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MoonTree is Recruiting New Members! (Schedule D/Rank S/lv 48 Crystal/English)

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    MoonTree is Recruiting New Members! (Schedule D/Rank S/lv 48 Crystal/English)

    is an active guild that's been around since Nov 2017. We're friendly and helpful and like to keep a peaceful environment. We chat and send pictures using LINE and some one is almost ALWAYS available to answer questions or help quest! And, if you're wondering about the guild name, yes. It is named after the MoonTree guild run by Zelkova in the .hack series. And if you understand that, you have a good idea of where we stand as a group.

    We're looking for any class! No matter what you main or multi-class, you're qualified!

    MoonTree is listed as a Free play style guild. I hold certain expectations to maintain an active environment, but you are free to do as you like. We're not focused on any aspect of Unison League other than being social. If some one misses a Guild Battle? Oh well. If some one messes up in the Guild Battle? Too bad so sad. Things happen, we're only human. And many of us have responsibilities outside of this game. If you need to take a break for school? Done. You may always come back to the guild.

    There's no room here for sore losers or rude folks. If you're overly competitive and like to yell at others, instead of be helpful and be a team player, we have no spot for you. But good luck with your search!

    Also, we like chicken nuggets.

    • 450k Gear Score or HIGHER
    • Be able to attend 2/3 GBs regularly Once in a while if you miss and can only make 1 or 0, that's okay! But you have to have the ability to attend 2/3 battles. So if you're asleep or at work and it takes up aaaallll the Battles? You're better off looking for another schedule.
    • English speaking, although we have multilingual members, our form of communication is English. If you want to occasionally talk in your native language? Totally okay!
    Contact Questions? Interested in joining?
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    • Message in game: Lyaen, Cheesus, or Pancake

    Bump, helping ya on this one Ly papi
    Praying to RNGesus... || I gave up on colo!
    Clippygoat || lvl 185 || Mage || 800k gs || F2P || 2091798093


      Ba dump!

      We're still looking for 2 more players to join our carefree (and yet strong? :0 ) guild family!