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Relic Central - Recruiting

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  • Cyntus
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  • Cyntus
    commented on 's reply
    oh no, we're just looking for one cleric for healing xD
    we're comprised of DPS classes and so on, sorry to disappoint
    we're called Relic Central mostly cuz we all keep getting relics/books instead of our own class weps

  • Toru13M
    Uhh did you forgot to add the other classes? I see only cleric there. . .
    U mean, u are a cleric dps guild? :0 (i am really interested). Tho i can’t just leave my guild. . . 😕

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  • Cyntus
    bump just looking for cleric

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  • Cyntus
    started a topic Relic Central - Recruiting

    Relic Central - Recruiting

    omfg Ni HAOo thEREEe

    We're [Relic Central] and we're a relatively 'new' guild.
    We formerly came from a previous S rank guild but due to reasons, we've decided to start anew and head back to S!
    So hopefully, we can find cool people (cOUGHHh like you) who wants to play semi-competitively and
    have a fun time just chatting about random shizz from time and time again ((( ( ( (;
    I'd say we're a bit more focused on doing well in GB but we do like doing quests/events together at our own pace.
    Asides that, we suffer bc relics are the bane of our spawns. yuh yeet

    About us:
    ♦ Semi-competitive
    ♦ B Schedule
    ♦ B Rank
    ♦ Lv. 50 Crystal
    ♦ All of us are 800k+
    ♦ We're actually 8/10 looking to replace an alt

    We are looking for: (♣ - Negotiable)
    ♣ Preferably at least 750k+ in GS
    - A cleric and archer
    - 34c+ monsters of variety
    - 2/3+ EGB, 3/3 RGB/RGR**
    - Must have Line
    - Someone who's planning to stay long term ♥

    **We get it if work or school stuff comes up, which by all means, go ahead!
    However, we do expect some form of communications about missing and whatnot.

    We're here to have fun :n
    That's about it folks

    Contact one of us tyty
    ♠ Cyntus - 2083990927
    ♠ SR || Daddy - 2007090931
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