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Lancers AREN'T underpowered?!?!?

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    Lancers AREN'T underpowered?!?!?

    Been around recently, through forums, Line, and in game, and I see puddles of lancer tears everywhere, Everyone is being convinced that lancer is bad now, and that's just.... ridiculous. They are their own carries for early game (due to procs have little to no presence), but late game is when every classes roles start to be important. Lancers prime role is break. No, I'm not saying you just go breakbot on things and watch as everyone else does work as you sit there waiting for more things to break. Soldiers tank as a main role, and add damage as a bonus. Mage carry huge AoE burst and a wide variety of utility pets, but can let out some decent damage on the side. Clerics keep their parties HP bars filled up, and make sure status effects aren't an issue. Lancers break their enemies to remove that net stopping a big portion of damage (especially low AP multi-shots) as well as add some damage to the side. Archers, well, they can only DPS. that is their main role, that is their only role, they have no other side role (roles as in class build, as anyone can carry balancing). Stop trying to compete with them. Instead, realize lancer and archer require teamwork to produce the highest damage output.

    Aside from class kits that everyone should know by now, The skills lancers are bringing are just... very counterproductive to what their role is. Knight's blitz in PvE? Dragon Thrust??? Dragon crush????? .... no. that's low dps, cost drainer, and no break. I posted this as a comment in another thread and rather use the wonderful ability to copy and paste instead of retyping it here;

    Now if you want to play Lancer to its fullest potential in pve, heart of the spear, physical testaments, and an optional cost recovery weapon are your best friends. Dump blitz, for it is an awful pve skill. Instead, focus all of your spear procs in the front of your build, and the physical testaments (and cost recovery if you decide you like it) in the back. Take attack stance instead of blitz(major damage if 6 pets but leaves you vulnerable, easier to do with more armors in place of a pet or two or just be so over-capped in gearscore that it carries you through anyway. Don't worry attack stance boost your damage higher than a single pet would). What you will do is focus on breaking your target with a combo of 2 of the 4 sting abilities (pierce sting, sting savage sting, or savage sting double sting.... I recommend sting and savage sting) depending on your preferences, and with your attack stance and 3 heart of spear procs, you have quite a high chance at breaking them.

    After you break them, spam basic attack. Spaaaaam it. Why basic attack? With attack stance it's 80ap for 5 energy, so 16 efficiency with no proc which is pretty decent (blitz is about 15ish) but every physical testament proc you get has an insane boost to efficiency (Apollo set is going to go off almost every time), and any cost recovery proc you get will make it completely free and causes you to actually generate cost as you dps.. And if you are a lucky players with Joan, your basic attack base is 110ap, a 22 efficiency no proc attack, up to a 38 efficiency double proc. This is by far the best dps build you can do as a lancer, as well as make you a godly breaker, as your stings will not be used for pure dps, and only used to reapply break your target (meaning they are really always off cooldown when it's time to break). MAKE SURE THEY ARE BROKEN BEFORE SPAMMING BASIC ATTACK SO THE ARMOR DOESN'T CUT YOUR DAMAGE OFF. Dps classes like archer will love you, as there really aren't any (can count like 3) lancers in this game that actually focus on break like they should. Have fun being the legendary lancer who can out dps all but archer, the pure dps class but only with your help can he do it, haha

    That is, by far, the most efficient PvE lancer skill build. Insane up time on break and better dps that fills your energy instead of depletes it. Try it, I promise it makes lancer much, much stronger than how people are playing them now.

    oh, and as for the lancer sucks at front-line thing...

    1. Their anti-class enemy is archer, which you will rarely to never see on the front-line (because they are another class who, like lancer, haven't been fully figured out)
    2. They score a bonus AP versus mage, the most abused front-line next to soldier
    3. There is no tanking them, no matter who you are. 50k defenses, 80k defenses, 120k defenses, they will break you, and they will eat you.

