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1 player, 2 accounts, looking for a home (S rank, Schedule A or B)

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    1 player, 2 accounts, looking for a home (S rank, Schedule A or B)

    Account #1 cleric/rook/tank treasure hunter, can also make a somewhat decent mage/berserker when I have a drink

    Account #2 archer/mage,can also do treasure hunter/magic-heavy berserker

    Both accounts have spawned and farmed 35c monsters and an assortment of 32-34s and GS 600-650k. I have been playing them together for 3 years and can juggle them just fine. I can typically make 3/3 for ranked events, exhibition attendance would depend on the habits of the guild. I love raid, so bonus points if your guild makes a big effort there.

    Preferred mode of communication is Line. The company of other adults and active, friendly chat are a major plus.

    Looking for S rank, active, competitive enough to put in the effort, laid back enough not stress about it, basically I'd like to have fun, win or lose.

    Lyssa 2078401380
    Kairn 2077616665
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    Lyssa 2078401380 Kairn 2077616665

    Bump. Still looking.

    Lyssa 2078401380 Kairn 2077616665


      Well... I guess we can make you welcomed to it if you want, Our guild isn't really that active, but we do what we can do. Our top GS is 602k while our weakest one is 257k
      We have 5 members that is above 500k and one that is really close for it, our Crystal is 40 and our Sched is 40 and Rank is S

      If you want to be welcomed with both acounts, Well... Send note to my leader.

      Phantom - 2086452878

      We don't really have a communication, Its either on game or Discord.
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      • Lyssa
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        Thanks, but the main thing I'm looking for is something that is active.

      • BlueDragonSonder
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        Lyssa No problem, Then i wish you luck to find what you want.