from XL seems to just be the AP damage boost. The proc rates were the same as Physical Testament XL in both the Main Slot and Sub Slot. Thus, for every build after this, I deleted the calculations for if Physical Testament XXL had a 15% Sub Slot proc rate, because it's really 10%, and then recalculated everything.

                    Alternately, a full Seal of Attack XL build can be done, since it's basically Physical Testament XL + Cost Recovery (and has a higher proc rate than vanilla Testament XLs), but that requires heavy whaling, since Athena Spawns aren't forgiving. At the very least, Valk Spawns give Medals which never expire and carry on to other Valk Spawns, so even a F2P or a Light Spender can exclusively do Valk Spawns for the Medals and then get their desired XXL procs in a matter of time. Who knows, you might even spawn a few Reflection XL procs when doing Valk Spawns!

                    A well-rounded build, and something that all endgame Lancers should strive for.

                    "The Unorthodox Heart/Mastery Proc Build"

                    Main Slot
                    Fatal Testament XL / XXL

                    Sub Slots
                    - Heart of the Thrust x2 / Assault Mastery x2
                    - Converge Mastery x2
                    - Physical Testament XL x2

                    For those who are unable to spawn Testament XXL weapons, but can get a hold of Heart procs or even certain Mastery procs. The Heart/Mastery proc build has a slightly higher proc rate than the XL build, although it sacrifices proc rates for Basic Ability attacks.

                    Fatal Testament XL / XXL is chosen for the Main Slot purely for its higher proc rate compared to a Physical Testament XL. This serves as a way to give a good base proc rate for all the skills you're gonna use.

                    Heart procs are basically like a Physical Testament XXL for the skills they boost, albeit with a much higher Main Slot and Sub Slot proc rate. Mastery procs are one step beyond Heart procs and Testament XXL procs, as they have not only a high Sub Slot proc rate, but also a ridiculously high Main Slot proc rate.

                    The build is friendly with a few XXL procs early on. Assault Mastery is recommended if you really like Severe Sting, but having 2 Physical Testament XXLs tends to work better since they also work for Cross Assault.

                    "The 'What-if' Full Cross Assault Proc Build"

                    Main Slot
                    Converge Mastery XL

                    Sub Slots
                    - Converge Mastery XL x5
                    - Physical Testament XL x1

                    Not so much an actual set as it is a "what-if" set pretty much.

                    This set is designed as an "on-paper theory" experiment to showcase how high the proc rate can be for Cross Assault. There's two builds for this. One has a single Physical Testament XL that has the "Break Attack" ability, so you can run EE/Guard/Barrier for a super-defensive Lancer. The idea is to use Break Attack twice to Break a player, and then slam them with a super high proc rate Cross Assault. Given the absurd Single Proc Rate of Cross Assault with this build, the Double Proc Rate of the attack should also be similarly high, albeit not as close.

                    The second set is to show off how high the proc rate for Cross Assault can get. Unfortunately, this set doesn't proc for Severe Sting, but you still have the godly Single AND Double Proc Rates for Cross Assault, making it reach its true potential,compensating for the lack of procs for other skills.

                    The set with the Basic Ability replacement is better, since you won't have procs for the Basic Attack. You can choose Break Attack as a means to inflict Break, or, if you're the type that's reliant on his teammates, Heroic Dread to maximize Cross Assault's power.

                    But again, this is a purely theoretical set. If you're a whale who doesn't mind spending to get all those Cross Assault procs, knock yourself out.

                    "The CB Lancer Build"

                    Main Slot
                    Fatal Testament XXL / Seal of ATK XL

                    Sub Slot
                    - Crystal Breaker XL x2
                    - Seal of ATK x3 / Physical Testament XXL (or XL) x3
                    -- OR 2 of either w/ Awakening Lance
                    - Physical Damage Up XL x2

                    ​- 3 Monsters of varying elements, based on your BL strategy (as usual, high cost and different elements)
                    - 5 Ifrits / Greniers / Mithras / Haste Valks (depending on availability)

                    - Negative Pressure / Agony / Guard
                    - Cheer
                    - Execution Spear / Cross Assault
                    - Dragon Claw
                    - Basic Attack / Deadly Blow

                    So it's come to my attention that Lancers are also viable for CB strategies, mainly guilds that can only really two-round a Crystal. With 4 CB Archers, WoC buffs are already maxed out, and they can easily tear off half of a Crystal anyway. The 5th Archer is often redundant, bringing Weaken Resolve support, or there to ensure a 75% - 100% Crystal round.

                    Since Crystal Breaker XL has a 100% proc rate even in the Sub Slots, they're a must-have. If you don't have 2 CB procs, then try using Apollo's Glory to compensate. Speaking of which, while it's tempting to use the Apollo Set Blessing, the overriding effects of the Glory procs do hurt your damage output, despite the 10% ATK effect. Seal of ATK is excellent for Sub Slot overrides as the 5 cost can determine how spammable your moves are, but Physical Testament XXL adds more stopping power. However, the Awakening Lance is highly worth it here as it's just like having a 3rd Physical Damage Up constant, albeit much stronger. Physical Damage Up isn't that bad either, as it's the main way to carry your damage output beyond just double proc CB.

                    Both a Glass and Offtank build work well here. Glass to optimize damage during CB, since you don't really need to defense procs in that scenario anyways. But an Offtank build allows you to work as an auxiliary in the moment your FL loses their damage dealers.

                    Negative Pressure is one of the main reasons why CB Lancers are put on the map. With Cheer, you can potentially go from 0 to 100% Uni assuming optimal FL swap timing. Thus, Negative Pressure allows you to threaten the enemy FL or BL Uni and gain an edge on what element to use as a counter. Agony is there for optimizing CB damage, although unlike Mages, who play well with Archers thanks to Weaken Resolve, Empress Bind, and XMas/Halloween Basic Abilities, Lancers can't debuff a crystal beyond -20% DEF/MDEF. Then of course, Guard works perfectly with an Offtank Lancer, allowing you to get in, pivot against enemy attacks, and then help with team burst.

                    Execution Spear and Dragon Claw are also the other half of why CB Lancers are viable. Both of those skills have the highest DPS for Lancers, and you don't even need Break! They are also a HUGE improvement over Severe Sting and Cross Assault as DPS skills. However, Cross Assault can be used for the Pivot Lancer build, so you can coordinate with Break and get a surprise kill in.

                    Basic Attack works exceptionally well here due to how well it scales off procs, although Deadly Blow can potentially be used since it buffs your Crit Rate considerably. But without Break, Deadly Blow does fall off in DPS compared to Basic Attack. You may want to use a proc other than Fatal Testament XXL when using Deadly Blow too, so you can crit on top of double proc CB.

                    What Legend Medal Equipment Should I Buy?

                    Lancers have unique effects with certain proc skills, so they can have procs which are still relevant despite being so old.

                    Thus, choosing what Legend Medal Equipment you should buy can be confusing, but I'm here to help:

                    Armageddon (GB 1.0 Scythe) - Heart of the Lancer (50 Medals), 27 cost

                    As mentioned earlier, Heart of the Lancer gives you the effects of Heart of the Spear, Rage, Puncture, and Blitz. It essentially works for all 1st-3rd Ring attack skills.

                    I'd still recommend buying it if you're an extremely earlygame Lancer, considering the proc is a free Heart of the Spear. Once you get infusions of the SR &gt; UR Heart of the Lancer spears, however, I'd highly recommend using them, and then infuse the Armageddon away.

                    However, with the high Break bonus Severe Sting and Double Sting have by default, Heart of the Spear type procs have grown obsolete. Thus, the Armageddon scythe becomes an Infusion material either way. Get it as a filler early on, then Infuse it into a 27 cost Physical Testament weapon.

                    Recommended? - YES (earlygame, but definitely becomes an Infusion mat at the end, but not for a long while); NO otherwise (if you plan on running &gt; 27c weapons)

                    Lance of Fervor (GB 2.0 Lance) - Secret of the Lance (200 Medals), 29 cost

                    By far the best proc weapon to buy from the Legend Medal Exchange. Well, at least until Dragon Claw and Execution Spear were invented.

                    Secret of the Lance works for not only all the skills from Heart of the Lancer, but also Break Thrust, Double Sting, and Dragon Crush. Effectively, it's like a farmable Secret of the Spear XL proc.

                    Unlike other Secret weapons (except Soldier's GB 2.0 Sword being a Vanquish proc), it is useful for the Break bonus it gives to both Savage Sting and Double Sting. Break is still invaluable as a utility, lowering enemy defenses and greatly turbocharging Unison gauges. But the addition of the new ToJ skills made Break much easier to apply, and with less cost to boot.

                    If you use Break Thrust in PvP, this Lance still has its uses. The proc rate is noticeably higher than Testament procs, and Break Thrust really needs that extra proc rate support to deal reliable damage.

                    It's also a 29 cost weapon too, so it has quite great stats. Double Sting became obsolete though with the ToJ skills, so at the very least you can still infuse Lance of Fervor to a 29 cost Physical Testament weapon, or even an Azure Heaven Lance if you pulled that from Transmutations.

                    But at the very least... Lance of Fervor is the best cosmetic Lance in the game, so it still has that going for it.

                    Recommended? - NO (formerly yes but ToJ skills are just too good for Breaking)

                    Berdedel: Devil Lance (GB 3.0 Lance) - Lancer's Conviction (230 Medals), 33 cost

                    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf
                    At first glance, this weapon looks like it's a must-buy. 45% Main Slot proc rate, AND a 60 AP boost, AND it works for both Severe Sting and Cross Assault, AND it has about 11k ATK when +99 Top Stat + passives are applied? Cool!
                    But, I'll stop you right here.

                    Edit: It seems like Conviction actually has a 30% Main Slot proc rate, not 45%, so it's actually comparable to Heart/Secret proc rates. This is an odd exception because normally, Heart/Secret procs have the same proc rates as their single-skill counterparts. I thought it was 45% due to that logic...

                    Edit #2: From here, Conviction procs are confirmed to have a 25% Main Slot proc rate. Furthermore, the AP boost is nowhere as high as that of Mastery. In that regard, Conviction is pretty much a trap, as like I said earlier, it's a fancy stat stick, and nothing more.

                    Severe Sting and Cross Assault are definitely strong, but keep in mind this Lance only boosts the AP of those skills, and nothing else, unlike Lance of Fervor. This makes it EXTREMELY limited in use, being PvP-only. While it is certainly a formidable proc, keep in mind that a forced crit from a Fatal Testament proc deals comparable damage to a Conviction proc, and Fatal Testaments are flexible, working for Break Thrust and Basic Abilities as well. Plus, they made stronger procs, not just the existing Mastery procs; Cross Spear and Pursuit Testament are others to consider for higher AP damage.

                    I mean, you can still choose to get this Lance if you want. But, be warned! If they decide to release a 6th Ring (not that it would happen, but it's likely in the distant future), your Conviction procs will become obsolete, no ifs and buts. You can't really use it for PvE because you only get higher proc rate and damage for a few skills, while newer moves have better utility and/or DPS; this is especially true with Dragon Claw and Execution Spear. Fatal Testaments and Physical Testaments will always be viable, even since the beginning of time in UL.

                    Although... with the Break Bonus buff to Severe Sting, this Lance has increased in value slightly, giving it use in PvE. But unlike Null Damage procs, they won't age well once 6th Ring is released, and since this proc only boosts damage output, it's prone to becoming obsolete. Plus, Secret of the Lance/Spear are still better Main Slot procs to make Double Sting break harder.

                    Only get it if you feel rather lacking in damage, but in the long term, you're better off spending those Medals somewhere else.

                    Recommended? - NO (only get this if you really want a nice-looking stat stick Lance, but other procs are much more useful)

                    Ignis Ritual Armor/Ignis Ritual Mask - Null Physical Damage (Armor: 300 Medals; Helm: 260 Medals), 35 cost each

                    I'll admit, I did think these procs were pointless for Lancers because they're less likely to be targeted by Physical moves due to having typically have high DEF anyways. But, in a matchup against a Lancer mirror-match frontline or whatever, this can give you an (unfair) advantage. ALSO, an Archer's Qwaser Waltz can roll 3 Physical attacks, which can be even more scary than a Deadly Arabesque.

                    One thing I didn't realize about this proc, and what took me a previous Colo event to learn, was that Null Physical Damage is the ONLY proc in the game that works against Break Thrust (as mentioned before). That is rather game-changing. It lets you take no damage from a move that can wipe off a quarter to one-thirds of your health under the optimal procs.

                    This was the proc I decided to buy (Ignis Ritual Armor) as one of my Legend Medal purchases. I got it because I'm rather lacking on Anti-Physical procs, and I could really use this and then fill in the rest of my slots with Anti-Magic procs.

                    Though once i pulled a 35 cost Azure Heaven Dual Blade Armor from the Transmutation (King), and learned that Nulls have a quite low proc rate, I found the Null Magic Damage proc more valuable. So I Main Slotted the Azure Heaven Armor and got better results in tanking not only Physical attacks, but Magic Attacks too in tandem.

                    Reevaluating the Null Physical Damage gear, they're not bad, but be warned that using a pure Anti-Physical proc leaves you kinda vulnerable to Magic attacks. So get this one if you want, for flexibility, but typically, Null Magic Damage is much, much more valuable.

                    If you happen to buy Null Physical Damage, and then pull an Azure Heaven Armor/Helm or buy/pull a Mobius Armor/Helm, you can always use Null Physical Damage as an infusion material, since Mobius defense gear have the highest stat efficiency in the game. However, I'd still recommend keeping it regardless, because if you plan to play a Mage or Cleric, Null Physical Damage is invaluable for them.

                    Recommended? - YES (the ONLY defensive proc in the game that works against Rage Slash and Break Thrust)

                    Veluda Ritual Crown/Veluda Ritual Attire - Null Magic Damage (Clothing: 300 Medals; Helm: 260 Medals), 35 cost each

                    The Magic counterpart to the Ignis equipment.

                    Null Magic Damage is more valuable than Null Physical Damage because it lets you have a chance to make Archer's Deadly Arabesque deal absolutely no damage. It also allows you to humiliate Mages even further, as if their Meteors weren't weak enough.

                    It's easier to recommend this proc over Null Physical Damage given how Archers are becoming more common on the frontline. But, by doing so, you miss out on the chance of also being able to tank Lancer attacks well, and Lancers are also pretty common on the frontlines nowadays simply due to how fast and hard their attacks hit for, along with their reasonable bulk. Plus, it won't save you if an Archer's Qwaser Waltz decides to roll 3 Physical attacks.

