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  • Harukage
    Hey! For all of you that don't want to read the entire guide (it's super in depth, and I recommend you do), I've condensed it into this smaller guide. It retains almost all of the info, just simplified.
    Main Role: Your job is to tank the damage, and allow for the healer to heal the rest, and use more cost effective abilities. You should attempt to stay on the EDGES of the formation, NOT the middle. How Do DEF & MDEF Work? They help, but NOT enough replace your offense. DEF and MDEF block 20% of...

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  • SubZer0
    commented on 's reply
    Dont take it from me bc I haven’t played soldier in months but...
    If you want to use antagonize+dual sword cost allocate and go tankier
    If ya wanna go antagonize/rage slash+ dual impact
    Keep the build ig but I don’t think 8 armors total will cut it

  • psydeus
    I just got around the forums lately so i have some questions.

    I'm originally a mage(180k gs, 80k matk, lvl 106). and i wanted to make it a soldier when needed simply because the items i got on the previous spawns are mostly not that useful for mage(tons of physical testament swords, the sword that gives swift smash, sword with brave blade(physical testament with added effect of increasing ability power of skills like divine smash), and 2 SSR collab blue monsters(Rider and the magical girl that gives counter heal buff). so I thought this would be nice to play with soldier for a bit.

    My question now is this, my mage is build with 6/4/4/6 (going 7/4/4/7 for the mage) at the moment. Can I still make a somewhat decent soldier with that cost allocation? My soldier gets to 175k gs(50k atk, 67k def and is not royal protector yet). If so, what role should it be? pretty sure i can't go full tank because of my helm and armor cost though.
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  • Chaz
    commented on 's reply
    I find that my 8584 build makes use of all the skills quite nicely.

  • HotMessExpress
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah max armor and weapons for antag/dual/etc. Max weapons and monsters for rage/impact/etc.


  • Verdungo
    commented on 's reply
    My alt soldier is 7/7/7/3. Defenses alone dont cut it anymore.

  • Shadow_Umbreon
    Looking back at this thread, I don't think you put how to build soldier class, isn't it 5/8/8/5 or smth?

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  • McKraken
    Now that I have a new phone and can post again.
    I believe I have a good perspective.
    I'm a tank specialist. I've been playing the class since the 8o's
    Ive been playing ul with my main as tank for two years this October. I was lucky enough to be a baby in a top 200 guild a few rounds ago.
    It's a great guide and it helped me evolve but I have some thoughts. I just came up as a f2p tank and im about to hit 120. As a f2p guy you have to spend some gems to shift cost around to suit what gear you happen to get or farm for. I was running. 6/3/6/5 and that was versatile.
    Ant and dual being my bread and butter. Loyalty for gb.
    I ran hb as a panic button or the paly heal. Both way to cost heavy. Seems I usually run ee to keep up with aggro against some of you whales. I ALWAYS spec for the quest. Now aggro mitigation is dmg mitigation pure and simple. The last colab we just had was a prime example.
    I could take a score hit and pop intrepid at the start of every round and save millions in dmg collectively for my party. Just a free taunt and pure defense while the party sings the praises of the 185 tank they were nervous about. For that build and I'm close to settling on it. But i get a new slot at 120 so...the build is...6/3/6/6.
    I have more versatility now to spec for so many different events. So for the nine man recently? I run that 6/3/6/6 set up. Ee, mirror, divine and vanquish.
    If i had time i would debuff. But a full set of reflect armour and stacked reflect procs...I would hit at least a 5-10 (i know it caps) mirror and sit stunned while reflecting way more dmg back then I ever could swinging a sword fully debuffed. I'm talking the lvl of dmg the dps was doing i was popping 100-160 k in reflect when he would do his chain attack. Whole party is whiped, I'm at 10k hp with a lvl 7 mirror up, the boss is max buff. I would take ten hits with my hp under 15k while hitting him for 100k a pop per chain attack. Again...that little 185 f2p tank you were skeptical about in the paragon lobby. The sweet spot for me was hitting 51k mdef with all the refleck armour.

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  • Zakrella
    commented on 's reply
    You can indeed run 6b into arcadia as wel,l though if you are just coming into it I would recommend you use cheer instead of EE and deal with your cost using uni.

