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  • Grove Street is recruiting

    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Guild Name: Grove Street Current
    Block: S

    Crystal Level: 35

    Schedule: B

    Looking For: Any dps class, Frontline or Backline. Requirements: 300-350K+ Gs, monsters that provide offensive buffs such as ATK/MATK and Ability power boost.

    Additional Info: We're a casual and fun guild that's all about having fun in UL, we can help each other if needed so we can be stronger. Our gb playstyle usually involves a more offensive oriented strategy to quickly nuke enemies before we uni charge for crystal phase, though a more defensive one can be fun if we're tanky and sustainable enough.

    Contact: Contact me (Either through discord or UL: 2142650767) if you're interested