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Archer looking for a Sch D guild

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    Archer looking for a Sch D guild

    Looking for Sch D either S/A rank with people that are lvl 200 or close

    I can 2/3 EGB and 2/3-3/3 RGB in general (I can't make absolute promises but I'll let you know in advance if I can make RGB)
    +300k/300k archer and can multiclass (th/lancer/soldier/rook)
    I have all 40c monsters except for light
    Some of the notable 35-37c monsters include: Nito, Edward, Brahma, Pollux, Chole Yumemi, and Kid Mitsunari

    I've been with my current guild for close to 4 years so I'm pretty loyal once I settle down
    I’ve been wanting to move to Sch D for a while as it has become more and more difficult for me to do Sch A.
    I’m not massively competitive, I just want a guild with active people who are chill and enjoy playing the game.
    Let me know in game if you need more details or is interested in recruiting me.

    ID: 2037905871
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