                    Thus, Null Magic Damage, if you decide to buy it, should be used with another Null Magic Damage, or a Damage Down/Reflection XL on your defensive Main Slots. I'd recommend waiting until you get your first Damage Down XL gear or Reflection XL gear so you can easily decide if you want to buy the Hat or Clothing first, and while you're waiting, you can even buy the SSR ATK Furniture first if you have excess Legend Medals.

                    But with Magic Armor Constants, Nulls are rather redundant. A single proc Magic Damage Down XL/XXL with 2 Constants can block a comparable amount of damage to a Magic Null, with a better proc rate to boot. So if you prefer consistent proccing over unreliable proccing, then Damage Down procs are way better.

                    Recommended? - YES (for those who like Fire Blast over Flamethrower in Pokemon); NO otherwise

                    Null Damage Proc Analysis

                    One thing to watch out for -- Null Damage procs are expensive in cost. Thus, you may want to consider using less monsters or lower cost; cost efficient monsters can pick up the slack and balance out the high cost upkeep. They're quite cost inefficient, but that's the price you have to pay for a higher quality proc.

                    Furthermore, it seems like Null procs have approximately a 15% Main Slot proc rate, and 5% Sub Slot proc rate, as shown here. Thus, it's much better to put them into your Main Slots, and then fill in the rest of your Sub Slots with what you have, whether it would be Reflection XLs, or simple Damage Down/single Reflection type gear. Nulls are a waste if used as a Sub Slot proc.

                    DO NOT buy both headgear just because they're cheaper. Instead, if you plan on running Nulls, try holding onto your medals and wait first on which gear type your first Reflection XL/Damage Down XL proc is. If you get Reflection XL on an Armor (like if you did a King Transmutation and got an Azure Heaven Armor), buy a Null Magic Damage Hat, and vice-versa.

                    If you really wanted to, you can buy 2 procs of the same type to drastically improve your matchup against a certain damage-focused frontline, but since you'll usually get exposed to both damage types, it's probably better to buy just one Null Damage proc. If you want to buy two of the same type, go for Null Magic Damage. This will humiliate Archers trying to one-shot you with Deadly Arabesque, only to deal all 0's, but be warned, you're a prime target for Lancers, and to a lesser extent, Soldiers too.

                    Null Damage Gear also have poor cost efficiency, unlike the Mobius defense gear or even the Azure Heaven defense gear. Unlike Reflection XLs or Damage Down XLs, they only work against one damage type, so if you have either of those dual procs, then you can consider buying something else for your hard-earned Legend Medals.

                    They're still arguably the best things you can buy because they're the only kind of their proc and haven't become obsolete yet. They're also the only procs that can save your hide from moves like Break Thrust, Rage Slash, or Spinning Snipe, along with anyone under a Piercer or Frenzy buff. But if you're torn whether or not you should be buying Null Damage procs, feel free to either wait for new weapons for 6th Ring, or buy the SSR Furniture instead.

                    If you really want to feel less guilt with the low proc rates, think of a Null proc as a Double Proc Damage Down XL in one proc. A double proc can have either similar or lower proc rate than a Null proc in the Main Slot, so that should help psychologically.

                    Get them if you wish, but be warned; they take about 3 RGB seasons to buy. Since there was only 9 RGBs so far, only veterans would really have Null damage gear, at least 2 or 3 of them (maybe all 4 if they placed extremely high each time). If you don't feel like waiting about half a year to buy a single Null proc, it's acceptable to get the SSR ATK Furniture instead.

                    Basically, after you get your first Reflection XL/Damage Down XL proc, fill in the other Main Slot your Reflection/Damage Down doesn't cover with a Null Magic Damage proc, and then buy the other Null Magic Damage if you want.

                    (Credit: Mr.Mindor for proc rate testing)

                    Blade of Valor/Crest of Valor - SSR ATK/MDEF Furniture (210 Medals each)

                    Recently added to the Legend Medal Exchange, these Valor furniture serve as the antithesis of the SSR Mobius Furniture, which boost MATK or DEF, respectively.

                    The good thing about these Furniture is they boost ATK/MDEF by 2575 (+100 from the skill), respectively. The bad thing about these Furniture... they cost Medals which could've been used to buy Null Damage gear instead.

                    For reference, a newer SR Furniture gives 1330 raw ATK when max-leveled. Since an SSR Furniture yields 2675 ATK, that's a 1345 ATK difference, which is just as good at 2-3 Weapon Infusions.

                    Buy these furniture once you have your first Null Magic Damage proc, chosen for the Main Slot which your first Reflection XL/Damage Down XL proc doesn't cover.

                    Recommended? - YES (if you don't feel like waiting that long to buy a Null Damage gear piece, or after buying Null Magic Damage for your appropriate slot)


                    Due to the random nature of Colosseum, it can be frustrating with all the Indra, Santa Flora, and Merlyn running about. These three monsters dominate this PvP event, and the only surefire counter to them all is an Andromeda going first.

                    With this in mind, you’ll easily win the third round unison (and the match) if you had any of those 4 aforementioned monsters. Aside from the Uni Block strategies, the HP multiplier for Colosseum is a lot larger than it is for GvGs. This means you really need to rely on commanding your allies to burst down the same target at once.

                    The moveset for Colosseum is similar to how it is for GvG, but with several more options:

                    Guard / Balancing / Negative Pressure / Demoralize / Barrier / Mirror Guard
                    Heaven’s Breath / Balancing / Barrier / Mirror Guard
                    Savage Sting / Break Thrust
                    Double Sting / Knight’s Blitz / Cross Assault
                    Basic Attack / Dragon Assault / Soul of the Ogre / Break Attack

                    Your skill set is even more varied than it was in GvG. Thanks to the higher HP multiplier in Colosseum, Heaven’s Breath becomes significantly more effective here than it is in any other game mode. You can use it while running low in HP and then get a massive HP boost and also recovery. It also allows you to survive getting nuked, but watch out for Balancing. Speaking of which...

                    Balancing is great to wipe enemy Heaven’s Breath usage. Some players use that first thing once the round starts, and wiping HB can let you win rounds. If you die during the 1st Round, you can throw Balancing during the 2nd round from the cost you gained while dead and have a massive edge over your opponents. Post-5th Ring, it can work well to thwart Clerics that rely on using Great Blessing to increase the Max HP of everyone on their side.

                    Hence why Barrier is also recommended. It doesn’t get removed from Balancing. Be careful, however, because Break Thrust from enemy Lancers will still deal full damage. Soldiers also get a similar move too in the form of Rage Slash. If you’re too underleveled (like the lower end of your Level Bracket Division), toss the Barrier to a 5* Archer and let them bring the carnage with their broken 5th Ring skills. You’ll be ignored, but the Barriers from low-leveled players make a huge amount of difference and help against 4v1 “all-in” attempts, letting your focused ally able to survive long enough to cast a Unison.

                    Demoralize, after its buff, is actually useful. Being able to Paralyze multiple members of the enemy team allows you to interrupt their actions, which can decide the round if it stops them from finishing off a low-HP target. This move, along with Barrier, are what I highly recommend using if you’re an underleveled Lancer. 29% chance of Paralysis (assuming all Cleric Shared Traits + Status Resistance Sub Trait) is still reliable, which should disable 1-2 people.

                    Guard works well to foil focus attempts from all-inners. It's the fastest option available to foil nuking attempts, but the long cooldown doesn't help against sustained damage output.

                    Negative Pressure is powerful as a skill, as it makes it so people have to Uni right away when Round 3 starts. This makes less safe to wait for Andromeda to be thrown out first, as people would have to rush Uni in the fear of having it wiped from this skill. This puts your team at an advantage, being able to counter appropriately. Alternately, you can use it at the end of Round 2 and guarantee a 4v5 Uni in your favor, but pray that you reduce the Unison bar of someone who has a Unison Blocker, or that you live long enough to cast it.

                    Mirror Guard is becoming more viable in the Colo meta. It can make Archers afraid to attack you in fear of not only taking MG damage, but also Reflection procs on top of that. The cooldown overlaps with its duration, so you can use Amaterasu and MG again to surprise someone trying to "all-in," only to get killed by a nasty 9 stack MG. Unlike Barrier, it costs more to cast, takes slightly longer to apply, and it only works on yourself, so you can't save others who get focused instead. However, it has a longer duration, so that's one thing to consider.

                    Savage Sting and Double Sting were made to be used together as a set. This allows you to tear through Mages cleanly, ensuring they die before they get a chance to put up Barrier after HB. Similarly, Break Thrust and Knight’s Blitz work well as a set too, both being high damage moves that foil multiple game mechanics. Break Thrust slips through not only procs, but Barrier/Reflect buffs as well, and Knight’s Blitz is scary with its speed and its high potential damage if it slips by without getting procced against, dealing high damage to even Soldiers and Clerics. These options are good pre-5th Ring, as Cross Assault becomes the definitive second attack skill due to its ridiculous damage as a double-hit skill. It becomes your best choice after you unlock it of course.

                    Basic Attack can work well to chip down a Mage before suddenly going in for the kill. Dragon Assault, while expensive, can pick up a few more kills with its good base AP damage. Soul of the Ogre is still great, although Balancing will foil this buff, leaving you with only the Crit Damage side left.

                    Break Attack is acceptable if you run Cross Assault as your sole nuking skill. However, while it looks good on paper, in practice it doesn't hold as much concentrated nuking power compared to using Break Thrust + Cross Assault during the beginning of a round when you try to nuke someone.

                    In general, Colosseum runs tend to throw you into random people all the time. Sometimes you’ll find underleveled people at the lower end of your bracket; the Superior bracket, for example, was for Lv. 90 - 120+ players at one point. If you can identify the people who are around Lv. 90, you can catch them with Negative Pressure most of the time during the 3rd round. If there’s a Soldier trying to run a Mage set with Meteor Strike, feel free to take him out last, since after that Meteor Strike, he’s harmless.

                    If there's a bunch of Archers on the other side, watch their first moves. If they use HB/MG/Barrier, use MG yourself to take some heat off. If they start attacking, Guard immediately. If you can survive their "all-in" attempts, you can proceed to Uni and make their lives miserable with something like a Lilith or Amaterasu.

                    Apologies for making the skill choices rather complex, so here's a more simple example Colo set:

                    Mirror Guard
                    Heaven's Breath
                    Break Thrust / Severe Sting
                    Cross Assault
                    Basic Attack

                    - Mirror Guard is your followup after Heaven's Breath. If the enemy uses Balancing early, try using Mirror Guard before Heaven's Breath. That way, you'll still have some protection, and then you can HB without fear of losing it.

                    - Heaven's Breath, as mentioned before, works extremely well here since the HP multiplier for Colo is quite high. It works as a Pseudo-Heal as a way of baiting opponents into attacking you. Since Lancers have the 2nd highest HP in the game, this is an easy recommendation for a skill.

                    - Break Thrust is the safer pick here because enemies WILL use Barrier or Mirror Guard, or even Opening Skills. (You can scroll back up to my Break Thrust section to see when it outdamages moves like Severe Sting and even Cross Assault)

                    - Severe Sting isn't bad, but enemy procs will kill its damage output. If you can coordinate with other Lancers in your team, it's viable, although sometimes in cases where a Mage gets a 6 stack Reflect buff because of Amaterasu or other sources, sometimes you wished you carried Break Thrust with you to humiliate those Mages who think they can hide behind shields.

                    - Cross Assault is your main nuking skill. It can easily tear off a huge chunk of an enemy's health like nothing if unresisted. Still got to be careful against even 30% Mirror Guard users; if you double proc their (Physical) Reflection XL, you'll take 100% damage in return!

                    - Then of course, Basic Attack is self-explanatory because you can use it to continue Break chains yourself. If an ally dies in Round 2 and doesn't have Uni, do your best to spam Basic Attack on a Break chain so your allies can be ready to Uni at Round 3.
                    As an attack move, Basic Attack is still scary with procs. Mages feel the worst of it thanks to Anti-Class, and you can easily spam this to bait their Guard, and then slaughter them with your main skills.

                    Although watch out for Mages with Unison Gauge Fill gear. While rare, the potential Unison fill this defensive proc gives may sacrifice a proc effect for a small self-Cheer, but given how frequently the Basic Attack can be spammed, UGF can be a pain to some extent. (Hai Shanoa)

                    On another note, the Cost Recovery proc is actually useful here. Mirror Guard and Heaven's Breath use a lot of cost early on, and having Cost Recovery allows for better cost management. If you find yourself Basic Attacking a broken target repeatedly, and you can't use Cross Assault to kill that target, consider equipping Cost Recovery in one of your Sub Slots.

                    Why does Colo always feature Water/Light or Wind only, and seldomly does Fire/Dark, let alone Fire Only?

                    The answer is obvious: Uni Block.

                    - Light/Water is always together as a set because Light Only or Water Only will make people go 5 Indras or 5 Santa Floras, and with the boosts for a single element, there's no counterplay (though Water Colo can technically try using Andromeda first). That's why Andromeda exists as a higher cost monster than Indra or Santa Flora, because she boosts Status Resistance to render their Uni Blocks next to useless. (Unless you get unlucky with the 3% hax, or 13% hax if an Archer is using Uni Block monsters)

                    - Archer League jokes aside, Mono-Wind has no Uni Block monsters, and it puts Santa Flora Uni Block at a disadvantage. However, it doesn't stop Indras from being spammed left and right, but a team that uses a few Indras, and a few Wind Monsters mixed in will get the first shot.

                    Fire/Dark, on the other hand... Guess what monster uses Uni Block for Fire/Dark? Merlyn.
                    This makes it so everyone would spam 5 Merlyns to Uni Block the other team, and that would be too overcentralizing. Unlike Indra or Santa Flora, she deals much more damage. There's no Status Resistance buffer for Fire or Dark like Andromeda, so Merlyn is difficult to counter; it also doesn't help that she's also 28 cost, 3375/3375 stats.

                    Mono-Fire Colo looks feasible... except JPUL has a new Uni Block monster in the form of Ban, from the 7DS collab. He's a 29 cost monster, so people would spam him instead. Also, despite the boost to Fire unis, it may be possible to simply just counter them with Water Unis involving Santa Flora regardless.

                    But that's just my theory on why Fire/Dark Colo seems to be "retired."

                    Recently, however, Fire/Dark Colo returned, despite Fire having no Uni Block monster. I'll go back to this after that Colo event ends...

                    So what Monsters should you use for these Colo events, then?

                    If you have an Indra or Santa Flora, they're your main monsters for Uni Block. If you have Andromeda, she can work too because her Status Resistance buff nullifies Uni Block completely if you have the Cleric Shared Trait for Status Resistance.

