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Guild Central: READ before posting!

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    Guild Central: READ before posting!

    Before you make a thread, please be aware of a few ground rules:

    1) You may NOT post links to unofficial or outside pages. The ONLY pages that links may lead to are:
    a. Another page within the Ateam forums
    b. The Official Unison League Facebook Page, which can be found here.

    2) You may NOT post contact information for platforms outside of Unison League, including LINE IDs. The ONLY contact information you should provide is your in-game Unison League ID.

    3) Although this goes without saying, your thread should still comply with the Ateam Forum Rules, which can be found here.

    Failure to comply to the above rules will result in your thread being immediately deleted without warning.

    When making a Guild Recruitment thread, it is useful to include the following information:
    • Your Guild's name
    • Your Guild's Block (A, B, C)
    • Your Guild's recent Ranked performances or intended ranked performance, if trying to entice competitive players
    • The requirements which you expect applicants to meet (class, corresponding Gear Score, specific stats, unison monsters, etc.)
    • The requirements which you expect members to continue to uphold (activity level, participation in events, talkativeness, etc.)
    • The type of environment your guild strives to maintain (casual, hardcore, social, people are friendly, members are sarcastic, etc.)
    • Your Guild's main goals and, if applicable, goals for the player joining
    • Any rules your guild might have
    • Communication style of your guild (how members talk to each other and stay in touch)
    • Ways which players may express interest or contact you (Player ID, leave an in-game app, PM via forums, leave a post, etc.)

    When looking for a guild, it is useful to include the following information:
    • Your name and Player ID
    • Your Gear Score and corresponding classes which you play (screenshots are useful)
    • The Guild Block you are looking for, if any
    • A description of the type of guild you wish to join and any requirements you have for guilds that wish to recruit you
    • Your type of game-play and what you intend to do in the guild (How talkative you are, how much you participate in exhibition and ranked GvG, your activity level, etc.)
    • What Unison monsters you have to offer, for both GvG and quests
    • Ways which guilds should contact you (In-game PM, forums PM, replying to post, etc.)
    IGN: CS || Ace


    COLOSSUS (Rank 1 for RGB5 and RB6)
    E.X Slayer (Rank 1 for RGB7)

    Very nice post, thanks for creating it! I'll sticky this for visibility.

    Signature image courtesy ekichou.