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Infinity Clan!

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    Infinity Clan!

    Infinity Clan

    Current Block: A

    Schedule: C

    We have quickly went from a C Block to a B block and predict we will get to a A Block next RGB (We did)

    We are open to any classes (although archer is a plus), we ask that you meet atleast 250k gs, make it to 1-2/3 GB per 2 days, and 2/3 RGB Daily (Please give a Heads up if your not gonna make it for a couple days we understand everyone has a life), Becoming inactive for more than 3 days without telling the owner will result in looking for a replacement!

    I intend for our guild to grow as a family and to some day become a high ranking guild, at the moment we fail to communicate enough, although after we reach the A block, failing to communicate among the guild will result in a replacement! Although, our guild is pretty casual.

    Our guild's main plan is to make it to the top and one day be a worthy competitor against guilds like ZERO

    We want to help you grow as a player and learn together

    Don't be down if you can't or don't meet the needs, still contact me as we can still place you in our sister guild, Anti-Matter and if the time comes you could be called up from there.

    Contact the owner, Stranger, ID:2061680178

    *NOTICE* if you don't meet our requirements but still want to join contact our sister guild Anti-Matter
    Leader ID: 2080270799
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