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ØATH recruiting for RGB! Rank S, Schedule B.

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    ØATH recruiting for RGB! Rank S, Schedule B.

    The ØATH fam is recruiting!
    We’re S block, schedule B, semi-competitive, 2/3 attendance during ranked, 0/3 exhibition. Rank 23 and 36 in the past two RGB seasons.

    We are currently looking for one player who can play one of the following classes:
    * Mage
    * Rook (preferred)
    * Lancer
    * Archer (must have reflection reduction gear, if you can’t hit a crystal Mirror Guard without dying instantly I’m not looking for you lol)

    * Minimum 500k gear score
    * Must use LINE app to communicate with guild daily
    * Frontline recruits need double nulls and good openers.
    * For Backline recruits, Crystal Breaker proc is highly preferred but message me anyway if you don’t have it, if your damage stats are high and you have other good procs it could work.
    * Must be able to attend 2/3, bonus points for willingness to attend 3/3
    * Good monster lineup is highly desired. At least two 34c+
    * Great attitude and sportsmanship is a must. No drama please.

    If interested, please contact me by UL ID, which is 2022843553, or message me here. But be fast, RGB is tomorrow!

    Thanks for considering us!
    Leader of GENESISØATH
    Co-Founder of the multi-guild ØATH fam
    ID: 2022843553