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    Digi Tail is RECRUITING

    Guild Description:

    Hey guys, I play as Lawless, subleader of Digi Tail in Unison League. Basically, we ranked up in the last RGBs and need members with higher gear scores. We are looking for players who can make it to at least one guild battle a day. Preferably a strong archer that participates in guild battles. Play style is casual except for RGBs and Raids. We have a private guild chat on line with current and past member where we can share information and request help on quests. We hope to gain active and growing members with gear scores to match or exceed our currently active members.

    Guild Info:

    6 members currently: 1 Mage, 1 Soldier, 1 Berserker, 2 Lancers, and 1 Cleric (subject to change)
    Crystal level 39
    S rank, Schedule B
    Decisions are made by majority vote.
    Subleaders are decided by participation, gear score growth, and willingness to help others.
    Positions are determined by gear score and class. For example, strongest players on front line, crystal breakers on back line. Active backline players can swap with bots on frontline.

    Prospective outcome:

    We hope to gain more active players who attend guild battles and attempt to raise their gear scores regularly.


    Around the 400k-500k+ GS range is preferred.
    Be on at least once everyday.
    If you join our guild, you can download LINE from the app store and join our guild chat to get notified during RGBs and Raids or to just chat with other guild members.

    Thank you for your interest in our guild! You can contact Lawless ID: 2112472870 on Unison League for any questions. Ask me for my LINE ID for the fastest response.