    As for battle shout I feel that you should treat this just as you would treat any other form of utility, is it required to deal with a specific boss/mob mechanic? Certain bosses (sorry I can only think of Benki off the top of my head) stack debuffs onto just one target which will be the tank more often then not. In another scenario battle shout maybe needed to quickly establish aggro in a quest that starts with multiple strong enemies. The point is, this slot should go to whichever support ability is most appropriate for the quest.

    I feel that the beauty of the 6b build is that when used by an experienced soldier who is:
    - aware of the mechanics that need to dealt with in the quest,
    - aware of what their party is capable of,
    - able to manage their aggro,
    - able to manage their cost
    - and able to handle the damage (whether they have to adjust their gear beforehand or not)

    it allows them to do their job and to contribute to the groups damage (which is great because some bosses really do put your group's DPS against the clock).
    I wouldn't recommend this build to a beginner but at the same time I would not dismiss it as a non-viable way to play in a guide.

    -Side Note-
    You can totally clear arcadia under lvl 120 if you organise yourself and some friends/guildies, having a game plan and splitting the responsibility between a group of people can make a goal considerably easier to accomplish.

  • Mirabelle
    commented on 's reply
    If I'm understanding correctly, your issues with the Tank/Offtank sets are that they don't do enough damage and run out of cost too quickly.

    The mindsets of Tank and Offtank are not about doing damage. They do some, but the primary focus is to help the party survive. If the quest is easy enough that you only need to worry about dealing damage, then a Burst set or Burst/Tank like 6b works fine! (I prefer Burst over BurstTank because if the quest is easy, you don't need Battleshout or HB.)

    As for having enough Cost with a Tank set, keep in mind that you only have two spammable abilities: Battleshout and Intrepid. Antagonize actually eats a lot of cost if you use it on cooldown. If you only use Antagonize to fill the gaps between Battleshout's Hate buff, you will gain plenty of cost while retaining enemy focus over non-Soldier classes. Early in the quest I actually like to purposely whiff Antagonize on an enemy that's about to die in order to gain the Hate buff without spending any cost. Your Self-Support move should only be used when absolutely necessary. (Often I only cast Mirror/HB twice per quest... usually at the boss fight). I also use one or two Cost Recovery weapons, so those may help you out as well. If you play slow and steady you'll find you can throw in extra Antagonizes when your cost is running high.

    There's a similar cost mentality with Offtank--only bother with Vanquish when it's needed or you have extra cost.

    I hope you give those sets a try again some time!

  • Sircrow
    I've tried it. Doesn't really work for me. Instead I use the one 6b mentions and it works great for me on paragon level content. Not having enough cost to draw aggro and not doing enough damage are the problems I frequently find with your build sets. As a burst tank hybrid, I get more enemies aggro'd on me, and I do above average damage.
    Last edited by Sircrow; 02-02-2017, 11:59 PM. Reason: Mixed up arcadia with paragon. Anyone whos under 120 shouldnt even be trying arcadia, and im lvl 109

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  • HotMessExpress
    commented on 's reply
    Vanquish is semi-useful until you can proc it

  • Mirabelle
    commented on 's reply
    I recommend using some reset scrolls to take just enough cost out of monsters that you are able to equip a 6th weapon and 6th body armor. You could take even more out for a 6th helmet, if you can afford it. :3

    Or if your helmets aren't very good, you could take points of out those instead of monsters. This will make you a little less tanky and a little more offensive.

    Or you could grind to 120 to unlock the 7th slot, and then reset with that 7th slot in mind.

  • Rezorrose
    So I looked over my gear and I'm running 5/5/5/5 and I'm on Lv 106 is ok or should I try to fix it

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  • Mirabelle
    commented on 's reply
    Your statements are absolutely true when applied to you. Your recommended set makes a lot of sense given your level, stats, and build.

    I gave those examples because I'm trying to get you to empathize with players that are weaker than you. You are strong enough that you never need a Self-Support move when questing. The parties you join are probably strong enough to be safe most of the time with zero or minimal debuffing of enemies.

    This is not the case for everyone. Not everyone can do what you do. People may miss events for various reasons. (Even I don't have an SSR collab monster)
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