                    But if you don't have Indra/Santa Flora/Andromeda... Then for the following elements, these monsters are also great (bolded are farmables):

                    Light/Water Colo - Nezha, Amaterasu, Avsaris, Lamia, Ra, Moca, Yule Kirin, Snow White, Light Athena, Water Athena, Rei

                    Nezha's Barrier helps mitigate Unison damage, and also works as a punishment tool if you can survive being hard-focused and get healed. Amaterasu can wipe Status effects, but her Barrier doesn't protect against Unisons. Avsaris's Balancing can decimate Heaven's Breath users, and Moca and Yule Kirin can do the same thing, but they also buff stats too. Lamia may not do much, but he's the only farmable Water/Light monster that gives ATK, for those worried about losing some to equip an off-element monster. The 34 cost monster, Ra, can help win the Round 3 Uni, wipe Barrier buffs from potential Nezha usage, and then apply a hefty Blind + ATK/MATK debuff (20% each). His Blind can actually win games btw.

                    Snow White is great too since she hits fairly hard and puts up a reflection similar to Amaterasu. Rei (from Evangelion collab) can be effective with her Bleed status and Reflect as well; Bleed is outright lethal in Colosseum once all the Clerics/WTB users are dead, since it quickly cuts away at the high maximum HP of anyone. Similarly, Light Nyx works just as great, but she can inflict Curse and Paralysis instead of applying a Reflect utility. Light Athena can make a Light Unison deal 0 damage if used last, and Water Athena also has a good Barrier buff, plus Cost Recovery to boot.

                    Wind Colo - Santa Merlyn, Alice, Zephyrus, Jupiter, Sakuya
                    Santa Merlyn and Sakura both deal Balancing, but Merlyn hits much harder. Alice is your standard Wind element Unison to deal major damage to the receiving end. Zephyrus can be useful too since he's 34 cost, and that Regen, once stacked, becomes highly effective thanks to the Colo multipliers. Jupiter lets you destroy everyone with the Piercer buff (ignores Procs, Barriers, and Reflects).

                    Basically, the goal is simple. If you don't exactly have a good Light, Wind, or Water monster of their respective Colo, at the very least use a 30 or 34 cost monster as the last one going in the Uni so you can ensure your team goes first during the Uni clash.

                    You'd also want a strong monster for single uni usage, in case you get focused at the beginning of the round and survive. This can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor, and it doesn't necessarily need to be the same element of the Colo event. Balancing monsters are the most basic form, as they wipe Heaven's Breath away from your enemies, thus allowing for easy burst kills.

                    Unfortunately, even if Merlyn is a Uni Block monster, she doesn't fare well against Indra. If you use her as a Uni Block option, expect to get countered by your enemy and lose the Unison Clash. (As mentioned before, her high damage, stat debuffs, AND Uni Block is the reason why they retired Fire/Dark Colosseum... or so it seems)
                    XII. Apollo Set Blessing - Yes or No?

                    Despite how the quoted material is rather outdated, it's still worth a quick peek, as I do bring up points about how Main Slot procs work in here.

                    Originally posted by LaconicLeaf before the devs released 5th Ring, and then buffed the base Break bonuses of Double Sting and Severe Sting
                    The moment you’ve been waiting for. This was what I meant when I said, “Pay attention, because this will be on the test!” earlier on in this guide.

                    On paper, the Apollo Set looks like a must-have at first. 10% ATK from the blessing is a huge boost, equivalent to another Lance. You also get more Testament procs too. "Hey, if Mage's Nyx Set Blessing is good for them, then it should be great for Lancers too, right?"

                    Slow down. Don't get too excited just yet. Here’s the first major problem:

                    - Due to the way the Proc Priority System works, it actually nerfs your proc rate for Heart of the Spears.

                    You may not think this seems significant at first, considering it doesn't take much to Break mobs in the Elemental Rush quests or Main Quests, but in the more recent content like the Three Kingdoms Smash collab, and all the 34 cost monster events, you can't rely on procless or single-proc Stings anymore. Some enemies can take up to 3 Heart procced Stings to inflict Break on.

                    The Proc Priority System works like this:

                    Main Weapon proc = Main Defense Gear procs (if offense) &gt; Sub Weapon procs = Sub Defense Gear procs (if offense)

                    And a screenshot for proof:

                    (Source: Notices page in-game, “Super Large-Scale Update: New Classes Added!” patch notes from September 3rd, 2015)

                    The Apollo Gear Set's main skills are Apollo's Favor XL and Apollo's Glory (x2). Now, this means if either of these skills proc with one another (like AF XL + AG, or AG x2), they will prevent your Heart of the Spear procs from working! (Goes with point 2) Since Main Slot weapons and armors have higher proc rates than Sub Slot weapons and armors, this leads to a lower proc rate of Heart of the Spear.

                    Even if you procced one of your three main slot skills, it gets fixed in for the double proc pool. That means there’s only room for one Heart of the Spear sub slot proc to activate. (Goes with point 3)

                    (Fun Fact: Say you’re in a Guild Battle, and you have a Crystal Breaker XL weapon in one of your Sub Slots. That skill is known to proc 100% of the time if you attack the enemy Guild Crystal. If you double proc Favor + Glory, or Glory + Glory, they actually overwrite the Crystal Breaker XL proc from triggering.
                    I saw this happen when I astutely observed an enemy Lancer who had the Apollo Set Blessing, but had a Crystal Breaker XL proc in a Sub Slot. When he double procced Glory + Glory, the Crystal Breaker XL didn’t trigger! This provides even more proof that Main Slot procs overwrite Sub Slot procs.
                    Other times, Sub Slot procs can also override the 100% procs, but only when double procs happen.)

                    Some Lancers wearing the set are really adamant about taking the Blessing off. I know, I understand that you may had spent weeks and multiple gems farming for Medals and Rare Monster spawn waves, along with the orbs, but hear me out. Even I did that, and when I had the curiosity to change back to a Blessing-less build, I actually ended up doing a lot better in terms of both utility (constant Break uptime on mobs) and survivability (procs against Mage meteors ruin their day).

                    And here's another problem: It takes up your Main Slot defense procs.

                    This makes it risky to use in GvG scenarios. Main Slots have a slightly higher proc rate than Sub Slots for Armors/Helms. The difference is pretty minor, about 20% per Main Slot (XXL and Null procs aside), and 10% proc rate in Sub Slots. Putting it for a Glass Lancer is tempting, but that leaves you extremely squishy. Despite this, it can find some use for a more tanky Lancer, however, since they get to have 2-3 more Armor/Helm slots to alleviate the loss of Main Slot procs somewhat.

                    If your ATK stat is around 80k-85k, that's probably where I could put the breaking point for using the Apollo Set. It gets stronger and stronger the higher your raw ATK stat is, although 90k ATK should be sufficient. Nothing's more scarier than a Lancer that deals earth-rending damage while taking little themselves! (Well, maybe except for an Archer with Deadly Arabesque abuse)

                    It's not good for general all-purpose use. But it's remarkable for leveling up through Main Quests.

                    The 5th Ring release, giving changes for Double Sting by buffing its Break bonus even while procless, makes the Apollo set even more tempting to use in PvE. However, it’s still not worth sacrificing your main slot weapon (for Heart skills) and armor procs for this.

                    The only places where I would advocate using the Apollo Set are:
                    - Main Quests (Aka “Angelmin Hunting”)
                    - 30 cost monster events
                    - Mechanized Maidens
                    - BBQ Brawl
                    - The Bride’s Resolve
                    - Sub Quests
                    - Orb Monster events
                    - Boss Rush 8 AP

                    Aka any “old content.” These quests have mobs that get inflicted with Break with little difficulty, to the point where even your non-Lancer allies can inflict Break too! Due to this, it’s easy to use the Apollo Set since its interference with Heart procs doesn’t matter much here. Although for Orb Monster events, you’re kinda cutting it close, because the mobs are slightly more resistant to Break.

                    Here’s where I wouldn’t suggest bringing the Apollo Set:
                    - The Three Castles
                    - Boss Rush 40 AP or above
                    - All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween)
                    - Plunder the Presents! (Christmas)
                    - Valentine’s Day event
                    - Sakura event (Spring)
                    - Collab events (Three Kingdoms Smash!, Evangelion, Hatsune Miku)
                    - All 34 cost monster events
                    - Guild Raids
                    - United Offense
                    - MOBIUS
                    - GvG/Colosseum (YMMV)

                    Aka any of the “newer content.” The mobs require 1 Heart proc Sting to inflict Break on, sometimes even 2! This is especially evident in the 34 cost monster events, where monsters will laugh at procless Stings. This will slow down runs with Team DPS and Unison Charging. Guild Raid and United Offense mobs are also tolerant to Break, requiring more than 2 Heart proc Stings.

                    Mobius, GvG, and Colosseum are where it really gets out of hand if you try to wear the Apollo set blessing. In Mobius, it can cost you runs where you fail to inflict Break to high defense targets like the Titan Golems. It also sacrifices your bulk against even Mage attacks, making it risky to fight a squad of them. There are some cases where the Apollo Set can be viable, like during Wind Mobius, where the mobs have low HP and defenses, but high Break Tolerance. Water Mobius may or may not be the same, however...


                    - Severe Sting's buff (and other high base Break bonus skills) drastically improves the viability of the Apollo Set Blessing.

                    Even though you may repeatedly trigger Apollo's Favor or Apollo's Glory, or both at the same time, Double Sting and Severe Sting have high base Break bonuses anyways. It can make pure offensive Lancer builds (Severe/Cross/AS/EE/Basic Attack) more viable in PvE, as you don't really have to worry about procs getting overwritten by the ones in the Main Slot.

                    So if you enter a quest that has mobs which easily Break to a single Severe Sting, or even a few hits following it, feel free to bust out the Apollo Set and deal extremely high damage with Physical procs which proc nearly all the time. But, if you're in a more difficult quest, like Elemental Rush Arcadia, then it'll be worth focusing on a pure Break Build 3.0 set to support your team with Heart procced Double Stings, or even Pierce if you don't have enough Double Sting procs.

                    You'll be able to deal similar DPS to a Mage, but your style of DPS is different. Mage DPS is extremely bursty due to moves like Meteor Rain and Meteor Strike. They also have Blood Oath and Calamity to deal respectable damage too, and they also can Lifesteal off damage output. Furthermore, with Stagger Uni tricks, they can "cheat" the cooldown of Meteor Strike to deal great DPS in between each Uni.

                    Your style of DPS is also sustainable in regards to your cost. Against low-HP targets, you use Severe Sting to Break, and then spam Basic Attacks until they die, or their Break Chain wears off. You use Cross Assault only if you have excess cost, or fighting a rather beefy target. Cost Recovery procs help a ton, as the more they proc from Basic Attack spam, the more Cross Assaults you can spam, which means you won't be a sitting duck compared to Lancers who just fire off skills once they go off cooldown.

                    Edit #2:

                    - However, you should definitely stack Elemental Defense first before using the Apollo Set.

                    The set is great for DPS, as the proc rate is extremely consistent, single or double, though it'll be in your best interest to stack Elemental Defense in PvE first. This will offset losing Main Slot procs for this Blessing, while you still get the offensive benefits.

                    It's still not worth using in PvP regardless though, even in Sub Slots, so leave it alone.

                    On another note, I did mention Apollo's Glory being viable in PvE. Let me rephrase that: it's viable in PvE if you're fighting Wind monsters, so you can use the Elemental Defense to its full potential. For other content, you're better off removing the Apollo procs and then equipping appropriate Elemental Defense gear instead.
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                    This Is How You DO Play Lancers



                      XIII. Event Quests Walkthrough

                      Boss Rush

                      Now, this may be an unusual entry, but this is for the Solo Speedrun builds for Boss Rush 8 AP Beginner.

                      Why would you farm this? Well, Boss Rush 8 AP is, without a doubt, the best quest in the game to farm +Stat gear, There may be 5 waves, but each wave (except for the Boss wave of course) has a ton of mobs that drop N Rarity gear. 13 possible drops total, which is a handful for a quest that costs so little AP to start. It’s like having an FP Spawn for a quest!

                      Just start the quest through “Quest with Friends” or host a Party and start the quest alone. That way, you won’t have low levels using their Unison at the boss to waste time. You will also be guaranteed the 5-Limimin wave at the start, which gives the bulk of your drops.

                      Recommended Skill Set

                      - As much ATK as possible, like 48.2k with Apollo Set Blessing, 53k without it (lets your Basic Attack reliably do over 16k damage after Attack Stance, which kills Jabberwock)
                      - At least 18k MATK (20k would be more reliable)
                      - At least 1 of every Element stack present in your gear (1 Fire, 1 Water, 1 Wind, 1 Light, and 1 Dark element piece)
                      - Cleric 4th Ring
                      - No procs are needed, you also don’t need Cost Recovery because neutral cost regen takes care of it

                      “Now what is a Cleric build doing in a Lancer guide?” you may ask.

                      You can still use your Lances to reach 60k ATK, and then a few Wind monsters to boost ATK and MATK to have 20k of the latter stat. Plus, Attack Stance + Basic Attack is a “Lancer thing” too! Stacking ATK helps for Devoted Strike, which also benefits from Attack Stance.

                      But the REAL reason why you want to be Cleric for this quest is this:

                      - Plague of Light allows you to do the most lazy speedfarming of Boss Rush ever. Technically, you don’t need this skill, but it makes farming for +stats a lot less of a hassle upon multiple runs.

                      Now even though PoL is 25 cost, using Devoted Strike and Mind Hack with it is 52 cost total, and you start with 50 cost, you might think you’ll need EE to use them repeatedly.

                      But the thing is, except for the first wave, all enemies in Boss Rush have that “boss fading effect” that has a longer animation time than normal enemies dying. With the lengthy fading, along with the skill animation times for Devoted Strike and PoL, you actually regenerate enough cost to wipe each wave without having to wait.

                      Try this out for yourself, it actually works. Here’s a (not-so) detailed outline:


                      Wave 1 - Devoted Strike
                      Wave 2 - Plague of Light
                      Wave 3 - Mind Hack + Attack Stance (latter can also be used at Wave 2 as well, doesn’t matter)
                      Wave 4 - Devoted Strike
                      Wave 5 - Basic Attack

                      If done correctly, 8 AP Boss Rush should take around 25 seconds (at least what the timer shows; it’s actually longer) to clear. I did say you don’t need Plague of Light, but without it, you have to manually click the middle mob in Wave 2 to wipe with Mind Trick. That can be a hassle to do every time you run Boss Rush multiple times, but thankfully, PoL solves that problem.

