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Guilding 101: How to be a Successful Member / Leader

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    Guilding 101: How to be a Successful Member / Leader

    Hello, all. I'm here with a guide on how to be a good member in your designated guilds. This will cover everything from making the guild, and duties in your guild. Okay, here we go. :]

    I - Making The Guild [Leader]: If you're planning on making a guild, you need to consider the following before the name is decided. The main things needed would be.

    - Attendence
    - Playstyle (Easygoing, Intermediate etc)
    - Name
    - GS net (This means players that are around and near your GS)

    When you have this all set up. You should look for people that are near or close to you, don't be that one guy or girl to try and recruit somebody who's twice as high as your GS. Cause more than likely your offer will get declined. The beginning stages to find members for your guild may be hard but to make it easier. Try and join community group chats, and ask on forums, or friends you make in game.

    I - Looking for a Guild: [Member]: If you're looking for a guild best thing to do is ask in forums, or the pre mentioned community groups/chats. What you wanna do is give the person a list of what you can do, and what kind of things you can bring to their guild. You should list the following when looking for a guild.

    - GS Score
    - Schedules
    - Classes
    - Availability
    - Any other additional notes:

    Notes: This falls in the category of such things like monsters you have, things you may be working on to better your stats, and anything from your class status with passive skills.

    Schedules: Schedules are based around your availability, if you're more available more so than A, than B then you would wanna join a A scheduled guild, and vice versa for B schedule guilds. Try and find the most convient timing for yourself before you consider to apply, or make your guild. Times for GB are.

    Schedule A
    1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    9:00 PM - 9:30 PM

    Schedule B
    2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    10:00 PM - 10:30 PM

    Note: This is the time schedule that will be added in the upcoming maintenance on 11/20/15 as it stands now the times now are a hour behind.

    Guild Ranks: Rankings of a guild can determine what guilds you fight. You're more inclined to fight guilds in your rank. Rankings range from C to A. With A being the highest rank currently in game.

    Attendance: Your attendance is very important for showing up for gvgs alot of guilds do not take fancy to people showing up late to guild battles espically if you're frontlining, or on CB which I will explain in a later point on this thread. Try to get your self ready early, and have the things needed for your GB. Cause some guilds will remove you if you don't meet their attendance quota.

    Crystal Leveling: Leveling your crystal is one of the most importantant things that you as a leader, or member should take care of ASAP. The higher your crystal level is the more durable it becomes and the better passives you get for example you get more HP after a set of levels has been accomplished for your crystal. You can also level them up for active contribution effects such as DEF Boost, EXP Boost and etc. The effects are pretty randomized. Even if you're crystal is max leveled you can still get the contribution effects but you can use less gold than trying to level up.

    The best way you & your members can level your crystal is on the weekends and wait for super gold quests to come up they drop nothing but SR and SSR Gold Limimins which goes for a considerable amount of money.

    Re-Recuriting [Leader]: Re recruiting for your guild is gonna be a tad bit different than recruiting originally from when you first started you wanna look at your guild and see what you need. If you're lacking a healer then look for healers, missing DPS look for Archer / Mage and etc. Try and fill in all the needed gaps in a guild so you can feel more at ease.

    Member Interaction [Leader]: As leader, talk with your members are frequent as possible. Check and see what are they working on and how they can be made better for your guild, even steer them in a direction if they're unsure what to do in your guild, or what to work on. Best way to keep up with your members is by Guild Chat, or social apps like LINE, kik, discord and etc.

    Stratgedies: Strats in a guild should be one of a kind. This means talking with your members and seeing if they can do a task at hand. Say you wanna do something like 3 Mages, 1 Cleric, and 1 Lancer. And you need them to Meteor Rain [Mages], and Dragon Crush [Lancer] the field. Check and see if they can, and try not to copy other guild strats cause 9/10 they will fail.

