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    Originally posted by Kayane View Post
    This reminds me of the days where lancers complained about being so weak xD I feel your pain
    But I'm kinda glad they made soldiers do less damage they should be tanks not berserkers! I know tanking may not be relevant right now but I'm sure maybe they'll adjust some stuff eventually to make soldiers super tanks!! Maybe one day soldiers will be able to absorb AOEs for the whole party or something you know? That would be amazing!
    But for the meantime we cant do either. *looks at meatball* Now if I were made a true tank and could survive magic id be ok with my attack being cut.
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    • HotMessExpress
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      Just equip a dozen magic reflects and let the mages nuke themselves

    • Princess Diana
      Princess Diana commented
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      HotMessExpress unless they have reflect reduction armor

    • HotMessExpress
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      Princess Diana i believe it's weak. they'll still nuke themselves

    I need to finish the guide i've been working on...

    No matter. Offtanking gets way more hate than it should. Appetently people don't like me debuffing every enemy to -80/-80 in seconds.
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    • Gang
      Gang commented
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      Easy quest doesn't need off tank, hard quest boss can get rid of de-buff quickly.

      Most problematic of all, you need to education people on offtank. Just a tough life at this time.

    • SpazPro
      SpazPro commented
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      The hard quest bosses can't purify nearly as fast as you can debuff. IF you do it right.

      But yes. The big problem is that no one ever knows about offtanking, and you have to be a smart player to do it right.

    Mirabelle you forgot blood oath hits twice :^), it should be 220/330 for damage, because each hit is base 110/165

    excellent guide!
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