                      As for the "actual" Boss Rush quests itself, in the higher difficulties, there was Sherpa and Paragon as the highest two difficulties. Sherpa is pretty manageable, as long as you watch for Reflections from certain mobs and Jabberwock himself. On the other hand, Paragon can be problematic since the first wave tends to self-buff themselves, so you either need a party that can burst down the mobs quick, or has Balancing to deal with this. These two difficulties are what drop the Void Spirit Orbs, which are required to reforge Jabberwock from SSR to UR (2 to be exact).

                      Keep in mind, the Cypher event with Yamato Takeru has a similar quest at 8 AP with the same amount of mobs. The mobs there are much weaker than the ones in Boss Rush 8 AP. Thus, you don't exactly need that much ATK or MATK to wipe the mobs in each wave. But, replace PoL for Mind Trick, which will be used for Wave 2 (after clicking the middle mob).

                      So get out there, and enjoy the delicious +stat values.

                      Elemental Rush Quests (Apollo, Alice, Amaterasu, Avsaris, Nyx)

                      In the higher leveled quests, you're guaranteed Medal drops of the respective element. In every quest, you have a "9-Card Flip" which can give you rewards like Gold, FP, Prof, Augment Materials, and Medals. If you spend 3 Gems, you can get all the revealed items, but they won't be the same every time. It's still better to ignore the card flips, as you can get just as much Medals from a full AP bar. (But if the cards spawn an Orb, go for it)

                      The first few difficulties have the Orb Monsters as the boss. The middle difficulties have the standard 30 Cost Monsters, and they typically give you an Orb for a first completition. The harder difficulties have the 34 Cost Monster as the boss; the hardest difficulty has just 3 waves, each having the fully-evolved form of the Orb, 30 cost, then 34 cost monster.

                      When it comes to strategy, you can use the Standard Break Build (any version; 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc.) and do just fine in these quests. As a little bonus, if you're a veteran who ran the Orb Monster quests for the Stamp Book Ether Drops, you're in for a treat, because these quests aren't as different.

                      Except a few minor changes. For instance, the 3rd Wave not only has 2 King Passas; these Passas require Break or an ungodly amount of ATK/Elemental Advantage to burst. Also, the Passas invited a new friend over -- Mariolem/Luigilem from Mobius Path. This is what the Super Stone Bros do on their day offs when Mobius is not around; let's say they alternate days, so Mariolem partrols Light, Water, and Dark, and then Luigilem's shift is during Fire and Wind. (In the weekend, they patrol whatever, but that's beside the point since all Elemental Rush events are available) As usual, Mariolem/Luigilem have super high defenses, and require Break or brute-forcing with buffs/high AP attacks to pass through. The Passas got tired of people stalling on them, so they hired one of the Super Stone Brothers as a personal bodyguard.

                      But! Arcadia is a completely different story. Taking EE into Arcadia is just suicide. The 1st Wave enemy can easily chunk 60% of your HP with their raw strength alone, so it's a tradition for Party Leaders to kick people who have EE.

                      Instead, you gotta use this setup:

                      - Cheer / Attack Stance
                      - Mass Refresh/Purifying Light/Balancing
                      - Any 2 attacks
                      - Basic Attack / Deadly Blow

                      Cheer is making a comeback in the PvE Meta. Since the devs have been designing quests with monsters that hit a LOT harder in the first wave, it's their idea of countering people who use EE + Dignity as a way to rush through the quests. The first time they made measures to counter EE was with Yamato Takeru; he uses a gravity effect to catch people off-guard if they Dignity too early. Cheer helps build Unison gauges immediately to start the Unison loops.

                      Any 2 attacks from 5th Ring (except Death Pierce) or ToJ work well. Severe + Cross was the standard, working well with 2 Lancers, but with 1, it's rather clunky waiting for the 6 second cooldown. Execution + Cross actually works better because the 4 second cooldown is extremely reliable. You can even use Severe + Dragon Claw for combo effects and higher DPS scaling too, but watch your cost. Severe + Execution is also great too, the lowest cost combination for breaking, though even Execution is great as a standalone Sting skill.

                      Then Mass Refresh, Purifying Light, and Balancing are what you would choose depending on what the other players in the party had. Typically a party brings 2 MR, 1 PL, and 1 Balancing, or 1 MR, 1 PL, and 2 Balancing depending on what Elemental Rush it is. Some bosses spam status effects, warranting the use of 2 MR in the quest, while others buff frequently, requiring multiple Balancings.

                      For example, in Fire Arcadia, the bosses are buff-happy. Some parties take 2 Balancings because of the sheer rate at how often buffs are spammed on the enemy's end. Double Mass Refresh works well here too because Vol&Rena's triple stack Paralysis can end runs, and their Blind stacks ensure you won't be dealing damage with the high miss rate it gives you. My advice here would be to don't Balance right away. Ifrit's Garnet Shield only buffs his defenses, and Apollo uses Summer Surfing and Sweet Summer Surfing when he's under 50% HP. He can even use it consecutively too, so hold on to that Balancing.

                      Key Mass Refresh attacks: Forgotten Flames (Ifrit), Incapacitate (Vol&Rena)

                      - Forgotten Flames can Confuse, but Incapacitate is the main killer here. It can inflict Lv. 3 Paralysis, which can end runs if the Cleric is inflicted with it, and no one has Uni.

                      Then in a quest like Dark Arcadia, double MR still works wonders here with the status ailment spam. Succubus's Shadow Illusion works differently from all the Status moves in the game; it's delayed, so you can't simply use MR right when you see the text. Instead, you have to wait until the "purple spark effects" hit your party before you click that MR button. Thanatos can be scary if you don't know his moves. He has a nasty multi-hit skill, so Aizen is less effective here. Plus, he can buff himself for 80% ATK AND MATK, so Balance that ASAP or wave goodbye to that 38 AP you spent.

                      Key Mass Refresh attacks: Kiss of Seduction (Succubus), Shadow Illusion (Succubus), Cursed Mist (Thanatos)

                      - Succubus is tricky with mass-Confuse status skills, but thankfully, once you know the moves to MR, she isn't that bad. Thanatos's Cursed Mist can kill though, dealing heavy damage and Curse.

                      Light Arcadia is tricky, since Ra can put a 50% Barrier (both damage types), heal himself, and while he heals, he applies a buff, too! He has a powerful double-hit skill which can kill you through Ward or Resurrection if you aren't careful. And before that, you have Amaterasu being able to end runs with her 100% Reflect from Clean Slate, so stay alert once her HP is under 50%. You might accidentally hit her right as she Clean Slates, and then die through Ward or Resurrection because you used a multi-hit skill upon smashing into that Reflect. Feel free to use a Uni right as Clean Slate comes up so your allies can take a breather, see the Reflect buff, and back off.

                      Key Mass Refresh attacks: Lunar Ray (Luminous), Shooting Star (Luminous), Moon Mirror (Luminous), Divine Slash (Ra), Arrows of Light (Ra)

                      - While it may seem like a ton of attacks to remember (most of these moves Paralyze), it isn't too bad. Thankfully, they nerfed Ra's animation speed, so his Divine Slash is no longer instantaneous.

                      Wind Arcadia is also rather tedious, as Flora still buffs herself, and she can inflict more status than her original Orb Quest version. Then there's Alice, who still has her Black Bunny and White Bunny, both of which you have to kill first for an easier fight, starting with the latter. Zephyrus, on the other hand, can inflict a nasty AP Damage Down debuff (-30 Physical AND Magic AP), and he has a plethora of nasty multi-hit skills like Laser Breath.

                      Key Mass Refresh attacks: Floral Festival (Flora), Butterfly Kiss (Flora), Hysteria Wind (Zephyrus)

                      - Flora can easily end runs if her Floral Festival (Confuse) isn't closely watched, and while Butterfly Kiss is rare, it can be annoying. Zephyrus spams Hysteria Wind (Confuse) often to the point where it gets irritating, so look out for that.

                      Water Arcadia should be the easiest one of them all, though. Benkei doesn't buff as often as the other Orb bosses, and he also doesn't really inflict as much status effects too. Avsaris can give you a fight with his Tremors inflicting Paralysis. and Yukino has moves that can ignore procs or defenses, but overall, she shouldn't really give you a run for your money compared to what the other 34 cost Monsters can do as bosses.

                      Key Mass Refresh attacks: Tremors (Avsaris), Dazzling Snowscape (Yukino)

                      - Avsaris's Tremors (Paralyze) can easily catch you off-guard if you attack too indiscriminately. While Dazzling Snowscape (Blind) doesn't immobilize you, Lv. 5 Blind means you will always miss, so consider clearing it.

                      Keep in mind, Rare Monster Waves can and will happen, being the 25 cost monsters from the Rare Spawns. They can catch you off guard if you aren't careful with their movesets compared to other monsters; Behemoth, for example, can attack NEARLY INSTANTLY after he uses his 90% Gravity attack, so hopefully your Cleric times Dignity properly. Then Lilith can torture your party with a massive All Stats debuff. Never underestimate the Rare Monsters, unless you want to end your run then and there. Furthermore, they can appear back-to-back, EVEN IN ARCADIA!

                      Double Sting and Severe Sting are chosen for their high base Break bonuses. Even when both skills are procless, they will always Break an Arcadia Ordeal boss; it takes 2 Double Sting-tier attacks to Break these bosses, so Execution Spear and Dragon Claw are viable, with Cross Assault being great if you run Execution Spear, or if there's more than one Lancer in the team.

                      And of course, Basic Attack is self-explanatory. If you paid attention, that is... But make sure you spam it while buffed, as these bosses have actual defense unlike the majority of the content up to this point.

                      While it's tempting to carry Dragon Assault for the higher burst power and the stagger unis being able to "cheat" its cooldown, it's still not worth it. You're better off just waiting for Cross Assault, Execution Spear, or Severe Sting while spamming Basic Attack alongside it for cost efficient DPS.



                      Elemental advantage trumps everything in these quests, whether it would be from Weapons or even Defense gear. Every elemental stack for Offense is a +5% ATK/MATK boost, while Elemental Defense is incredibly powerful (90+ is a good amount for Arcadia). Even if said Elemental gear doesn't have procs, the Elemental Defense is much stronger and much more reliable.

                      Lancers with only 5 UR monsters can take advantage of this, stuffing 1 cost Limimins of the right element for a quick 15% damage boost. When it comes to Elemental Offense, make sure you calculate your ATK stat with the corresponding Elemental Multiplier (ex. 6 Water stacks is +30% damage to Fire monsters) and make sure your ATK is higher even if you equip an off-class Elemental Weapon. Yes, a Water element 25 cost Sword or even a Bow can outdamage an elementless 29 cost Lance against Fire monsters.

                      Oh, and before I forget to mention, for any lower-leveled Lancers here, "DON'T. USE. FLORA." She's just a waste of Wind Orbs, Sure, she gives Regen as a utility, but it's not like it'll matter much or save you. You'll definitely regret using these orbs, because they'd be better off used on other things like Alice's MDEF Glory and Tempest Lances. Just use an SSR Cu Chu Train if you want that Regen effect; he buffs offensive stats too.

                      (Furthermore, after the Monster Potential update was added, Flora is more suitable for Archers anyways, so if you want ATK, just farm an Ifrit and Unlock his Potential instead.)


                      Originally posted by CarmineCoffee View Post
                      Lancers are fine in Mobius. Come back again if you still see problems after lancers actually start carrying EE + Savage Sting + Sting + Pierce and equip Heart of the Spear/Secret of the Spear. I don't even know where to begin when it comes to listing some of the abilities lancers carry; I've seen Demoralize, Dragon Crush, Berserker's Spirit, HB, Eagle Eye, WTB, and CURE. the lancers who carry their 8k HP Cures are my favorite.

                      This event gives you the chance to win Gems from Prestige rewards, or even the Top 500 Total Point Rankings (whoever collects the most Prestige) and Top 500 Best Score Rankings (whoever scores the most points in a Mobius run). You also get Crystal Breaker XL weapons, so you can take the Bow if you want to make a God Tier CB Archer build (as if they weren’t broken enough), but the Lance is good enough so you can infuse it into your GB 2.0 Lance. The Physical Damage Down XXL procs aren’t that worth it, and they aren’t cost efficient for what they bring, but you can still use them for Infusions with your Azure Armors/Helms (that is, if you could pull them from Transmutations). You also get Guaranteed SR and up tickets, which may have a chance of giving you extra Crystal Breaker weapons as well.

                      But the most important part and the whole point of this section? To filter out all the BAD Lancers who bring irrelevant skills like what Carmine mentioned in her witness testimony! Yup, all those scrub Lancers who bring moves like any of the “Dragon” moves (including Knight’s Blitz), HB, buffs, and CURE will be a thing of the past if you fill in that spot as a real Lancer.

                      You also will filter out the Lancers carrying EE + Death Pierce, Severe Sting, and Cross Assault. Those Lancers have abysmal Break reliability with how Severe Sting doesn’t get Heart proc support.

                      Back then, Lancers were significantly harder to play. You had to rely on 2 simultaneous Heart of the Spear procs for Pierce, Sting, and Savage Sting just to get past the infamous "Super Stone Brothers" wave (usually 14 except in Wind Mobius), and your DPS wasn't even that great compared to a Soldier, whose Dual Sword was much better than your Double Sting back then.

                      But with buffs to Double Sting, Severe Sting (yes, Severe Sting used to have crappy base Break bonus), and with the addition of higher Break bonus moves equal to post-buff Double Sting-tier (but still lower than Severe Sting), Breaking in Mobius has never been much easier. Of course, unlocking Execution Spear can be tricky, but it shouldn't be too bad to have Dragon Claw.

                      Recommended Skill Set post-ToJ skills
                      Dragon Claw / Double Sting
                      Ether Exchange
                      Severe Sting
                      Execution Spear / Double Sting
                      Basic Attack

                      Hands down, the most straightforward build for Mobius Lancers. Any two Sting skill combinations will Break any of the Super Stone Brothers, allowing your allies to kill them with absolutely no RNG required. Double Sting can replace Dragon Claw or Execution Spear based on what skill you lack; but still, try getting both ToJ skills, as they drastically change your Mobius playstyle.

                      Make sure you have your "Enemy Defeated" macro to something like "DON'T UNI AT GOLEMS" so you won't get unied on during that wave. There are still tons of people who Uni at Golems, and that's just a slap in the face, considering the ToJ skills are excellent for Break. Put that macro on now, and save hours of frustration later.


                      - With your new Break skills, inflicting Break has never been easier. For the earlier waves, just use Execution Spear and Basic Attack all the way until Wave 13.

                      - Wave 13 is where you should use Dragon Claw, Execution Spear, and Basic Attack; try to kill one of the mobs here before moving on, but don't spam your skills indiscriminately; you'll need them for the next wave.