    Ranked Guild Battle: This is where being in a guild is serious business this where requirements tend to go higher, and the effort of guilds go up too. For ranked, you battle guilds and get scores based on how good you do. If you're in a C or B ranked guild you have the ability to go up to the next rank if you do good enough. So, you better have your strats, and members all set.

    Roles: Roles for GB is also as important as crystal leveling. Try to keep roles for your members so they know what to do when it's time to do GB this also means telling them as leader what they should run examples of roles could be like so.

    Frontline: These are the people to be at the start of GB by providing support, building unison for teammates, or being on DPS most players who're on fl are Soldiers, Clerics, or Mages.

    Crystal Breakers: These are the people who go in to do damage ONLY to the crystal. They usually high very very high DPS and no defense since they're not directly fighting with other members with the guild.

    Backline: These are the people who go in after one of the fls have fallen to continue their job basically.

    Unison Call: In GB, Guilds stick to one kind of uni. Some guilds need players to have specific monsters so they can be able to kill on Unison Attack, or have the buffs needed to kill other players. Usually, one player will call for a type of uni being something like "Fire", or "Use your Nyxs" and etc. All Unison Calls are different based on the guilds strat.

    Have any questions ask away!
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      Jet lame

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      It'd be cool if this were updated at some point.

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      MelancholyUL I hope you're ready then ^^

    Thank you for this guide, it's very helpful. So I started playing around three days ago, and I decided to create my own guild. Most of us are around level 20-30, 10k-16k GS. So we are pretty low leveled and new to the game. We've also been leveling up our guild, it is level 10 right now.

    I was wondering for GvG, should we worry about those tactics you talked about in the post? (Having frontline, crystal breakers, etc). And if you have any tips for low-leveled guilds that would be awesome. ^^ Thank you.


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      when i first started playing UL, the GvGs were all killing. No strats needed yet.

    @Nehssa: Since your early in game. I will say no to focus on making strats right now. Strats really become more prominent / needed when you get further in game like end gamish. When you & your guildmates are in the third ring.

    As for tips, I would say just keep improving with your guild,
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      I'm so glad you posted this. This will help me and my guild grow.


        Great guide here Spades, you have just made another great post! Keep up e good work
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          So I read through this and I'd like to give my thoughts since this is a stickied post and people will flock to it so they can understand guild battles more. This is going to be like a critique but I'm just trying to make it so everyone gets it. You abbreviate a lot of words in here (CB, DPS, etc) and I think it'd be helpful to put in parenthesis what these mean. For example, you mention up higher that you'd explain CB later on, but you don't fully state that CB = Crystal Breakers. For DPs, I only just realized what it was a week ago and my current login streak is above 180 (My guild always talks about it and I was always just like ????? don't know what that means but ok). And lastly, it is important for your stickied thread to be very easily read. My suggestion here is to bold (or bold + underline) each individual role/necessity in order to make the guide very compact and easy-to-find if someone wants to find one of your points easily. Overall, I think your guide is really good and I believe it'll help a lot of people


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            Jaunedice already has a stickied post about unison league slang. its in the general section

          Should I attempt to update/necro this guide?
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            Thank you for posting this! My guild is sort of falling apart, most of the members are never online and our guild leader is leaving the game for schoolwork, giving me the role. It'd be really cool if you updated this even though it's an old thread. Some tips on how to approach building strategies and kicking members out, as well as the rules would be helpful. I'm in the process of making a mandatory discord server for our members so they can let us know beforehand if they can't make it to a battle/raid. What do you think about the idea?
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              Open it up to Discord, LINE, and KIK, and use whatever the majority of your guild uses.

              Can't answer the rest but I suggest making a 'New Topic' in the General Section of the Forums.

              If you can't make a New Topic, it's because you didn't verify your forum account.

              If you would like to have a profile pic, the dimensions are 100x100 even though it says it can be 200x200.

              Make a new thread in General Section asking for tips on running a guild.