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    I haven't played the game in about 2 years now, recently came back and spawned a Mitsunari, I noticed it had Stat A and Stat B, before I left that meant you could choose the stats (if I remember correctly) but after I accepted the spawn, it was the re-roll spawn, it randomly gave it DEF and MDEF stats, is that normal or did it bug? and is there any way to reset that?

    that is supposed to happen, i think the only way to choose your stats is when you have a summoning scroll for the monster.

    but when it says stats A and B its just a way of seeing what stats will get boosted first when you unlock its potential

    ex. "the selected stats in stat slot 1 by 4500"
    with A being slot 1 and B being slot 2.

    i hope that helps😋


    • ZafferTiashu
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      Great, more RNG on top of the RNG...

    Lol @ the rng complaint. Welcome to gacha games buddy. You just came back to the game and you wanna complain already.

    And welcome back to UL


    • Phoenix
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      Grim ya need to dial it back a bit. UL ain't perfect. Driving away new and returning players by being aggressive towards them right off the bat is not good for anyone.
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