                      - Wave 14 is typically where people need you most. Yup, these are the 2 Titan Golems, which I nickname the "Super Stone Brothers," for their ability to end runs with bad/unlucky (with procs at least) Lancers.

                      Fortunately, with the buffs to the base Break bonuses of Double Sting and Severe Sting, it's trivial to defeat the Super Stone Brothers nowadays. Even moreso with Execution Spear and Dragon Claw joining the party. MAKE SURE YOUR ALLIES DON'T UNI HERE, as it's actually trivial to get past this wave with a Lancer who knows what they're doing and get the time bonus at the same time. Use Execution Spear + Severe Sting to Break the first Golem, then wait as your allies kill it. Then, use Dragon Claw (comboed) and Execution Spear to kill the other Golem, using Severe Sting if your allies are stuck in cooldowns.

                      - After the Titan Golem wave, there's typically stronger monsters in terms of the damage they could dish out. If you reached this point in Mobius, then expect to have a high placement in the rankings; the Titan Golem wave typically bottlenecks players from a high ranking placement due to the possibility of being paired up with a bad Lancer.

                      - BUT, they DON'T update Mobius Elemental Events based on levels. Fire Mobius was released during the days of 4th Ring, and most Lancers didn't even know how to beat the Super Stone Brothers efficiently, not to mention the constant complaints about Lancers on the forums with their "inability to Break." Today, with Fire Mobius recently rereleased, they didn't strengthen the mobs to high as hard as present content; these waves and mob damage are the same as they were multiple level caps ago. With stronger Break bonus moves than before, like Double Sting and Severe Sting, the Golems are trivial to Break. No longer do you have to rely on proc luck to defeat the Golems; just a simple Double Sting, Severe Sting, and then residual attacks from allies or yourself will do the job.

                      HOWEVER, Wind Mobius is a completely different story. All the mobs have utterly insane Break Tolerances, and Break builds are less useful there. You would have to pretty much bite the bullet and use a pure damage build, such as Severe Sting / Cross Assault / Dragon Claw.

                      It feels rather lame doing it like this, but there's no other choice if the mobs have high tolerance to Break, but low defenses and HP. Hopefully Water Mobius wouldn't be anything like this...

                      THANKFULLY, the other four Mobius elements actually make Break viable, as it's a cornerstone strategy for Unison rebuilding in later waves.

                      Heroic Stranger - Yamato Takeru (Cypher Medal Event)

                      One of the few quests scaled with 5th Ring in mind, and a rather fun one at that!

                      Be warned, there's HUGE gap in the difficulty between 45 AP Paragon and 55 AP Arcadia. Paragon is easy, but with Arcadia, Yamato Takeru is utterly merciless.

                      Recommended Skill Set:

                      Ether Exchange
                      Any 2 preferred attacks (see previous sections)
                      Basic Attack / Deadly Blow

                      The first 4 waves aren't that bad, although Jabberwock can be quite the detractor if he decides to Solid Mirror Stance in your face. The Dark Angels can be annoying too with their status ailment spam, which easily burns through your Cleric's heal cost reserves.

                      The standard Break set is excellent here. Since you will need Uni to keep up with Yamato Takeru's merciless fighting style (buffs immensely, strong Barrier/Reflect ignoring party AoEs, constant wiping of debuffs, fast attack speed), Break becomes extremely valuable.

                      While Yamato Takeru is rather useless for a Lancer, as he has Mage stats, you can still use the Cypher Medals you get from the event to buy Blackwing Lances (infusion mats for the Apollo Lance), Jabberwock (in case you didn't get him as a Boss Rush drop), and even Void Spirit Orbs (by far the best thing to buy to reforge Jabberwock). Although with the Elemental Rush quests getting a revamp during 12/15, you might regret infusing off the Blackwing Lances... just saying.

                      (For more information and discussion for this quest, here's a thread by Mirabelle showing more information on what exactly Yamato can do)

                      All United Offense Events

                      Lately, during one of my runs of Hetei's United Offense, it pissed me off when I saw a high GS Lancer (about 250k+) use something like Break Thrust, Severe Sting, and Cross Assault, trying to be full DPS and bragging about it. All the other Lancers I saw didn't know what Break was, and blindly spammed Severe Sting, Break Thrust, Knight's Blitz, and Death Pierce whenever they got off cooldown, when Break wasn't even applied.

                      Believe it or not, in my head, I felt so angry at those Lancers to the point where they were the reason why I just HAD to get this guide up and running ASAP.

                      So, what is United Offense?

                      I can appear as a CPU in United Offense, too! (Albeit genderbent)

                      United Offense is a fun event where you get to join in a 9-player party against a single Raid Boss. AoE Skills affect the column they're on, while full party support skills affect all 9 players.

                      Whenever a Unison attempt is done, only the first 5 people who send out their uni gets their monster effects applied. The other 4 people have to wait until that Uni is over to send their own Unis out.

                      Success of a United Offense event is decided with the efficiency of the party members using support skills, Clerics keeping the party alive, maintaining consistent Break loops, and, most importantly, keeping a constant Uni cycle.

                      - Your job, as a Lancer, is not just to DPS, but to KEEP THE BOSS UNDER BREAK AND NEVER LET GO.

                      Recommended Skill Set:

                      Purifying Light / Mass Refresh / Balancing / Cheer / Attack Stance
                      Purifying Light / Mass Refresh / Balancing / Cheer
                      Any 2 Attacks that induce Break
                      Basic Attack

                      Now, why is EE absent from this build? Thanks to the Evangelion Collab Event, people with SSR or UR Asukas can spam them to keep a steady flow of cost for the whole party. Thus, people won't have to worry about running out of cost while fighting; a Lancer can keep Break up while still having enough cost to use their full party support skills. Other cost recovery monsters include Maid Alice, Crystal Miku, and Light Yukino, so look out for those.

                      United Offense bosses tend to spam status effects like Blind, Bleed, Curse, Paralysis, etc., so Mass Refresh is needed for those. Some of them even apply debuffs, so Purifying Light works wonders here.

                      The reason why Break carries people so hard in these quests? It's simply due to the Uni gain. Without Break, a Cleric may not be able to keep up their cost long enough to heal the team, and then fall apart due to the team simply not having enough Uni to start the Stagger Uni Loop which leads to a successful United Offense run.
                      Also, bosses tend to have moves which decrease your Unison Gauge. Break helps counteract this; while the boss uses their Unison Gauge wiping skill, have someone Uni. If the boss was at Max Chain, you'll gain enough Uni back so one or two attacks will make up for the Uni you lost to that attack. Speaking of Unison gain, Cheer can be helpful to have here too.

                      You have access to great Break skills: Severe + Dragon Claw, Severe + Execution, Severe + Double, Execution + Double... find the combination that best suits your playstyle.

                      United Offense bosses also tend to have moves which wipe any debuffs applied to them, so if you have a debuff Uni like EVA-04 or even Emilia/Lilith, wait for the boss to blow their debuff cleanser, then throw out your Uni.

                      One more thing: United Offense bosses have insane amounts of defenses. So only use the Basic Attack to continue Break chains, and also only if you have buffs like Joan, Kirin, and Shina up.

                      Also, be warned that my CPU can try to impose as me and use DRAGON ASSAULT in a way to frame me:

                      (Credit: Crito for finding this imposter. On another note, I have a feeling the devs knew I hated DRAGON ASSAULT, so they ascended this meme by making my CPU have it if she spawns as a Lancer)

                      XIV. This is how you DON'T play Lancers

                      (This might be more directed towards 4th Ring, but some of the information can apply to 5th Ring too. Think of this as a parody of the derogatory statements people made against Lancers before 5th Ring happened! If only I had the guide released before 5th Ring was even a thing... But the main purpose of this section is to respond to all the common statements about Lancers during the "Dark Age of Lancers" )

                      The more astute of you may have seen me tease this section on a forum post as a rebuttal... and yes, I referenced a certain video series. Got a problem with that?

                      Now, before we begin, let's listen to the most common rants people keep making about Lancers...

                      Originally posted by A Certain Salty Lancer
                      lack of skill? lancers have the absolutely worst skill set in the game, how are you supposed to be skilled with a toothpick type offense? Build up your defenses, we aren't soldiers. That should be a soldier thing. Shut up about "lack of skill" lancers as a class has a lack of skills to even work with. We have crit buffs that we can't even use, we have an aoe 4th ring skill that is completely useless and ineffective.

                      When people play rpg games they pick the role that fits them the most, so I picked lancer, but how is anyone new supposed to know that this class has become obsolete, and that you had to turn yourself into Soldier v.2 in order to be viable at all? That's not usually how it works. You usually pick a class with a particular role and you stick to it because it should work.

                      It's not really my fault that ateam decided to falsely advertise lancers the way they did. They should actually update the descriptions to what pieces of garbage lancers are currently, so that new players don't get tricked into thinking they're playing a supposedly glass cannon intimidating powerful pulverizing class as advertised.

                      You're talking like everyone should know that lancers are weak and that everyone should totally open to adapting into a tank lancer. If I wanted a tank I would've picked soldier. You're defending a class with a muffled purpose. Lancers are broken and not in a good way. Only way to fix them is to veer off from its actual role which is pretty lame.
                      Article A: Typical Lancer Rant of the pre-5th Ring era (it may sound made up, but it is real, carefully pieced together from the comments of these posts here and here)

                      Article B: "This is how you DON'T use Lancer skills;" while Savage Sting and Double Sting are viable enough by today's standards, Knight's Blitz and especially Dragon Assault definitely aren't

                      Gotta address the common complaints people tend to throw around for Lancers, to compress and summarize the points I already made in other sections. I mean, you can't have a Lancer thread without a rant of any form, right?

                      Now, I’m aware that some of these points were made irrelevant thanks to 5th Ring changes, but this is meant to be a fun little section proving how Lancers were still viable even pre-5th Ring.

                      Let’s begin. *clears throat*

                      Common Lancer Misconceptions (Pre-5th Ring)

                      "Lancers should be a DPS Class! 6/4/4/6 (7/5/5/7) FTW! Why are Mages and Archers a lot stronger? Defense investment should be used for Soldiers!"

                      Kinda goes along with the quotes I have above in Article A, huh?

                      ...No. I'll say this one more time: Hard-hitting moves with low hitcounts have less returns than multi-hit moves (3+ hits) do in terms of investing into offensive stats. The damage formula may favor ATK over DEF, as 1 point of ATK = 2 points of DEF in terms of effective scaling, but armors and helms are more than just raw stats. They can be infused, and they also contain defensive procs and constants which more than make up for the raw defense stat boosts 2-3 Avsaris yield. These procs allow you to tank attacks that have single or double procs backed up behind them. So no, trying to trade in Apollos for Avsaris just won't work the same way.

                      6/5/5/4 (7/6/6/5) also has a ton of opportunities to make up for the loss of ATK. That damage difference only affects one or two hits for Lancers depending on the skill, rather than multiple, so it explains the diminished returns. They can place 2 1 cost Elementalmins at the empty slots, gaining 10% - 15% additive elemental advantage damage. Not only that, they also have Attack Stance to pick up the slack, and the defenses to justify using it with 2-4 Apollo's Glory procs without blowing up on contact. With elemental damage factored in, the glass Lancer build only like &lt;2% stronger.

                      The reason why Mages and Archers are stronger is because they have multi-hit moves, which scale better with procs and raw stats, and the latter has access to Fatal procs for a ton of gear, skyrocketing their damage.
                      However, Mages can't crit with their meteors, so Lancers can actually out-DPS them when crit buffs are present. Archers eschew their defenses with offensive investment.

                      "Lancers are so useless! Why use them in PvE when Soldiers, Mages, and Archers outdamage them heavily? (Pre-5th Ring)

                      I assume you're looking at all those Lancers who run EE/Knight's Blitz/Sting/Savage Sting. They never use the Basic Attack (only when everything else is in cooldown, or if the monster has low HP), spam Sting/Savage Sting even when a non-boss monster is inflicted with Break, and they almost always ask for Haste at the start of every quest.

                      Not only that, they sometimes swap in Dragon Assault for Basic Attack, which is the absolute WORST thing you could do as a Lancer. Cardinal Sin #1! You not only get rid of the skill that makes up the majority of your damage output as a pseudo Physical multi-hit attack, but exchange it for something that has higher Burst, but significantly lower sustained damage in the long run, and it drains your cost like nothing.

                      Also, they tend to have the Apollo Set Blessing equipped. As mentioned before, it interferes with your Main Slot procs, so your Sub Slot procs, containing the Heart skills that boost the Break counters of your skills, will get stuffed if Apollo's Favor/Apollo's Glory proc at any time. There’s times where a double procced Heart of the Spear has its uses, especially in newer content where Break Tolerances are significantly higher.

                      Attack Stance boosts the overall damage Lancers deal, and it makes Basic Attack turn into a viable damage skill. It only affects Physical damage taken, so Magic attacks won't kill you. The 6/5/5/4 build has enough raw stats to justify using this skill for PvE. If someone throws a Joan buff, Basic Attack becomes devastating.

                      Even though you lose ATK from taking off monsters, in PvP, players have less HP than monsters. So things like Knight’s Blitz and Break Thrust can still take off a huge chunk of an opponent’s HP. Plus, there’s Reflection and Damage Down procs to worry about, and those hinder Glass builds a lot more.

                      About Soldiers, while they did outdamage Lancers during 4th Ring, they don't cause Break. Their skills are less cooldown-efficient than Lancers are, so they burn cost a lot faster. They may scale from ATK and DEF, and people keep making the mistake of thinking that a Soldier with 8 stacks of ATK and DEF buffs (from Valks for example) outdamages Lancers by a long shot. This is false, as shown by the calculations below:

                      80k DEF, 40k ATK Soldier w/ max buffs
                      DEF: 80k * 1.8 = 144k
                      ATK: 40k * 1.8 = 72k

                      Effective ATK = 108k (average of ATK and DEF together)

                      60k ATK Lancer w/ max buffs
                      ATK: 60k * 1.8 = 108k

                      No matter how many buffs the Soldier has, a Lancer will still have similar damage if the ATK/DEF ratio of the Soldier is equal to that particular Lancer's ATK. Also, some enemies cast DEF debuffs; a Soldier will have their damage lowered from this, while a Lancer still deals full damage even while having their DEF debuffed, so in a sense, Lancers are less vulnerable to damage drops than Soldiers.

                      Soldier skill damage scales from a combined total of their ATK and DEF divided by 2, so in a way, they scale from ATK at half the amount a Lancer would. For example, a Soldier with 40k ATK will scale from it 50% (expressed as 0.21 in the damage formula), while a Lancer will scale from 40k ATK by 100% (expressed as 0.42 in the damage formula).

