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[Guide] Advanced Lancer Trial 2

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    [Guide] Advanced Lancer Trial 2

    ~Advanced Lancer Trial 2~

    -To do-
    1st. Change job to Bishop
    2nd. Unlock the ability "Cure"
    3rd. Equip Book/Relic in the main slot
    (see the screenshots for the set used)

    Anything with matk

    Bring all heal. 2 single, 2 aoe
    Single: Cure, Recover
    Aoe: Greater healing, Area heal

    (Default attack being in the right)
    Arrange the skills by: Greater healing, Area heal, Cure, Recover
    It's like: Strong aoe, mid aoe, strong single, mid single

    1.Let Luca do ALL of the killing (or just randomly use the default atk)
    2.Don't let Luca reach below half health.

    Matk: 27k
    Def: 36k
    Mdef: 40k
    (This is the stat used during the run, it is NOT the minimum requirement)

    Q: Does the difficulty increase as I move forward?
    A: No. (credits to Soriel)

    Q: Is "Kotaro the Stray Cat" a threat?
    A: Nothing to worry, as long as you have a ready heal when he uses reflect.

    Q: Do I need a specific strategy in every run?
    A: No. If you successfully finished the first run, then you can start smiling as you move forward.


    other guide:
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    Do we really need a guide for this? You could have just wrote "Bring all heals" and would still have the same results.


      I just went as a healer with heals and one attack jic. No prob.


        You forgot "change class to cleric and put book/relic on main so your heals don't suck." New step 1.

        Alternate skills: HB, knight's devotion, healing breeze, wtb (especially if you have heart of healing bow)
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          Well, you know best since you're an actual Healer, not a doofy Lancer


          • HotMessExpress
            HotMessExpress commented
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            Was intended for the guide XD

          XD All due respect HME



            NO it wouldn't have the same result.

            -what if someone who has 13k matk went to the trial? WASTED AP coz he never knew.
            -what if someone went as lancer? WASTED GEM coz he never knew.
            ​-what if someone went as other job but not cleric (and failed)? WASTED EFFORT coz he never knew
            -what if someone hesitates to proceed but he can really do it? WASTED CHANCE coz he never knew


            • Okayama
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              Lol but your "guide" doesn't even say to switch to cleric...

            • Charlotte
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              I can guarantee you that bringing heals for the lancer run is so obvious people already knew what to do the very hour of 5th ring release. In my whole time I have been playing I have only ever seen one person who asked how to clear the lancer trial and that was in the very beginning era of 5th ring. Nowadays its either everyone already finished the trial, or that they already know the most popular strategy to complete it. Also, no one in their right mind would spend their gems on a 25 ap run. Even if you didn't clear the run the first time, it literally only cost 25 ap to go again.

            • Caelestiel
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              No you can't guarantee Charlotte.

              My existence as a lancer proves you're wrong cause it's obvious that some would want to be SURE when they run it. Just look at the fb group, someone just asked HOW, also in our UL line group, someone asked HOW. No one in their right mind you say? Before doing this run I asked a lot, to LEARN from their experience, those Lv.110+ players said that they did it as a lancer and they used a gem. They used gems for RESU. Why let them fail the first one, if you can make them complete it until the last? Just by letting them KNOW.

              and Okayama, that has been said by HotMessExpress and I noted it.
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            Oh right. I'll include that. But that's already on visual evidence.


              lol the haters hating on ur guide. Why so much salt on a simple guide just read it and move on. Logic switch to cleric.. your fault if you don't so don't cry about it this is a guide not a complete walkthrough
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                this guide is... AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH

                EDIT: Finished the quests! Yas!!!!!!!
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                  Thanks for the guide! I provided a link to it on the new sticky Lancer guide, and credited you for this; knowing the minimum stats to beat the quest is helpful so people won't be intimidated and pressured to spam gem revivals.

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                    Glad to be of help! Wow, I will surely read yours!


                      This guide is much better with the edits/additions

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                        You don't even need all heals. The enemy attacks really slowly. I brought a magic attack to assist Luca while I healed her.
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                          Ace Not all UL players has a good set and cognizant to cost management (the one used for skills), their squishiness will make them die easily, and while using magic, they might run out of cost for healing.
                          This is a noob-friendly guide, giving them sure techniques will keep them going, than making them attack then panic due to cost.