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CPUcentral recruiting | S Block | Schedule B | 500k GS+

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    CPUcentral recruiting | S Block | Schedule B | 500k GS+

    Casual semi-competitive guild looking for new recruits to fill in empty spots.
    Looking for any class currently however archers and mages preferred.

    About our guild:
    • Easy going casual guild during exhibition matches.
    • Competitive during ranked matches and raids.
    • Fun and friendly members.
    • Use Line for communication.

    Hard requirements:
    • 500k+ gs, this does not have to be the case for GvG sets.
    • Preferably 2/3 attendance for exhibition matches but we understand if you cannot abide by this due to life, however do notify us in advance.
    • Preferably 3/3 attendance for ranked matches, the same rule applies as above.
    • A variety of elements for monsters preferably being 33c or higher.
    • Be a decent person and a team player, who is open to suggestion and advice.

    Soft requirements:
    • A good amount of experience with GvG matches.
    • Able to play at least two classes.

    Who to contact:
    • Myself: 2118605243
    • IceYeti: 2141277487