                      This causes Soldiers to maximize their DEF and ATK through Armor and Helm type gear, along with Fire monsters, and by doing so, they leave themselves with paper-thin MDEF (unless they were absolutely loaded with Infusions and +gear), and since Soldier moves draw in aggro, they can do potentially aggro Magic-based mobs like Nemain, and get themselves injured heavily by a Shadow Ball. DPS Soldiers require significantly more investment to setup than Lancers, not only on the DEF and ATK side, but also the MDEF side; trying to invest into MDEF as a Soldier causes them to sacrifice their DEF scaling. Lancers have room to equip Magic-focused Clothing gear or MDEF monsters to have a good amount of MDEF without sacrificing damage output.

                      The main reason why Dual Sword hits so hard? Soldiers often carry the Apollo Set and stack the crap out of Testament/Glory procs, and Lancers need the Heart proc for Double Sting if they want it to be reliable for inflicting Break and having good DPS. Not only that, Dual Sword has 120 Base AP per hit. Double Sting is 110 if comboed. This minor difference in AP is enough to have Soldiers look like they deal huge damage, while in reality, Lancers without the Apollo Set maximize the reliability of their Heart of the Spear proc rate. They also rarely bring Double Sting due to its Heart procs not being backwards-compatible, requiring Secret procs to be reliable. The terribad base Break bonus didn’t do it favors either with its high cost.

                      Lastly, speaking of which, never underestimate Break. It leads to a massive damage increase for Archers and Mages due to being a pocket 80% DEF and MDEF penetration effect, affecting every single hit of their skills. So if you have 3 Mages in your team, and they each deal 8k more damage per line when attacking a Broken target, you're looking at 72k to 144k damage you can earn from a Lancer who knows what they're doing and ensuring maximum Break upkeep time.

                      Not only does Break lead to a massive damage increase, it also turbocharges your Unison bars too. 13% added from every Max Chain adds up significantly, ensuring 2nd wave buff unis, 2nd unis during a boss, quick uni gain for United Offense, and more. This presence should never be underestimated.

                      Important Note: Keep in mind that this explanation was based off Double Sting being an 11 sec CD skill that was 18 cost. It also had crappy base Break bonus as well. Even then, Soldiers seem like they out-DPS Lancers, but they burn cost a lot faster, and their DPS skill set doesn’t have utility other than aggro. They were better off getting Vanquish procs to make it a dirty skill that can utterly demolish the offensive stats of a target.

                      (Overall, the point of this section and answer was to prove how even during 4th Ring, Lancers weren't as bad as people made them out to be.)

                      "How come Lancers don't have a Healing ability? Soldiers have Sacred Hand, Archers have WTB and can use Cure, Mages have lifesteal and can Cure too! WHY ARE WE THE ONLY CLASS WITHOUT HEALS?!"

                      The complaints about Lancers being unable to self-recover is the absolute most common complaint about Lancers, period. If I had a dollar every time someone said that, I would already have a Joan already. Oh, and maybe some Reflection XL procs too while we’re at it. I'm positive!

                      That's what I meant when I said "I won't stop you from building glass." I also stated rather loosely, "I won't be responsible for your inability to survive certain moments at times," too.

                      So what if other classes can heal? It's still a waste of an ability slot and cost that could've been spent just attacking. I'll break it down for you, if you aren't convinced:

                      Soldier - Sacred Hand scales off MATK/MDEF like typical heals, doesn't really heal much to be viable

                      Archer - WTB is OP, but that cost could've been spent towards saving up for another Deadly Arabesque and other attacks for DPSing effectively Plus, that slot could've been a 3rd attack for high cost-dumping DPS.

                      Mage - Cure is already a waste considering they can Lifesteal, and the Lifesteal is justified from having the lowest HP in the game (tied with Clerics)

                      Now let's have it your way for a bit.
                      Even if Lancers DID have a healing ability of some sort, they would still rather use that slot for something different. You still need space for 2 Stings, EE, and then another option. If that last slot is a heal, it's a waste because you could've used something like Attack Stance to contribute to DPS with Basic Attack abuse, or Mass Refresh/Purifying Light/Cheer to support the team.

                      Plus, if they were to give Lifesteal to a Lancer, that would easily make them become broken. Their attacks already hit quite hard, and those hard hitting attacks mean higher Lifesteal based on that high damage output to take health off of. Besides, even if Lancers were to get a new Lifesteal skill, it would have to compete with the slot not taken up by the two Stings, or EE. If it were a Basic Ability, then it may have terrible scaling and a long cooldown.

                      Also, why bother with self-healing when a Cleric can do the job for you with AoE heals and everything? I know you made the comments of the potential of meeting "bad Clerics," but they are still easy to avoid if you pay attention to their skills (no HB, for example), or learn from past experiences. Just leave heals to the Clerics, and focus on Breaking and spamming Basic Attacks for self-sustaining DPS. If Lancers had a Lifesteal of some sort, they will be OP without question.

                      Archers and Mages may be able to heal, but they waste cost that could've been spent attacking. Justified with the latter having Lifesteal and everything...

                      And don't use the in-game description about Lancers having to sacrifice defense for attack as a crutch. In-game descriptions don't tell the full story of how a class works. You have to go beyond that and make your build yourself.

                      "Why wouldn't you use the Apollo Set? 10% ATK boost is like another Lance, and you get more offensive procs with it, and I already cause Break so easily! I don't care what you say about it interfering with my Heart of the Spear procs!"

                      First off, what mobs are you causing Break to easily? Main Quest mobs? Mobs in 30 cost monster events or Orb quests?

                      Hate to break it to you (no pun intended), but those mobs have a joke of a Break tolerance! So small that even a Basic Attack or an Archer Lethal Strikes can Break them easily.

                      Newer content, such as 34 cost monster events, Guild Raid, and United Offense have monsters that are significantly more tolerant to Break. Guild Raid and United Offense bosses require 3 Heart of the Spear triggers to inflict Break. Good luck with that when you keep triggering Apollo's Favor/Glory. Also, about the mobs in content like the 34 cost events past the first wave, they often withstand a single proc Heart of the Spear without having Break inflicted into them. Sometimes, even a 1 proc Sting + procless Savage Sting combo won't be enough! (Just ask the Petrasaur from Curious Defender, a Break-tolerant monster in a main quest)

                      Same thing happens in Mobius. The 2 Titan Golems require 1 Heart of the Spear trigger + procless Sting to inflict Break on them individually. Guess what happens when you keep double proccing Apollo's Favor/Glory? You won't Break these Golems, thus costing your team the run.

                      10% ATK Boost is like another Lance, sure, but it doesn't have the same effect as it does for a Mage with their multi-hit meteor attacks.


                      Keep in mind, this point was before all the love Lancers got from the devs, with buffs to the base Break bonus for Double Sting and Severe Sting. Thanks to these buffs, the Apollo Set Blessing spiked in viability in PvE, but this point is still here because this was back during the days when the Apollo Set Blessing wasn't really viable due to the Proc Priority System.

                      "Why am I always running out of cost? Lancers NEED Haste to be effective! They are useless without it!"

                      Stop spamming Knight's Blitz and Stings when they're off cooldown, then! Abuse Cost Recovery Attack Stance Basic Attacks, and only use Stings as a cost dump (at boss) or when there's nothing Broken on the other side! Take off Knight's Blitz for Attack Stance! There you go, you have a Lancer build that can sustain its cost more effectively than others!

                      (And if I see you even ATTEMPT to use Dragon Assault in PvE... expect me to spam the x_x face on you and call you out.)

                      The modern-day equivalent would be Lancers spamming Death Pierce, Severe Sting (before it got buffed), and Cross Assault. Just because a skill is 5th Ring doesn’t mean it’s worth using all the time. Also, don’t forget you get an AP bonus for using Cross Assault against a target inflicted with Break. Don’t use Cross Assault against a target without Break applied, or against a target with low HP. Severe Sting is rather mediocre, since it has low Break bonus. (That is, until it got buffed, so now it's a must-have for PvE)

                      “Basic Attack is too situational! You have to have Cost Recovery and Joan to make it worth it, and some people have already infused their Cost Recovery procs!”

                      False. Even without Cost Recovery, the Basic Attack doesn’t chew through cost unlike Severe Sting or Cross Assault. Plus, even if you do happen to infuse your Cost Recovery Lance, that’s what the Cost Recovery Sword or Bow are for (but it’s still your fault infusing it to begin with).

                      Even if you don’t have Joan, there’s still lots of people with [RQ] Mari. Even the SSR version of her is viable as is. 20 Physical AP is just as much as an Attack Stance boost, and it stacks! She’s viable enough, don’t worry.

                      Sure, you may sacrifice some weapon procs for Heart of the Spear types for higher Break bonus, but that’s what Apollo’s Glory is for. They have the same proc rate at Testament XLs, and the power difference isn’t that bad.

                      "WTF why do I keep dying to Mage Meteor Rains? That -bleep- is so OP!"

                      Let me guess, you're running a Glass build, aren't you? Even with Mage Defiance, Meteors can still kill you through it if they double proc, and you don't proc in return. Plus, Meteor Rain comes out faster than any of your attacks not named Dragon Crush, Basic Attack, or Knight's Blitz, so trying to OHKO that Meteor Raining Mage just won't work.

                      Instead, you'd want Guard + 2 Attacks as your PvP setup. If you see Meteor Rain double proc, stop what you're doing and press Guard immediately. Guard provides insurance in case Mages win the proc war. After you find a way to endure the Mage's attacks, you can then use a combo like Savage Sting/Knight's Blitz + Double Sting (pre-4th ring), or recently, Break Thrust + Cross Assault, to decimate them.

                      Offtank Lancer builds do an excellent job at tanking Meteors. They have enough procs to humilate these Mages and then wombo combo them.

                      (Nowadays, Mage Meteor Rains deal pitiful damage to Lancers, and they need to absolutely win the proc war, that is, double proc + no defensive proc triggers to even scratch Lancers with any rocks)

                      While these next statements are technically not Lancer complaints…


                      Go home, you’re drunk, even while you’re six feet under in your grave with all your banned accounts on top of your coffin. You’re that same guy who thinks Savage Sting is the best skill for Archers to inflict Break. Savage Sting.

                      Charged Rain may have high potential damage, scaling well with procs, and a much lower cooldown than (pre-buff) Dragon Crush, I’ll give you that. But you still have that nasty 25 second cooldown to deal with. Not only that, Charged Rain hitting once is more disappointing than a Meteor Rain hitting twice.

                      Best leave the AoEs to the Mages, son. Mind Hack, Ether Burst, etc. are way better.

                      (Not to mention, post-5th Ring release, Dragon Crush now has a lower CD than Charged Rain, and is much faster now, so it’s more reliable. Take that Charged Rain to your grave while you’re at it.)

                      “Smash has incredible DPS! How come you aren’t using that as a practical skill?”

                      Spaz, I’ll tell you why.

                      You have 4 ability slots. One of them must be EE to have a good amount of cost and use your skills properly. Then you must have 2 Sting skills for reliability to inflict Break.

                      Now the last slot is a wild card. Often, a utility like Mass Refresh/Balancing/Purifying Light finds its way here. But since Lancers already bring utility with Break to turbocharge Unison gauges, a move like Attack Stance works great here too to make the Basic Attack worth spamming, which makes you less reliant on EE thanks to Cost Recovery potential.

                      If you put Smash there, it’s still a cost drainer. Its cooldown is low relative to its cost, and it isn’t worth it considering your Stings have more utility.

                      If you replace a Sting with Smash, that makes your utility even more weaker. One Sting just isn’t enough. If you fail to proc, then don’t expect that mob to get inflicted with Break. Maybe if it was a Main Quest or 30 cost/orb monster event, you can still sneak by, but don’t expect your build to succeed in newer content, where mobs are significantly more tolerant to Break.

                      Attack Stance boosts the damage of all your attacks, and if you can spam your Basic Attack, the damage definitely adds up, and since the Basic Attack is cooldown efficient, you won’t see your cost bar go down when you spam it.

                      With 5th Ring, Cross Assault is now the definitive Physical damage skill. That move scales much better than Smash and deals a gargantuan amount of damage per use, perfect for beating down targets inflicted with Break. It’s also a viable replacement to Attack Stance, should you choose that playstyle of focusing on Break, and then using Cross Assault as a cost dump skill.

                      Double Sting inflicts Break easier, so you may as well use Cross Assault instead of Smash at this point!

                      Therefore, Smash, while tempting to use for its huge DPS, still has nothing on the utility of the other Lancer attacks. Plus, you have to use a Sword in the Main Slot, which takes up the Main Slot proc rate of Heart of the Spear. It takes more Sub Slot procs to have comparable proc rates to a Main Slot!

                      Miscellaneous Lancer Mistakes

                      Even at 5th Ring, some people still don’t understand how Lancers work. Most of them bring EE/Death Pierce/Severe Sting/Cross Assault, and ignore the fact that Double Sting is now a God Tier move to inflict Break with.

                      Here’s the common mistakes done with each skill:

                      Severe Sting
                      Now, Severe Sting isn’t a bad skill. It has a lower cooldown and cost than Knight’s Blitz, and hits just as hard when Break is applied. It also procs from Assault Mastery XL and the GB 3.0 Lance, which both have a significantly higher proc rate and damage than even XXL procs!

                      But, the fun ends here. Lancers still have a 4 moveslot syndrome going on. EE is a must-have, then they must have 2 Stings. The last move can be whatever, but the best choices are often Attack Stance, party utilities, or Cross Assault. If you use Severe Sting as your 2nd Sting attack, be warned that its base Break bonus is pathetically low, kinda like pre-buff Double Sting. So if you try to inflict Break with Savage Sting or Double Sting (whichever one you choose), and then fail at inflicting Break, your DPS lowers by a huge amount. Assault Mastery XL does not boost Break bonus on the same vein as the predecessor Stings, so it certainly falls off in utility.

                      Thankfully, the recent buff to Severe Sting drastically improved its viability. Multiple Lancers with this skill can pulverize enemies and ensure Break is available for turbo-charged Unison building.

                      Cross Assault
                      Even the ultimate Physical attack has people using it wrong. All the time, actually! There’s still players who wildly spam Cross Assault as if it were Knight’s Blitz. Not only that, they aren’t aware that a +50 AP damage to Broken targets effect exists for this move, and they often just bump into targets without Break and waste the potential damage this move has. A Cross Assault is still extremely powerful against a Mage, even without Break, but against other classes, they need Break for CA to deal some serious damage.

                      Death Pierce
                      Even with its hidden +50 AP bonus damage to Broken targets, Death Pierce still gets beaten out by other Lancer options, especially Cross Assault. Since the DEF threshold required for Death Pierce to be good is rather high anyways, it’s just an inferior choice to Cross Assault. Move along.