    The reasons people are having a bad time front-line is because... well, 6 3 4 6 is really not welcome on the frontline guys (especially when your main slots replaced defense procs with physical testaments.... sacrifice a pet or two for more armors..). mage can do it only because meteor rain is a little too fast than it should be. Other than that equip enough magic defense and magic procs, maybe a guard and even a defense stance and you're good to go (hurts meteor rain's damage a lot, while you still gain a positive bonus versus mage even with its ap penalty).

    TLDR: quit panicking, your class is great and I'm jealous that I'm not one of you
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    This is a great post
    Makes my eyes burn lol
    I agree with you
    Thus I never seen the why lancers are bad
    I carry attk stance tho mele is boost for it
    My set is
    Double sting
    attk stance
    dragon crush

    Works well with me
    Sometimes I rotate removing dragon for HB


      I have never had problem with lancer in gvg because they really aren't that bad. However, in pve, I can only say that I will pick a lancer over mage/archer in a handful of maps.

      You highlighted a few nice things that a lancer can do in pve.i agree they are pretty neat. But I have to agree to disagree with lancer not being underpower; Lancer is the inferior class. Here are the reasons why I rather have other classes on my team instead of lancers, in end game maps:

      1. Mages can carry lillth, aizen, nezha, nyx, dark valk, loli girl, blonde alice, without losing any power. If a lancer can carry all of these, then his damage will be crap, which also takes longer to break.(Unless heart of the spear guarantees break, but I wouldn't know since I have never used that.)

      2. Break. You have 3-4 attacking classes in your team, break is easily done even without sting. Beside, How many monsters are out there that their armors are so tough and it's impenetrable without break? You have nyx set now, procs. Let's utilize lillith/loli(forgot her name) as well.

      3. Beating a mage in dps after break means nothing, because mages can do point (1.). Beside, I highly doubt lancers will have higher dps than mages on boss since there will be pauses due to unison.(cd reset)

      4. Archers take advantage of any buffs that lancers are benefited from, it will only make archers stronger. Archers have 1 to 2 spare element monsters to completely replace lancer. Fiine is a great monster, I carry that on my archer. People with joan or kfc can carry them as well.

      5. Cleric and soldier are there to do whatever they have to do, so I don't really need to compare them.

      IMHO, If you can play other classes in pve, play that other class. I mean, you just want to finish as fast as possible while surviving, right? Light/Dark monster are irreplaceable by fire/neutral/green monsters. Mages can do just that. Archers are far superior dps than both mage and lancer. I will replace lancer with mage or archer in a heartbeat. Obviously, if you are stuck as a lancer due to not having other weapons, monster, prof, etc. Well... don't panic because u can follow this guide and not be worthless, but just underpower.
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        The damage cut from breaking with regular attacks is an insane amount actually, when you can just have a Lancer hit it first because his skills are fastest and he breaks it instantly. Even top archers love to see break. The current content is taking anywhere between 10k to 20k off of every hit, and it is actually getting noticeably difficult to break with regular attacks. I've had a few friends try this build out (with as close as they could get to the weapon order) and there was such a smooth noticable difference where it felt like all of our energy was being used with max efficiency. If you run with a premade of extremely powerful players with their dps and ee set, it's about the same speed. If you run pugs, this type of Lancer makes an insane difference as a random party member.

        Side note, I like your comment on mage being a pet master, haven't heard anyone else notice that mage owns a full set of light and dark utility pets as their pros
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        I like lancers for their tankiness in PvE compared to mages and archers. It makes the job of the clerics a little bit easier. Lancers also get to carry pretty useful monsters without losing out on ATK such as KFC, Joan and Fiine. Also, I think theres another thread on these forums explaining that the reason lancers are 'underpowered' is because of their ineffectiveness in GvGs compared to other dmg classes (as most top guilds prefer mage/soldier/cleric frontlines and archers for crystal breaking... I think) but that PvE wasn't really an issue.
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