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    Need help

    So I was forced to stop playing Unison League because my old ipod became old and decrepit. I have a new phone now and downloaded the game but can't access my account. I'm trying to get the old ipod to load the game enough to try an account transfer, but it's not going well with the game freezing almost every time. Is there anyway that my profile can be moved manually? If so, who do I see for that?

    Thank you.

    It's usually a really painful process that is up to the whim of the admins/customer service if they really want to put up with it.

    There's a lot of effort involved to prove you are the original account owner and the easiest method is if you have made actual purchases in-game and provide screenshots of your apple store purchase history in an e-mail to them.

    Your best bet for immediate results is to keep trying to get the game running to back up your account, because you only need to back it up once and you can easily log into it on your new device and save yourself and the admins/customer service a lot of headaches and time.

    But yeah, if logging in isn't working for you, do mention that you have purchase history.

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      I have exactly the same issue! I only noticed this recently so maybe it's related to the Google Play Games update from March. shareit
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