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CRYBABIES T^T are recruiting!

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    CRYBABIES T^T are recruiting!

    Hey, I'm Tyler! We're a fun little guild recently leaning towards the competitive side, but in reality, all we want is to make friends. Recently, our old guild leader left the game so we are trying to rebuild. ^.^ Here's some information about us.

    guild name: CRYBABIES T^T
    guild block: B
    gb schedule: C (flexible)

    Here's how we did in the last ranked battles:

    Currently we're looking for archers only to complete our backline, but if a frontline class is ever needed, I'll let you know.

    Requirements: 200k(ish) archers, atk/matk buff mons and crit mons are always appreciated, but not required

    We do have some rules.

    1. Attend 1 battle every day. If you can't take 15 minutes maximum out of your day to contribute to your guild, you should not be in a guild. The schedule is flexible and we will always pick the best option for everyone. (Also, please try not to be late.)
    2. Attend raids when they happen. Raids will always be announced on our discord server, so there is no need to refuse to show up.
    3. Contribute every day. Leveling up the crystal is important, but so is your performance. Contributing as little as 500 gold gives you a buff, which is always good. You don't have to give all of your money away; in fact, we discourage that; just enough to buff yourself up and to contribute to yourself and your guild mates. It helps everyone!
    4. If you fail to show up in game for 3+ days with no explanation, you will be kicked.
    5. This one isn't a rule, but more of a polite request. If you ever have disagreements or fights with your guild mates and you're unable to resolve them, feel free to ask the leader or the sub leaders for help. We want to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

    We're always up for a talkative environment. As much as we'd love to rise to the very top, being a guild that sticks together is most important to us.

    We talk over our discord server. When you join, you'll get the link. ^^

    You can contact me/join the Crybabies using my ign, 2033392645 (PotentiallyTyler). I hope we can build something together and have a wonderful time. Stay safe! <3
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