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Guild- Kogarashi is recruiting!

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    Guild- Kogarashi is recruiting!

    Kogarashi is recruiting with league schedule B. Preferred if 250k gs+. Rules: 1. 2+ days absence = kick (unless you message me before youre absence)
    2. be respectful to everyone in the guild
    3. help each other grow as much as needed or able to
    4. make it to 1/3 gbs
    5.Contribute to the guild 5k a day (when done say you contributed in the guild chat)
    6. have fun and enjoy yourself dont forget stay loyal and grow c: and please reply to guild chat if possible (BE HONEST)
    7. We will be having set goals (150k>200k>250k) depending on your level and what not if not met by deadline (without any notice of why its not possible at the time) then will be kicked. Ofc if you are near it it is an exception but still will have to work for it.

    Please message me (the guild leader) using this ID:
    my name is Shiroibara and thank you for your time!
    (message me in game)
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