                      I guess the only advantage it has is it... uh... deals all its damage much faster than Cross Assault? An experienced Cleric can carefully time a precise Aid before the second hit of Cross Assault hits, and then Cross Assault would be "weaker" in that regard, but the thing is, Cross Assault is really fast, so it's not much of an issue.

                      Knight’s Blitz
                      People still bring this move along even at 5th Ring. It is still a terrible choice for PvE, and further proves my preference for Attack Stance Basic Attacks. Why bring Knight’s Blitz, when Cross Assault and Double Sting are already far better choices?

                      On the PvP side of things, Knight’s Blitz seems viable for a 3rd damage skill. Break Thrust > Cross Assault > Knight’s Blitz is a dangerous chain of attacks, especially since KB is an extremely fast move that deals high unconditional damage. Although Cross Assault is already powerful enough that a 3rd attack move is not necessary, so a support move or Guard works better. It's possible to use this depending on your strategy of either "all in" or "counter assault," though you would require some Barrier support from Clerics to make up for being unable to Guard...

                      Dragon Assault
                      Ugh, Dragon Assault. Have I not ranted about this move enough? Every time I host a lobby, the first thing I do is immediately check any Lancer if they have Dragon Assault, and if they do, BAM! Autokick. I don't care if you have an Ares or Joan, you're still getting kicked. The Joan would be a waste with Dragon Assault due to its long cooldown time being highly inefficient for AP scaling. The only time I'd even let a Dragon Assault Lancer in a quest is if there's no other people joining, and the matchmaking time limit is almost up, but I'll still call you out.

                      Dragon Assault Lancers in PvE are the 2nd Cardinal Sin for playing a Lancer. Wanna know the 1st Cardinal Sin? CURE. Those 4-digit or sub-20k heals aren't gonna save you, especially since your MDEF and MATK stats tend to be fairly low. Leave the healing to the Clerics; trying to self-sustain yourself would just end up with you running out of cost and asking for Haste.

                      Usually, when I join a host, and they let a few Dragon Assault Lancers through, I spam the x_x once the Lancer uses Dragon Assault. I even got one person to question why I'm doing that (a non-Lancer), but I enlightened him about why "DRAGON ASSAULT SUCKS", as I say when my Uni is full. Usually, however, when I spam the x_x face, this gets the Lancers to stop spamming Dragon Assault and go back to using Severe Sting repeatedly for some reason (while unaware that Cross Assault vs Break is still strong even uncomboed).

                      Soul of the Ogre
                      It has occurred to me that many high-leveled (whale) Lancers are taking Soul of the Ogre into PvE.

                      While it's not a bad skill on paper, being a cheap DPS boost, and working excellently for Severe Sting and Cross Assault, it's still an inferior option to Basic Attack. It can double-stack with Attack Stance, and works astonishingly well after a Rin Kagamine or Audi EVA-01 or Shina or Wind Athena Uni, but you still take off a skill which has comparable DPS to 5th Ring attacks once given enough support.

                      I actually don't mind Soul of the Ogre Lancers, but when a target has low HP, and I see the SoO Lancer finish off a low HP target with Cross Assault... then that's where I can kinda draw the line.

                      The Apollo Set Blessing greatly improves the damage of the Basic Attack, which benefits heavily from procs. With enough Basic Attacks, you should be able to outdamage the boosts SoO gives you in the long run.

                      Plus, the duration is only 30 seconds. The cooldown? A full 60 seconds! Given how buffs decay over wave transitions, this really hurts SoO's potential.

                      Like I said, SoO isn't a bad skill, but you can get Crit Damage and Physical AP from PvE Unison buffs. It's a skill which fits much better in a PvP environment.

                      The Cardinal Sins of Playing a Lancer

                      These are the common things noob Lancers do which just don't make sense:

                      #1 - Using Cure or other self-recovery moves and healing pitiful amounts of HP

                      The biggest Cardinal Sin of Lancers, hands down. Not only is that Cure you're holding healing you for pitiful amounts, it's also a cost burner too. So what if you can heal yourself? That still wastes a ton of cost which can be used for Party Utilities or even more attacks.

                      #2 - Using DRAGON ASSAULT

                      Haven't I mentioned how much I despise this skill throughout this entire guide already? It's by far the worst Lancer move in their entire skill set, although some may argue the Rushes are worse.

                      Point it, Dragon Assault has good burst damage, but not as good as Severe Sting, and it also has abysmal DPS and CE scaling with procs and buffs. It's the "Anti Basic Attack" due to how it's pretty much everything the Basic Attack is the opposite of.

                      Even though it's tempting to use Dragon Assault for Elemental Rush Arcadia... DON'T. It looks feasible with the constant stagger unison spam, but considering you're using Severe Sting + Double Sting/Cross Assault repeatedly, Dragon Assault is still a burden. You're better off spamming Cross Assault/Severe Sting alongside the Basic Attack once Break is applied; both moves together (either combination) have better cost efficiency and total damage than Dragon Assault.

                      #3 - Using Flora as a utility monster

                      Ugh, do I really have to write about this fairy? Flora is useless in PvE. STOP. USING. FLORA. She has no potential. "Hey, but she gives Regen as a way to heal as a Lancer!" Hey, but good, easier-to-get utility monsters like Taurus and Amaterasu exist! Why not use them instead? Give me one advantage Flora has. Raw ATK? I'll give you that, but Taurus's ATK buff outweighs this severely. Healing? Amaterasu has Mass Refresh and a Reflect, which can help the Cleric save cost while healing the party.

                      Besides, how much is that Regen REALLY healing? 5% HP per 5 seconds over 70 seconds is just 70% HP. Imagine a Cleric using Aid, Greater Aid, or Dignity. We all know how much HP that restores. Guess what, a simple cast of a Cleric skill heals waaaaay more than what Flora can bring out.

                      Point is, if you're throwing out Flora as a utility monster, you may as well be throwing out a Passa at that point. Those 3 Wind Orbs you spent on her are completely and utterly wasted. They could've been used to reforge Alice's MDEF Glory or even Tempest Lances as a farmable source of Physical Testament XL procs.

                      (And whoever was telling everyone to reforge Flora to UR as a "good" utility Monster... I KNOW you're out there.)

                      #4 - Using Knight's Blitz/Death Pierce in PvE

                      I know you're trying to show off the highest damage hit you can do with KB, but still, Knight's Blitz is a terribad PvE attack. It doesn't matter if you're a random noob Lancer or even a 110k+ ATK Lancer.

                      This move is completely outclassed by Severe Sting and Cross Assault, both attacks having far superior DPS, comparable cost, and burst at the same time. Severe Sting has become a core Lancer PvE skill, a must-have after that insane Break Bonus buff it recently got.

                      Some DPS Lancers carry Severe Sting + Cross Assault + KB. Even though you can "cheat" the cooldown of KB, it's still not a Meteor Strike, which got buffed with a smaller cooldown relative to its original one.

                      The high cooldown of KB (longer than any other Lancer skill not named Dragon Crush) means it has terrible DPS scaling. You can do 3.75 Basic Attacks and outdamage Knight's Blitz with sustained damage output over time.

                      Death Pierce, despite getting a "hidden" Break Bonus AP effect (+50), is still a bad skill to use. Sure, it ignores DEF, but there shouldn't really be a place where this would be required. If you really wanted to use a 3rd damage skill, I'd suggest Double Sting. However, 3 attack moves burns too much cost, and you'd use 2 out of 3 of them to conserve cost appropriately. Thus...

                      A better move to use if you wanted to be a DPS Lancer would be Attack Stance. This skill boosts your damage all for the low price of 0 cost. It also transforms the Basic Attack into a WMD, as it can deal insane amounts of damage for an incredibly low cost requirement.

                      Even during Mobius runs where I pick Soldier to ensure parties, I still see Lancers carrying KB alongside two other attack skills. KB is still a terrible PvE move for the reasons I mentioned earlier. At the very least use Double Sting or Cross Assault in its place.

                      And in extreme cases, I see Lancers taking 4 attack skills, one of them being KB. I really don't know what to say, and it's pitiful when I see them KB for less damage than even my fake Soldier's Antagonize does. It disappoints me as a Lancer.
                      XVI. Credits

                      I didn't exactly did all of this alone. From my lurking on the forums for who knows how long, I was able to see tips on playing a Lancer effectively.

                      @VzReo - Encouraged everyone that Lancer is not the weakest class in the game during the darkest hour, suggesting the 6/5/5/4 Offtank build, plus the Attack Stance and Cost Recovery strategies, and also deriving the damage formula. Until that day, 'til all... are one.

                      @Cobalt - For his original guide, back in the time where Lancers can OHKO-2HKO everyone with Knight's Blitz, and his guide formatting. While we have lost a hero to our glorious cause, it doesn't foreshadow our defeat, because it is a new beginning.

                      And if you're reading this, RISE! Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger! (Cobalt thirsts for the strength of his Lancers!)

                      SIEG COBALT!

                      SIEG COBALT!

                      SIEG COBALT!

                      @Nemuremumori - For stating how AP boosts work really well with Double Sting when it first came out while people started dismissing it as inferior to Knight's Blitz, its uses in PvP as a Mage Impaler, elaborating on the usefulness of Attack Stance, and also the 1 cost Limimin strategy to fill in the monster slots left for a 4-monster build (and also noticing how much I like the Basic Attack on the forums lol, pointing it out even in-game like during Subquests or Event Quests). Plus, the compilation about "Equipment Skill Information" is extremely helpful.

                      @Smile - For his silly nicknames for skills (Severe Sting = Savager Sting, Dual Impact = Dual Imposter)

                      @Shiki - For giving me more advice on Lancer builds like for PvP, something I'm not too skilled in. And also knowing how Break is determined by the base AP of a skill, and for exposing how useless the Apollo Set really is. Once I heard that, I immediately dropped the Apollo Set and never looked back.

                      P.S. GO HOME HELIOS :v

                      @Vostera - For jumping the gun with the other guide, emphasizing the importance of Break in the guide, and getting testimony from other top Lancers like stonecold who are in the rankings (formatting could've used a bit more work, but at least I'm here to pick up the slack). Thank you for allowing me to post on your guide while you quit so I could reach out to others who need help with building a Lancer, and tide them over until the release of this guide.

                      @CarmineCoffee - While she doesn't play Lancer, she still addressed the main points of what a GOOD Lancer in Mobius does, and listed off all the skills that GOOD Lancers bring. (In a way to prevent a certain someone from defaming this class)

                      @Link - His (old) guild, Zodiac, for showing me how powerful Break Thrust really is. Their Lancers were using Break Thrust, and I noticed it never triggered procs at all. I thought they were messing around due to Break Thrust having a cool animation, but turns out they weren’t.

                      @Ace - Convincing people not to run 6 monsters for a Lancer. Also acknowledged the nature of single-hit high-AP attacks being a strength of a Lancer, which constitute the majority of their attacks. (And also coming up with the origins behind Lancers and Croissants)

                      Linathan - coming up with the name "Sharp Croissant" for Cross Assault

                      @Shanoa - for providing information on the Mastery skills before the description got fixed, specifically the proc rate and AP modifier the L-sized procs grant, with her friend spawning one of these weapons (though that friend should probably had taken a picture of it back then lol)

                      @TaikunZ - for telling me how in JPUL, glass Lancer builds are still usable. Oh, and that Severe Sting name too!

                      Pooper - for being the first one to take the role of JPUL Content Translator before above player filled in the gap as you quit

                      @BlitzJager - for showing the true power of a max infused Sakura Lance, never knew they had an extremely high raw ATK stat yield

                      @Whaku - for testing out the GB 3.0 Lance and confirming that its proc for Severe Sting does not increase its Break bonus

                      SpazPro - based off one of the questions on that little section off his love for Smash

                      Caelestiel - for her thread on beating the Sub Quest to become an Executioner

                      Mirabelle - for her PvE event threads, showing exactly what abilities and skills bosses use, allowing for easier preparation instead of wiping in blind runs (for example, Heroic Stranger)

                      Wubbstep - for allowing me to help his friend on what Lance was better to buy for Halloween Candies, making him feel like he isn't missing out on much if he picked the Testament XXL over Halloween Jack (Buyer's Remorse is a thing lol, and I wanted him to feel less of it)

                      Aiolos - for sharing his data for his 60 AP Manannan runs on drop rates for the Monster... which allowed me to write that the 8/8/7/4 Tank Lancer buiild isn't realistically plausible

                      @A Certain Salty Lancer - For being the same person that always brings up all these Lancer rants in the past

                      @Meme Guy - used his suggestion on Charged Rain to springboard one of the phrases for "This is how you DON'T play Lancers"
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                      This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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                        Please accept my thanks and gratitude for all the time, effort and enthusiasm you put into this guide project! I've read it through several times now, trying to commit to memory, and really appreciate your efforts.

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                        MelancholyUL It will change periodically; I'll list off changes on this post whenever appropriate.


                      - July 31, 2017
                      Updated the Monsters section with Monster Potentials, and also wrote a subsection about the Granvia Lance and the materials needed for reforging it from SR to UR. Also wrote an analysis on the actual effects of the weapon as well, so you can decide if it's worth it or not.

                      - June 30, 2017
                      Updated the guide with the ToJ Lancer skills, and those are amazing for PvE. But for PvP, not so much...

                      - May 5, 2017
                      Damage Formula update is huge, where Damage Down-style mitigation is actually much, much powerful than Reflection-style mitigation after all; constants also work great with the former. Re:Zero proc is meh, and so is Death Pierce after I analyzed it a third time. Also edited the Null Damage proc section, stating to just get the Null Magic Damage proc instead of Null Physical if possible, and to wait until you have a Reflection XL/Damage Down XL so you can easily decide what piece to buy.

                      - April 14, 2017

                      A few Spring Cleaning stuff here and there, added in a disclaimer to the Gear Setup builds if you're using multiple pieces of 35 cost gear in your defensive equipment. Also updated Pierce, Sting, Savage Sting, and Cross Assault based off the buffs they received, wrote about Opening Skills, and added in entries for the Swaying Sakura Basic Ability and the Miku Lancer Testament.

                      It's also viable to buy the SSR ATK Furniture too if you don't want to wait so long just to get a Null Damage proc. They're still good, but expensive in both Medals and cost. Veterans usually have an easier time affording Null Damage procs due to how there's been 9 RGBs since the Global server launched.

                      - March 11, 2017

                      HAPPY PI DAY!

                      Updated for information regarding the 35 cost monster, about how unrealistic the 8/8/7/4 Monster build really is. Also added PvE and PvP Ratings for all Lancer skills, the Main/Sub Slot proc rates for Lancer procs as a form of a small overhaul of the guide.

