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Anime Tiddy does the recruit! :3 (archers and mages pls)

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    Anime Tiddy does the recruit! :3 (archers and mages pls)

    Henlo! I've never done this before on here, but gonna try my best to give you some info about us. ⊙﹏⊙

    ☆ Rank S, Level 42, and B schedule!
    - semi-competitive
    - Active!

    ☆ LF some backline members atm vvv
    - preferably {archer} 160/160+ or around there and {Mage} 210k+ matk

    ★ Required:
    - 2/3 egb
    - 3/3 rgb preferably, but 2/3 minimum.
    - 33c mobs or higher

    We're all very friendly and talkative and willing to help with any quest whenever we can.
    Communication is key! If there's something that you think can work for guild battles so they can run smoothly, pitch in some ideas! We're open to try new things.
    We're trying to improve ourselves as we're aiming to become a bit more competitive or stay as we are being semi-competitive.
    We all can multiclass pretty well so we're flexible, and if you can too, awesome! If you can't, don't stress over it.

    [We use discord/Line for communication out of Unison]


    2032336786 (Sub Leader, Noot) :3c