Ateam Forums Closing [UPDATE]

The forums will be closing at the end of April. However, we may have an option for backing up some content.

Details are in this thread.
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So since the forums are eventually going away...

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    So since the forums are eventually going away...

    I decided to get an account to try out Discord, and...I'm not sure how I feel about it TBH. It feels more like an IM program than a proper forum. You can't really make topics/threads dedicated to specific subjects, and I fear that the kinds of topics I like to make (here are some examples) might not be possible with that kind of setup.

    I know it's not something A-Team has any control over. It's just a bit discouraging, that's all.

    I agree. Some things are better addressed on thread form, as opposed to writing it in a chat and hoping someone follows it up, but I guess this has been coming for a while. We don't even get spammers anymore.

    Edit: The subreddit still has recent activity. That's an option.
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      Oh, we still get spammers. We just kill them pretty quickly.

    yeah I barely go onto the discord. it's too fast-paced and kinda overwhelming imo

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