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2 Days Until RGB

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    2 Days Until RGB

    For those of you that aren't already prepared nor check notices very often, RGB will begin after next maintenance soooooo better get your guild up and running before then.

    Although, I do feel it's a bit strange for us to not get a a notice a week prior. Two days is just do sudden.
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    Thanks for all the support, guys.

    We should be ready anyways, wether or not it's in a week it to days. There shouldn't be too many last minute changes
    But I'm seriously hyped!!! I might now be in the top guilds, but I'm among for top 200 in A and I want to reach that.
    Unfortunately, I will probably be 25 medals short of 200, so I won't get the 200 medal weapons this time round. Hopefully RGB won't take too long after
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      We have been ready for this ages ago


      • MTT the Tank
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        What is your guild aiming for this time?

      • Guest's Avatar
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        The top 100 if possible

      Man, this is gonna be stressful for me a bit. This is my 3rd RGB, but 1st acting as a leader, and not just a member. Idk how good we will do I'm aiming for Top 20 if anything, if we pay our cards right.

      Brb, stressing & pulling hair out my head. /rippulife.
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      • Omega
        Omega commented
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        #pay your cards

      • Jay
        Jay commented
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        u dont have hair to rip out pls

      • Guest's Avatar
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        aint no pressure at all. not like season 2

      Finally it's time to leave block B. Hopefully my guild does well
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      • Omega
        Omega commented
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        Good luck!

      Prepare for the most unbalanced RGB ever!!
      Many tears will be shed, guilds will dissolve, players retire, friends break up; only for a few gold medals.


      • HerSun
        HerSun commented
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        @Ateam Admin

        WHEN??? :OO

      • Viv
        Viv commented
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        Day 1 and confirm this has already begun. Every freaking RGB there's so much in-house cussing and fighting. =_=

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        Ateam Admin I guess they just gave up on balancing future rgb lol

      My guild is too casual to care but still want to do semi well. Rank ~200 (even though we have potential to do better xD) here we come!
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      • MTT the Tank
        MTT the Tank commented
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        I wonder if we ever faced you of if we will face you.

      • Yukino
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        MTT the Tank Depends have you ever fought Academy 9?

      • MTT the Tank
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        Yukino, I've heard of them, not sure if we've been against them, but maybe we have...
        Does adept factions say anything to you?

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      • Spades
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        & You loveee it.

      • Mosaic
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        Bed =/= in work ethic


      rgb sounds like fun! this will be my first time taking part in it, so i have no idea how well my guild will do. i just hope the battles aren't on at ridiculous times - i already have a hard time when it comes to joining the third regular gb because it starts at 2am for me.
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        This will probably be our first serious ranked, so I'm pretty hyped to say the least. We've been going a bit casual on the three others, so this fourth session should be interesting, now that we have a complete set team and sound strategies!
        We'll be aiming the highest possible, but we won't be upset if we can't make it to the top either. Most of our members only need 100 medals for their ranked weapon, and top 100 at our level is already guaranteed, so we don't have much to be afraid of. As long as the guild sticks together after this I'll be happy with any outcome, we've grown really attached to each other and talking about random stuff is part of our daily life now (2k posts a day in our Line chat group gg). All in all I have no reason to fear this ranked and I'm welcoming it with open arms.
        I have my eyes set on a few guilds, I really want to have some great fights with some, and definitely want to avoid others that I know are a bit out of our league for now.
        Nevertheless I wish good luck to everyone, casual and competitive players, newcomers and veterans, and I hope you all do as good as you expect your guild to!

        ¤ LichtKreis ¤


          Meh, this RGB will be total bull crap for me because they nerfed our heals to the ground a week before and didn't even give us proper time to adapt. Not to mention the recent transmutation update further increased the power creep gap for damage versus defense.

          This two day notice already has terrible schedule conflicts with my members, since it's taking place right on top of exams and business meetings for some of us.

          Congratulations for screwing my guild over, ATEAM, after we spent over FOUR MONTHS playing 3 out of 3 matches EVERY SINGLE DAY only to get shafted by you guys right before RGB. Seriously disappointed in you guys right now.

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          • Allan
            Allan commented
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            Kastralis I can do it! just wait and see. Actions speaking louder than words and all that.

            Plus my Flu's almost gone so I won't be taking the drowsy pills no more! I've fallen asleep on more of the 2ND matches than I'd like to admit the last two weeks... xD

          • Mosaic
            Mosaic commented
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            Allan Pity for anyone who has exams<!>

            I probably came across wrong too haha. To be honest Ateam has a knack for terrible timing for ranked haha.

            Also, I feel the pain of being sick!

          • Ace
            Ace commented
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            It was a typo. Colossus was founded right after the last ranked battles, so it hasn't gone through a single ranked yet. Fujin has been training hard for 3 months perfecting different strategies and accommodating player changes and new monsters.

            However, the heal mechanic change happened very recently so there needs to be a lot of testing and changes to be made to accommodate this mechanic change. Add on to the fact that Ateam always gives a week's notice, many players have scheduled things during GB times expecting no ranked this week. THEN, finish that with the fact that there haven't been many opportunities to practice and you have the literally worst thing that can happen regarding ranked battles: starting ranked this week without notice.


            Obviously it wasn't one strategy. As updates come out, strategies must accommodate the arrival of new game mechanics and possibilities.

          It would have been courteous of ateam to let us know about rgb last maintenance.


            i just wish they gave us the normal 1 week heads up
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              I'm always the only one actually online for regular GB, I can't imagine how screwed I'll be for RGB.
              Attack clerics give me aneurysms.


                More worried about breaking Top 500 minimum to buy one of the newer RGB weapons than anything. If I make it to the awkward 500-999 spot, then I'd be 3 medals short. Only thing I remember from last time is my guild has more actives than before.

                Bigger question is, how would they do matchmaking this round? Would they keep it as is (like from our recent reset), or would they do a flatout reset like in last RGBs (where the guilds you fight can be curbstomp one day, then fodder the other)?

                Oh, btw, don't forget RGBs have 30 minute battles. It may not matter too much, but just a reminder in case you've been using Unisons to stall out time in Exhibition.

                ...shh, hopefully Kirin won't be released right after maintenance
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