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  • Recruit me!

    Looking for an A Schedule guild
    Active: 2/3 egb 3/3 rgb

    Level 135 soldier
    477K gs

    Monsters: 35c [Tomboy Magician] Popon, 35c Venus, Lazy Vacation, 35c [Sexy Doctor] Andromeda, 35c Anemoi, Goddess of the Wind, 33c Galileo, the Observer (3pot)

    Other monsters not equipped/reforged: 35c Roy Mustang, 35c Gluttony, 35c Magmollusc

    ID: 2124745735
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    Oof op whale

    too gud, I was still like 200k at lv 135

    Thank you for your contribution to Ateam, it is what keeps the game alive xD
    Soyyy | ID: 2012183903
    F2P 754k lancer

    YT: SoyyyUL
    Love my guildies!!! <3


    • Yuno123
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      I try and save up some fun money for each month after each paycheck to blow on whatever I want. lately I've been funneling that towards UL. But these past 2 monster spawns were actually fairly inexpensive (for p2w). To get popon and the new anemoi it was roughly only 2 (150+25) gem packs and a (75+15) gem pack for each. However, all the treasure rewards were basically 400 medals, so no great high cost gear to obtain. But the way I see it right now, monsters are more important than gs right now. lol

    • roychan
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      yea ateam being generous, giving us ftp's good spawns
      (for now )

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    Feel free to message me in game. My id: 2132753051.


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      We actually battled your guild once! I'm the guild leader for Rin-chan now! if you remember me. Anyways if you're still looking for a guild my ID is 2088953376

      Edit: oh hey turns out we're actually battling your old guild again today haha
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