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Silvaria is recruiting

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    Silvaria is recruiting

    Rank S, Schedule A : crystal lv 50
    - We tend to be a more casual styled guild just playing the game for fun, we do enjoy the competitive pvp aspect but we don't delve greatly and go crazy about it
    - Classes : soldier/cleric
    - Summons - we have more or less have them all, just let us know what you have and we'll work with it from there (though 33 cost+ is sort of the meta)
    - Requirements: 600k+ if you're a little lower that's fine too we do make an effort to try and help out when it comes to leveling and questing so if you need any sort of help you can rely on us. Oh yeah try not to be a toxic boi, we don't do those.
    - guild requirements: we tend to be a little leisure so you dont always have to come on for 2/3 gbs, however comma when rgb comes around it would be dope to be on as much as possible. If for some reason you do have to be offline for a while just let us know, normally though after 14 days being inactive without any form of notice is when we may have to let someone go. We are actively trying to contribute to our crystal to bring it up and we always try and help out with quests or events if we can.
    - Outside of UL our guild uses line to communicate, it's not required but it helps greatly if we want to try and contact one another outside of UL or just to talk and have a good time.

    If you are interested in joining please contact one of the guild leaders

    Kami (yaboi): 2132711966

    Xenos (guild leader): 2062385952

    Brondo (sub leader #2): 2116761987
    Kami [856k GS]
    ID: 2132711966
    remnants of what used to be created this monster