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    All The Kids is Recruiting

    All The Kids is my guild and i'm seeking new members!!!! We are a somewhat comp/casual guild. ATK is your more than average close-nit family grouping together for events, battles and much more... We are just everyday people doing extraordinary things. We are currently a Rank A guild, level 36 and we mostly fall under the A schedule.

    Plainly said, this guild to have fun enjoy each others company. Personally I want us to grow stronger together and take on any challenge we face.

    What we need:
    I am hoping to find guild recruits that are Clerics/Rook/Lancers/Berserker/Mages. If you can multi role that's cool too.I'm hoping to reach out to those that are at least 300k gs and up.

    • I would like those that want to join to please attend at least 2/3 GB and the same with R.G.B.
    • Respect goes a loooooooong way folks.
    • Be decently active. We all have lives, work, responsibilities blah blah etc etc.​
    • Just be active in chat, if you need help ask
    • Inactivity will get you removed.
    We mostly communicate through discord but I'll save that for later. For Inquiries please either respond below or feel free to send a DM.

    We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your valuable time in reading this.

    (been a while since i forum'd plz forgive me TT_TT)
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    Still looking for 3 more OwO