                      - February 20, 2017
                      Updated the Intro with updated information, namely my ATK and GS, clarifying that my stats were based off what they were by the time the guide was posted. Other sections needed a fresh coat of paint, like the Cost Builds, to reflect the changes with the new level caps (JPUL being as far as like Lv. 155), along with the recent Lv. 40 Crystal Cap.

                      I kinda neglected the Mobius and Colo sections, so I updated them with some more information. In Colo's case, I also added in an explanation on why they choose the elements they do.

                      - February 12, 2017
                      Made a post clarifying the Cross Assault glitch. Some people claimed only the second hit gets +50 AP damage on Break, but actually, the first hit gets +50 AP damage, and the second hit gets +100 AP instead! I felt this was unintentional, so every Cross Assault calculation I did factored in +50 AP for both hits, rather than +50 (first hit) then +100 (second hit).
                      Also updated the Monster section to include Abeno Seimei (whom everyone keeps forgetting), Verdandi, and Valkyrie Zero ("WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!?"). Even added another fresh lick of paint to update the damage values of certain Unison monster attacks, since that has been rather outdated for a while.

                      - February 9, 2017
                      Added in the new Basic Ability, Heroic Dread, in the Basic Abilities section. Also threw in my inside joke for Dragon Assault since I felt like something was missing...

                      - January 27, 2017

                      MAJOR DISCOVERY

                      Lancer's Conviction is NOT a 45% Main Slot proc rate and 20% Sub Slot proc rate skill.
                      I thought it was, considering that GB weapons usually have the same proc rates as the skill they boost, and it would make sense because it would follow powercreep. However, this doesn't seem to be the case; I think they made Mastery procs much stronger than Conviction to give them more value as 5th Ring procs, considering how Heart/Secret procs are literally like "Testament XXLs" for those specific skills with added effects being amplified.

                      So I make major changes to every instance of "Lancer's Conviction" on the guide, and I don't recommend spending your hard-earned Legend Medals on this unless you wanted a fancy stat stick.

                      - January 13, 2017

                      Retested Elemental Damage to confirm it was a +5% ATK/MATK boost despite what the in-game details display in your Equipment screen. Due to the results, I had to edit out the parts relating to Elemental Damage.

                      - January 9, 2017

                      Updated the Elemental Rush Arcadia section after I played through it a few times. Also corrected the Digression page with Mage's +3 ALL Elements stacks from all their 5th Ring passives being effectively a +30% MATK passive altogether, which actually makes them a lot stronger than Lancers in PvE damage-wise, but they still suffer from surviving and also utility.

                      - January 3, 2017

                      Added information on Enforcer Testament, and fixed an issue with a quote bug that was an oversight earlier on in the guide. Also added in the "Cardinal Sins of Lancers" under the "This is how you DON'T Play Lancers" section for flavour...

                      - December 30

                      Just a few coats of paint on the Monsters section... I didn't realize Taurus and Valk buffs had a longer duration than I thought they were. Also updated the defensive builds in terms of elemental damage advantage, because the elemental damage rework is worth looking into.

                      - December 26

                      Rewrote my analysis on Break Attack; I observed it to be more useful than I thought it would be. Also a few minor changes here and there, like a few things I haven't covered with Severe Sting, and if a statement in my guide was made obsolete by skill buffs or other changes, I put it in quotations to clearly distinguish the old statements I had. (like Break Attack, Apollo Set Blessing, and Critical Hit Mechanics)

                      - December 21

                      After extensive playtesting with the Apollo Set Blessing, I can now say that thanks to the massive Break Bonus buff to Severe Sting, it's now viable for PvE. Furthermore, I edited a few sections with Severe Sting's buff in mind.

                      Also listed out the importance of the Super Challenge Event Quest Monsters, which are 35 cost and have excellent cost efficiency. They actually make 4 UR Lancer builds viable into 8th Gear Slot!

                      - December 9

                      Adjusted the information for Severe Sting, now listing it as a viable PvE skill, and adding it to various builds for PvE.

                      - December 8

                      Severe Sting buffs are now live!

                      - December 3

                      Whaku sent me a PM saying that Severe Sting got buffed to IMMENSE levels in JPUL. It now has the same Break bonus as a single Heart proc Sting. Thus, it drastically changes the way a Lancer plays in PvE.

                      - November 30

                      Constructed a DPS Scaling table for the strongest attacks a Lancer has in their arsenal - Basic Attack, Double Sting, Severe Sting, Cross Assault.

                      - November 28

                      Section IV. is bugged. The edits that worked a while ago somehow derped out and changed back to the old version with the bad URL link. I'll try moving each of the posts down one slot...

                      - November 25
                      Another fresh coat of paint, and....


                      So I went back to patched it right up. Sorry if you read that part and thought it didn't make any sense... :c

                      And more importantly, the bug with editing Section IV. is now fixed, so later on, I'll update it with collab monsters.

                      - November 24
                      Editing... Editing... Hey, how come Section IV isn't getting edited no matter how many times I click "Save?!"

                      - November 23 - 24
                      Rework of guide structures, clearing typos and keeping information up to date ("Don't touch the Wet Paint")

                      - November 22-23, 2016
                      Guide is up after a few months in the making!
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                      IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

                      This Is How You DO Play Lancers


                        Since we have a ton of Lancer skills, I think now's the time to create a DPS Ranking list for Lancer skills.

                        Note: For Basic Abilities, I used Basic Attack and Deadly Blow. While the others aren't too bad, their additional effects are attainable from unis, and their DPS is lower than Basic Attack. Also, all of this assumes the target is under Break, and Combos are used. The first hit of Cross Assault is +50 AP, while its second hit is +100 AP, both during Break.

                        Base DPS
                        1.) Cross Assault 47.778
                        2.) Severe Sting 36.667
                        3.) Dragon Claw 33.75
                        4.) Execution Spear 32.500
                        5.) Deadly Blow 28.333

                        6.) Double Sting 24.444 (22.222 comboless)
                        7.) Pierce 20.000
                        8.) Sting 20.000
                        9.) Savage Sting 18.889
                        10.) Death Pierce 18.182
                        Basic Attack 15.000
                        Knight's Blitz 14.667
                        ​Dragon Assault 10.667

                        DPS After 40 Physical AP Buff + Attack Stance (+60 AP)
                        1.) Cross Assault 61.111
                        2.) Dragon Claw 56.250
                        3.) Execution Spear 47.500
                        4.) Severe Sting 46.667
                        5.) Double Sting 40.000 (35.556 comboless)

                        6.) Deadly Blow 38.333
                        7.) Basic Attack 30.000
                        8.) Pierce 28.571
                        9.) Sting 27.500
                        10.) Savage Sting 25.556
                        Death Pierce 23.636
                        Knight's Blitz 18.667
                        ​Dragon Assault 14.667

                        DPS After 2 XXL Procs, 40 Physical AP Buff + Attack Stance (+160 AP)
                        1.) Dragon Claw 93.750
                        2.) Cross Assault 83.333
                        3.) Execution Spear 72.500
                        4.) Severe Sting 63.333
                        5.) Double Sting 62.222 (57.778 comboless)

                        6.) Deadly Blow 55.000
                        7.) Basic Attack 55.000
                        8.) Pierce 42.857
                        9.) Sting 40.000
                        10.) Break Thrust 37.500
                        Death Pierce 32.727
                        Knight's Blitz 25.333
                        ​Dragon Assault 21.333

                        DPS After 40 Physical AP Buff + Attack Stance + 50% CDR buff (+60 AP)
                        1.) Dragon Claw 112.500
                        2.) Cross Assault 110.000
                        3.) Execution Spear 95.000
                        4.) Severe Sting 93.333
                        5.) Deadly Blow 76.667
                        6.) Double Sting 68.000 (64.000 comboless)

                        7.) Basic Attack 60.000
                        8.) Sting 55.000
                        9.) Pierce 50.000
                        10.) Break Thrust 50.000
                        Death Pierce 43.333
                        Knight's Blitz 35.000
                        ​Dragon Assault 27.500

                        DPS After 2 XXL Procs, 40 Physical AP Buff + Attack Stance + Maximum Crit Damage buffs + Critical Hits (+255 AP)
                        1.) Dragon Claw 129.375
                        2.) Cross Assault 104.444
                        3.) Execution Spear 96.25
                        4.) Double Sting 83.333 (81.111 comboless)
                        5.) Severe Sting 79.167

                        6.) Basic Attack 78.750
                        7.) Deadly Blow 70.8333
                        8.) Pierce 56.429
                        9.) Sting 51.875
                        10.) Break Thrust 49.375
                        Death Pierce 41.364
                        Knight's Blitz 31.667
                        Dragon Assault 27.667

                        DPS After 2 XXL Procs, 40 Physical AP Buff + Attack Stance + Maximum Crit Damage buffs + Critical Hits + 50% CDR (+255 AP)
                        1.) Dragon Claw 258.750
                        2.) Execution Spear 192.5
                        3.) Cross Assault 188.000
                        4.) Severe Sting 158.333
                        5.) Basic Attack 157.500

                        6.) Double Sting 146 (142 comboless)
                        7.) Deadly Blow 141.667
                        8.) Sting 103.750
                        9.) Pierce 98.750
                        10.) Break Thrust 98.750
                        Death Pierce 75.833
                        Knight's Blitz 59.375
                        Dragon Assault 51.875


                        - Stop bringing Death Pierce, Knight's Blitz, and Dragon Assault.
                        None of those moves are even good in PvE. They have too much cost usage, and low DPS for the damage you get. It says a lot that even the 1st-3rd Ring Sting attacks have better DPS. If you don't even have Dragon Claw or Execution Spear unlocked, and you can't live without a third attack, at the very least use Double Sting. That move consistently places among the Top 5 DPS skills of each category, with a few exceptions.

                        (And besides, there's a reason why I keep shouting "DRAGON ASSAULT SUCKS" whenever I kill something, usually after a high-damage Basic Attack)

                        - Basic Attack scales with the will of its user.
                        If you take care of it with Crit buffs, AP buffs, and CDR buffs, it becomes an incredible DPS skill. Even Execution Spear is godlike too, being capable of closely matching Cross Assault's DPS, if not exceeding it.

                        - Top 7 Lancer DPS Moves Overall
                        1.) Dragon Claw (scales exceptionally well with all buffs, triple-hit skill)
                        2.) Cross Assault (incredible base AP, double-hit skill)
                        3.) Execution Spear (low cooldown, good base AP)
                        4.) Severe Sting (low cooldown, high base AP)
                        5.) Double Sting (double-hit)
                        6.) Deadly Blow (low cooldown, high base AP)
                        7.) Basic Attack (low cooldown, lower cost than Deadly Blow)

                        Dragon Claw is self-explanatory. Cross Assault's Base AP, coupled with its double-hit properties, makes it ridiculous. Execution Spear is much stronger for DPS than I thought, especially when coupled with CDR buffs. Severe Sting also surprised me, since its 6 second cooldown scales well with CDR. Double Sting, while I thought it would out-DPS Severe Sting, does so with AP, but with CDR buffs, Double Sting loses. Deadly Blow does have higher DPS than the Basic Attack, but uses up double the cost. The Crit Rate buff is nice, but you can get through via unis anyways.

                        - Top 4 Worst Lancer DPS Moves Overall
                        1.) Dragon Assault (long cooldown)
                        2.) Break Attack (long cooldown, low base AP)
                        3.) Knight's Blitz (long cooldown)
                        4.) Death Pierce (long cooldown)

                        Sure, Break Attack does have worse DPS than Dragon Assault early on, but it can out-DPS it, plus it doesn't use as much cost. Dragon Assault... oh my god, do I even have to say it? IT'S AWFUL! One of, if not the, worst move in an entire Lancer's arsenal! Sigh...

                        Knight's Blitz is also terrible too for that 15 second cooldown being atrocious, and even Death Pierce is cutting it close. Even though Thrusts have bad DPS, I still don't consider them actual Lancer moves, considering even the people carrying KB or DP know the Thrusts are useless in Events, so I leave this as a Top 4 list.
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                        IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

                        This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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                          I just deleted it.

                          Holy jeez, you literally wrote the book on Lancer.

                        I thought I only love everything that's wrong. I'm wrong coz I love this one.


                          Originally posted by LaconicLeaf View Post
                          you won’t DPS to your full potential. Unless you have an ally Lancer who focuses on Break reliability, but what are the odds of that?
                          Saaaay hi there Leaf, buddy, old pal, old frand, fellow amigo lancer, would you be my break lancer partnerino while I pull a cancer lancer DPS set on you 8) ? Also my Cure heals for almost 20k tyvm

                          Anyways, nice guide! Most points I agree even though I am built as a 7/5/4/7 lancer. However in PvP I don't think KB is as valued now in end game. When 5th rings first came out I tried KB + Cross Assault and it just didn't synergise as well as Severe Sting + Cross Assault, especially when you have 2 Lancers on the FL. With 2 Lancers, you can assign one to always use Severe Sting first and the 2nd Lancer to follow up almost immediately with a Cross Assault in a time frame which doesn't give the Cleric any time to react. Then reverse roles on a 2nd target. This lets you quickly nuke off 2 players if both lancers carry a sting + CA unlike if you carried KB + CA. With KB + CA you will deal a total of 470AP worth of damage (given the target isn't broken as most of the time they won't break from a single KB). With Severe Sting + CA you will deal a total of 570AP given you attack a broken target (accounting the fact that CA has a weird tendency to deal +50AP then +100AP on the 2 hits). You won't be able to use Break Thrust + CA if you want to reliably nuke players off using this method though since BT doesn't inflict break as reliably on Pallys/Lancers/some Archers.

                          Minor trivia; something I've observed about the Break Counter is that if your team attacks 2 targets instead of focusing on one, then BOTH monsters accumulate break chance up until one of them is broken and the break chance is STORED. That is if it takes 4 procless stings to break a Golem and there's 2 of them in a wave and there's 2 Lancers and they both focus on different Golems; given that both Golem 1 and Golem 2 is hit with 2x procless stings and then Lancer 1 manages to land in a procced sting and thus breaking Golem 1, then it only takes 2 more procless stings/1 procced sting to break Golem 2 after the Break Counter ends/Golem 1 is killed. However, break chance accumulation does not increase if you continue to hit Golem 2 once break has been inflicted on Golem 1.
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                          WHAAAAAAAA Ò.Ó


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                            I can back up the efficacy of Severe+Cross combo and switcheroo. It was one of the pivotal combinations that allowed EXS to win RGB, since it allowed for extreme burst of multiple enemies right off the bat or one really tanky enemy (was how we beat guilds like TEN and Zodiac).